A ‘Wild’ Night

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Neil had always been what you could call the ‘outdoors’ type. From early on in his life he had developed a passion for the open spaces, rolling moor lands and soaring peaks of the Scottish highlands where he lived. This had extended into a love of many outdoor sports such as kayaking and rock climbing but the thing he still enjoyed even more that the adrenaline rush of these more exciting sports was the feeling of peace and solitude one can only find away from the hustle and bustle of the city, out in the wilderness. A feeling of relaxation and a closeness to nature. By far Neil’s favourite way to experience this was to hike far from the beaten track, into some of the most remote parts of the Highlands and camp for a night or two before walking back out again. He enjoyed the feeling of being totally self sufficient and isolated from the society.

Having just left college Neil had spent several weeks trying in vain to find a job. This had left him more than a little frustrated but on the plus side he did find himself with a lot of spare time. Deciding he needed something to keep himself occupied be decided to plan one of his camping trips away. An old friend from school, Harry, had been hassling him to let him come along for a while now so Neil gave him a ring and they arrange a date that would work for the pair of them.

After a few days planning Neil had picked a suitable route which would get them to a peaceful glen via a few small hills. They would camp here by the shores of a small loch before walking back out along the floor of the glen the next morning. It Shouldn’t be too physically taxing and would give the two of them a much needed chance to relax from the worries of daily life.

Neil picked Harry up about 8am the morning of the trip and they began the hour long drive to the start of their adventure. At first conversation was slow, both parties feeling in need of a few more hours in bed but as they slowly rejoined to world of the living. Before long though things began to liven up a little and soon they were laughing and joking like normal. Neil had been in the same year as Harry all the way through High School and they had become close friends, often spending time at each other’s houses, wondering around town together or occasionally spending the night at the other’s house.

Harry was a tall lad, probably about 6ft 5, with short blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, a devious grin and a body that told of the long hours be spent at football training. While not exactly buff his slim frame showed its definition beautifully. A fact that Neil had often noticed while they changed or showed after Gym class. Neil by comparison was relatively short, maybe 5ft 6 or so. His mid length, messy brown hair would often fall across his face, obscuring his piercing emerald green eyes. His smile radiated warmth and kindness. While being shorter than Harry he was a little stockier, with a powerful chest covered in course dark hairs which trailed down to a neat treasure trail. Again be was certainly no body builder but he liked to look after himself and keep in shape.

In no time they reached to car park that marked the beginning of their planned route. Leaving the car they shouldered their packs and headed off into the wild. The days walk was hard work. The continued ups and downs accentuated by the heavy packs containing their overnight equipment. The weather was abnormally warm, with just a light breeze cooling the sweat that was forming on their brows and chests. Before long they decided to stop for a brief rest and a drink. While rummaging for his water bottle Neil looked up to see Harry removing his sweat soaked t-shirt and stuffing it in his pack. The sun glistened on the thin film of sweat that covered his smooth, hard body. Neil found himself staring, completely transfixed.

While Neil had by no means ever considered himself gay he had often had thoughts about other men. He often found his eyes drawn irresistibly south when in the shower rooms at the gym. He would watch porno’s of guys getting off together, sucking each other, sometimes even fucking. These would get him very worked up and he would often blow his load to these videos. He’d even had more than the odd wet dream about Harry, waking up to find his dick rock hard and the insides of his shorts smeared with creamy white cum. Despite this he had never acted on any of his desires…

“You aright man?” Harry’s voice snapped Neil back into the real world.

“Hu?” replied Neil.

“You looked a little spaced out there dude” said Harry jokingly. That devious grin spread across his lips again and Neil wondered if he had just been caught staring?

Having recovered their strength a little they continued on their way, making good progress over the ragged ground. Stopping to enjoy the majestic views and chatting their usual nonsense to one another to pass the time. Neil would often find himself walking behind Harry on some of the up-hill sections, his head swaying canlı bahis gently from side to side in time with the sway of Harry’s pert, tight little ass. Later in the day they stopped for another quick break. It was now early afternoon and the sun beat down on them fiercely. They had stopped by a small clear mountain stream and Neil quickly stripped off his own shirt to join Harry in his semi-dude state. The two splashed the cold, refreshing water over their heads, feeling it running over their backs and chests. The intense cold of the water took their breath away for a moment and made their nipples stand to attention. Harry looked at Neil saying:

“Hey man, have you been working out?”

