Across the Rooftops Ch. 02

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Ewan was not on his roof the next day because, like Xylophia, he was in Athens on business but it was only a single overnight in his usual hotel and the morning after, back home, he awoke with the lark. A glance at Ed’s roof and then a very definite inspection of the holidaymakers’ roof made before settling himself down. It was clear he was alone in the early morning light. Ewan had been thinking of the black girl in – and out – of her white bikini and wondering about the relationship with the girl in the orange bikini. He had not seen them in the street, had not established whether they were part of couples holidaying together, sisters with parents and possibly children or perhaps a couple themselves. There were considerable possible variations on the party holidaying. Ewan intended to find out.

He was amused at how he enjoyed playing the voyeur; had so enjoyed the Swedish couple and now these pretty black girls. His vantage point in the shadows was an unexpected bonus with the place he had rented. It had been a very good choice and the rent was not excessive.

The girls, though, had not been up and about on their roof top and rather than watching them he had settled himself in his chair in the morning sun.

Ewan thought it would be rather nice if the two girls were more than friends. He would very much like them taking each other’s bikinis off and applying that sunscreen to each other’s bodies. It would be a pleasing sight. Unsurprisingly, his penis thought just the same and up it rose as the sun did the same in the sky. Ewan pulled back his long foreskin and exposed his glans. He thought how peculiar it must be to be without a foreskin and be circumcised like his new friend. He looked up and over to Ed’s place and there on the rooftop was that very circumcised penis hanging between his friend’s thighs. Ewan had not seen Ed come out onto his roof, had been lost in thought – thoughts of naked black girls.

Ed waved and lifted his coffee pot and signalled, inviting him over. For a second or two Ewan was not quite sure about standing but Ed had, after all, seen him erect before – indeed, had they not wanked together only two days before? Ewan stood and acknowledged both the greeting and invitation, conscious just how much his arousal was on display. Ed signalled again, a clear query about whether the black girl or girls were out. Ewan turned and walked across to the vantage point but the roof was still deserted. Returning, with his spike not at all reduced, he shook his head and then walked to his stairs, feeling just a little odd at his friend watching him walking around erect.

Ewan did not quite, but he almost walked over to Ed’s place with his penis still hard in his shorts. He was relieved to find by the time he was inside Ed’s house and leaving his shirt, shorts and sandals in the hall, as had become the custom, that he was merely flaccid. It did not really seem appropriate to arrive for coffee like that, still less drop his shorts with his penis at attention. That, though, did not last. Inevitably the conversation as they sat in the sunshine came around to the black girl, a very manly discussion of her attributes and of the partially hidden attributes of the girl in the orange bikini. The response of both men was indeed, ‘manly.’

Two penises lifted themselves up into the air demonstrating the necessary facility if they were to engage with the two girls on the loungers in the way they would like. An interesting discussion about which they would prefer and a general agreement that ‘doing a changeover’ would be best, swapping one vagina for the other and putting their cocks where the other’s had just been. It had been a good natured and light hearted discussion which had got a little detailed and had clearly raised real thoughts in their minds. It was a, perhaps, not unusual conversation between two men.

Ewan found himself starring at Ed’s penis. You saw your own from above with the glans all smooth and rounded but when seeing another man’s erect, the glans showed its bifurcated side – if it was the normal penis that stood up rather than, despite the erection, hung down. Unlike his own Ed’s was completely without mobile skin when erect, the skin of the shaft all taut and the plum of the glans so distinct and, actually, bigger in diameter at its base than the shaft – the knob overhung, curling inwards to join the shaft, the skin there on the lip, the corona. taut and purple, the skin of the glans pink. The circumcision seemed to have been done very neatly making it look like it had never been any different – had never had a prepuce. Even the fraenum had been cut away, that tiny sail of skin joining the base of the bifurcation to the shaft. It left the finial, the rounded knob very free from the shaft, as if it had been made separately and screwed or glued on later.

“Sorry!” Ewan realised he had been starring and thinking and Ed had noticed.

“No, please, do take a look.”

Ewan found his own erection under examination. He had nothing to be embarrassed merter escort about in that department. He was respectably long and thick enough and he stood properly to attention.

“You know,” said Ed, leaning forward, “I’ve never seen an uncut guy – neither hard nor soft. Freaky!”

