A Timeless Place Ch. 14

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Once again I am pleased to bring you another chapter in this continuing saga. I hope you enjoy it. I did finally decide to cut this chapter where it ends, in order to submit it for you being it was getting a bit long. The remainder of this ‘scene’ will continue into chapter 15. And please, do remember to vote and comment at the end. I do appreciate everyone’s comments that I get. And I do try to answer each one I receive via email.

And now, without further ado, I give you, chapter 14…

Jonathan became urgent as he listened to the men; his excitement rose while his imagination ran ramped of the things they intended for him. He unbuttoned Tony’s shirt lavishing every inch of exposed flesh with kisses and long slow strokes of his tongue. His exploration almost seemed new to him, as if it were the very first time he had tasted of Tony’s skin. Searching out a nipple while his hands gripped the man’s sides, he pressed a knee between Tony’s thighs, straddled one leg, then languidly moved his hands down over the man’s bottom where he ground against him pulling Tony as close as they could get to each other.

Finding that nipple he had been searching for, Jonathan surrounded it with eager lips, his tongue lapped at the firmly raised flesh hungrily, just before he closed his teeth around it gradually applying pressure.

“Damn, baby,” Tony expressed in a higher pitched voice than was usual for him. Then in a normal voice, he said, “if you’re that hungry, you should’ve eat your dinner like a good boy should.

Jonathan only moaned in response. He then tugged on the nipple causing Tony to suddenly inhale through clinched teeth.

“Okay, that’s it, kid.” The man gathered Jon in his arms, carrying him to the bed just a few feet away. “You’re ass is mine, now.” Tony lowered Jonathan atop the bedding then stood and removed his shirt and jeans.

As he climbed over Jon, he grasped the wrists, as the young man reached for him and pinned them over Jon’s head. The young man bucked, giving the man a bit of a struggle only to heighten their excitement more. Tony took hold of both wrists in one hand freeing the other that quickly ripped open the t-shirt Jon was wearing. He then reached between them unfastening the young man’s jeans. Jon fought him more, when he saw how close he was to being had.

“Looks like you’ve got yer hand’s full, Tony,” Bruce moved up beside the man assisting him in disrobing the whelp. Together they made quick work of rendering Jonathan completely exposed to them. Greg joined them setting a box of latex gloves on the nightstand from which he donned a pair grinning wickedly all the while.

“We got any rope, or handcuffs nearby? He’s not being a very good patient at all.” Tony looked to Greg who shrugged unknowingly.

Bruce patiently began to rip strips of the t-shirt, tied two ends together making a nice piece of rope with which he used to tie Jon’s wrists together. He then bound the wrists to the bedpost freeing their hands to do what they pleased with Jonathan.

“Now, that’s more like it,” Tony grinned, as he swatted the side of Jon’s buttocks. “You’ve been very naughty, Jonathan. And you are gonna get it now. We have had about enough of yer attitude, young man,” his voice was stern – biting verbally – yet it thrilled Jonathan causing his body to course with sensation.

“I don’t think that was hard enough, Tony. What? You gettin’ soft on us now?” Greg teased with a wry grin.

“Oh, you think so?” Tony slapped the check again, only harder this time. It left a large red handprint that even looked like it would sting.

“Ouch,” Greg eyed the glowing print then chuckled. “Oops, he’s enjoying that, look,” he pointed with a gloved finger to Jon’s growing manhood.

“Well, let’s see if he likes this,” Tony half turned Jon’s body toward him and began to spank him hard.

At first Jonathan only whimpered, as the stinging began. Then, he started squirming about, forcing Bruce to have to help canlı bahis şirketleri hold the young man still. Finally, Jon began to cry out with each slap to his bottom that now was hot and blistering red from the punishment. And when Tony finally stopped, Jon was relieved that he did.

“You gonna be a good boy from now on?” Bruce grabbed a handful of hair at the back of Jon’s head wrenching the young man’s head to one side to see his face.

“Yes, sir,” Jonathan answered immediately.

“Well, it’s about time, boy,” Tony piped. “And you had better be on yer best behavior from now on, or yer ass is toast!” He leaned down growling in Jon’s ear.

“Yes, sir,” the young man answered firmly, without hesitation.

“Good, now we should get on with this cavity search, doc,” Tony smiled at the already prepared doctor, who moved in closer.

He started with Jon’s hair, inspecting the length and close to the scalp for anything that might be tied, or hidden in the strands and used to injure himself with. Once satisfied, he moved down, as the other two turned Jon onto his back, checking behind his ears, between his gums and cheeks, under his tongue, etc.