“Yea I guess I have been hitting the gym a little more these last few weeks” replied Neil “It’s not like I’ve had anything better to do!” he added with a grin.

“It looks good on you” answered Harry. As he spoke raising his hand, placing it on Neil’s chest, just below his shoulder and trailed it down over his hard pecs, grazing his already erect nipple as he went. His fingers gently traced down his abs before trailing off just above his hip bone.

Neil stood in a state of semi aroused shock, not quite sure what to do or say. Harry gave himself another quick splash from the stream before moving back over to their packs. Shaking his head slightly, unsure of what had just happened Harry joined him and they were soon on their way again.

Neil had never had any reason to suspect that Harry had a thing for other guys but now he wasn’t so sure. What had just happened? Was Harry just mucking about? Was Neil reading far too much into a meaningless action? It certainly wouldn’t be the 1st time. Or was there something more to it?

The two friends quickly covered the remaining distance and reached their campsite, a small grassy patch just above a sandy golden beach at the head of a remote Loch. The view was stunning. The clear water of the Loch reflected the mountains on either side, giving a shimmering, wavy view of them in the still water. They quickly set up camp and got the stove lit to get some food on the go. Both were ravenous after the days walk. A simple but satisfying meal of pasta, made all the better by the feeling that they’d really earned it, and the two friends lay on the soft, warm sand of the beach idly chatting to pass the time. They had brought their camping mats to lie on. Just as the sun was beginning to go down, casting a warm orange glow over the glen, Harry asked if Neil was up for a swim. Well it seemed a shame to waste such an unusually nice day by not doing it so Neil agreed and the two began to strip. Neil had been planning to keep his underwear on for the occasion assuming Harry would do the same, so he was surprised when after stripping off his trousers and socks Harry also slowly slipped down his boxer shorts. It had been a few years since Neil had seen Harry naked and he was surprised to see what looked like a rather large dick hanging down from a patch of soft, downy looking blonde hair. Again his eyes were transfixed, taking in the sight of this gorgeous young man in front of him. His throat was dry and he could feel a tingling sensation beginning to spread into his most intimate areas. The moment was once again broken by Harry’s voice.

“Well come on big man, get em off. I’m not gonna stand here all day waiting for you”

This time Neil was sure he’d been caught peeking. There was an unusually playful, almost teasing tone to Harry’s voice.

His cheeky flushing red he turned away and quickly removed his underwear, aware of Harry’s eyes burning into the back of him. Turning to face Harry he revealed his semi hard member, quickly dwindling thanks to forced thoughts of Maggie Thatcher on a chilly winter day! He had never felt so embarrassed in his life but Harry, seemed to take no notice and jovially shouted “Race ya!!” That was all Neil needed. The moment was broken and the two ran full pelt towards the glistening water. The initial shock of the cold water made both gasp but once they had become accustomed to it they swap around quite happily. Swimming out a bit then diving down to see if they could still touch the bottom, all thoughts of the tension between them forgotten.

Before too long the cold water began to become a little too much and they decided that they’d best get out before they got too cold. The sun was still up but would soon vanish behind the jagged peaks of the hill so rather than dress again the pair decided to make the most of the last of the warmth and lay out again, side by side letting the suns warming rays dry their naked bodies. Neil would sneak regular looks at Harry’s cock. Thoughts running through his mind. What did it feel like? How did it taste? Had Harry been flirting with him earlier or had he been making too much of it. All the while he was battling with the massive hard on he could feel slowly building inside him. He wanted desperately to put his clothes back on before bahis siteleri he could no longer control it and his desire became obvious for all to see but at the same time being totally naked and exposed so close to his best friend was turning him on greatly. His eyes flicked back to Harry’s manhood again. Was it just his imagination or had it grown a little? He looked up to find Harry staring straight at him. Horrified he looked away as fast as he could. He heard Harry move beside him, getting up. He Nudged Neil with his foot saying, “be right back, just gotta grab something from the tent.” Neil watched his walk away, drooling slightly at his luscious ass as it gently bobbed its way back to the tent. Seconds later Harry returned holding a hipflask full of whisky. He sat down cross legged next to Neil, closed than before it seemed, his shoulders no more than 6 inches from Neil’s. He took a drink from the flask and passed it to Neil. Thanking him Neil threw his head back and closed his eyes as he took a gulp. As he did this he felt Harry’s hand on his thigh. His eyes shot open as he struggled not to choke on the whisky in his surprise. The two sat like that for a moment, neither moving before Neil summoned the courage to look down again.

