A Week I Spent Alone With My Step Daddy

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I am left Home alone for the week as I am 18 years old. Daddy comes Home and finds out His Step Daugther is home alone for the rest of the week all by her self. Daddy tells his Pussycat, “Go fix us something to eat for Dinner and if You do a good job at it my Pussycat I have something very special for you later ok pussycat?”

I get up out of the chair to go fix our dinner when I walk past Daddy he reaches out and grabs my nighty and stops me. Daddy pulls it up to find out that I do not have on any panties. He smiles at me and tell me “My pussycat bitch you want to go around with out any panties on ok I will give you a reason not to wear any panties for the rest of this week”.

Daddy pulled me over his sexy lap. He gets me settled in on his lap real good. He then pulls up my black nighty and starts to warm up my ass by rubbing it with his hand. He then pulls back his hand and SMACKKKKKKK go’s the first lick. I jump when I feel it.

Daddy Tells me “Pussycat if you move like that one more time I will give you two times as many”.

I grab a hold of the chair and hold on .

“Count everyone and thank me for them you hot little cunt.”

“Thank You Daddy!”

He stops me and said ” Oh No my hot pussy, We have not even started yet. Oh and you asked for everyone of the blows you get, do you hear me my hot little bitch?”

I moan out a ” Yes Sir Daddy”. Then Daddy starts with the first smack of many. But before he hits the first lick he ask his pussycat something. ” Ok my hot pussycat how many should I give you?”

I know better then to give him a number because I know he will double it. So I tell him ” as many as You like my sweet Daddy”.

He rubs my ass very sexy and says, ” Now that is my baby girl. I think it should be about 15, don’t You my hot Pussy?”

“Yes Sir Daddy” is what I say.

Then he tells me “Here we go and remember what you are to do on everyone and if you miss count we start over.”

I feel his hand leave my ass and I know it is about to start. SMACKKKKKKKK go’s the first one

” 1 Thank You Daddy. Can I have another one Please.”

“Oh yes my hot little pussy, you sure can have another one.”

I feel him lift his hand again and I grip the chair for I know what is about to come. SMACKKKKKK again goes my Daddy’s hard hand.

“Ouchhhh, 2 Thank You Daddy. Can I please have another Daddy?”

SMACKKKKKKKK ” OUCHHHH 3 Thank You Daddy. May I have another one please”? SMACKKKK again goes his hand onto my tender ass.

“4 Thank You Daddy Ouchhh. may I please have another Daddy?”

Smackkk even harder than ever. “OUCHHHHHHHHHHHH 5 Thank You Daddy. May I have another Please?”

I start to feel it burn and hurt so much as I felt number 5 hit my sore pink ass. Daddy Then tells me

” Pussycat You are doing such as great job of asking for these why don’t we just count them and ask for them ok my hot little slut?”

I can not do anything but get ready for the rest of what is to come. I can also feel the wetness between my legs. Daddy also can tell how turned on I am getting from his spanking and he slides a finger in between the slit of my pussy. I moan out in hot sweet pleasure.

“Oh my slut pussy is loving this spanking she is getting ant she pussycat?”

” Oh God Daddy I Love the feeling of your hands on my body, please do not ever take them off. I need them so bad.”

Smack again go’s Daddy’s hand. “6 may I Have another one Daddy.”

Smack ,” 7 May I have another one Daddy?”

I am crying with the pain and pleasure of feeling my butt burning from Daddy’s hand. I know his hand has to be burning as much as my ass is, but I do not want him to stop I know I can take more than just 7 smacks. That is when I feel the next one harder than any before. SMACK,

“Ouchhhhhhhhhhh 8 Daddy That hurts so bad please no more I am begging you please stop.”

“My Sexy pussycat, if you do not ask for the next one and keep your mouth closed I will give you what you are really asking for do you hear me?”

“Yes Sir, Daddy I am very sorry please can I have another one Sir?”

“Now that is more like what I want to hear from my sexy hot pussycat.”

SMACK! “9 Thank You Daddy I needed That one so bad, may I please have another one Sir?”

“Oh You Sexy little slut I think you are enjoy this more than you want Daddy to know aren’t You my baby slut?”

” I Love everything You give me and do for me Daddy.

SMACK, “OUCHHHHHHHHH, 10, Thank You Daddyyyyyyyy pleaseeeeeeeeee may I have another one Sir!”

Daddy slides His finger down between my thick wet pussy lips to feel just how turned on I really am.

“Oh My sweet baby, Slut that you are. You are really loving this aren’t you? I can feel how much you want that next one, But I think that is enough for now!”

