A Twist in the (Very Sexy) Tail

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Chapter One

(Sunday 13th October 2002)

Heather woke with a guilty start, wondering where she was and, more to the point, how on earth she’d fallen asleep. Normally sex revitalized her. Normally there was zero chance of her dozing off before it was time for breakfast.

Not that last night had been remotely “normal”.

She chuckled as memory flooded back. She was in Viola’s bed, wasn’t she? Or, being more precise, she was on it. And they’d been there an awful long while. Although they had gone out for drinks and a curry first, they’d gone out early. She couldn’t be certain, but surely they had been a Vi’s by ten at the latest.

What was it now? She was lying on her side, facing the window and could see daylight through a gap in the curtains; only dull daylight, granted, and no sunshine as yet. Gut instinct said it was somewhere in the region of seven of a morning.

Nine hours’ non-stop action, she concluded. That’s why my jaw aches and my tongue has a touch of repetitive strain.

Yet again!

So what’s new!!

Chuckling some more, she analyzed her situation. Not wanting to scare inexperienced Viola off in any way, she’d “persuaded” the ebony-skinned beauty to play with her, by means of introduction. And Vi had obliged in an intimate sort of a way. Then, at perhaps midnight, partly sated and fully encouraged, Heather had taken over the active playing and . . .

Well put it this way, she’d put in a quite an extended stint. Even doing her best to be untypically gentle and tender, it wasn’t much of a surprise her jaw was aching.

Now they were both partly sated . . . or so she sincerely hoped.

Partly sated, but by no means totally done.

Or so she sincerely hoped.

“Partly” meant “not completely”, didn’t it?

And “not completely” meant “let’s go for more”.

She could remember a lot of kissing after her opening stint. It had been nice, undemanding and it had gone on for ages. In fact hadn’t it already been starting to get light when Viola said she needed to visit the loo?

That couldn’t have been more than an hour ago, thought Heather. With any luck I only nodded off for ten minutes. Hopefully my reputation’s not trashed beyond repair.

She chuckled yet again. There she’d been, mid-sex, left alone on the bed for no time at all and falling asleep just like that! How could she ever live it down?

Ten minutes or hours and hours; how could she ever live it down?

Stuff the history, though. Right now she agreed with Buddha. The past was already gone. The present moment was the one to think about. Well it was to a girl who had just woken to find Viola snuggling up to her from behind, their soft curves fitting perfectly. Better still, Viola’s strong dark brown fingers were on her boobs; tenderly clasping them. What was there not to like about that?

Nothing at all; that was what. And Viola was previously untouched by female hands . . .

My ass, thought Heather decisively.

Then, thinking more about Vi’s ass than her own, she smothered a laugh. The lesbian community at their university was large, loud, proud and exceptionally knowledgeable. Heather was bi rather than strictly lezzie but had always preferred girls and was well up on the local gossip. If, before last night, Vi had been anything less than one hundred per cent hetero, she would have known about it.

Yes, she might not have known all the nitty-gritty details, but she’d have known the essentials.

Meaning who and when if not where and how.

Yet not one word had ever been spoken about Viola. All said and done, she was the sort who caused no end of sleepless nights for girls whether they believed they were straight or not. Okay then, so she did it most for lezzie girls with bold ambitions . . .

Strike one for Hev’s team. Strike one for women who had sex with women.

And good grief, what a turnaround Viola had performed! Zero to sixty in no seconds flat!!

As if reading her mind Viola moved. Those strong fingers of hers shifted over Heather’s boobs, gently stroking her, turning her already-hard nipples into thimble-like rocks. Simultaneously, as if by pure co-incidence, Viola nuzzled and kissed Heather’s neck and shoulder blades.

Heather sighed. Fitting together so perfectly was . . . well, it was perfect . . . but being nuzzled like this was next to divine. If this went on forever she wouldn’t complain.

As if anyone with half a brain ever would!

Eventually, unexpectedly, one of Viola’s hands drifted lower, leaving Heather’s boob, heading steadily south, crossing her infamous washing-board of a stomach and onto her abdomen without hesitating in any way or form.

My word, Heather marvelled, I’ve created a monster!

Cue another smothered laugh. Heather’s lack of self-control was as infamous as her six-pack. In brief, she had been known to go over the top.

Like often, and big-style!

Okay, okay, so she was commonly known as “Hurricane Heather”, and that was when she was trying to behave herself. Yet last night, in bed with a girl who more than güvenilir bahis resembled a top supermodel, a girl who was, by any stretch of the imagination, eminently shag-able, she’d been the epitome of restraint.

