A Walk in the Park

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‘He looks excited,’ I think to myself as he stands at the end of the picnic table. I watch his chest pounding right through his T-Shirt, thinking, ‘He’s a bit tense too. But that’s not surprising. It’ll be a totally new and exhilarating experience for him, after all. And a little scary too, I’m sure.’

I am so proud of myself for finally convincing him to let me walk him naked on one of his favorite trails, led by a leash.

“Okay. Take off your shirt!” I order and he removes his shirt and hands it to me.

I fold it and place it into my bag saying, “Shorts!”

“Right here!” he protests, loudly, “In the middle of the picnic area!”

‘Oh, what a feeling of power! To be leading him, naked along a public hiking trail, my leash attached to his balls! I sure hope he doesn’t wimp out on me!’ I think to myself before responding, “It’s early afternoon on a weekday. Everyone’s at work. No one will see you. The sooner you get naked, the sooner we’ll be on the trail, hidden amongst the trees.”

Gazing over toward the trailhead, twenty or so yards off, he is probably thinking that I am right, as the trail quickly disappears into dense pine forest where we should be hidden from roving eyes.

With the excess adrenalin pumping through his veins his hands are extremely shaky as he struggles to undo his belt. My imagination runs wild as I think, ‘Oooooo! I can’t wait until he’s naked!’

Unzipping his shorts, he drops them to the ground, steps out of them he hands them to me.

“Now that wasn’t so difficult was it?” I tease, placing his shorts into my bag.

“N-N-No,” he replies. “W-W-Well, actually, it w-w-was v-v-very diffic-c-cult,” he stutters- the excess adrenalin affecting even his mouth and vocal cords.

“Don’t you feel better now that you’ve taken the first step?” I ask him, “You sure do look sexy standing there in your boxers.”

“I f-f-feel incredibly ex-x-cit-t-ted,” he replies, his whole body shaking.

“Just wait!” I tell him, “We’re about to take it up a notch. Turn around. Put your hands behind your back.”

Doing as I ask, I wrap the leather cuffs around his wrists and snug them up before binding them together.

“Turn around and face me,” I demand.

“Your boxers appear kinda tight in front. I wonder why?” I chuckle, kneeling in front of him. With both hands I grab hold of his boxers and in an instant they are down around his ankles, my face inches away from his hard cock.

‘Wow! He’s finally naked! I am so excited,’ I think to myself. My heart is pounding as I check him out… and I’m so wet too! ‘This is going to be so much fun,’ I think to myself. ‘Maybe I’ll have him climb up on top of the picnic table and just lie there for a while. Naaaa. That would be way outside his comfort zone.’

Standing up I motion for him to step out of his boxers. I grab them off the ground, wad them up and stuff them into my bag with the rest of his clothes.

“Your face is sooooo red,” I tease while he stands there naked, hands behind him, sporting a full erection.

Fishing around in my bag I pull out a silver, linked-chain, dog leash with a leather strap for a handle. Digging around pendik escort some more I exclaim, “Ah ha! Found it!” pulling out a leather cock and ball presentation ring with metal snaps and studs all the way around.

Holding it up to his face the musty fragrance of freshly oiled leather wafts up into his nose as I imagine – and hope he does too – all manner of possibilities.

“Don’t think this will fit around your neck though,” I mock him. Glancing down at his cock I suddenly break out in a devilish smirk and exclaim, “Oh! I know where it will fit perfectly!”

“Really!” he exclaims, ‘Deer in the headlights,’ expression on his face.

“Absolutely!” I exclaim. “Far more effective than a neck choker. You WILL obey or else!”

Kneeling I tap his inner thigh, gesturing for him to spread his legs. Wrapping the leather strap behind his balls and over the top of his cock I pull the ends snug. The row of snaps do not quite line up so I scrunch it another quarter inch tighter. His legs buckle and he grimaces in pain as I snap it in place.

Leaning back I admire my handiwork, saying out loud, “That cock’s nice and hard. Balls squeezed and jutting forward, all smooth and shiny with lots of pretty blue veins.”

“Uh-Hmmm,” I continue, “I think that’ll work just fine.” Lifting his balls I attach the leash to a ring on the underside of the collar.

“YOU’RE MINE!” I exclaim, standing up. With a quick snap of the leash I jerk his balls painfully upward, slamming the head of his hard cock against his abdomen as his stomach sucks in. “We’re off to blaze new trails,” I say, setting off toward the trail head.

Completely vulnerable – naked and unable to cover himself – I am unbelievably excited and cannot help but wonder what he is feeling, what he is thinking, as I lead him along the narrow, single-track trail.

The tight collar maintains his full erection while his cock flails about wildly as I deliberately move erratically, starting, stopping, darting from side to side while he focuses intently on mimicking my moves attempting unsuccessfully to maintain some slack in the leash.

A few minutes pass and then panic sets in. He sees them first, calling out to me, “Someone is coming!”

Up ahead several young women are hiking noisily, single file, along the narrow trail headed this way!

Stopping short I push him into the brush along the side of the trail. But there is insufficient brush to hide us completely.

Backing him up against a large tree I drop the leash. Wrapping my arms around him and the tree I tell him, “Kiss me. . . and hold the kiss. They’ll think we’re taking a sugar break and they’ll just pass on by!”

“But I’m naked,” he says, “and my hands are bound behind my back.”

“No worries, sexy,” I tell him, “I’ll hug you tight. They’ll just think I’m attacking that sexy bod! Now close your eyes and kiss me!”

Terrified, he has no choice; the hikers are too close! He can only hope that they glance over and continue walking.