Daddy stops and takes his fingers out of my pussy because he know just how close I am to cumming. He rubs away the pain that is burning in my ass and all through my body. He takes me into his loving arms and rocks me, telling me, “I had to do that to teach you not to be a bad little girl.”

He casino oyna lets me up off of his lap and tells me, “Now, go fix Dinner and then we might play when we are done.”

I rush in to the kitchen to fix our Dinner. I know full well what to fix because if I want to keep my hot sexy Daddy happy I know to cook his Bar-b-Q Ribs with a baked potato and green beans. It takes me an hour to get it all fixed and I set the table with candles and music playing in the back ground. Daddy is sitting in his chair reading the news paper when I walk in and tell him ” Daddy dinner is ready are you ready to eat Sir?”

He looks over to me with a big smile and tells me “Well then my baby girl lets go eat dinner.”

As he walks into the dinning room he hears the soft music playing. He turn around and gives me a kiss on my lips real lightly and thanks me for being so sweet to him. He sits at the table while I am fixing his plate. I serve him his dinner. I stand and wait for him to tell me to sit and eat. He looks over at me and saids ” Sit my sweet baby girl.”

I go to sit in the chair at the other in of the table. He looks at and with a hard smile and shakes his head No. I know then I have done wrong. He points to the chair next to him and I move to it and sit down. When I go to eat Daddy stops me and tells me ” Baby girl don’t You know you are to feed Daddy first?”

That makes me smile as big as I ever have. I look up at him and say ” With all of the pleasure in the world Daddy”. He tells me to come and sit in his lap that it will work better that way. I get up and move over to my Sexy Daddy’s hot lap. I can feel his hard hot rod as I sit down very easy. Daddy stops me and tell me to stand up just a min. He pulls up my nighty and pulls out His cock from his sexy black G-string. When I sit down on his cock I let out a long slow moan. “Ooooooohhhhhhhh Daddy yes that feel so good my pussy loves that.”

Daddy opens up my legs and slaps my pussy then tells me ” Who’s pussy is that my slut?”

All I can do is moan out a slow long moan. That is when Daddy knows I need him fucking me so bad. He picks me up in his arms and takes me to his and my moms bedroom. He lays me down on the bed and slides off my nighty. He looks up at me and tells me ” My hot baby girl you well not need that for the rest of the night.”

I close my eyes as I feel him sliding it up my body with his hands turned to feel my body. I moan out so pleadingly “Oh Dear God Daddy I Need You inside of me now, please don’t make me wait any longer.”

Daddy knows I have been waiting for this time ever since He married my Mom over a year ago. He Tells me ” I know how long you have wanted me to fuck my hot sexy baby girl. With all of those sexy clothes you have been wearing in front of me I knew you wanted Me before Me and your Mom got together. I love seeing you in your nighties they look so dam hot on you baby I wanted to run into your bedroom and fuck the hell out of you right then and there.”

I look down at Daddy with pleading eyes and ask ” Oh God Daddy why didn’t you come on in and do it you knew I wanted it as bad as you?”

Daddy then gives my pussy a light kiss and I buck up and scream out with joy. ” Oh No my hot little slut not right yet I have waited to fucking long for this and we are going to really enjoy it tonight.”

I start to beg him with all of my heart ” Oh God Daddy I have had to wait too, I need you to take care of me now Daddy.”

That is when I feel him start to slap my pussy as hard as he can. “What in the Hell do you mean take care of you? I have always taken care of you Bitch!”

I start to cry from knowing I have hurt my Daddy so much. He leans in and Kisses my pussy as hard and deep as he can. “Oh Baby I didn’t mean to hurt you that bad, please forgive Daddy baby. You know Daddy has try to take care of you as much as I can don’t you baby?”

I cry even harder knowing and feeling the love he has for me. “Daddy my Love I was talking about you taken care of me sexually not the other ways. I know you have taken good care of me that way my loving Sexy Daddy.”

Then I feel him slide up next to me and tell me very softly in my ear.”Oh My hot sexy little baby girl, I will and can take care of you that way too. OK? But we have to be careful and not let Mommy find out.”

All I can do is lean in and kiss him as hard as I can. he pulls me into his loving arms and kisses me just as hard and long as I do him. When we break from the kiss, ” Pussycat where do you want Daddy to kiss you next my hot little sexy slut?”

I Moan out ” Oh My God Daddy Please kiss and eat out your slut’s pussy, it is begging for you to love it pleaseeee Daddy oh God Please for me.”

That is when Daddy stop and finds out that his dirty talk turn me on so much more. “Oh my baby slut do you like it when Daddy talks dirty to you baby?”

“Oh God Daddy I love hearing You talk that way to me please do it for the rest of the week for me please I need it so bad.”