That’s what’s encouraging her; I overdid the restraint. Now she thinks she’s supposed to be the girl in charge!

How ironic was that? A few sympathetic amateur theatrics had worked only too well.

But am I bothered?

The answer was a very resounding no. Conveniently forgetting the hours and hours she’d spent with her head snug between Vi’s legs, Heather made no effort to resist the renewed onslaught.

‘Omigod yes,’ she gasped instead, ‘do me, do me please!’

Viola very eagerly obliged.

Maybe Heather’s acting was better than she supposed. Maybe she was simply being honest . . .

Or maybe Viola really was gifted beyond compare.

Whatever it was, it was brilliant. No, better than brilliant, it was spectacular

And it genuinely was. It was exceptional! It was better than best!!

Whatever the root cause, Heather’s body was responding as well as ever.

No, it was responding supremely, beyond any measures she’d even dreamed of.

‘More, more, more,’ she yelled, ‘yes, yes, yes!’

Using experience beyond her years (and massively beyond her supposed experience), Viola directed all her attention onto Heather’s favourite place, her magic button. She kept it there too, right up to the point of orgasm, then she shoved those deft fingers of hers into what at that very instant had to be the world’s tightest, hungriest fanny.

And she did it well, hitting every last one of Heather’s hot spots.

She made the whole universe explode.

‘More, more, more,’ Heather screamed, ‘yes, yes, yes!’


Viola’s natural skill wasn’t restricted to her fingertips; her instinct was involved too. Increasingly aware of Heather’s needs and desires, she never once paused as her willing victim came and came. Instead she pressed on and on and on, alternating between internal and external attention, always seeming to know exactly what to do for the best.

Grateful and only too happy to be at the mercy of the girl in charge Heather sighed and cried, moaned and groaned, wriggled and writhed, regularly flooding the bedsheets with unladylike gusto.

Goodness only knew how much she leaked. It certainly wasn’t a few cubic mils; it was more like pints or even gallons.

And didn’t the release feel good!

Finally, countess cums later, Viola pushed her onto her back.

‘I need to taste,’ she said, sounding unexpectedly nervous. ‘I need to repay you for last night.’

Or was it unexpected? The girl was already proving to be the mistress of the unexpected.

The Mistress of the Unexpected! Heather’s mind reeled.

Oh yes, yes please!!

At that moment Heather would have agreed to anything up to a nuclear attack. Come to that, she felt as if she’d been through a few already. Nice tactical ones, though. Not awful destructive ones.

‘You owe me nothing,’ she said, her breath coming delightfully slowly, pleasurable rather than painful or in the least uncomfortable.

‘Yes I do,’ Viola countered, sounding serious, looking beautiful beyond compare.

So nothing new looks-wise, was there!

Disregarding her better interests, Heather protested. Some tiny, treacherous bit of her brain wanted to see fair play at all costs.

‘Do not ever do anything you don’t want to do,’ she gasped, aware going down for the first time could be a big thing (whoever one went down on). ‘You’ve already made me happier than a pig in clover.’

‘Clover,’ Viola scoffed, ‘you came from a farm in Yorkshire, don’t you?’

‘All right then,’ Heather conceded, still gasping, ‘you’ve already made me happier than a pig in shit.’

‘That’s more like it, but I really, really need to taste you.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘I’ve never been more positive in my life.’

Well, thought Heather, at least I tried . . .

Then she switched off mentally and abandoned herself to sensation.

And good grief wasn’t Viola exceptional! Was there anything at all the girl didn’t excel at?

Recognizing the rhythms in the ebony beauty’s attentions Heather felt nothing but joy. Personally she was guilty of “borrowing” 1970s beats and using them on and inside girlfriends. The one Viola had chosen (and was using so well), Car Wash, had always been her favourite.

Perhaps she’d used it a tad earlier and Vi was just returning the favour . . .

Scrap that. Whatever her intentions, Vi was returning the favour big-time.

Like wow!

Revelling in the soft, sensual feel of a virgin tongue on her magic button, Heather cried out yet again.

‘More, more, more, yes, yes, yes!’

Obviously up with the script, Viola obliged.

Chapter Two

In her wildest dreams Viola had never imagined that making love to a woman could be anywhere near so enjoyable. Every last thing about it was yummy.

Not least the tastes and smells!

Part of her türkçe bahis had wanted to stand off of the tastes and smells.


Oh, how wonderful those tastes and smells really were!