I press my lips against his, pinning his arms, back and butt uncomfortably against the rough tree bark, while trying to imagine what is going through his mind. He escort pendik keeps his eyes open so I suspect he is thinking, ‘I can hold the kiss but I absolutely refuse to close my eyes!’

The three women approach. . .

The first one, makes eye contact, smiles and walks on by.

‘One down. Two to go!’ I think to myself.

The second gives her best, ‘Ooooo! Looks like they’re getting some sugar,’ smirk as she approaches. Since most of his body is hidden by mine, her eyes see without her mind consciously registering the fact that he is naked.

‘Two down; one to go.’

Suddenly she jerks to a stop, frozen. After a second she spins around. She looks back, pointing at the two of us and shrieks, “HE’S NAKED!”

The woman in the lead stops dead in her tracks, pivots, takes another look and gasps. The third picks up the pace to catch up with her girlfriends. She doesn’t want to miss out!

Huddling together the three woman gawk at the two of us. Well actually at him. After all, I am not the naked one!

I disengage from the embrace and pivot around offering the three women an unobstructed full frontal view of my man’s naked and fully aroused body.

Looking sternly at the three women I demand, “Haven’t you ever seen a naked man before?”

In a sarcastic, joking tone one of the women replies, “Never on this trail!” and everyone including me has a good laugh. Everyone except my man, that is.

Unable to hide himself from the gaze of these three women as they gawk at his man bits, my man’s whole body blushes with embarrassment!

“It’s amazing what a walk in nature can do,” I say. “Look at his cock! He is so hard! I think he likes hiking au’naturel. Wouldn’t you agree, ladies?”

“Watch this,” I say, grabbing the leash and snapping it multiple times setting his balls bouncing, his cock bobbing wildly, its purple head swelling, growing even deeper purple while the three women look on mesmerized. “Here, you try it,” I say, handing the leash to one of the woman.

As my man looks at me in confused horror the three of them trade glances and giggles prompting me to add, “Would you rather use your hands instead of the leash? Go ahead. You have my permission.”

One of the women moves in closer, taking his cock in her hand, and begins stroking. My man looks at me, half in horror, half with guilt for enjoying her touch.

“It’s okay,” I tell him. “No need to feel guilty. Let’s see if she can get you off!”

With that the other two women join in, one cupping my man’s tight balls in her hands, the other caressing and scratching his midsection seductively with her long nails.

Kneeling in front of my man I say, “Make him cum in my mouth,” and I open wide, an inch from his cock.

The feelings of discomfort from the rough tree bark against his arms and hands no longer seems to be of concern as he soon moans, “I’m almost there!”

With that the scratcher drags her long fingernails across my man’s nipples. Planting a long, wet kiss on his lips she pinches his nipples, pulling his trigger, making him scream out, “Ooooooh!” as he shoots into my mouth!

Keeping my mouth open wide I lean forward pendik escort bayan pushing the tip of his cock against the back of my mouth as he sends a second shot directly down my throat, bypassing my lips, teeth, tongue and tonsils. “Mmmmmm!” I moan as he continues firing off five more, hot, sticky shots in rapid succession, filling my throat with cum as I fight back the gag reflex.

When he finishes I back away. Or more accurately, the woman cupping my man’s balls pushes me away, pulls his balls forward, redirecting his still dripping cock straight up before lowering her mouth over the tip. Immediately my man starts jumping and dancing around, gasping, begging her to stop. But she continues!

Knowing something about post orgasm torture, my mind’s eye envisions her tongue repeatedly stroking his now insanely sensitive glans, driving him crazy with pleasure/pain!

Struggling and finally freeing his lips from the woman kissing him he shouts out to the other woman, the one sucking him, “Plea… Pl… PLLEEEEEEZZZZEEE ST… ST… STOP!”

She releases my man’s softening cock and he lets out a big sigh of relief! But his relief is short-lived as the third woman goes down on him, biting down on his crown ridge, her teeth gripping his cock gently but firmly as she begins stroking him.

“Aaaahhhhhhhh,” my man moans, obviously enjoying this woman’s technique as his cock starts to regain its rigidity.

Stroking faster he gets harder, her teeth distorting the shaft as she chomps down harder.

“Ohhhh Myyyy,” he calls out as she grinds her teeth back and forth.

“Ohhhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he cries out, his urethra bulging out of the underside of his cock like an artery about to burst!

With a sudden look of shock on her face the woman releases her bite, gagging, just as a second shot sprays all over the bridge of her nose and into her eyes! Holding up her hand to block the next several shots they splatter all over her dark blue top leaving white dribbles over her boobs.

“Make him lick the cum off your hand,” I tell her.

She gives me an inquisitive look but then stands up and smears the cum all over my man’s face as he fights to make her stop. “Lick it off,” she orders, covering his mouth and nose with her hand.

“Suck her fingers too,” I add and he reluctantly does so.

His used up cock drooping, it still has one long drip hanging halfway to the ground as my man asks, “I’m exhausted, can we just head back home?”

“And skip your first naked walk? No way,” I tell him, picking up the leash. “You’re welcome to join us if you like, ladies.”

“We’re running late,” one of them says, “I think we better skip it. But can I get your number? I’d like to join you next time and actually walk the trail.”

“How ’bout next time, you get naked too,” my man asks.

“Don’t think I could get naked in public, but possibly indoors,” she says. “No guarantees. Maybe. If I can work up the nerve.”

“If you will all get naked with us, we’ll be sure that you all leave totally satiated,” I tell them.

Picking up my bag I guide my man out of the brush and back onto the trail. “Enjoy the rest of your day,” I tell them, adding, “I sure hope your boyfriend doesn’t ask what those white stains are on your top.”

Two of the women laugh while the third looks down at the cum stains on her top.

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