Admission Pt. 01

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Chapter 1

My heart pounded as the limo made it’s way across Boston. What was I, a 44 year-old married woman, doing going to meet another man? A man I had known slightly in college… A man whom I hadn’t seen or even thought of in over 20 years but whom I had just recently learned had gone on to become one of Boston’s most successful businessmen. What was I thinking? How had I gotten here?

I had my heart set on getting my amazing, perfect son into a prestigious university in Boston but he had been deferred in his early admission request and I had grown more and more desperately consumed with finding a way of getting him into the school of his dreams. I was working every angle I could think of, convinced there had to be a way to tip the scales in his favor.

Then, one day as I was perusing a copy of the school’s alumni magazine, a photograph caught my eye. It couldn’t be? Yet there he was: Mike “Rose” (as we’ll call him in this story) who had been a classmate of mine in college, stood shaking hands with the president of the University! The caption below read: “Michael Rose is thanked by President Harris for his generous donation to the University. The Athletic Center is expected to be completed by Fall semester 2016.” They named the Athletic Center after him? That was impressive!

Immediately I Googled him up and discovered that after college he had attended business school at the university and gone on to make a fortune in finance, becoming one of Boston’s wealthiest men. Pictures came up of him attending various social functions, charity balls in black tie, golf tournaments, court side seats at the Celtics. He looked great, confident and fit, smiling like a man who owned the world. In several pictures he had a gorgeous brunette on his arm, his wife I noted.

This was the connection I was looking for! There had to be a way Mike could help get my son in to this school! At least put a good word , if only he’d even remember me at all.

Amazingly he had called back shortly after getting the message I had left at his office. He not only remembered me, but was actually excited to hear from me!

“How could I forget the hottest girl from school?” He laughed.

I felt a rush of nervous excitement at the compliment as we chatted lightly and easily for several minutes, laughing about the past and loosely filling in the outlines of our lives since then. Finally he asked the reason for my call and it all came pouring out about my quest to get my son admitted.

“If there is anything you can do to help I’d appreciate it so much! I’d do anything… anything to help my son.” I said, trying but failing to mask the desperation in my voice.

“I can appreciate that so much Molly, really, I can. Let me see what I can do and I’ll get back to you.”

I thanked him for his time, told him truthfully it was good to talk to him and we said our goodbyes.

I was thrilled when he called back a couple days later. He said he might have some news for me but despite my begging he would not tell me.

“I want to see you and talk to you about this in person. Is there any way you can get to Boston?”

Since I traveled frequently leading Yoga retreats around the country I told him yes, I could get away, so with a little story to my husband about needing to fill in for an instructor at an event I found myself flying to Boston early that next week, and now, in the back of Mike’s limo with my heart racing at the possibilities: What was the news Mike had for me? Why had he insisted on seeing me and why was I so excited and nervous at the prospect of seeing him?

Mike had had his secretary arrange for his car to pick me up as well as booking a room at a luxury hotel. I was surprised to find it paid for with a bottle of wine and a note in my room. “See you downstairs for dinner at 7:00 – Mike”

It was a little after 5:00 so I poured myself a glass of the wine and drew myself a hot bath to try to calm my nerves. It was exciting to feel so naughty slipping away to meet this powerful businessman, but I was growing nervous at what he would think of me now at 44.

People always tell me how young I look and as Yoga instructor I had kept in good shape, but Mike was expecting the college girl of over 20 years ago and I, like most women, was very aware of all the changes, no matter how subtle, that had come with age.

I closed my eyes and let the warmth of the water wash over me, forcing the thoughts of wrinkles from my mind. What did I care anyway? Nothing was going to happen. We were two married people meeting to discuss getting my son into college. I laughed a little at my nervousness and finished off the glass of wine as the warmth of the tub soaked into me. I had never cheated on my husband but things had gotten so boring with him I had to admit I was a little excited at the prospect of possibly trying to seduce Mike if I had the chance.

