Acceptance Ch. 03

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Kneeling in front of Al in the headlights along a dirt road, Andy contemplated the fact that having just completed his first blow job, he was now being told to strip naked. Nudity was not a major issue for Andy, he had after all, in younger days, been to a nudist colony on numerous occasions. The fact that his best friend, who had driven them to this location and demanded not only a kiss but a cock sucking as well, was now ordering him to strip naked made his cock harder.

The taste of Al’s cum was fresh on Andy’s tongue. He could smell Al’s cock on his breath. The stiff cock in his pants, which by now was oozing pre-cum so much Andy could feel it Running down his leg, ensured that Andy would follow Al’s instructions. This was not lost on Al, who knew by the look on Andy’s face that Andy was thoroughly enjoying his first gay male experience. “I said take your clothes off” said Al. “Do it now” he commanded.

Andy thought about the days he spent at the nudist colony as he slowly began to remove his shirt. It was not lost on him that being canlı bahis şirketleri nude at a nudist colony differs entirely than being naked in front of his best friend on a dirt road at night after having given him a blow job. Most notably, at the nudist colony, Andy did not have an erection. Now, he was conscientious about his dick, because he knew it was not as big as Al’s. As he pulled his shirt off, the crisp spring time air blew gently through his chest hair and his nipples instantly became erect.

Al admired Andy’s chest. He knew from the days Andy did not wear at-shirt under his polos that Andy had a hairy chest. Al envied this since his own chest did not have a single hair on it. Al also admired Andy’s nipples. They were small, and initially flat. Al assumed the cool air had made them stiffen. He enjoyed watching Andy’s involuntary strip tease and the nervous excitement that Andy’s face conveyed.

“Take off your shoes and socks and then stand up” Al said.

Andy slowly removed his shoes, hoping that his erection canlı kaçak iddaa would go away. However, as he removed his socks, he realized that being barefooted was, in his fantasies, a sign of submissiveness. This thought, coupled with the act of removing his shoes made his cock even harder. As he felt the dry dirt on the bottom of his foot, Al touched his shoulder and said “Stand up and take off your pants”. Andy slowly rose. Al could see the bulge in his pants and knew he was ready to explore his limits.

“It’s a little chilly out here” Andy said.

“Shut up and take your fucking pants off” Al replied.

Andy stood still, momentarily shocked by Al’s tone. Al was equally shocked. Normally, Al would be less demanding in a gay relationship. For some reason, Al felt as though it was important to be forceful with Andy to help him overcome his fears of being fully engaged in homosexual acts. The fact that Andy was so responsive to Al’s commands so far strengthened Al’s resolve to dominate his best friend. It also ensured that Al canlı kaçak bahis knew he would engage in every activity he had fantasized about in the past. Al felt his cock begin to stiffen again. “I said take your fucking pants off” Al yelled.

Andy unbuttoned his pants. As he pulled down his zipper, he felt his wet boxer briefs and knew that the pre-cum would be quite noticeable. Al noticed the wet spot immediately and knew that Andy was sexually excited by Al’s domination. Andy slowly pulled his pants down, revealing the silhouette of a his rock hard cock straining against the boxer briefs. Al stared intently at Andy’s crotch while Andy finished removing his pants.

“Turn around and face the woods” Al commanded.

Andy turned around. “Put your hands on your head and do not move” ordered Al. Andy locked his fingers behind his head and stood motionless with his arms up.

Al walked up behind Andy and reached around and slowly caressed his cock and balls. “I can tell by your hard cock and your wet stain that you are enjoying this” Al whispered. Slowly, Al began to kiss Andy’s neck while rubbing his own erect cock on Andy’s ass. “After tonight, your mouth and your ass will no longer be virgin” Al whispered. And with that, he pulled Andy’s boxers off mad ordered him to turn around.

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