Adventures After 35: Episode 01

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Booty Shake

At the age of 36, you would think that your sexual preferences are set. Well did I ever discover that my tastes could change. I was working for myself out of a shop I built behind my house. This was the ideal location I thought as I could work when I wanted to and do as I pleased with my free time. There was always something about my Fed-Ex guy that was very friendly, He always had a smile no matter what kind of day he seemed to be having. The weather could be dreadful and he will smile have that damn smile. He would always ask how my day was going or strike up a conversation about some project I had going. It was one of my projects that set the wheels in motion, that would change my outlook on my sex life. I was working on a web page for a local sports company, that had some well toned guys and sexy girls playing some beach volleyball. My Fed-Ex guy Gregg Made the comment about having some very sexy models in one of the shots. I was being a man and made the remark of not minding having one of the hot girls in my bed.

Gregg replied “Hell or one of those hot guys for that fact”

He gave me that smile of his and grabbed his balls. That is when I first noticed the size of his basket, he looked to have a huge cock and set of balls. He caught me looking, I know it as he flashed that smile once more. He said bye leaving to finish the rest of his delivery’s. The rest of the day my mind wondered back to my college days and the fun I had with my roommate Jeff. It has been more than 15 years since I had been with another guy, Jeff loved to suck cock and would wake me 3 or 4 times a week with his mouth attached to my cock. I even sucked him off several times, but I loved it when he would let me fuck that sweet bottom of his. All these memories flooding back into my mind had me wondering if something might happen between Gregg and I, given the right circumstance.

The next day I was still thinking about Gregg, and began looking at some gay porn. I found a great web site with guys shoving their big cocks into the mouths of other guys. I had a good size hard on, as the door swung open and Gregg walked in. I had let the time get away from me and didn’t realize it was time for him to show up. I quickly readjusted myself and thought I closed down the web site properly. I rose from behind the counter and went to inspect the days shipments. I couldn’t help but try and sneak a peek at Gregg’s basket, the porn had made me extremely horny and I could almost feel Gregg’s mouth wrapped round my cock. I was inspecting the shipment as Gregg passed behind me to get more boxes off his truck and I swear I felt his hand brush up against my ass. When he came back inside his hands were full and obstructed his view of me, allowing me a good look at his crotch. My god he seemed to be hard and looked as if he had a baseball bat in his pants. As I was inspecting the last of the boxes, I asked him what kind of plans he had for the weekend.

“Not to much going on this weekend, probably just going to hang out around the house and relax in the hot tub, what about you?” Gregg said.

I told him I was going to the River Market district and catching a band play with some friends. Other than that nothing since my girlfriend was out of town for a several more days.

Gregg then grabbed his balls boldly rubbing them in front of me telling me “Looks like girls are not what is on your mind today, if that web site had you hard when I came in” He then winked at me as he rubbed his continued to rub his crotch.

“Have a great weekend, see you next delivery” he remarked as he opened the door and left my building.

I quickly went over to my monitor and there it was a guy on his knees with a hard cock on his open mouth and cum running out both sides. I got hot knowing that he saw the picture and even more so with his teasing me the way he did. I was imagining that it was his mouth and my cock on the screen. I jacked off 3 times that afternoon just thinking that it was Gregg’s mouth wrapped round my cock instead of my hand

The next day I was still horny as hell and in need of some major relief as jacking off just wasn’t going to cut it. Since my girl was out of town for the week, I decided to go check out the local bookstore in search of some action from one of the glory holes. I took extra time in cleaning up and trimmed my pubic hairs up. I drove to the bookstore and upon entering it looked around. There wasn’t anyone worth looking on so I went back to the magazine racks and began looking thru some of the gay porn. As I was looking at some of the hot layouts another guy walked up beside me and took another gay magazine. I looked him over, he seemed to be in his mid 30’s also. He was good looking and seemed to be in pretty good shape as well. He was looking me over as well, went behind me brushing across my backside as he passed me. I turned to see where he went. He took a huge dildo off the wall of toys. the dildo had to be at least 15 inches long and a good 4 inches canlı bahis şirketleri thick. He wiped the dildo off with his shirt and licked the head of the dildo stretching his lips around it and swallowing about half of it. Taking it back out of his mouth and putting it back on the wall. He then walked back up to me standing right behind me pressing his cloth covered hard cock into my ass as he deftly reached and cupped my balls and cock.