Harry was staring him right in the eye, His hand only inches from the tip of Neil’s rapidly hardening cock.

“It’s ok” said Harry. “I know you want this. I’ve seen the way you look at me. Don’t be ashamed” He started to rub his hand up and down Neil’s thigh, each time coming ever so slightly closer to his now rock hard dick. His other hand reached up to brush the hair gently away from Neil’s eyes.

“You’ve never been with a guy before have you?” he asked.

“N…No” was the only stammered response that Neil could force out of his parched throat.

With that Harry leant forward and planted a firm kiss on Neil’s soft lips while simultaneously grasping his shaft in a firm grip. Neil gasped from the sensation. He was so aroused that he nearly came right there. The kiss deepened, becoming more passionate by the second. Feeling emboldened now his friend had made the first move Neil wrapped his hand around the back of Harry’s head, pulling him closer. Their kiss deepened further, their tongues passionately exploring each other’s mouths.

Harry was stroking Neil’s throbbing dick with slow, long strokes, his fingers becoming slippery from the precum that was now oozing freely from the tip of Neil’s cock. Neil’s free hand had now wondered into Harry’s lap and wrapped its self around his thick cock. He was amazed by how hot it was to the touch, and by how heavy it felt. It must have been around 8 inches in length but not too thick. Neil on the other hand was about 6 inches and much thicker. Being suddenly overtaken by an urge of pure lust Neil let go of Harry’s manhood and pushed him roughly backwards onto the sand. He quickly took up position over him before lowering himself to lie on top of him They continued their assaults of one another’s mouths while their hard dicks were crushed between them. Neil ground his hips down on the hardness below, hearing regular gasps and moans from Harry to assure him that his friends was enjoying it as much as he was. Harry’s hands ran up and down his back, pulling him closer, then grabbing his tight ass before raking his finger nails down Neil’s back, leaving faint red trails behind.

Neil once more broke the kiss but this time he began to slowly kiss and nibble his way down… Staring by gently biting his friends neck he worked his way lower, kissing down his chest, teasing his nipples with his wet tongue, nibbling and tugging on them with his teeth, before trailing hi tongue over his rock hard abs. Finally he reached his destination. One hand grasped the shaft while the other cupped and gently massaged his friends balls. Neil looked up, his shining green eyes filled with lust. He stared right into Harry’s as he slowly lowered his head to take the tip of his cock in his mouth. Harry let out a loud moan as his head fell back, eyes tight shut. Neil began to bob his head up and down, sucking hard. Every now and again the seal would break as his lips slipped over the rim of the head, making a loud slurping noise. His hand working the lower part of the shaft in time with his mouth. His other hand had now extended upwards to pinch and play with his friends nipple, teasing it.

One of the things that fascinated Neil most about sucking a guys cock was deepthroarting. As has been said Neil had never had the chance to try it for real before but this hadn’t stopped him from experimenting. He would sometimes sit, cock in hand with a porno of some guy swallowing another guys cock, while the sucked off a banana, seeing how far down he could get it before gagging. It had taken a few attempts but he could now swallow the entire thing with relative ease. Now was his chance at the real thing!