I poured myself a little more wine and shaved my legs, enjoying their soft sleek smoothness afterwards. Feeling as excited and aroused as I was at yenibosna escort the possibilities ahead and feeling naughty I decided to do a little clean up around my pussy too, “just in case” I thought. I had shaved my pussy lips early in my relationship with my husband in that phase where I was eager to please him years ago, but I hadn’t in some time. I still kept my bush trimmed and neat but I remembered now the the sexy feeling of being exposed, bare and soft down there so I lathered up and ran the razor carefully over my nicely plump labia, enjoying supremely sexy feeling of my freshly exposed baby smooth softness as I rinsed off the shaving cream.

I dressed for dinner with a black dress over a nice black bra and panty that my husband loved on me. I wanted to be pretty, elegant and sophisticated; sexy, but not too sexy. I settled, somewhat uncertainly on wearing my long blonde hair down. I had worn my hair short back in college but now it hung down well past my shoulders. I often put it up into a loose bun but let it flow across my shoulders tonight… add a little perfume… some lipstick… “Well Molly,” I thought as I looked myself over in the full-length mirror, “not too bad all in all.”

My heart began to pound again as I rode the elevator down to the lobby. I took a deep breath to calm down. “It’s just dinner, it’s just dinner” I told myself but I knew I was ready and willing, hoping even, for more.

As I entered the restaurant I was surprised as the maitre’d immediately came across the crowded entry to me.

“Right this way miss, please” He quickly led me back through the crowded room. I was aware of the eyes of many of the male patrons looking up from their tables watching me as I was whisked through the room. Men think they’re so sly but it is so obvious when a man is checking you out. “Well, I must look okay”, I thought happily.

The Maitre’ d led me to the back of the restaurant and opened a door there.

“Madam”, he gestured me to enter.

I did so a little hesitantly but I was immediately relieved and excited to see Mike, sitting alone at an elegant table for two inside a small private dining room. He looked great! Fit, dark hair graying at the temples, slight crinkle of crows feet at his eyes but really handsome in his perfectly tailored charcoal gray suit. My heart pounded in my chest as he rose from the table and came across the small, dimly lit room in two long strides.

“Mollly! So glad you could make it!” He embraced me warmly kissing my cheek. “You look stunning! Wow!”

“It’s amazing to see you too. I can’t really believe this is happening”, I laughed nervously

“I know! I was so surprised and thrilled to get your call.” He smiled beckoning for me to sit.

“I apologize for this private room… It can be hard for me to have a quiet dinner in the city and I didn’t want to be interrupted with you.” He poured me a glass of wine from a bottle chilling in an ice bucket beside the table.

“So how are you? Wow.. Molly.. Molly… I can’t believe I am here with the hottest girl from college!”

“Oh come on! ” I laughed almost spilling my wine, “You’re joking!”

“No, no, I mean it! My God, we all thought you were the babe of the school! Seriously! But you always were with that boyfriend… what was his name?”

“Charlie, yeah, that was a long time ago.” I had met Charlie my freshman year and foolishly spent my time in college in a serious, monogamous relationship only to have it fizzle shortly after graduation. I had thought I loved him but I had since realized I was too young and was just playing the good girl when I should have been playing the field and having fun for those four years.

A waiter entered from a side door with two salads. “Oh.. I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of ordering for us.” Mike explained as the waiter set the plates down.

We spent the next hour talking, drinking wine, laughing about college and life since then. He was confident and even flirtatious but he also talked openly about his wife and family, as I did mine, which finally led me to ask if he had any news from the university regarding my son’s admission status.

“Well… yes.. “, he said, putting his glass down and looking at me intently. “That of courses why I asked you here…” He reached across the table taking my hand. “The truth is I couldn’t stop thinking about you after you called me. I wound up Googling you and found some of your yoga videos and my God, I was just blown away remembering you from college and by how amazing you still look.”

I could feel myself blushing as my pulse began to quicken as he held my hand firmly and looked deeply into my eyes.

“I remembered you saying you would do anything to help your son, anything…”, he let the word hang there for a moment as I tried to control the rush of excitement and nervousness sweeping over me. I had fantasized about seducing him but his confident forwardness took me off guard and turned the tables on me.

“Well… yeşilköy escort yes.. of course.. I.. I mean…” I sputtered, knowing, but trying hard to pretend not to know, where this was going.