A look of puzzlement crossed Ewan’s face, “It’s actually rather natural you know! The unnatural thing is circumcision surely! I’ve only seen a few ‘cut,’ as they say, in the changing rooms – and certainly not hard. To me having your knob exposed all the time is ‘odd.’ I’d have thought it uncomfortable, unprotected like that.” He smiled, “hard or soft always looking ready to go at the girls.”

“I am that!”

“Well, I think we both are!”

Ed grinned and, theatrically, looked around. “A bit short on the ladies this morning.” His eyes returned to Ewan’s standing penis. “I hadn’t realised there was so much, um, loose skin. Seeing you pulling it all back to take a leak the other day was a bit of an education; so was seeing you wank – quite a different process from how I do it or how Xylophia does it for me.”

The mention of Xylophia manually working Ed, the idea of it, did nothing to lessen Ewan’s erection. He thought that would be very nice.

“I’m rather well endowed,” he grinned, “leastways in the prepuce department. From what I’ve seen and gathered foreskins are not normally nearly so long. They normally cover the glans when soft but not completely when hard. More like this…” he demonstrated, “than how my extra long foreskin is, so, as you see, when erect the knob peaks out and, of course, when engaged in sexual intercourse the movement in the vagina slides it back…” he paused, “I suppose, actually, it slides to and fro in the vagina a bit as well. I’d not thought of that. I’ll have to remember to feel if that is happening next time I… but of course being unattached that is not going to be ‘anytime soon’ as you Americans would say.”

It was odd, to say the least, to be holding his erection whilst talking to another man and pulling his foreskin back a little and letting his knob peek out by way of demonstration.

“And to wank, as I saw you do, you slide your skin rather than your fingers?”

“Yes, that is exactly how I do it – normally! I seem to place the thumb on the top (from my perspective above it!) about on the lip here and my fingers underneath and then, as you say, slide the foreskin up and down the whole length of the shaft and out comes my knob. On the upstroke the movement hides the whole knob and then down I come again, varying the speed and pressure depending on, well, subject matter and nearness to, um, ejaculation.”

Ewan was not just describing but showing. He was doing what he was talking about – sliding his foreskin: not, of course, ejaculating.

“For me,” said Ed, “it is sort of a similar process. When I was first attempting the art of self-pleasure, I was not good at it. Not at all. I was shocked when I reached inevitability and gouts of semen rushed out. I thought I had broken something! Done something wrong or dangerous. But it felt so good, I sort of came back to it. The thought did not prevent me from trying again and again until I mastered it. Mastered masturbation, hmm!” They laughed.

“I didn’t know about lube then. I dry-rubbed myself long enough I either came or got irritated. A blistered cock is not a pleasant thing for a 14 year old boy. To whom does one turn in such a case? Perhaps his teacher?”

They laughed again at the idea.

“Lessons in class in masturbation. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Please sir, why girls to the left. Is it different for them? Stupid boy! Can you imagine it, say after physical education, the boys standing in line all being taught to wank and then going to the showers!”

“A big pot of lube for all the boys to dip their fingers into,” said Ed, “though perhaps not in England. So the skin is soft – unlike my hands – and doesn’t need lube?”

Ewan found the discussion both interesting and rather stimulating. Discussing wanking and penises was not something you did every day.

“I like a Vaseline-like gel the ladies use to remove make up myself – in the States anyway rather than here in Greece. I do like the fluid lubes one finds in a sex shop, but they are hard to control and drip all over the place – a bit messy, not that that matters out in the open, like here. Moreover, they tend to dry out or get rubbed in, necessitating more mess. If I want to stroke for a long time, I do not want the distraction of having to pour more lube on. Hence the gel. You want to see? I’ll get it.”

Ewan sat and waited. It was all seriously ‘weird,’ he was sitting on a sunny early morning roof top on a Greek island, naked and with an erection waiting for another man, still almost a stranger, to come bac with a pot of lubrication and show him how to wank – without a foreskin.

Presently Ed returned, a jar in hand and his penis nişantaşı escort still standing. It was very peculiar seeing a man walk towards him like that with penis up in the air. The strangeness of the whole scene had come strongly to Ewan.