Taking his hand away now he slowly started to bob his head a little slower, bahis şirketleri with each movement allowing a little more of Harry’s cock into his mouth. Soon his cock was gently hitting the back of Neil’s throat. Taking a deep breath, trying to relax Neil slowly started to push his head down. He could feel Harry’s cock pressing harder and harded against the back of his throat before be managed to relax and felt the tip of it slip down his throat. Harry gasped and his hips bucked! Neil immediately gagged and pulled away, his eyes watering slightly. Undeterred he quickly resumed his efforts. This time it was much easier and he was able to get almost to the hilt before gagging and having to pull away. His salvia was now running down Harry’s cock, gleaming in the final rays of the setting sun. Grabbing Harry’s dick again Neil began to pump it while he got his breath back, his hand making a deliciously naughty sounds as it slipped over the well lubed up shaft. Third times the charm! This time he managed to swallow all 8 inches of Harry’s hard dick. His nose buried in his soft pubes. Harry reached down, placing his hands on the back of Neil’s head, forcing him down while he groans in pleasure! He begins to thrust his hips, fucking Neil’s pretty little face. He can feel his orgasm drawing closer, building like an inevitable tide but before he releases Neil pulls away gasping for air. Instantly his hand returns to continue the assault on his friends cock. Taking the head of his dick back in his mouth he can feel that Harry is close to cumming. His cock twitching and throbbing in his mouth. He begins to swirl his tongue around the sensitive tip while his hand pumps the shaft furiously. Harry’s body begins to convulse, an animalistic groan escapes his lips as he shoots jets of hot cum into Neil’s waiting mouth. Neil’s tongue continues swirling and his hand squeezes every last drop of cum out before his lips finally release hi friend’s slowly dwindling cock. Looking at him he deliberately makes a show of swallowing his friends cum.

Harry lay there for several seconds, panting, before he was able to open his eyes again. He looked at Neil and said with a grin;

” No way was that your first time! That was unbelievable!”

“Must just be natural talent” relied Neil with a smile and a wink.

“Well im gonna have to do something pretty special to match that then” said Harry, getting up onto his knees and instructing Neil to lie down on his back.

Neil watched as Harry crawled up between his legs, eyes transfixed on the fat cock in front of him. Reaching it he wraps a hand around it, squeezing while he lowers his mouth to softly kiss and nibble Neil’s inner thighs, running his tongue over them. Kissing up one then down the other before finally kissing all the way up to his heavy balls. He took each one into his mouth in turn, gently sucking while his tongue flickered wildly over it. Running his tongue up he slowly licked the entire length of the shaft of his friends cock, before trailing it around the bulbous head. Neil groaned in pleasure, his hand entangling its self in Harry’s hair.

For several seconds Harry darted the tip of his tongue over and around the tip of his friends cock, teasing him before plunging it into his hot wet mouth. Neil’s body tenses from the pleasure for a moment before relaxing again.

Harry now bobbed his head up and down at a quickening pack, circling the tip with his tongue on every up stroke. Saliva dripping out of the corners of Harrry’s mouth and down the shaft. Neil is in heaven, head thrown back, wriggling gently beneath his friend. Harry slows his pace, not wanting him to cum too soon. He kisses gently down the side of his shaft before licking up the underside. Resuming his previous pace Harry wraps his hand around the base, squeezing hard. He slowly jerked him while sucking the tip. Neil can feel the familiar warm feeling beginning to spread through his entire body. His toes tingle and his breathing becomes shallower. He tries to warn Harry but all that escapes him is;

“im…..i……aaaaaaaaaaahhh…..fuck….. oh fuck me! Yes!……. Uuuuuh”

Harry sucks hard, clamping his lips around the thick shaft while he pumps it as fast as he can. He feels the shots of cum hitting the back of his throat. Making sure he’s sucked every last drop of cum out of Neil’s dick he slips his mouth off the tip, keeping his lips tightly closed, crawly up his friends body and before Neil can do anything he kisses him, cum flowing from one mouth to the other and back again. Finally breaking off the kiss they both swallow the cum left in their mouths and collapse on top of each other. They had barely noticed the passing of time but since their first touch it had grown dark and the stars had come out to light up the night sky, like diamonds on a black silk cloth. Harry fetches a blanket from the tent and wrapped in one another’s arms they drifted off into a contented sleep beneath the sky as the occasional wispy cloud raced over head.

P.S. Thanks for taking the time to read this! This is my 1st foray into the world of erotic fiction so any and all feedback is positively encouraged! Come on guys, give it to me straight… 😉

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