He leaned into my ear sticking his tongue in and whispering “Follow me stud”

I followed him into the booth, once inside he pressed up against the wall. Cupping my balls in his hands he leaned in for a kiss and without thinking and being as horny, I opened my mouth letting him kiss me. His tongue snaked in to my mouth and even though it felt completely different than when I kiss a woman, I was getting more turned on. I let my hand wonder down to his balls and began rubbing his balls and cock thru his loose fitting running pants. He felt like he had a cock the same size as my 9 inches, His hand now began to unbutton my pants as he slowly pulled away from my hand as he dropped to his knees. He undid my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down in one motion. I leaned against the wall as he began licking and sucking on my balls and he jacked me with his hand.This guy who I didn’t even know was licking my balls and getting me even more horny as he began licking from my balls to the head of cock swirling his tongue around it and going back to my balls. My cock was slowly becoming full mast. At 9 1/2 inches and just over 4 inches thick I think I have a fair sized cock. The cock sucker began bobbing up and down on my cock massaging my balls. He was getting closer and closer to taking my entire cock in his mouth. I grabbed the back of his head pulling him forward forcing him to swallow my cock until I felt his nose in my pubes. This seemed to drive him on even more and he began to really suck on my cock working his tongue all over my cock and jacking me with one hand as his other keep massaging my balls.

I began leaking precum and it coated his fingers giving some lubrication to his jacking hand. This was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had and was trying to make it last as I knew if he kept it up I would be blowing my nut soon. My cock sucker must have sensed this cause he back off and began to just lightly suck on the head of my cock as he lightly squeezed my balls. I felt his other hand worked under to my ass and begin playing with my hole. He slowly slid a finger up my ass. This is nothing new to me as my girl does this to me whenever she gives me a blow job. His slow steady sucking on my cock and the finger fucking was bringing me closer to the edge. He had worked another finger up my ass as he went back to sucking me hard. I could fell the cum start boiling in my balls and warned him I was close to blowing. This just sent him into overdrive as he swallowed my cock deep into his throat. Bobbing up and down on my hard cock jamming his fingers in my ass. I grabbed the back of his head and jammed my cock into him as far as I could. I started shooting my load in his mouth as he back off leaving just the head in his mouth. I emptied my cum into his waiting mouth as he swallowed and swallowed. He kept sucking me till I was dry and he licked all the remainders of cum from my cock and balls. He then stood reaching in his pocket he put a card in my shirt pocket.

“Thanks for the load stud, I really needed that. Hope to hear from you soon.” He said as he left the booth.

Spent I leaned against the wall regaining my composure. I pulled my pants back up and looked at the card. It had his number on it. I knew I would be using this again, so I placed it in my wallet. Once I left the booth I looked around for my cock sucker, but he was nowhere to be found. As I headed to the club I realized that I did not even know the name of my cock sucker from the bookstore. I had just received one of the best blow jobs of my life and didn’t even know the name of the guy that gave it to me.

As I arrived at the club, I found my way inside and to the bar. As I was ordering a drink I was looking for my friends when I swear that I saw Gregg my Fed-Ex guy. Just as I was about to go over, Sarah, My girlfriends best friend came up. I made small talk with her and looked around to see if it was Gregg I saw. I couldn’t find him, so I passed it off as mistaken identity. The rest of my friends showed up and we had a great night, the band was great and everyone had a great time. As the night progressed I drank more than I normally do and had one of hell of a buzz going. Sarah had taken my keys because she thought I was blitzed and in no shape to drive. Just as Sarah and I was about to leave Gregg sat down at our table. After the introductions And another round of drinks, Gregg convinced Sarah to let him give me a ride home as it was less out of his way to do so. I looked at Gregg quizzically as I knew he lived no where close to me. He canlı kaçak iddaa gave Sarah a $20 and asked her to go get one last round before she left. Sarah got up I felt a hand on my leg as she walked towards the bar.