“Oh my Slut baby I will do just that for my little sexy slut bitch and I will take off the rest of the week so we slot oyna can spend time together ok my nasty little slut?”

I lean into his arms and say a very soft ” I Love You Daddy for doing this for me and with me.” He pulls me in as close as we can get and that is when I feel His G`string on him. I go to move down to take them off of him when he stops me and ask “Where Are You going my slut?”

I tell Daddy to “Just lay back and let me take care of You right now ok Daddy?”

I slid my hands down his legs and he let out a deep long moan. I look up at him and say “Oh yes my hot sexy horny Daddy I will not hold back anything now. You are mine and I am going to take all of you for the rest of the week.”

I lean down and take off his G`string when his cock pops out and it is stiff as a board. I lick the under side of it and He screams out ” Take it in that slut mouth of yours bitch now, or I will spank your ass for the rest of this week. You will never be able to sit again.”

I slid my tongue up the under side of it and suck just the head of it into my mouth. ” Are You trying to drive your Daddy nuts slut? Because if you are, that is just what you are doing my bitch. Now suck that damn cock of mine right now you bitch.”

I ram it down my mouth as deep as it can go in and out it go out and in, in and out, out and in as fast as my face will go. That is when Daddy takes it from me for he knows he is about to shoot his load real fast.

“Oh No you fucking slut bitch, you do not get my juices that fast damn you little slut.”

He moves down to our pussy and licks it hard and long as he can go with out touching my cilt. He looks up at me and said,

“So my bitch You want to drive your Daddy crazy do you? I will teach You a thing are two about driving someone cum crazy you little slutting bitch. You just hold on and wait. Oh my God yes now I know just what I will do to you.”

I see him get up off of the bed and walk over to his dresser and take out a set of hand cuffs. I look shocked and start to cry out for him not to lock my hands up.” Oh Now Now my baby slut You will love this and after we are though by the morning you will be begging me not to take them off of you.”

He walked over to the head of the bed and leans down and kisses me very deeply then tells me “Trust Daddy baby, I would never do anything to hurt my baby girl. OK sweetie?”

“Ok Daddy I think I will like this a lot as long as it is with You Daddy.”

Smack on my pussy, his hand strikes. “Now who in the hell do you think well ever touch this hot little pussy of mine? That is right my bitch, NO ONE had better ever touch it but me! Do you hear me baby girl”?

“Oh Daddy, You are the one and only Daddy I will ever want to share my pussy with.”

“Oh my bitch, you will not share it with me because I own that hot sweet pussy don’t I bitch!”

(Smack, Smack,Smack,Smack,Smack,Smack,Smack,Smack,Smack,Smack) goes his hand as hard as he can drive on to my pussy. ” DO NOT EVER TELL ME THAT SHIT AGAIN DO You HEAR ME BITCH?”

I am crying as hard as I can because it is burning and stinging so badly from the fast quick spanking I just got. “Yessss Siiirrrrr Daddyyyyyyyy I ammm so sorryyyyyy pleaseeeee forgive meeeee Daddyyyyy pleaseeeeee?”

“Now, Now, baby Daddy just had to teach His sweet little baby slut not to ever think she can share his sweet little hot horny pussy ok my baby slut?”

” Thank you Daddy I Love You so very much..” I feel His hands slid down my tummy while we are kissing one another as deep and long as we can. I open my legs up as wide as they can go. He broke away to tell me ” Oh yes My Slut open up Daddy’s pussy for him , He is going to make it sing for him tonight ant he Baby slut?”

“Oh God Daddy, Yes please make it sing you a song it never has sung and make it sing happy ones Daddy.”

Daddy slides his fingers into my pussy lips that is when he finds out that I have not ever been touched at all. He looks up at me and ask ” Baby has anyone ever touched you down here before sweety?”

I look into his sweet loving eyes and say ” No Sir Daddy I was saving it all for You.” I see A tear roll down his cheek not understanding why he is crying I ask ” Daddy did I say something wrong or what?” He reaches up to my face and kisses me as deeply as he can. ” No baby You did not hurt Daddy in fack you just made Daddy the happiest man in the world.”

He slides back down to my pussy and does not touch my clit because he knows I would cum on the spot. He is driving me wild with the wanting and needing of his hot sexy body in mine. He kisses all around my clit and never touches it at all. I start begging him to suck on my clit just touch it, “Please God please, Daddy just touch your clit it is hurting and begging for it’s sweet relief Daddy so bad.”

That is when he reaches down and slides a finger into my pussy, just the tip of it. He looks up at me and tells me, “Baby this is going to hurt you just a little bit ok? But do not worry Daddy will be right here with you OK? Now relax as much as you can and enjoy it OK.”