It was a new experience for Ewan to see Ed unscrew the jar of what looked very like Vaseline and scoop and smear it all over his erection making it shiny and rather wet looking.

“As I got oIder, I became quite adept at using forefinger and thumb in a circle to lightly push my glans through.” He demonstrated, at first poking his knob through the circle of his thumb and forefinger and then sliding that to and fro. “You see, just enough stimulation to do the job. I can vary how tightly I hold it. At the climax, I grasp the old boy and stroke him firmly and, of course, I shoot.”

Ewan had leant in close to watch. Not really something he had expected to watch so closely. Another man wanking. He put forward his own experiences, “I’ve tried the same, with olive oil and creams, I think, because it makes it like a vagina I suppose. I can pull myself right back and it all looks sort of like your cock, Ed, and then do your ring thing with my fingers.” And he demonstrated. “But as you say,, all a bit too rough on the edge of the glans without something slippery.”

“Please, try my lube.”

And Ewan did, a scoop and soon his penis was as shiny in the morning sun as his friend’s. They sat companionably together, their fingers making circles – substitute vaginas – and their penises being slid through them. Ewan leaving his foreskin retracted. Two men masturbating together in the morning sunshine on a roof, enjoying the pleasant feelings and the sexual talk.

“What we really need is a real vagina – wet and slippery.”

“One each!”

“I’m sure we could make do with just the one!” Ed winked. “Two might be greedy!”

“The black girl?”

“Why not. I hope we can see her again. Perhaps with her friend. I was thinking perhaps they might make out together. I’d like to see them snuffling around in each other’s pussy.”

“Nicer still for us to do that.”

“You like?”

“Yes,” said Ewan, “always been partial… well I say always, once I started going out with girls and realised just how nice it was to – snuffle around, as you say.”

“Nice to spread the black girl’s legs and see all that pinkness and… oh, gee, I…”

Ed had snatched his hand away and his shiny, lubricated cock was bounding up and down all by itself. Jerky movements, his oversize plum bobbing around in the air. Ewan watched with interest, leaving his own hand still. Would it shoot white? Certainly, it looked particularly shiny around the top of the knob suggesting some fluid had already been flowing.

“Oh no,” gasped Ed, “I didn’t meant to – not yet.”

It was almost – but not quite – a bubble of cream formed at the tip of the naked glans, welling up from the opening but it was not a full ejaculation.

“Oh, a relief! Good. Nearly. I didn’t want to – yet. Enjoying our talk too much. I’d rather prefer to come later – we will be coming at some point I assume?”

Ewan smiled, “I’m sure we will!” Though it was not something he normally did with another man!

“More coffee whilst we take a breather?”

Incongruous really, Ed standing and carefully pouring out the coffee not only naked but with his erection standing proud. A commonplace social activity, the pouring of a drink, yet with his organ sexually excited. It was rather nice seeing it. Ewan stood as well and there they were, two men on the rooftop with a mug of coffee in their hands, walking around the roof conversing with their erections pointing at the sky. Around them other roof tops but, really, they were not visible from many, other than Ewan’s own.

“I’m surprised,” said Ewan, “but this is surprisingly nice. Standing sexually excited like this in the sunshine, yet not wanking or feeling or petting someone. Just nice being, I don’t know, almost casually erect.”

“Erections in a Social Situation,” said Ed, “how about that for a title for an essay or book chapter?”

Ewan laughed, “What are you imagining, a drinks party or barbecue with all the men erect and the women naked.”

“Sounds my kind of party! Fun!”

“The trouble is one doesn’t stay hard for long without sufficient stimulation – physical or importantly mental.”

“You’re doing quite well now!”

“And so are you!”

The two erections had showed no sign of drooping. Proud and very male as the two men stood talking, complimenting each other.

“Nice to invite the black girls to the party.”

“They may be with men – boyfriends – we don’t know.”

“Well we were envisaging other men at the party. Perhaps they might be like the stereotype of the black man – really big penised. That would be good to see.”

They stood for a while talking about big penises and then Ed said, “You mentioned the other day ortaköy escort a private cove or two. I was wondering if you would show me. I rather like the idea of taking Xylophia there. She can be a bit coy – Greek like – about taking her clothes off outside the bathroom and bedroom though she has sunbathed here. Have you seen? Have you wanked whilst watching and come, looking at my wife?”

