Adventures of a Slutpup Ch. 02

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With your tail chained to the back of your collar, your head is held high and you are finally ready. Now go fetch your leash, it’s time for your walkies! I know it’s late, but the park will still be open and you can get some vigorous exercise. We don’t want you gaining any puppy fat, do we? I see how you tremble, it’s making your tail wag – is that excitement, anticipation or the deep fear of humiliation at being walked in public, seen being brought to heel by your Mistress? No matter.

Ah yes, it’s dark tonight and most of the other dog walkers have gone. Maybe you won’t get a chance to make any little friends tonight. Such a shame, I know how you’d love to lick and sniff their holes and frolic freely. Ah well, let’s keep moving and see who we might meet in the dark. Faster boy, we don’t want you getting cold.

Aah, there’s a couple of alpha dogs hanging out on that bench up ahead. How strong and manly they are. Maybe a little rough and uncouth, smoking and drinking at night in a park. See how they are laughing and pointing at my vulnerable little pup. It’s no good cowering, whimpering and tucking your tail between your legs, let’s go over and make their acquaintance.

I see you eyeing them nervously, as well you might. Which are you most afraid of? The lean white guy with the piercings and facial tattoos or the tall muscular black guy with the shaved head and heavy gold jewellery – the street mutt or the bulldog? Or maybe it’s not fear, it’s the frisson of excitement that a little pup has when canlı bahis şirketleri confronted by two strong alpha dogs. Such a whorehound. You always were an insatiable little whelp. How you long to roll over and offer your soft underbelly in submission to your betters – you are literally panting for it.

Shall I let them have you, pup? Shall I throw you to the wolves? OK, slutpup, tonight I’ll let you off the lead so you can play with your new friends.

The street mutt is most eager as he looks down at you with a woolfish smile. He handles you roughly, forcing you to your knees as he unzips and forces 8 inches of meat into your welcoming mouth. Ah pup, what joy. You are never so happy as when you’ve got your mouth round a bone, are you? What a tasty treat. That’s right, swallow it down. And with every thrust, he clutches your ears and tugs your head down, which in turn pulls on your tightly-rooted tail, doesn’t it?

I see how you lift your haunches up and rise up to your hindlegs to release the pressure, but your poor tortured tail has already captured the cruel interest of the bulldog. He’s loving how each pull of your head is tugging the thick bulb partway out of your tiny pucker, stretching it so deliciously. And with one particularly deep thrust from the mutt, it pops right out, causing you to yip and yelp around your meaty bone.

Oh, now the bulldog has caught your scent, a little bitch in heat, and is preparing to mount you. As he unzips and releases the beast, you strain canlı kaçak iddaa to look back and can just see 13 deliciously thick inches heading towards your hungry hole. I see how your anus clenches in anticipation, winking coyly at him, desperate to feel his attention. As he rears up over you, he grabs your harness to get better purchase and forces the whole length deep inside your greedy hole in one thrust. Now you howl into the night, causing vibrations in your throat to further tease and enflame the mutt, who thrusts deeper.

‘Swallow, pup,’ he growls, ‘Every drop,’ and finally gives you the treat you have been begging for, exploding ropes of his thick, salty seed deep down your throat into your gullet, marking his territory.

As he withdraws, you sink your chest to the grass, whimpering and submitting to your alpha. It is evident that my dirty dog has got a bone of his own, as it swings and drools obscenely as your ass is roughly rutted, but there’s nothing you can do about it now, is there, pup?

But, what’s this? The mutt has recovered and is also sniffing around you again. The two alphas exchange a short conversation then the mutt lays down on the bench, stroking his length to hardness as the bulldog roughly pulls right out of your well-used hole. Using your harness, he manhandles you to your feet, then lifts you up by the scruff of your neck to straddle the mutt, letting gravity slide you down his spit-soaked bone. When the mutt is well-seated, he pulls your chest harness down until canlı kaçak bahis you are offering your stuffed hole so enticingly to the bulldog. Still engorged and unsatisfied, he needs no further invitation as he kneels next to the bench to force his way alongside his companion. Two snapping, growling, dominant males, pounding one howling, helpless pup. And you’re loving it. With each, deep thrust, his huge, virile balls slap against your tightly bound sac, your swollen shaft rubs against the mutt’s ripped, sweaty abs and the two thick alpha cocks stretch you more than you have ever endured. It is exquisite agony and your howls of ecstasy tell me how much you are enjoying being the plaything of two feral street dogs.

As the bulldog rears back, pulling your chest with him, your aching cock is exposed as it spurts with every thrust. And with a backdrop of frenzied growls, finally their humping becomes uncoordinated as they both rush to find their release in your overstretched, well-rutted hole. As their knots abate, they slide out and feast their eyes on your widely-gaping backhole, slowly oozing their slimy leavings, before they zip up and slope away into the night, without so much as a backward glance.

What a mucky pup you are! Let’s plug you back up nice and tightly to prevent any messy leakage. And now I think we are ready to go home. Playtime is over and you have had enough of chasing after balls and sticks for one day.

Home at last, my sweet little pup is dog tired. The look of undying gratitude and admiration you give me as you settle back in your cage for the night, with your tail plugging the evidence of your playtime deep in your bowels, can only be described as puppy love. Such a lucky pup to have such a generous and caring Mistress.

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