Adrianna: The First Contact

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4 pm at last. Lily had been working for 8 hours straight that day, exploring every type of human mouth. She wave goodbye to her last patient that day, an eighty- year old man whose surprisingly still having all of his teeth.

Looking out the window, Lily find herself still feels awe while looking at the giant city of Ripsep even though she had live there for a month now. All the skyscrapers, the expensive looking vehicles, and the city itself, always alive 24/7. At her hometown, everything went completely quiet as early as 8 p.m.

A few months ago, Lily can’t believe her luck when her uncle who she never met, who is also a dentist himself asked Lily to come to work at his clinic in Ripsep. Lily who already working at the town local hospital without a second thought accepts her uncle’s proposition. First of all, she feels bored with live at her small town and besides, her uncle promise her triple salary.

So, here she is now. Alone in a big city, riding a public bus from home to work and back again, enjoying the sceneries before her very eyes. Her uncle and aunt had asked her to live with them in their mansion but she politely declined.

At the age of 27, she believes that she will be able to take care of herself. Besides, she wants to be free to do whatever she wants. She had had enough while living with her mother when she still working at the hospital in her hometown. Her mother treated her like a small child where she’s not even allowed to went to the bar and have a drink with her co-worker after work.

She arrived at her small but comfortable one room apartment after 30 minutes bus ride. Once inside, she throws away her bag, takes off her clothes, and takes a very long shower. She realizes that she took 1 hour in the bathroom.

While laze around in the living room, watching cartoons, Lily suddenly feels bored. She don’t have friends to hang out. Most of the other dentists are quiet old to be her friend and do fun things. The nurses, they are all married with children. A good mother and father who love to spend time with their children at night.

“Hmm, I don’t have friends. Maybe I should go out and make friends,” Lily said to herself while suddenly stand up.

Lily went into to her room, pick up her phone on the bed and turn on her GPS. She’s looking for the nearest bar to her apartment.

“Club Clementine, The Ladies’ Club. Hmm. The nearest one but still take 30 minutes by car,” said Lily.

She’s worried that she will not be able to get a ride home late at night, but at last, still decided to go anyway. She will just stay or few hours and then get home before taxis end their services that night.

From that name, she knows what kind of club is that. But she is no stranger to that kind of lifestyle. Even though she never have special someone in her live, never experimented with the normal way and all, she always know that this is what she wants.

Rather than queer people or most normal who like to experiment with different people and all, to try and test, Lily definitely not liked that. She wants to find the one. Despite her abnormal desire, she still has this old fashion ways of thinking.

Wearing her polka- dot peach chiffon dress and a pair of high heels, Lily feels ready to have fun that night. Checking her long brown wavy hair for one last time in the mirror, Lily practically running out from her apartment to get to the taxi that had been waiting for her outside.

That night, the traffic seems clear, so the taxi was able to arrive 10 minutes sooner at the club.

That club looks like an old castle with modern painting. It has two towers made up of pink and purple bricks. In between of the towers, it wrote ‘Club Clementine’.

Just below the roof, there are two pink giant roman poles.

Stepping out from the taxi, she did not know what to expect from this club. Not that she had never been to a night club before. During her college years, she visits night club almost every week with her group of friends. But tonight, she is all alone and it makes her feels some kind of nervous.

After queuing, it’s finally Lily’s turn.

The person who was in charge of the entrance is a very handsome young butch. Maybe around Lily’s age. She is quiet tall, about 5″ 5″. She’s wearing blue baseball jacket, tight black jeans and a pair of brown biker boots and half tie her shoulder length brown hair.

“Hello, there. Alone?” asked that handsome butch while looking at Lily with her brown eyes that match her hair.

“Yes,” reply Lily.

“First time here? I’m sure I will never forget a cute femme like you,” said that pretty butch , jokingly flirting with Lily.

“I am. I’m still new to this city,” said Lily slightly blush being called cute.

“You are lucky to come here in this specific night. Today we have dance show by a few hot ladies,” said that soft butch and give Lily a cute wink.

After showing her ID and made entrance payment, Lily make her way inside.

That place is enormous, not like a regular night güvenilir bahis club. It seems like you can fit the whole stadium in it and you might lost in the sea of people who keep dancing on the dance floor in middle of the club. With the big stage, Club Clementine looks like a combination of school hall, theater and night club.

