A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 27

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[This story will make more sense if you take the time to read the earlier instalments. There’s a lot of severe discipline and a good deal of focus on all bodily functions, so if inclusion of those bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]


When Eleanor returned to her charming residence and her work at Goose Cookers, she realized that she had some sorting out to do at home. She was the one who owned the place and she had her husband, Jackson, and her sister, Meredith, living with her, along with two correctional officers, SGTs Denise and Linda. She had also renewed her relationship with LTC Annette, a senior correctional officer now based in the capital of the Women’s Republic, but to whom Eleanor was still engaged, women in the Republic being able to marry one man and one woman each.

Meredith was staying with Eleanor until she could get her feet on the ground, having had a bad run which included whoring. The two sergeants appreciated Eleanor’s hospitality and she liked having them there, providing, she felt, a bit of security as well as friendship. While they were lesbians, Eleanor and her sister were bi and everyone, including Jackson, did get it on together at one time or another. The sergeants, however, did not engage with any man, including Jackson.

Eleanor was the major support of the establishment, based on her success as chief creative officer at Goose Cookers, a clothing firm that produced imaginative products. The sergeants were happy with their careers as junior corrections officers assigned to a Re-Education Center where men were sent, usually by their wives, after they had offended their partners. Linda, however, had gotten into trouble with correcting one man too cruelly and then again because of making insulting remarks to a warrant officer when she had had too much to drink.

Although Jackson had won some kind regard from Linda by giving her emotional support when she had been sent to headquarters for correction after her second offense, Denise still disregarded him and Linda did not dare to offend her partner by being friendly with him in front of her. Denise had been a noncom in charge of the group of men that included Jackson who had been sent by Eleanor to a re-education camp when he had exceeded her patience. She appreciated that Eleanor had some strong feelings, perhaps love, for him based on his loyalty to her, but she was not disposed to want to consort with any man.

Eleanor’s wisdom in inviting the two lesbian sergeants to live with her was proven when a man who lived in the building made a nasty remark to Eleanor. He was a tall and stout fellow who tended to drink too much and was married to a small woman who seemed in fear of him. One day in the hallway he told Eleanor that she was too pretty and nice to harbor “two raving lesbos.”

Eleanor was surprised by his stupidity in saying something like that, which could result in a man’s being sent to a retraining camp in the Women’s Republic. She mentioned it to Denise and Linda and they promptly set out for his apartment. They rang the doorbell and muscled their way in. The man’s wife was very fearful when she saw them, for she was afraid of her husband but also shared his dislike of lesbians.

When the man blustered about their not having any right to barge into his abode, they told him that they could have him arrested and taken away for retraining or worse if they so chose. This quieted him down because he knew they had that power. The women told both of them that they would discipline him then and there; if he resisted or fought, they would have him taken away.

This fazed him and his wife pleaded for them to leave him alone because he was her support and she loved him. They told her that he would still be able to work when they got through with him.

They ordered him to strip and he complied, gritting his teeth. Then each of the sergeants took her strap from her belt, pushed him face down on the bed in his bedroom, and began to give him a powerful strapping, aiming for his bottom cheeks but also letting the strap whistle between his legs, eliciting screams when the strap bit his scrotum or cock.

Linda then snapped at him that if he didn’t shut up, she might cut off his cock right then. He blanched and began pleading that he would never say anything to them again and would serve them in any way they desired.

“We don’t desire anything from you,” Linda cracked. “But we both need to use the toilet and you will be under us to perform that service.”

He began to protest but thought better and told them he would be pleased to serve them in that or any other capacity.

Denise proceeded to tie him up using her correctional skills and he was lying on the floor face up now. She pulled up her skirt and lowered her panties before squatting over his face. Then she let loose and her strong yellow stream surged right into his open mouth—he dared not close it. He couldn’t swallow it all, so it ran down his face as well. Then she let out a few loud farts and a pendik escort long turd emerged from her bottom-hole and landed on his face.

At that moment, Eleanor burst into the apartment. She was not happy with the sergeants taking the law into their hands. She told Linda to wipe Denise’s messy asshole and then for Denise to pull up her panties and for both of them to go back to her apartment.

