A Swinging Party from the 70’s Ch. 02

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My friend Rick was married to Joanna but they divorced a few years after we had our first swinging party. I don’t think the swinging had anything to do with getting a divorce. Since Rick remarried soon after to Nancy, I think probably he just wanted to move on.

Nancy was a sweet petite woman with nice pert breasts about a 34B and a small ass. She was blond and stood about 5′-4″. She had a nice little behind and very shapely legs. I could tell that she keep in shape by working out.

Rick and I would go out “on the hunt” often. We never really hooked up with any babes but we were young and thought we were hot stuff. Mostly we would just go out, get high, and ride around.

Now I don’t know if Nancy ever knew we did that but one night she showed up at my house. My wife at the time was out for the night visiting her mother in another city. I was really surprised to see Nancy without Rick at my front door. I mean they had been over many times to drink and party with my wife Judy and me but this was the first time Nancy had come by herself.

So, I asked, “Where is Rick?” “Judy is not here tonight.” thinking she was there to see Judy. Nancy said she didn’t illegal bahis want to see Judy. I thought OK what are you doing then?

Anyway, I invited her in and offered her a drink. “I’ll just take a beer. Thank you.” I handed her a Michelob and we went into the living room. I sat down on the couch and to my surprise, she sat down right next to me.

“I came to see you. I want you to fuck me.” Oh boy, I thought, what the hell is going on. Is this a revenge fuck? Had Rick done Nancy wrong? Was this was a way to get back at him? I should have told her to leave but I was intrigued by the circumstances. We started kissing and touching each other. Not much more was said.

Nancy tasted good. I could tell that she had prepared for this seduction of me. She smelled very nice, almost a sweet scent. She had on a spaghetti string top with no bra. Her short shorts were white with a pair pink panties underneath. Nancy had long well-tanned smooth legs. Her long blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail tied with a pink ribbon. I had just gotten out of the shower from a hard day’s work. I had on a pair of sweet pants and jockey string bikini underwear. Back then, I was fairly buff illegal bahis siteleri and wore A-tank tops. I stood about 5′-10″ and only weighed 160 lbs. I worked out a lot to keep fit. I had a dark brown beard and mustache neatly trimmed and long hair (a holdover from my hippie days).

We kissed and played touchy feely for some time. Drank our one beer and smoked a joint or two. I had some good old rock-n-roll on the turntable. I remember Pink Floyd and Moody Blues were usually what I would play with a little Jethro Tull or Frank Zappa thrown in for fun.

Nancy took me by the hand into the bedroom. It was on then. She stripped out of her shorts, top and thong. I looked at her small breasts and perky little nipples. I had to kiss and lick them. I was undressed in a New York minute. I pulled back the sheets and laid her down on her back. I crawled between her legs and started licking her pussy. She smelled so good, like a fresh springtime rain shower. She rolled over on her tummy. I stayed where I was thinking that she wanted me to rim her ass. I had done this once before to another woman and it made her really hot. Her nipples got so erect and hard. So, I went to canlı bahis siteleri kissing those pretty little ass cheeks and slipped my tongue in the crack. She raised hers hips to meet my advances. Soon my tongue was all up in her butt.

“Fuck me now. Fuck me in my ass.” Nancy said.

I laid on top her and gently eased my hard cock into her well-licked ass. She moaned a little and then wrapped her legs tightly around mine and pushed me in farther. Nancy wanted me deep.

“Fuck me baby. Harder. Faster.”

I did what she asked. She was pushing back against me, taking all of my cock that she could get. I am no 10-inch stud but I was young then and had a good 7 inches hard. Nancy came two times that night with me in her ass. I know she came the last time when I shot my load in her ass. I let her know I was ready to cum and she said, “Give it to me. I want you to cum in my ass.” We laid together for a few minutes as two people joined as one. I got up and got a towel for her. We laid there kissing and holding each other for probably an hour until we almost feel asleep.

She got up and got dressed. “I have to go home. Call me sometime.”

I saw Nancy several more times but we never fucked again. I never figured out why she came over that night. Rick and I remained friends until I left the state for another job and I lost contact. To my knowledge, Rick never knew about that night or maybe he did.

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