Viola only hoped she was even one tenth as good at this as Hev was. By her reckoning one tenth of perfection was right up there next to supreme. And Hev really was supreme.

No superlatives could ever hope to describe Heather. Physically she was beyond compare.

And the things she could (even more physically!) do were beyond magical.

Just looking at her was enough to make any girl cum in her panties. God only knew how men could cope with being anywhere near her. Boxer shorts manufacturers must pray to her night and day.

Thank you, our goddess. Please, please, more again tomorrow . . .

Currently Heather was back giving exaggerated encouragement. Listening to her made a girl believe that she had similarly exceptional skills; that she really was capable of satisfying a fellow female, and a deliciously experienced one to boot.

The steady stream of lady juice helped too. It had been flowing for ages now; flowing for ages and all greedily lapped up and swallowed, every last drop.

Well, as much of it as humanly possible, anyway. Eager as she was, quite a lot passed her by.

‘That’s wonderful,’ Heather told her, midway between a sigh and a moan, ‘that’s beyond belief.’

Never once swearing she kept the commentary going, constantly assuring Viola she was doing better than well, more like perfection. Constantly egging her on, constantly clenching her intimate muscles in verification.

‘Nobody’s ever made me cum like this,’ she cried, ‘you’re the best!’

Viola seriously doubted that. After Hev’s master class she seemed all fingers and thumbs.

Well, fingers and thumbs, lips and tongues.

Heather climaxed yet again. It was her umpteenth and most enthusiastic, bouncing her up and down on the bed. A little more of that and she’d need peeling off of the ceiling.

Oh yes, thought Viola, confidence surging through her. That was for real. That was all me.

And it was true; it simply had to be. Heather was genuinely reacting to her attentions. The flow of juice from her was as unremitting as ever.

Surely no one could feign muscle contractions so powerfully.

It’s all my doing! It’s all thanks to me!!

Two seconds later Hev was cumming again, even more enthusiastically this time, yelling even louder, her hands buried deep in Viola’s sweaty corkscrews.

‘Yes, yes, yes,’ she screamed, ‘more, more, more.’

It was around about then that Vi accepted she might just have a gift for this sort of thing after all.


When her jaw started to click Viola eased off a little. That didn’t seem to help, though. Removing her mouth from Hev’s pussy she tried to yawn. So far as she could remember, when her jaw had clicked before, a good old yawn sort of unclicked it.

But that old trick didn’t work this time.

Licking Hev’s clit farewell she eased her way upwards, relishing the sensation of her tits sliding over firm, tanned flesh . . . and relishing even more the sensation of her tits pressing hard on Heather’s.

In her considered opinion Heather’s tits were beyond compare. They were big but not too big, firm but by no stretch of the imagination artificial. And her nipples were even better. Viola’s granny had been a life-long seamstress but her massive collection of thimbles had all been smaller than Hev.

And nowhere near as hard.

Grinning down into Hev’s face Viola was yet again captured by her eyes. For some reason they made her think of the snake in The Jungle Book . . . except Hev’s eyes were full of allure, not trickery.

Just as hypnotic, not at all tricky.

‘What time is it?’ Hev asked, taking her by surprise.

‘Time you ate me for breakfast,’ Viola replied, still grinning.

‘All things come to she who waits.’ Hev chuckled. ‘But I really need to know.’

It took a physical effort to tear her eyes away from Hev’s. ‘Almost nine thirty,’ Viola announced after a glance at the alarm on her bedside table. ‘We’ve still got most of the day before us.’

‘No we haven’t. I’m due to play football at eleven.’

Fucking shitting fucking fuck; that little bombshell had come out of nowhere.

There again, Heather was renowned for her one-night stands, wasn’t she? This must be the way she ditched all of her Saturday night flings.

‘Oh,’ said Viola, trying to keep up a brave face. ‘Right, I see. Off you trot, then.’

Heather responded by putting her hand on Viola’s pussy. Viola would have protested but it felt so very good. Suddenly she had a thumb sketching slow, lazy circles on her best, most favourite bit and even slower fingers gliding most everywhere else.

Not to be outdone, she put a hand on Hev’s pussy, doing her clumsy utmost to rotate and glide on her with some degree of finesse.

‘We’ve half an hour yet,’ Heather said softly, ‘and you could always come and watch me.’

‘I’m going to cum watching güvenilir bahis siteleri you any second,’ Viola confessed.

‘I meant watch me play football, silly. Do you want to?’

‘Like your personal fan club?’