Once they had left, Eleanor told the couple, whom she had untied, that she was truly sorry that they had been subjected to the assault by the two sergeants.

“I don’t like the attitudes you have expressed,” she said to the man, “but this was not the right way to deal with that. We may not become friends, but I will make sure nothing like this ever happens again. We are neighbors and I hope we can at least treat each other civilly. You may be sure I will make sure that those women learn how to behave properly.”

The man was speechless, torn between fuming and being grateful to Eleanor. His wife, however, thanked her and said she would do what she could to make things right between them in future.

Eleanor thanked her profusely and said she would be going.

“I’m going to proceed as if this never happened,” she said. “I hope we can move beyond it.”

When she returned to her apartment, Denise and Linda were seated on the couch in the living room. They looked frightened because they had never seen Eleanor lose her temper before. They had been speculating as to whether she might throw them out for good.

Eleanor looked at them and a broad smile surfaced on her face.

“I guess he won’t bother us again now, will he?” she said, grinning at both sergeants.

Linda and Denise sighed in relief and then Eleanor lowered the boom.

“This doesn’t mean that you two are off the hook,” she said. “I hope you will agree that I’m quite justified in disciplining both of you for that show of pique. I may not like the people in this building, and they may say totally unacceptable things, but I don’t want us letting loose on them like that. If there’s a problem, let me deal with it.”

Neither wanted to argue with her. They were both very grateful to Eleanor for all she had done for them. What’s more, they liked her and respected her. They really didn’t want her angry at them.

“We’ll accept whatever you decide is right in relation to what we did down there,” Denise declared. “You know how much we think of you, Eleanor, and we don’t want you angry at us.”

“Well, I am going to discipline you, in case you had any doubts about that,” Eleanor replied.

“First, you both are going to be caned,” Eleanor announced, “so stand up, take off your panties, lift your skirts, and bend over the table there.”

The two sergeants reached under their uniform skirts and drew their panties down and off, leaving them on the couch. Then they rolled up the skirts and assumed the position with their bare bottoms now facing Eleanor.

Eleanor found her marital cane and stood behind the two tall women bent over the table. She lay the cane across Linda’s broad bottom, drew it back, and began flicking it across her cheeks, gradually moving from the top of her bottom to the base, and not stopping until she had given Linda about 15 cuts. Eleanor then moved behind Denise, whose bottom was lighter in view of her blonde hair and gave her the same 15 strokes.

Both were moaning and crying out by the time she had finished.

“I hope someday you both will be given marital canes when and if you tie the knot,” Eleanor told them. “Of course, I met you, Denise, as a result of my husband’s misbehaving and you did a fine job with him. Linda, I know you have had experience on the receiving end.”

“I want you to remember this,” she added. “I don’t think I’m being overly harsh in view of some other punishments with which I’m quite well acquainted.” Her veiled reference to the severe punishment Eleanor had received was definitely understood by Linda and Denise, who hastened to confirm for her that she had been quite fair in her imposition.

“You may not think so when the weekend is over,” Eleanor rejoined. “Linda is familiar with these,” she continued as she showed them two pairs of black vinyl panties which had leg extensions.

“Linda, tell us what is found inside them,” Eleanor demanded.

“Oh my gosh, dear Eleanor,” Linda burbled, now taken aback, “those are the panties they made me wear when I was sent to Headquarters for the re-education program. Denise…they have dorks inside that go into you.”

“Yes,” Eleanor said calmly, “and I want you both to put them on now. You will see that the front rod fits into your vagina and the back one goes in anally. They lock at the waist which means you will see me when you need to be released for bodily functions. I assume neither of you is on your period now. You will wear these for the next 48 hours, until this time on Sunday.”

Linda slowly began pulling the awful panties up her legs. She knew how the dorks would feel inside her vagina escort pendik and anus. She warned Denise not to try to walk too quickly once they were inside her orifices. The two were so attractive that they even looked good with the black vinyl panties on. After all, no one else would know about the dorks invading their holes.

Finally, Eleanor spoke once more to them.