Because she comes alone, Lily never bothered to find a table. Instead, she just settled down in one of the empty seat at the bar.

“Hello, again, cutie,” said a familiar androgynous voice.

Looking up, she realizes that it was the same handsome butch at the entrance.

“I thought you work at the entrance?” asked Lily, surprised.

“Yeah, I work at the entrance, at the bar, in the toilet, underground. You name it. I even run this place,” said that masculine looking woman.

“Oh, so you are the owner?” asked Lily. Coming to the club, she never expects to find the owner. Never in her life she met the owner of even her favorite club. But now, she’s talking to the exclusive looking club owner.

“Uh- huh. Me and my business partner,” said that handsome woman again.”I’m Jay by the way. Shorten for Jamie-Jane Bauer”.

“Hi, Jay. I’m Lily, Lily Cole,” said Lily.

“So, Lily, what can I get you?” asked Jay.

“A glass of milk, please,” said Lily.

Jay burst out laughing real hard. Lily doesn’t seem to be surprise by this.

“I have this disease where my body can’t tolerate alcohol. I will get sick,” said Lily.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. Wait here,” she apologized but doesn’t look sorry actually.

Jay went inside some small door behind the bar and come back a few minutes later with a glass of milk. Following her, a big breasted woman saying something in French.

“Here you go, baby girl. It comes fresh from here,” said Jay while suddenly cupping that busty woman’s breast. Lily almost choked on her own saliva.

“Or maybe you want it even fresher? What do you say?” said Jay again while moves her brown eye brow up and down quickly. The busty woman seems oblivious to Jay’s assault to her breast and busy talking to her phone.

“Not funny, Jay,” said Lily while glaring at Jay.

Realized that Lily doesn’t seem to be amused by her joke, Jay finally apologize.

“Sorry, baby girl. Don’t worry. It’s cow’s milk. Drink up,” apologize Jay.

They talk for a while about their live, getting to know each other better. Jay tells her that it had been five years she opened Club Clementine with her business partner. Even though both of them are gay, they never involved romantically with each other.

Lily on the other hand told Jay about her job as a dentist and about being gay for as long as she can remember. But she never went too specific about still being a virgin and all. The last time she did that, most people both men and women keep trying to seduce her to get into her pants. She does not want that. She wants love. Real love.

Suddenly , the lights went out, left the whole club pitch black except the front stage. She realize that most people who was dancing just now already moved to available seats.

“The dance show is about to start. Promise you will enjoy it,” assured Jay.

The first show is some kind of break dance by a group of ten girls. They are wearing baggy jeans, black tee shirt and red hat. It’s amazing how they can spin their body with one hand, form a human pyramid and throw each other into the air and managed to catch their friends just in time.

After that, there are a few many similar dance, and then salsa dance, Indian dance, tap dance, Japanese traditional dance and many more that Lily can’t make out.

At last, the host announced the last and special dance of the night by the club owners. You can heard whistling and cat- calling from the audience when the host mentioned about the owners.

“YOU are going to dance?” asked Lily when she remembered that the person that keep her company all night is the club owner.

“Yeah? Do I not look like a dancer to you?” asked Jay while removing her baseball jacket and revealing her black tuxedo. She looks so handsome.

“Come on, slug. What are you even doing here anyway? I asked you to wait in the dressing room. We are not supposed to do any work before the show,” said a female voice who appear out of nowhere.

Like being strike by a cupid arrow, Lily’s heart suddenly stopped when she first lays her eyes on the woman who standing next to Jay, taking her hand.

She has the same height as Jay, the same muscular body and the same dominant looking as Jay. The only difference between those two is that woman is clearly a femme with a silky long black haired, some make- up and blue sky tight dress and white high heels.

The woman took Jay’s hand and started to led her to the stage.

“Hey, I’m supposed to lead here,” said Jay playfully.

“Shut up. You are unreliable sometimes,” said that woman. When looking at Jay, she accidently lays her eyes on Lily and she suddenly pause and make Jay to türkçe bahis look at what that attract her partner’s attention.

“Oh, that’s my new friend, Lily. I will introduce you two later. Come on,” said Jay smiling and being the one who lead now. She pulled the black haired woman to the stage.

