Aeroponics Acrobatics

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Realistic Personal Report (RPR) — Entry


Spaceship — Galactic Neander

Position — 31,620 Astronomical Units from Earth

Direction — LHS 1140 b – Cetus Constellation

Speed — 50% the speed of light

I entered the aeroponics bays of the Galactic Neander at 7:02 pm, spaceship time. The place was already deserted, everyone making their way to the Community Circle for the speed celebration. After a constant acceleration of 1G that lasted almost six months, our ship had finally reached its cruise speed, which would remain like that for the next eighty years.

My shift was supposed to have ended two minutes ago, but of course, a worker had requested a security officer at 6:56 pm, so here I was.

I walked down the corridor until I reached the entrance to the thirteenth bay. I scanned my hand on the electronic panel, the door unlocked, and I entered.

The food system onboard always impressed me. Endless rows of UV-lighted crops. I could see the roots through the plexiglass, being sprayed by the nutrient-filled water. With the dozen bays, each containing these endless rows, there was enough to nourish ten thousand people three times a day.

Well, it seemed that no-one was here. I almost left when I saw some movement in the back, next to the entrance of the lab.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, officer. I called you by mistake.” The young guy—well, my twenty-year-old boyfriend—was smiling, handsome in his aeroponics suit. His blond hair was golden under the UV-lights.

“Jaime! You can’t call me like that. We’ll get in trouble.”

“You’re too serious, officer. Your shift is over, and canlı bahis şirketleri there’s no-one here except me. Everyone else is in the Com.”

I knew this little game of his. He would make me come here, knowing I was too frigid to do anything and would play with me until he won. This time I would surprise him. Let’s man up.

“I will have to place you in custody, young man.”


His reaction made me hard. As usual, he became all red-faced and that was beautiful. I wanted him now and there.

“Please follow me in the office there, I have to process you.”

“Y-Yes, Officer.”

Our bodies had found a perfect rhythm these past few weeks. But I wanted more without scaring him. He had confessed his fantasy recently, so know was the time to please each other.

“Why do you want to process me in the office? Why don’t you take me to the Security Department?” He asked.

“We need to be alone.”

“Oh. So you’re going to abuse me?”

“I’ll give you what a young man like you needs to behave properly.”

“Do you like rough stuff, Officer?”

Fuck, yes, I like rough stuff. “Yes. But I’ll never hurt you.”

“You can be rough without hurting me, Officer.”

“And you, what do you like?”

“I want a soldier who fucks me hard.”

“Oh?” I had never heard Jaime talk like that. It felt weird, yes, but entrancing at the same time. Come on, Michael, your boyfriend wants the soldier in you, act like one. He continued, still without looking at me. “Do whatever you want with me. Dominate me and take care of me.”

My cock nearly burst through my pants. I pushed him in the office where he ran the quantum computer canlı kaçak iddaa dealing with the food production, and placed him in the middle.

“Remove your clothes, boy.”

He paused and obeyed, his little bubble ass and his bulging cock a perfect vision under his white briefs.

“Stand in front of the desk.”

The foul-mouthed guy had transformed into a shy young man. I kept my uniform and walked slowly around him.

“You like your rough soldier, do you, boy?”


“Yes, Michael.” Now he was fully hard, the pre-cum soaking his briefs.

“Yes, Michael.”

I slowly caressed his body and stopped as I stood behind him.

“Put your hands behind your back.” I tore off his briefs to reveal his tiny ass. So smooth. “You like being naked in front of a soldier?”

He was red as ever. “Yes, Michael.”

“I will explore every inch of your body. Get on all fours on the sofa, now.”

He obeyed and arched himself.

“Tighten your legs.” With my hands, I spread his ass, to see his perfect hairless asshole. “You like to have your hole exposed to me?”

“Y-Yes, Michael.”

I caressed his hole slowly. “This is too tight, my cock will never fit.”

“It’s you who’s too big.”

“Stay quiet, boy.” I took some lube in our secret drawer and put a large quantity on his hole as I caressed it, the squishy sound delightful. “I’m gonna stick my fingers in your asshole.”

Jaime’s face, half on a pillow, burst with pleasure—his eyes full of lust, his mouth barely open, already moaning, and his little ass ready to be fuck. “Oh, yes, Michael.”

“Do you want my soldier’s cock?”

“Ohhhh… Michael.”

“You canlı kaçak bahis stay positioned like that, boy, you hear me?”

“Yes, Michael.”

“You’re a good boy, Jaime. A good boy to your man.”

I put my feet on each side of him, squatting above his ass, and held out my cock to get ready to insert it. I touched the edge of his little asshole with it. I teased a little and pushed inside.

“Ohhh…” He fidgeted, but I quickly put him back in place.

“Don’t you move!”

“Yes, Michael. Sorry, Michael.”

“Let me enter you. I’m going to fuck you rough.”

I explored his hole with my thick dick. So fucking good and smooth. I had still a hard time to understand why I wanted to protect him and pound his ass hard at the same time. My desire for him was often uncontrollable. Today was no different, and with Jaime spreading his ass in the air just for me, I let my animal instincts take over.

“You’re wide open. Do you feel it, boy?”

“Oh, yes, Michael.”

“You’re mine, Jaime. And your ass is mine. Only I can breed you like that.”

I fucked him for more than ten minutes, hard, balls deep. In the end, it was impossible to stay longer. I took his cock in my hand, stroking him to the rhythm of my own cock in his ass. After a few more minutes, the electricity ran through my body, from head to toe, through my cock and balls. They tightened, and we both came as I arched my back, going deep into Jaime. He was moaning in the pillow. Never had we ever been so close, in body and heart.

We cleaned up and cuddle on the sofa, ending our lovemaking with a tender kiss, the best treat after sex. “Did you like the role play?” I asked.

“Yes, Michael, it was incredible. I’m glad we explored this fantasy together.”

“Did I hurt you?.”

“Not at all, honey. Has anyone ever told you that you’re a great lover?”

It was now my turn to turn red.

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