His other hand slid a key card across the table towards me. ” I can help you.” he said. “I will help you.. the question becomes then, will you help me? This is the key to the suite I keep here at the hotel for nights when I can’t get home after work. It’s number 1100. If you want my help meet me there tonight.”

His confident gaze never left mine forcing me to look down as I blushed deeper, feeling the skin of my checks, neck and chest flush hot, fighting down the emotions overwhelming me; fear, nervousness, but excitement too, and I felt my freshly shaved pussy start to tingle.

He stood up suddenly, startling me a little

“It’s been great to see you Molly, really it has.” He smiled down at me and bent and kissed my cheek softly. ” I hope to see you soon!”, and without another word he slipped out the side door leaving me alone with a whirlwind of thoughts racing through my mind.

I breathed deeply trying to gain control of myself. I sat frozen for awhile before finishing off my glass of wine. My heart pounded at the thought of going upstairs to Mike’s room.. I wanted to desperately but could I really cheat on my husband? Was I really ready to have sex with basically a stranger just to help my son get into school? And what was he thinking being so forward anyway? What kind of woman did he think I was…?

I was startled from my thoughts by the waiter emerging from the same side door through which Mike had left.

“Can I get you anything else madam?” He smiled bowing slightly.

“No.. No, thank you.” I emptied my glass of wine and pushed back from the table embarrassed at my obviously flustered state. My knees felt a little wobbly as I stood and brushed down my dress trying to compose myself.

“Mr. Rose wanted me to tell you you’ll need to use the key he gave you to access the suites floor.” The waiter said as he opened the door back into the main restaurant.

“Oh, thank you..” I stammered, flustered again at Mike’s bold presumption, asking the waiter to tell me how to get to his room.

I breathed a deep, centering breath and walked out into the sudden rush of the restaurant. I clutched the key card tightly in my hand as I made my way towards the lobby.

The appraising glances from the men around the room that had felt so empowering earlier felt different now; everyone it seemed knew my dirty secret as I made my way towards the elevators that would take me to suite 1100.

Chapter 2

I was thankful to have the elevator to myself as I slid the key card into the slot and pushed the button for 11, the top floor. I needed the space and quiet to pull myself together after Mike’s forthright proposal. While I had fantasized about the possibility of having sex with him, it had always been me enticing him, seducing him, but now he had taken that power from me. As a powerful businessman he knew when he had the upper hand and he wasn’t afraid to use it.

My pulse raced as the floors ticked off 5, 6, 7… was I really going to do this? I loved my husband. We had a decent life together but honestly things had gotten boring after 19 years together. Not just sexually, although that was certainly one of the most boring things now, but everything it seemed had just lost its joy. We were more like roommates than husband and wife. If it weren’t for the kids I wasn’t sure we’d even still be together. He was kind and sweet, handsome, but things had changed between us over the years and petty annoyances had grown into major issues.

The elevator dinged as it reached the 11th floor, snapping me back to the moment. I stepped out into the dim hallway and headed right, as the arrow pointed, towards 1100. I breathed quietly, evenly with each step, “calm.. stay calm” I said as I reached the door.. I started to knock but then remembered the key and slipped it into the slot. The light turned green and the lock clicked softly. I took one last deep breath and pushed the door open slowly.

“Hello…?” I called softly, nervously my voice cracking a bit. I fidgeted nervously not knowing what to do.

“Molly?” Mikes voice called out from bedroom end of the suite.

“Yes.. Hi!” I laughed nervously.

“Hang on a second… I didn’t have time for a shower before dinner so I thought I would rinse off quickly… You got here faster than I thought you would.”

“I did..? I’m sorry.. I…” I felt like an idiot. Was I truly that eager that I had rushed up to his room? Had he expected me to hesitate? Should I have played it more coolly?

He emerged through the French doors to the bedroom, a hotel robe tied loosely around his waist as he toweled his hair roughly.

“I’m so glad you came.” He kissed me lightly on the cheek in greeting. He smelled clean and fresh, sexy. “Let me get you a drink. I had them send up zeytinburnu escort some champagne..” He walked across the sitting room and pulled a bottle of Dom Perignon from an ice bucket.

While I knew where this was going I was still trying to play innocent and was a little taken aback that Mike was basically already naked but for the loosely tied robe. He poured the champagne as I sat down in the chair across from him.