Lily who feels like having an asthma attack just now finally be able to breathe again. She wonder why she feels like that towards Jay’s partner, the feeling of very strong longing. She wants to look at those beautiful dark eyes, she wants to hold that sexy body, she wants her.

“I love her,” said Lily softly to herself. She touch her own lips, not believing that she feels like that about someone she just met and able to say it out.

Jay and her partner started dancing a very sensual dance. Jay is the one who lead the dance. She is the one who pick up her partner, lean to her and looked to almost kissed. The crowded club fell silent while Jay and her partner doing their routine.

Lily feels a little bit jealous.

When they finished, they received a big applause from the audience. Well, they deserved it. Jay and her partner bow down to the cheering crowds before make their way behind the stage.

On their way leaving the stage, Jay suddenly grab her partner’s hand, making her stopped and turned to Jay.

“Aiden, I know that look, dude. The way you look at Lily. The longing look that I recognize from five years ago,” said Jay.

“No you don’t. I don’t even know what are you talking about, Jay,” said Aiden.

“Come on, Aiden. How long are going to live a lie? This is not you,” said Jay.

Without warning, Aiden grabbed Jay’s collar and pushed her against the wall.

“First of all, I don’t like being called Aiden anymore. I’m Adrianna. Second, what I do with my life is up to me,” said Adrianna with a calming but threatening voice before releasing Jay and leaving her coughing for breath on the floor.

“So, you don’t want to know Lily then? She is cute. I will have her to myself if you don’t want her,” said Jay loudly for Adrianna to hear from behind the door.

Hidden from Jay’s view, Adrianna stopped in her track. She can’t deny her feeling towards that girl. When she first lay eyes on her, she has that feelings again. The feeling that she seems to forget.


Lily sitting alone at her seat, watching people around her dancing and flirting. It’s kinda late now and she feels like going home. She wants to say goodbye to Jay first and at the same time hoping to meet her partner that make Lily’s heart stopped. She decided to wait for a while.

Little did she knows, three heavyweight and drunk butches were targeting her to be their playthings that night. Single, alone, cute and vulnerable looking young woman. Such a perfect target. Nobody is going to come to her rescue when they kidnapped her and have their way with her until morning. They will drug her, forced themselves on her and send her home the next morning. She will never be able to remember a thing except the pain between her legs.

After 20 minutes of waiting, Lily decided to leave the place and maybe come back other day to meet Jay again. She called the taxi that she comes with. Fortunately for her that taxi agreed to service her at 2 a.m.

She went outside to wait for the taxi. Not so many people outside. Just two couple who was waiting for their own taxi. A few minutes later, they were also gone, leaving Lily alone.

“Hey sweet apple pie. Need a ride?” said a husky voice behind Lily.

She turned around and saw three big drunk butches grinning and staring at her with lust. She feels scared and wrecking her brain hard to find a way out from these scary looking butches. Why they have to be so scary? Why can’t they be charming and gentle like Jay?

“No, t-t-thanks. I- I- I already called a taxi,” reply Lily, lightly stuttering. She can feels her body starts to shiver.

“It’s dangerous for a small lady like you to be alone this late. Come with us. We can protect you,” said the smallest of the butches while showing her evil grin.

One of the butches keeps adjusting her crotch. From her place, Lily can see that every one of them have some kind of bulge in front of their pants.

“Oh f***. I don’t think I can make it home with this kitten,” suddenly the biggest butch said while slowly approaching Lily.

Lily starting to step back and ready to run for her life. Heavyweight or not, the biggest butch sure is fast. In a blink, Lily already in her arm and she realized that her feet touch the ground no more.

“LET ME GO,” scream Lily while kicking her feet wildly.

One of the butches covered her mouth to stopped her cries.

“Shhh, little kitten. We are not going to hurt you. We just want to have fun. I know you will enjoy it,” said the smallest butch who the one covers Lily’s mouth.

“Hammerhead, you go get there car,” ushered the biggest butch while still holding Lily tightly in her arm. The masculine looking güvenilir bahis siteleri woman called Hammerhead scram away to find their car, leaving the two other butches holding their new cute toys.

Lily feels so helpless and scared. Before she knows it, she starts to cry, imagining her fate in the hand of those brutal butches. Being rape is not how she wants to lose her virginity. Looking at those butches, she knows they will ravish her mercilessly all night.