I feel Daddy’s canlı casino siteleri finger go deeper than mine ever have. I feel the burning and pain that he just told me about. I let out a scream of pain that I do not think I can take. ” There You go baby now You are a woman now my baby girl. Daddy just made you a woman. How does it feel my sweet little slut to be a real lady now?”

I smile down to Daddy and say, “Oh God Daddy that hurt so bad at first but please I love the feeling of having part of you inside of me.”

Daddy looks up at me and tell me to turn over and really get relaxed, he wants to show me how good I can really feel. He puts three pillows under me so my hips can be hiked up to meet him. I see him grab a tube of something, not really know what, but I am too hot and wanting him inside of me to even worry about what. I feel Him start to rub some lotion into the crack of my asshole. I can do nothing but moan out in deep passion.

Daddy tells me” Oh my hot sexy slut you are going to dearly love this I can tell now. Ok my sexy little slut are you ready for the gift that Daddy has been wanting to give his baby girl?”

“Daddy my Love I am ready for anything you have to give me and I will take it with all of the love in the world for you.” That is when I feel his thick finger slide into my virgin asshole and it sends me thought the roof with pleasure and pain at the same time. For this is also a first for me too. Daddy knows this and go’s very easy at first not wanting to hurt me.

“Oh baby I will never forget this night as long as I live, just to know I am the very first man you have ever had.”

I start to relax more and feel the pain leave my body when the pleasure hits me. I Scream out ” Oh Dear God Daddy put it all of the way in me. I do not know why but I need it all and want all of you so bad that it hurts to be so empty to be without You.”

Daddy puts another finger into me and start pumping like hell when he feels me pumping up to take more of him. He tells me to get up on all fours and get ready for a treat of a life time. I do as I’m told and feel Him slide his 8 inch cock home into his now favorite pussy for as long as he can drive it in and ram it deep. I am Screaming for Him to go deeper and harder. He takes it all of the way to the end right before it comes out and rams it home holding it there.

“Is this what You have been wanting and asking for my slut? Because if it is, you are going to get it like you have never dreamed of.”

I feel him ram it in even deeper and hard all the while He is talking to me. “How does that feel slut? You nasty fucking Whore? I know you love it and want it 24/7 don’t you my little bitch, yeah come on tell daddy how much you want him.”

Smack on my pussy lips goes Daddy’s hand. I jump from the shock and pleasure of it. All I can do is moan out a deep “Yesssssssssssssssssss.”

Daddy said “God yes baby, Do You love having your pussy spanked while You are being fucked? Because if you do, baby that is just what your Daddy will do for his little slut.”

I look behind me as much as I can and say ” Oh Daddy I do not know why, but I love the feeling of your hand slapping my pussy as hard as it can slap. Oh Daddy it makes me feel so hot.”

Daddy looks into my loving eyes and said, “Baby does it make you want to cum when I spank your pussy?”

I did not understand what he was talking about and Daddy could see that I did not understand. “Oh baby how could I have forgotten that this is your first time. I need to show you just what is the best part of loving Daddy is . Now I am going to make you cum for me for your very first time my baby girl.”

I felt him touch my clit and started rubing it as slowly at first. He feels me moving my pussy into his hand and looks up at me and says” Oh yes baby that is it go with the feeling,. it feels so good does’t it my sweet little slut?”

I start to feel something in my stomach and feel it moving down and Daddy can feel it too. He starts to rub my hard little clit even harder and faster telling me, “Oh yes baby I can tell you are almost there, let it go baby, do not hold it back, give it all to Daddy now baby.”

That is when I feel something hit that takes me to places I have never been. I cum so hard that I blacked out until I felt Daddy slapping my clit as hard as he could. “Oh Fuck yes my hot sweet little slut that is it cum for your Daddy, Make him feel good baby.”

That is when I feel him slid his 8 inch cock into my pussy again and he hits bottom. I feel his balls tightening up and I am not quiet ready for the most wonderful feeling that I have ever had hits me. I can see Daddy tightening His whole body up and it scares me a little not knowing what is about to happen. I ask him, “Daddy Are You ok, what is wrong? Daddy You are scaring me, please tell me if You are ok.”

That is when I feel it hit me and I lay there with the biggest smile on my face. I know I have heard girls talk about it, but to feel it is a whole other thing. Daddy empties his thick load into my body and I welcome ever last drop of it with pleasure and love. Daddy looks down at me while taking takes off the cuffs. He has a smile that no one could put into words. Then he then pulls me up into his loving arms and Tells me” Oh My God baby are we going to enjoy our selves this week?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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