“I hope you dont mind me giving you that ride home tonight” Gregg said

I was buzzed and feeling very bold as I told him that would be great as there was something I wanted to give him anyhow.

He smiled as his hand slid further up my leg until it was on top of my cock, squeezing it tightly. “There is something I am going to give you as well” Gregg said.

It wasn’t but a few more minutes and Sarah returned with the drinks. Gregg released my cock and took his drink in hand never taking his eyes off me. As he took the beer bottle and downed half of it in a few gulps. The band was finishing its last set as Sarah excused herself and told me to call her tomorrow. She said her goodbyes to Gregg, and left us there alone.

“So just what is it you have to give me tonight?” asked Gregg.

Before I realized just what I said I put it out there. ” I want to fuck you and shove my cock down your throat” was my reply.

Smiling back at me “There will be some fucking and sucking tonight, I just hope your up for all I have in store for you” Gregg replied.

They was calling last round I excused myself to go to the bathroom while Gregg went and got one last round before we had to leave. I was hard as a rock and went into the last stall to quickly jack off and relieve myself. I was busy jacking myself off facing the toilet when I felt the door open and went pull up when I saw it was Gregg. I froze hand on my dick looking over my shoulder at him. He handed me the drink telling me to drink it as his other hand wrapped around my waist grabbing my dick his hand covering the top of mine. Gregg began jacking me off using my hand as a guide. I slammed the shot of tequila he had given me as he sunk his teeth into my neck biting me as he continued to stroke my cock. I could feel his hardening cock thru his jeans press against my bare ass. He began dry humping me and jacking me off at the same time as he handed me the other shot. I quickly downed it and leaned back against his chest as I shot my cum all over his and my fingers and against the bathroom wall. He brought the cum covered fingers up to my mouth. I began licking them clean, as he continued to grind his hips into my ass.

“I will be the one doing the fucking tonight and you will be doing the sucking, is that clear?” Gregg said.

I was extremely turned on as I pushed back against what felt like a baseball bat in his jeans. I moaned my approval as he backed away. I pulled up my jeans and turned around to face Gregg. That look and smile was there. I mist have looked like a deer caught in the headlight to him. For he knew he had me right where he wanted me. He placed his hands on my shoulders pushing me down onto the toilet seat. I was now directly at eye level with his crotch. I sat there staring at it as he spoke.

“Go on you been looking at it at the last two days. Take it out and get a real look at it”

I unbuttoned his jeans pulling the zipper down as if I was on auto pilot. Gregg just smiled at me as I pulled his briefs down revealing a huge cock and set of balls. He was as thick as I was but at least 5 inches longer and had very defined veins running up and down his cock. He took hold of his cock and began slapping it across my face.

“Open up” was all he said

I opened my mouth wide and he placed the head his cock on my tongue. I swirled my tongue around his cock head mimicking the things I love done when I get a blow job. I continued licking just the head of his cock as it bounced it on my tongue.

“I knew the first time that I saw you. I would end up feeding you my cock” Gregg said.

I continued to sucking on the head for a few more minutes before he completely with drew it from my mouth. I looked up at him as he smiled back down at me.

“Is there something you are wanting right now?” Gregg asked.

“Yes, please” was my reply.

“Then tell me what you want, and ask properly for it” Gregg stated.

I sat there amazed at the words as they came out of my mouth, telling him how much I wanted his cock and could I please have some more.

“What are you willing to do, if I give you what you want, what you need?, Are you willing to do whatever I ask you to do? Are you willing to do anything for it?” Gregg asked.

I sat there looking at his hard cock bob as I told him “I would do anything.” I was completely under his control and he knew it. He put his cock back on my tongue and shoved a few inches in my mouth, before pulling it back out of my mouth.

Smiling down at me “Your going to be a good little bitch boy, but we need to go now” Gregg said as he put his cock back in his jeans. I followed him out the door following him through the club. At the door the bouncer a big black man looked at me smiling

“Hope canlı kaçak bahis you guys enjoyed the show tonight” The Bouncer said as we walked outside.

Gregg explained he had caught a ride to the club so we would have to use my car. I tossed Gregg my keys and we were off to my place.