‘Like my personal girlfriend.’ Hev laughed. ‘Lots of my teammates have boyfriends who watch, but just one has a girlfriend. And I’ve never had anyone special watching me. I’d be honoured if you came and cheered me on.’

How could anyone refuse an invitation like that?

Not Viola.

‘I’m honoured to be asked,’ she replied. ‘And yes, of course I’ll come. Where is it?’

Their hands were still busy down below. Somehow (almost incredibly) Viola was keeping a swarm of big orgasms at bay.

Leastways she was for the time being.

‘It’s at home today,’ Hev went on, ‘our first home game of the season. That means drinks in the Union after. Then we could come back here, to your bed. If you want to, that is.’

Viola had been only too aware of Hev’s “love ’em and leave ’em” reputation. A bolt of excitement went through her.

I’m not being ditched, she thought excitedly. She really wants more!

Omigod, she wants more as much as I do!!

‘We could go to yours,’ she managed as calmly as she could, ‘with you playing at home and all.’

Heather laughed as if that was the funniest joke ever told.

‘I wouldn’t trust myself at home with you,’ she said. ‘I have drawers full of toys. And I have been trying not to scare you off ever since you finally showed an interest.’

A fresh thrill ran through Viola, right down to her toes.

Too right I’m showing an interest!!

‘Maybe another time, then,’ she said as casually as she could. ‘My place this afternoon and yours . . . Well, when?’

‘Anytime you like. Monday and Tuesday are out, otherwise I’m all yours. And feel free to choose more than just one night.’

‘I thought you didn’t do relationships,’ Viola’s treacherous mouth blurted.

Heather’s eyes were as hypnotic as ever. ‘I know I say that,’ she said, ‘but it’s commitments I don’t do, not really relationships. Between you and me, I have quite a few occasional lovers on the go. And you will be a more than welcome recruit. In fact bugger “occasional”, you can have me anytime you want.’


‘Is that a no?’

‘No,’ Viola said hastily, ‘it’s a yes; yes please.’

‘I want it,’ said Heather, holding her gaze. ‘And I mean it. I sincerely do.’

‘Okay, so we’re attuned.’

Secretly Viola crossed fingers behind her back.

Result!! She as good as screamed inside.

‘I’ll be happy to play along,’ she said, much more sedately than she felt.

‘So when is it going to be?’ Hev was trying to be sedate too, but not too well. Unflappable as she was, those dangerous eyes of hers were flashing.

‘I’ll say Wednesday to start with . . . and Thursday too.’

‘Two days!’

‘You gave me the choice,’ Viola said boldly. ‘Shut up or I’ll insist on more.’

‘Will you really?’

‘Just try me.’

After the briefest hesitation Heather smiled. ‘Great minds think alike,’ she said. ‘So let’s do business. Let’s cum together before you make us tea and toast.’

Viola was stunned to realize they were still caressing each other and she was still keeping orgasms at bay (mega-zillions of them). She was also afraid she wouldn’t be able to synchronize hers with Hev’s.

‘Fear not,’ said Heather, grinning at her, mesmerizing her yet again with those emerald eyes of hers. ‘I have a reputation for being pretty good at coordinating eventualities, especially at moments like this, when we’re against the clock.’

Turned out she was telling the truth.

Chapter Three

The football game was surprisingly entertaining, even though Viola struggled to identify any specific boyfriends and girlfriends. It was also quite well-attended. Her count had it at upwards of a hundred spectators, evenly split male/female, but she wasn’t surprised by that. Not anymore.

Asked a week ago she’d have suspected the guys came to ogle the girls. Now, much better informed, she had better ideas.

Those soccer players were athletic and, if not all downright beautiful, all exceptionally well-built. Most of them (boringly!) wore sports bras but several . . . chief among them one Ms Heather Hunter . . . did not.

The tits on Hev were amazing. Equipped with personal experience as she was, Viola still marvelled at the sight.

How come the crowd was just a hundred, she wondered. Without trying that girl could fill Old Trafford single-handed.

There and wherever was supposed to be bigger nowadays. Never mind on a match day; she could do it any day of the week, at any time.

And she wants to fuck me!


By then the possibility of becoming one of Heather’s occasional lovers had become a must. Heather’s lovers were the elite of the elite. Joining them had become an irresistible urge, not a mere need.

Nothing else mattered. She simply had to sleep with Hev again . . . and again and again.

Even so Viola was smart enough to know she had to show some reserve. Get clingy and get dropped, she warned herself. Stay cool and friendly and fuck with her forever.

Well, maybe not forever, but for long enough, maybe right up to their finals.

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