“I’m not mentioning this to either Meredith or Jackson,” she said, “because this is between you and me. But if anything like this occurs again, I might just turn you over to Jackson and I can think of all kinds of reasons that you don’t want that to happen.”

Denise now tried to make things better.

“Eleanor, dearest,” she said, “we really are sorry for what we did and mostly, we are sorry to have caused you pain. You are the nicest, sweetest person who has truly triumphed over adversity, and we consider ourselves so lucky to have met you and benefitted from your generosity toward us. We will always be by your side and we hope never to cause you this kind of trouble. I do hope you will remember that we thought we were acting to protect you.”

Eleanor was moved by what Denise said because she felt it was truly felt. She did not mention that when she had learned about the special panties Linda had had to wear when in the disciplinary program, she looked them up, had trouble finding them, and called Annette, who sent her the information so she could order them direct from The Netherlands, where they were made.

Eleanor started thinking about those Dutch girls with the panty dorks up their cunts and assholes. “A modern version of their fingers in the dike, so to speak, or is it dyke?” she commented wryly, but to herself alone.

Meanwhile, Denise was beginning to get used to living with the intrusive rods in her body orifices, at least for the next two days. At least Linda has been through this before, she thought. It was going to be a tough weekend, she thought, with these awful protrusions in her cunt and asshole. And it wasn’t great even to have to ask someone as generally nice as Eleanor when you needed to pee or shit.

The two sergeants went to their bedroom even though it was only early afternoon. Linda suggested that they try to sleep as much as possible during this weekend. They put their nightgowns on over the vinyl panties and lying down made the intrusions seem less painful. Denise took her roommate into her arms and they kissed long and deeply.

“We’ve been through worse than this,” Linda said. Denise nodded her agreement.

“We do need to think about Eleanor’s situation before we go off like we did today,” Denise responded. “She’s really been good to us and just imagine if we got into this trouble—well, the way you did at work,” she went on.

“Yes,” Linda said. “This has been so much better than being in our own flat where we might be away for some time and who knows what shape things would be in when we returned,” she continued.

They tried to relax and stayed in each other’s arms. Eventually Denise said she was going to have to use the toilet. She got up and went out and found Eleanor in her room.

Eleanor smiled and knew immediately what Denise wanted. She reached for her key and quickly unlocked the panties for Denise, who thanked her and promised that she would not cause problems for Eleanor “now and in the future.”

“Denise dear,” Eleanor said, “I’ve already forgiven both of you. Especially since you were thinking of me when you did what you did. Go do your business and then come back to see me here.”

Denise went into the bathroom in the hall although she and Linda had one ensuite. She felt relief as she pulled down the panties and the plugs emerged from her vagina and rectum. She let loose on the toilet and peed long and hard in a strong stream. Then she realized that the little plug in the rear had stimulated her system and she felt a long, thick bowel movement emerging from her anus.

She felt wonderfully cleansed when she had excreted the movement and she proceeded to wipe herself from her front and was delighted when the paper came out virtually clean. Then she carefully pulled up her panties, with the dorks slipping back into her vaginal and anal openings. Walking slowly as Linda had warned her, she made her way back to Eleanor’s bedroom.

When she entered, Eleanor was all smiles.

“Denise,” she said brightly, “I think you’ve learned the lesson I hoped you would. Instead of relocking those panties, take them off and leave them here. I love you and Linda too much to make you wear them any longer.”

Denise’s face brightened and she followed Eleanor’s order, slipping the tight, annoying undies down and placed them on the side chair.

“Thank you so much, Eleanor, you’re a darling, really,” she gushed. She then kissed Eleanor on the lips and Eleanor hugged her.

“Go get Linda so I can let her out, too,” Eleanor urged Denise, who let her gown down and then went quickly to their bedroom and summoned her partner.

Linda wondered what this pendik escort bayan was about. She found Eleanor still smiling and heard her tell her that she was unlocking Linda’s panties and telling her to take them off.

“I’ve decided that you and Denise have learned what I wanted both of you to understand,” Eleanor said, “and take it from me—I know what it’s like to have a painful punishment last a whole year.”

Linda was amazed and hurried to take the panties down and off when Eleanor had unlocked them.