“Ahem. Whatever you have in mind for that little cutie, you better think again,” said one familiar sweet androgynous voice from behind.

Looking around, standing tall before them is Jay, the charming butch in her tuxedo that she used while dancing earlier.

“Hrmph, what are going to do, softie? This Jackdrum over here can take you with one hand,” said the biggest butch.

“Softie? Yeah, I know I’m a little soft compare to you but my friend not really that soft,” said Jay.

Suddenly the biggest butch feels a blow behind her head. That powerful blows cause her to black out immediately and loosen her grip on Lily. Lily wiggled out from that clutching hang that soften and ran to Jay.

“Timberjack,” called Jackdrum kneeling before her friends.

Someone grabbed her hand and twisted it behind.

“Listen here, F***head Jacka**. You better take your friends out the here and never let come back again or I can’t never promise to not f*** your butch a** with a jackhammer,” said Adrianna, still in here dancing dress.

The so called Jackdrum apologize immediately and carry the unconscious butch away from them.

From a far, a blue car approaching Jackdrum and Timberjack. Jackdrum shoved the bigger butch at the back seat before she entered the passenger seat. The car drove away real fast.

“I thought we get rid of those before,” said Adrianna.

“Oh, no, this one is the different kind,” said Jay.

“We need to keep those kind of people out. I don’t want to hear a rape cases from our club,” said Adrinna.

“Are you okay?” asked Jay to the trembling Lily.

“I guess so. Thanks for saving me,” said Lily while look up at Jay. She looked at Adrianna’s direction next and suddenly feels the electric shock again.

“Jay, you take her home. I will cover here,” said Adrianna looking away.

“No, YOU take her home. Besides, I need to do something,” said Jay while looking intently at Adrianna.

“Hey cutie. My friend, Adrianna here will take you home. Don’t worry. She is nice,” said Jay softly to Lily. Before Lily or Adrianna could say a word, she pushed Lily gently towards Adrianna and leaved them alone in a flash.

“Let’s go,” said Adrianna and pulling her hand without looking at her.

“Wait, you don’t have to. I already called a taxi,” said Lily, releasing her hand from Adrianna’s.

“Can’t do that. Jay will be mad. She seems to have a strong liking to you,” said Adrianna who now facing Lily.

“But I like you,” said Lily. Realizing what she said, Lily quickly covered her mouth and muttered ‘sorry’.

For a few second, Adrianna freeze in her place. She can’t believe her ears, hearing those words out from the woman that she has fast crush on.

“Come on. I will tell Jay to pay the taxi and send him home,” said Adrianna and once again dragging Lily to her car.

On their way to Lily’s house, both of them feel uncomfortable with each other. The silent is so unbearable until Adrianna decided to do something about it. This is weird she thought. I should ask her something.

“So, what are you doing at the club alone? Don’t you have any friends? It’s dangerous to be out alone at night,” said Adrianna finally breaking the silence.

“I don’t have any friends yet. It’s been a month I’m in this city. Most of my co-workers are not suitable for a club life,” reply Lily.

“What did you do here?” asked Adrianna again without breaking eye contact with the road in front of her.

“I’m a dentist,” said Lily.

“Wow, dentist,” said Adrianna before continue. “You know, if those butches get you, you won’t be able to drill anyone’s tooth for a month. They are harsh you know. They will break every part of your little body”.

Lily went white within second.

“Why they have to be cruel? I hate butches,” said Lily

Adrianna gulped. She feels a sudden pain and anger when hearing those words about butches.

“I didn’t mean all of butches. I just mean these kind of butches,” said Adrianna.

“I don’t know about this. Everywhere I go, I always find brutal butches who have nothing than to prove themselves to be better than men. I don’t need that. I like women. I prefer the more feminine women,” said Lily.

That pain again. Feels like a thousand knives stabbed on her heart.

“You know, me on the other hand love butches. Rather than femme dyke who can’t even protect themselves, I rather have a strong handsome butch by my side to keep me save,” said Adrianna, out of anger.

“So, you don’t like feminine girls?” asked Lily who seems surprised by Adrianna’s confession.

“No. I don’t like them. They are a waste of my time and energy,” said Adrianna.

“Oh, I see,” said Lily. She doesn’t know why she feels so hurt listening to Adrianna’s confession.

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