With his hands flush to the shoulders, Greg moved them down slowly over Jon’s chest. Making a detour, the doctor gently caressed the young man’s nipples with his gloved hands. Not gaining the desired responses, he then took a nipple between the forefinger and thumb squeezing gradually until Jonathan sighed long, open mouthed. Giving the nipple a hard twist caused the young man to suck air suddenly, and arch his back toward the hand. The doctor then toyed with the opposite nipple doing the same, while he roughly forced his index finger into Jon’s mouth to wet it. After drawing it back out, Greg then rubbed the finger and thumb together, took the nipple he had first molested, applying the very same technique as before.

“Well, I can’t find anything so far,” Greg stated, as if he was disappointed about it.

“Keep checkin’, doc. I know he’s hid ’em somewhere,” Tony grinned down at Jon evilly. “I think I’m gonna check his mouth again. You might o’ missed something in there,” he took his member in hand moving to Jon’s head aiming it at the young man’s lips.

“Good idea, Tony,” Bruce chuckled and watched as Jonathan eagerly lifted his head to take the swollen flesh into his mouth.

“Oh, he’s being a very good boy, now,” Bruce commented.

“It’s about damn time, too,” Tony agreed, as he allowed Jon to work him in at the pace he felt comfortable with. He straddled Jonathan’s body for better access to the mouth.

In the meantime, Greg moved his hands down Jon’s body paying close attention to those areas he knew were most sensitive to the young man. He concentrated on them for a time, lightly floating his latex clad fingers across his obliques, up and down the center of Jon’s abs. A few times, he allowed his fingers to drift lower teasing the young man effectively, seeing the pours stipple as he did, yet never lingering or touching Jon’s privates.

Tony and Bruce watch as Jon took in the man’s member to the base, then draw back only to watch it disappear into his mouth again. Time after time, the member slowly vanished in Jon’s mouth re-emerging gradually at the pace the young man had set. When Tony felt Jon was comfortable with his size and length, he began to push into Jon’s mouth with a bit of force, just enough to let the young man know that he was about to become a little rough with him.

The eye contact Jon made with Tony let the man know he was all right with that. And having seen the acceptance in the young man’s gaze, he pushed a little harder each time, until Jon’s eyes told him where his limit was.

“Take that cock, boy,” Tony barked at him gruffly. “Suck it!”

A ripple of sensation spread through Jon at the tone and harshness the man used, that combined with the patient workings of the doctor behind Tony, he was becoming highly canlı kaçak iddaa aroused. He shuddered as the doctor’s fingers barely skimmed a corner of the swatch of hair down below. His member began to throb and he wished Greg would take him in hand to stroke him or into his mouth and suck him. But, the doctor made him wait. He had other plans to execute first.

“Suck it, bitch,” Tony growled at Jon, who had slacked off just a tad, as a result of what the Greg was doing. “You’d better do better than this, boy! Or would you like another spankin’? Maybe I’ll get to those thighs this time,” Tony teased, knowing Jon couldn’t tolerate much on his thighs.

Jonathan sudden became urgent and diligent in his work, taking the man in completely, and then drawing hard, as his mouth glided back to toward the crown.

“C’me on, Jonathan, suck me like you mean it, boy!” Tony seemed to become frustrated with him, making Jon feel he was doing less than potential, or usual. He put all of his effort into pleasing the man then.

“Oh, yeah,” Tony sighed, then breathed in suddenly. “That’s my Jonathan,” he shuddered visibly producing a chuckle from Bruce.

“Looks like he’s gotten lazy these days, huh?” Bruce jested.

“Yeah, too much time on his hands to play with himself, lately.” Greg added.

Bruce tossed his head back letting out a guffaw, a sound all of them hadn’t heard in a long while. It filled the room spreading to Greg, who chuckled, then Tony who was trying to maintain his bullying of Jonathan and get off too.

Jonathan wanted to protest, not having touched himself in a long while. But his mouth was too full and busy at the moment to say anything at all. So, he furrowed his brow, his eyes becoming large and shook his head negatively with several quick jerks.

“Hey, get back to work, bitch!” Tony shoved his manhood in suddenly, getting Jon’s attention effectively.

Submissively, Jon ignored the revelry, focussing his attention on Tony’s member completely. He soon closed his eyes savoring the taste of the man, the feel of his thickness and length gliding across his tongue and past his lips, the musky aroma of Tony that once drove him to do his best for the man. Combined, it brought him back to the relationship he used to have with this man, one that he now realized, he truly missed.

With urgency, Jon took him in, drawing hard on the man, as he moved back from the base to the tip. He heard the long sigh of approval that gave him the encouragement he craved to continue what he was doing.

“Yes, baby,” Tony breathed with a heavy suspire, “That’s it. Oh, you’ve got it back now, Jon. Keep doin’ that,” he encouraged generously.

Greg moved his hand slowly down over Jonathan’s pelvis; his fingers once more disturbed the patch of hair there. Continuing lower, he let the fingertips slip through it, feeling the texture of it, even with gloves on. Finally, it came to rest over Jonathan’s manhood, where he stroked the young man open palmed, a slow deliberate movement that slid up the length to the tip and back down where he gently pressed the sacks against Jon’s body.