“I’m glad you decided to come.” He offered a glass to me across the low, glass coffee table.

“I made a decision when I first saw how beautiful you still were after all these years to get you up here. I had such a crush on you in college, I wanted you so badly, ALL the guys wanted you, but you were with Charlie all the time and I never had a chance. So, now here you are…” he trailed off. “Are you still such a good girl?”

“No…” I blushed. “I mean, not exactly, but I’ve certainly never cheated on my husband.”

“No, no..”, he cut me off with a wave of his hand. “Let’s not call it cheating. Let’s call it a deal. I like deals”, he continued, “That’s how I got where I am today. I have something you want and you can offer me something in return “

“But what can I offer you?” I stammered innocently, knowing the answer but stunned by his forthrightness. “I mean… I’m not a whore…” I tried to laugh.

“No! No of course not! I am not saying that at all, just that we are both adults so why play games? I mean, on some level all women trade sex for things: money, security, nice meals, shoes, clothes… we just choose not to couch it in those terms. But don’t worry”, he continued quickly seeing the look of consternation on my face. “I definitely don’t think you’re a whore.” He leaned in towards me looking at me earnestly. “But if you want my help you are going to give yourself to me, fully and wholly for the next few hours. Then, I make a few calls and do what I can to help your son and it’s done” He sat back and wiped his hands together, “clean deal.”

He picked up his glass and looked at me frankly, gauging my reaction as he took a deep drink. I drained my glass and waved it at him to pour me another.

“You ok” he laughed as he filled the glass

“Yes.. I just need another.” I had to admit I was feeling a little tipsy, but Hell, if I was going to do this I should be a little tipsy!

“So,” I said with a deep breath, “What do we do now?”

“Well, I suppose you could start by sucking my cock.” He smiled and reclined back into the couch.

I was shocked again by his boldness and yet there was also something incredibly sexy about it too. He knew he had me.

He pulled one leg up onto the couch allowing his robe to part, almost but not quite exposing himself to me and for the first time I noticed the large bulge beneath the loose fabric. I was undeniably excited but still nervous. I had knowingly put myself in this situation but I hadn’t been with a man other than my husband in 20 years, but I needed Mike’s help and there was something about his sense of masculine confidence and success that made him completely desirable.

I took a deep breath, stood up and exhaled. Slowly I walked across the small sitting area in front of him inviting his gaze as I stood in front of him until slowly I bent down and brought my lips to his in a teasing kiss, pulling back quickly, then down again to kiss his neck.

My hands slowly found their way to his chest, slipping under the robe feeling the heat of his body and his soft chest hair. I brushed a hard nipple and Mike moaned and leaned back a little, his hands grabbing my hips pulling me closer. He turned his head and our lips found each other locking in a passionate kiss. Our tongues darted playfully around each other, tasting, teasing, darting again. His hands grabbed my neck and pulled me hard to him as I gasped a little, feeling my pussy moisten with a rush of carnal excitement like I hadn’t felt in years.

I broke away so I could kiss down his neck, then across his chest. My tongue found a nipple and spiraled around it, then flicked it as he moaned again. His hands reached around behind my knees and slid up my thighs, under my dress, slowly but insistently until they reached my ass and began massaging my firm cheeks as we kissed. His fingers soon found their way between my legs and began to rub firmly against my pussy through the thin fabric of my panties.

I moaned in encouragement, rolling my hips in rhythm with his fingers as my own hand slid down his chest, snaking their way down, below the belt of the robe, through the soft hair of his lower belly and the coarser hair below until I brushed the shaft of his hardening cock. He gasped a little as my fingers found it and teased his growing shaft. As my fingers finally wrapped around it I discovered they barely reached all the way around!

“My God you’ve got a big cock.” I whispered in his ear, then gasped as in response he forced his fingers under my now soaked panties and into my bare, wet pussy.

I began to lightly stroke up and down his hardening cock. The feeling of such a heavy, thick dick in my hand was driving my pussy crazy and now Mike had pulled my panties aside and was working his fingers in and out of my wet cunt, rubbing the slick juices over my pulsing clit. Suddenly I felt his other hand on the back of my head, tangling in my hair as he firmly pushed my head down.

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