Adventures of Jo Ch. 02

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Part 2 – Cinema

Jo had been stuck in the house all week, after her encounter with Shaun her pussy almost ached to be filled again. Standing naked in front of the mirror she ran her hand across her pale, rounded buttocks and traced lightly up to cup her large D cup breasts. Playing with each nipple, rolling it between two fingers she slunk back in to her bed. Her right hand snaked down her stomach, spreading her moist, shaven labia apart when it reached her pussy.

Using her middle finger she rapidly flicked her clit until her body began to shiver. Reaching down with her left hand she grasped her already lubed 9″ dildo. She slid it down over her clit until she could feel its firm head against her. Thrusting her curvy hips forward her pussy expertly swallowed the first two inches of the toy.

Flipping herself over on to her knees she held the dildo firm and began to slide up and down its length. Feeling the need for more arousal she brought her feet up underneath her, gripped the base of the dildo with her toes and reached for the lube. With her fingers lubed and her pussy filled with 9″ of rubber cock she reached round and gently slid one finger into her ass. The throbbing of her pussy was immense, she could feel it in her ass and slid an extra finger in to appreciate it. As hard as she rode that rubber cock and no matter how many fingers she slid in to her ass, watching her body writhe in the mirror she just wasn’t as turned on as she had been at work.

The dildo slid from her moist pussy with a defeated thud, Jo slowly licked it clean, from end to end savoring the taste of her own pussy on her tongue. Sliding it back into the drawer she pulled out a red lace peep hole bra, her nipples had stayed firmly erect and poked through the slits just waiting to be sucked. A thin cotton shirt covered them, no knickers left her clean shaven moist pussy free to rub on the fabric of her jeans. Tossing her long dark hair into a scrunchy she was ready for a trip to the cinema.

Not many men go to the cinema alone but Greg didn’t mind, maltepe escort there was always plenty of eye candy and if not then he was always happy to just enjoy. An action film. Stationed in the back row corner as usual he spotted her as soon as she walked in, the light from the screen hit her white shirt just right and he saw a flash of red underneath. She wasn’t his type, usually opting for slimmer girls but her figure had him mesmerized, bouncy breasts, curvy hips and a rounded face that housed the most magnificent pair of lips he’d ever seen, blow job lips, he thought to himself. He couldn’t help but pray she would sit with him.

Dammit, Jo thought, the back row corner was taken, but thankfully by a lone man who looked of fuckable age. As she neared him she realised he was younger than Shaun, closer to her own age, mid 20s, sandy scruffy hair and a casual look about him that just screamed “come get me”. Sliding in to the seat next to him she casually smiled and set her popcorn on her lap. As the lights went down she shifted in her seat whilst unhooking a button on her shirt, as the last ray of light went out and unmistakable flash of red caught gregs eye.

Already turned on by the heat she could feel from how close his leg rested against her thigh, still moist from an unsuccessful dildo fuck earlier Jo decided she wasn’t wasting any time with this one. Turning to face him she gestured her popcorn towards him. As he reached for it she took one kernels in her had and moved the bag away from him. Resting it on her bottom lip she leaned towards him. Plunging the popcorn and her tongue into his mouth she reached down and felt an impressive bulge in his pants. Her satisfied grin broke the seal on their kiss, reaching for another piece of popcorn she leaned back and slid this one into her cleavage.

Greg stared for a moment and this breath taking woman’s chest heaved up and down in front of him, popcorn bobbing between two glistening tits, he slowly licked the ridge of each one, took the popcorn in his teeth and lifted pendik escort his head to feed it to her. She took it from him but didn’t linger for a kiss, Greg detected the sweet taste of pussy in her lips before she thrust his head back to her chest ripping buttons and exposing a red lace peep hole bra.

Jo had no time for kissing she wanted to be worshiped and fucked not loved. As she pushed his head towards her nipple she reached for the zip of his jeans. A good hard 7″ hit her hand, it would do, and she began to massage the head of his cock with her small hands. He was applying his teeth to her nipples and sending warm shocks down to her clit adding to the warm juices slowly seeping from her. Leaving his cock for the moment she undid her jeans, lifted her hips slightly as she pushed her jeans to her ankles.

Taking hold of his head she pushed him into her cunt, feeling he should appreciate the work she had already done she held him firm and writhed into him, his nose rubbed her clit whilst his tongue thrust into her pussy at lightening speed. Fearing he may not be able to breathe she lifted his head, drinking in the amazing sight of his face glistening with her juices.

Greg caught his breath as he was released from a tight grip, he could feel her juices soaking his face and knew this was what he had tasted on her mouth earlier. He leaned to nibble on her tits and dipped his fingers into her pussy to moisten them, sliding them out again he thrust them hard into her ass. The grin on her face was enough for him and his cock ached to fuck her.

Jo spread her legs over either arm of the reclining cinema chairs, with his finger in her ass she led his cock to her waiting pussy. Slowly at first but more rapidly he pounded her, deeper each time until he had made his 7″ feel like 10″, his impressive girth had the walls of her pussy straining and she loved every minute. Grabbing his left wrist, which was supporting the hand that had two fingers up her ass she leaned to his ear and whispered “more”.

As obedient ümraniye escort as a puppy dog he slid a third then a fourth finger into her anus, Jo could feel his cock rubbing against his fingers all inside her and her body quivered , pulsed and shook as she came in quick fast succession, not sure whether she’d had one two or three orgasms but knowing her creamy juices were dripping on the cinema floor she felt exhilarated. Tearing the last buttons off her shirt she exposed her buoyant breasts entirely to this totally stranger, she pushed his hips back and his cock slipped out of her satisfied cunt. Taking him in both hands she slowly worked the head until his balls began to twitch. Pulling her bra down below her breasts she arched her back and handed his cock to him waiting to take his load.

Greg clenched his buttocks tight as he stroked the head of his cock over the half naked body of a total stranger. Her sweet juices had soaked his crotch and now she lay there waiting to be covered. Why hadn’t anyone turned around? He didn’t care as the heat rose from his toes to his head he knew he was going to blow. Keeping his aim true the firs wave hit her face, dripping slowly down and into her mouth, the second wave painted her magnificent chest and the third hit her stomach, pooling in her navel.

Jo received each warm hit with a smirk and a moan, gathering the spray that hit her face on her fingers which she dipped into her mouth to lick clean, massaging the load on her tits into each nipple, when she had cleaned her face she led his head to her stomach where she instructed him to “clean it”. His tongue lapped, apprehensively at first but soon became more enthusiastic. When she felt he had got enough she leaned down to him, dipping her tongue into his mouth for one final kiss, both tasting of sweet moist pussy and hot salty cum, she swirled her tongue around to fully appreciate the mix.

Holding her torn shirt around her middle she exited the screen, not turning her back to look at him until she reached the door. He sat, still shocked and as far as she could tell still naked from the waist down but the seats did a good job of hiding that, those seats did a good job of hiding a lot. Jo resolved to book tickets to see this film with a friend soon as she had enjoyed her visit to the cinema so much it had to be repeated.

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