A moan was heard, but not from Tony or Bruce. Greg knew Jonathan’s moans like he knew the backs of his hands. He relished the sound of it, as he glided his hand up the shaft and back down again. Pressure was applied, when Jon began to move in the patient rhythm the man had set. Finally taking the member in hand, he stroked Jon leisurely, stopping only to fondle with the sacks giving the young man a gentle squeeze here and there.

Tony had begun to tremble. The tempo between him and Jon had escalated gradually. The man’s hands holding Jon’s head, feeding his member to the young man’s mouth ardently. Sitting straddled the young man’s body; he thrust his hips forward, pushing his manhood into Jon’s mouth time and again.

“It’s comin’, baby,” he called out to him with heavy breath, his body rigid with the work. Muscles flexed, bulging in his canlı kaçak bahis arms, chest and legs, relaxing only to flex again. It was a sight that Jonathan was completely immersed in; the power of Tony’s awesome body. Then, the man gave a long groan, his body stiffened even more.

Jonathan felt the initial spasm, as Tony’s member jerked beginning to pulse, filling his mouth. The bittersweet and salty taste of it had almost been forgotten, but was remembered once again. Relishing the sounds of Tony’s release made him so hot, he thought he would lose his mind. He struggled to hold back, not having been told he was allowed to come yet. And he fought hard with his own body to maintain the rhythm for Tony’s sake.

But, finally, the man relaxed, climbed off him to rest beside him for a moment and regain his composure.

“That’s been long in comin’, Tony,” Bruce commented with a smile.

“God, yes,” the man agreed instantly.

“Well, I still ain’t found any razors, Tony,” Greg chimed, after Tony had rested for a moment.

“You just ain’t looked in the right place yet, doc,” the man sat up, reached across Jon pulling a couple gloves out of the box. “Do I have to do everything for ya, doc?” he fussed playfully.

“Watch it, pal,” Greg argued back with a surprised expression. “I can have yer license revoked, ya know?”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Tony quipped, then laughed, as a grin sneaked across Greg’s lips.

“Try me, buddy. You don’t want to get on my bad side, mister,” his tone was one any of them had rarely ever heard from Greg. But that night seemed one that all of them were in rare form.

“Ooh, Tony,” Jonathan laughed. “Sounds like a challenge to me.”

“Me too,” Bruce agreed.

“Well, we’ll just see about that,” the man grinned broadly. “How ’bout you put yer money where yer mouth is, doc.”

“You find any razors on Jonathan and I will,” Greg blurted out.

Jonathan laughed then, “there ain’t any razors on me, guys!”

“See! Told ya!” Greg motioned a hand to Jon, as he spoke.

“Bullshit,” Tony moved down Jon’s body, pulled a leg up then shoved a finger inside him.

Jon bolted at Tony’s roughness. The initial surprise at his harshness and the sudden discomfort that rippled through him lasted only a couple seconds. Then he moaned, as he settled, the man probing him thoroughly.

“Feel anything?” Bruce had crossed his arms over his chest asking.

“Well,” Tony searched deeper producing excited responses from Jonathan. “Could be nothing, really,” he looked off into space, as he pushed even further into the young man, turned his hand and finger one way then the other in his ‘supposed’ search.

“What?” Bruce dropped his arms being baited.

“Not sure, yet. Give me a minute. These things take time,” he muttered the last, as he withdrew his finger then pushed two in.

Jonathan was about to come unglued, as he first launched his body toward the headboard, then down hard on Tony’s fingers. He quickly conformed to the fingers; the pressure Tony used an even greater exhilaration to him. The man knew what he was doing and was doing it all too well. The digits plunged into him, stopped, appearing to feel around when he was massaging Jon’s sweet spot. Finally, the steady rhythm began. Jonathan lunged onto his fingers as they invaded him, pulled back as they glided out, then he pushed onto them again and again.

“Well, whatever the hell it is has got Jonathan all stirred up,” Bruce joked.

“I see that,” Greg chuckled.

I need a longer probe,” Tony moved between Jon’s thighs hooking the young man’s knees over his shoulders. Leaning forward, he braced himself with a hand as he guided his member into the Jonathan slowly.

“Well, would you look at this? Greedy fucker ain’t he?” Greg fussed.

Bruce laughed, “it’s been a while for ‘im, just let ‘im be.”

Greg threw up his hands, letting them drop in playful frustration. Bruce grasped the doctor’s arm pulling the him abruptly to him. “It’s been a while for you and me, too, mister,” he teased.

Thank you again for reading this chapter. I do hope you enjoyed it. Please remember to vote and leave me a comment. I would greatly appreciate it.

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