“No, not seen her out of her dress.” He was admitting he had looked!

“I’m sure you’d like to. She has a very fine body. Big breasts, wide hips and lovely crinkly lips to snuffle up to.”

The trouble, in a way, with being naked and a man is that barometer of sexual interest – the penis – is very indicative of arousal levels. Ed did not miss a strengthening in his friend’s erection and he smiled.

Ewan was embarrassed at the smile, “I… I think, well it’s a bit inappropriate to be, well, lusting after your wife.”

“Ewan, I really don’t mind. Xylophia is, hey frankly, well worth lusting after! I expect you’ve wanked already about her if not seen her nude. Have you?”

Ewan was honest and actually it was a bit of a Catch 22 situation. If he said ‘no’ then it rather implied Xylophia was not worth wanking about – an insult – if he said ‘yes’ then he was admitting lusting after Ed’s wife.

“You can imagine her now if you like and wank. You have my permission!”

It was becoming more normal, the idea of touching himself and moving his foreskin whilst Ed watched.

“So, yeah, I was thinking about what you said about those hidden coves. Are you doing anything tomorrow? Perhaps we could take a look, show me where they are and then have lunch at a taverna?”

“Yes, I can do that. Shall we take the black girls?”

“Good idea, nice to see them running naked across the sand, boobs bouncing.” Ed was sliding his hand now, a slippery Vaseline ring passing around the stretched skin of his erection, his knob appearing and disappearing through the hole, the edges of his swollen corona lightly catching and being caressed by the fleshly ring.

“Shall we chase the girls across the sand?”

“Like the idea, Ewan, like the idea! Running after them as we are, our twin erections bounding. What shall we do when we catch the girls?”

“Ed, have you some kitchen roll or something because…”

“Nah, just come – free ejaculation in the sunshine! I’m gonna, soon. Do you wanna sit or shall we keep standing? Be quite good to have those black boyfriends there too, I think. Imagine watching the girls running, black and shiny and after them come those tall men with their great big cocks really waggling. So sexual to see the girls being caught – caught by their big men with their cocks at the ready – watching the impalement. Lovely to wank to and then walk over to them and stand above them as the two couples writhe on the sand.”

“And take over when the men finish!”

“Yeah or just… ugh – ah…”

From the end of Ed’s penis streaks of white shot as his hand moved rapidly up and down the shiny shaft. Ewan could vividly imagine it falling on the black couples, twin male bottoms rising and falling as they pushed away at the black girls. White semen not falling on the concrete of the flat roof but on shiny black skin. Best if the girls mounted the men – the semen falling on them.

It was, of course, more than enough for Ewan – the sharp vivid fantasy of sexual intercourse there on the beach in the heat and sunshine of a Greek island and the reality of his friend’s sexual display. They had come together watching the black girls but this was different, even more personal in a way, Ewan was watching not black girls but his friend’s penis shooting semen. It was indeed more than enough, it set him off and a second outpouring of male fluid came from his penis, freely out of its end and down onto the concrete below him. Twin splashes between them on the concrete.

“That was good, Ewan, I needed that!”

“Yes, me too. Loved the thought of the two couples running on the beach.”

“Yeah, so did I.” He looked down at his dripping cock and the wet puddles on the concrete, “Perhaps liked it too much! More coffee, perhaps breakfast?”

They sat together. Two naked men unconcerned at their flaccid penises looking a little used – not simply visible organs but displaying streaks of their private sexual fluid. It was very companionable.

Ewan was up as usual on his roof the next morning. He was quick to check if perhaps the black girl was up too but her roof was deserted, so he settled down with his tea and newspaper. A while later Ed came up onto his roof and Ewan raised his hand in greeting. Ed raised his hand too and engaged in a bit of sign language which clearly meant ‘Is the black girl on her roof?’

It was rather lovely how Ed’s sign language did not simply involve his hands. Ewan could guess well enough what he meant but seeing him erect there and then, across the roof tops gave an added clarity to the message. He grinned as he watched it happening and then walked over and between the supports to the water tank. The roof was still empty. A shame, both because he would like to have seen the black girl and also because he thought it would be really rather funny to walk back with a black girl induced erection as a signal to Ed the girl was there and naked – penis semaphore!

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