She too reached out to hold and hug Eleanor.

“Eleanor, you’re so marvelous,” she said, “and that’s not just because you were lenient to us. We did deserve to be disciplined for what we did.”

Denise asked Eleanor if they could join her in bed. Eleanor nodded yes as she fought off tears of joy. She had felt that she had made the point she had needed to make and now she wanted to be generous to these women who had been good to her, encouraging her all along.

She unzipped her skirt and unbuttoned and removed her blouse, too. Then she let Denise unhook her bra as Linda slowly slipped her panties down. Now Eleanor was nude, and the sergeants removed their nighties and joined her in the altogether as they clambered into Eleanor’s commodious bed.

Linda hesitated and Eleanor realized the dark-haired sergeant probably needed to use the toilet.

“Linda,” Eleanor asked, “do you need to use the little girls’ room?”

Linda nodded and Eleanor took her by the hand, with Denise behind her, as they moved into Eleanor’s master bath. Linda sat on the toilet and Eleanor got down and softly caressed Linda’s labia as the sergeant released her pee. Eleanor put her hands under her to get them wet with Linda’s urine and then rubbed them on her own vulva. Denise played with Linda’s nicely shaped tits and tugged softly on her now-aroused nipples. When Linda had finished peeing, Eleanor asked if she needed to make a doody.

Linda laughed at the childish word and nodded in the affirmative. She turned round on the toilet so they could watch her have her bowel movement. After looking a bit ashamed as she let a few farts loose, she slowly excreted a long light brown thick turd that hung from her anus long enough for Denise to reach out and rub it as it fell off into the water.

Eleanor stared as she was enraptured by seeing the beautiful dark-haired Linda excrete in front of her. Denise then reached out and wiped Linda clean from vulva through her legs to her anus.

Then the three climbed back into Eleanor’s wonderful bed. Denise and Linda took turns laving Eleanor’s pussy with their talented tongues. In turn, Eleanor asked them to get up on all fours so she could lick their bottom-holes. She loved looking at their cute puckered holes and especially musky taste, especially since Linda had just passed a large thick movement. Then the two showed their love for Eleanor by fingering her, each with two fingers in her quim and a finger of the other hand pushed into Eleanor’s anal opening.

This brought Eleanor to a glorious cum and she rocked with excitement. She confessed to them both: “I’m just so happy, darlings, when I’m here between the two of you, and I feel so loved and warm when you’re playing with my holes, too.”

Linda and Denise responded by kissing her deeply and then each teased one of Eleanor’s nipples until both were now hard and pointy. Eleanor felt her pussy getting wet.

She grinned as they played with her and said quietly, “I think one or both of you better get the strap-ons because this little girl needs something in her cunt to either keep the fire going or put it out.”

The sergeants laughed and Linda left to retrieve their apparatus. When she returned, she was wearing a dark brown harness with a massive dong.

“Omigod,” Eleanor cried, “you’re going to stick that monster up my cunt? You’re going to rip me apart!”

Linda smiled as she and Denise prepared Eleanor. They massaged her labia and softly inserted their talented fingers into her vagina. Denise also took it upon herself to massage Eleanor’s anus and very slowly insinuate her finger into Eleanor’s back channel. After they felt her increasing wetness in front, Linda held herself over Eleanor and slowly began to insert the dildo into Eleanor’s quim. She would push it in no more than a half inch at a time and then pull out, but gradually Eleanor was getting about eight inches of the massive cock inside her vagina.

Eleanor felt stretched but stimulated. She was getting used to feeling really filled. She realized that that this was why she had been bi—she loved the feeling of fullness in her cunt that she had experienced when she fucked with men. It was mind-blowing in the extreme to realize that she could feel this good with a beautiful woman fucking her with a massive dildo. She held onto Linda as the dark-haired sergeant fucked her like she had never been fucked before.

It wasn’t long before she began cumming…and cumming. Eleanor had never had so many orgasms during one fucking. Her brain—always the most powerful sex organ—began working overtime as the excitement flashed through her entire essence. She realized as she began to come down from the orgasms that she had to ask the women one question.

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