“Get out of your clothes and let me see the rest of your body” Gregg commanded.

I stripped out of my clothes as Gregg got on the interstate headed towards the house.

“Why dont you play with yourself while I drive, let me see you cum again” Gregg quiped.

I began stroking my cock, as Gregg kept one eye on the road and one eye on me. I was busy jacking off when Gregg’s phone rang. I couldn’t hear the other end of the

conversation but Gregg end was making me hot by some of the remarks he was making.

“I have me some hot ass I am going to tap tonight”, “He should make a good bitch once I train him right”, “He has a sweet mouth and I bet his ass is just as Sweet” were just

few of Gregg’s remarks.

I was nearing my climax when Gregg ended his phone conversation. Reaching over he squeezed my ball very hard causing me stop jacking off.

“Your not allowed to come just yet” Gregg stated as he pulled off the side of the interstate he looked me square in the eyes. Gregg began a conversation I will never forget.

Are you ready to take you sex life to a new level?” Gregg asked me.

“Yes, I am”

“Good, I am going to take you to new heights and make you experience sex in a whole new way. Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?” Gregg asked.

“Not with a real cock, Holly my girlfriend has put a small vibrator in my ass while she blew me before” I replied

“Good, I was hoping I was going to be the one to take your man cherry, I am going to make this night one you will never forget. Have you ever sucked a cock before, have you ever had yours sucked by a man?” Gregg said.

I told him about my roommate in college and about my trip to the bookstore. Gregg just smiled as I told him of my escapades.

Gregg then took his jeans off exposing his hardening cock to me in all its glory. He reached over pulling my head into his lap, as he put the car back in drive and headed towards the house one more time. I licked around the head of his huge cock letting as much of his cock slip in my mouth as I could. Even soft his cock was longer than mine, it didn’t taste bad at all either. His hand was urging me to take more of his cock in my mouth which I did. I was able to take his entire soft cock in my mouth till it was edging into my throat. I began gagging a lil as his cock was now beginning to get hard and filling more and more of my mouth.

“Relax and try to swallow when it gets that deep” Gregg said

I did and was able to take a little more into my throat but I couldn’t get a good angle to give it a honest try. I was bobbing up and down on his cock when I heard the horn of a semi blow. Raising up quickly as the sounds startled me. I saw a truck rolling right beside us. No doubt the driver of the truck had been watching me suck Gregg’s cock.

Laughing Gregg said, ” Dont worry about giving a show, just suck my cock till I tell you to stop”

Gregg’s hand forced my head back into his lap as I took his cock back in my mouth. He was almost fully hard now and his cock was at least 14″ long, All I could think of was him saying he was going to fuck me. How was I going to be able to take all this cock up my ass. I began licking his balls which caused him to moan as I would suck an entire ball into my mouth and humm on it as My girlfriend would do to me. Something that I absolutely loved her to do, and it seemed as if Gregg liked it to. I Continued sucking on his balls. I began to jack his cock as he neared the house. I was hoping to get to taste his cum before we got to my house. But no such luck, just as I thought he was getting close he pulled me off his cock.

“You can taste me later, but now I want to see that ass get on your knees with your head facing the away from me” Gregg said

I got on my knees and looked out he passenger window as I presented my ass to him, I felt as he rubbed his fingers around my rosebud, pushing in trying to penetrate my hole. He pushed his fingers into my mouth, and I licked them instinctively. He began by slowly punching in one of his finger pushing it all the way in until I felt the base of his hand on my ass. He then started working a second finger in repeating the same actions until it to was buried fully into my ass. He started working a third finger in me and stretching me out. He was being a little more rough with three fingers in me twisting them and jamming them in. I moaned he just jammed them in harder and deeper than before.

“I am going to love taking your cherry and making you my bitch” Gregg said

Continuing shoving his fingers deep in me I yelped a little in pain which seemed to spur him on. I tired to pull away but he just shoved up against the door twisting and ramming his fingers in me harder. He continued to finger fuck for a few minutes. Until he pulled them out and shoved his fingers back in my mouth.

“Lick them clean” Gregg instructed

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