A Special Interest

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My name is David Armand. I have a rather unusual fetish. It’s not something that’s easy to admit, especially when you live in the world that I live in. I’m a big and tall black man, for one thing. I’m also a former college football player and currently, I work as an attorney in the city. We all have our needs, I guess. I’m just going to be honest about my needs for a change. If that’s what it takes for me to get some peace of mind, then so be it. Hiding the truth is futile since it usually finds some way to come out, sooner or later.

I am an anal addict. There, I said it. I’m addicted to anal sex. It all began when I was in college. I was going out with this pretty gal ( who later turned out to be my future wife) named Monique O’Hara. She was a tall, chubby Irishwoman with blonde hair, green eyes and alabaster skin. We had a lot of fun together. She was my first serious girlfriend. We had a lot of fun together. Our relationship was very passionate. I remember one time we were both in a restaurant and she simply grabbed my hand and ushered me into the ladies room. Once there, she locked the door and looked at me wolfishly. I could tell that she was horny. She was the horniest woman I’d ever known.

Monique went straight for my zipper. She got on her knees and took my cock in her hands. She began to suck my cock and lick my balls like there was no tomorrow. I thrust in and out of her wet, inviting mouth. I was both long and thick in the penis area. She liked that a lot about me. Just a good-looking, big and tall black man with a huge cock between his legs. Gals worshiped me in those days, my girlfriend included. As Monique sucked me off, I got hard as hell. When I came, she drank my cum. Licked me clean without spilling a single drop. When we were done, she fixed her stuff and we both exited the ladies room. We went back to our table and spent the night like any other young couple out for an evening of pleasure in the town.

Monique was something else. She was my first in many ways. In fact, she was the first woman I had anal sex with. I say woman and not person because I’ve had casual sexual encounters with young black men while growing up. Maybe that makes me bisexual. I don’t know. I prefer women but sometimes I fantasize about men. Especially good-looking, well-hung canlı bahis şirketleri black men. I can remember pounding away at a sexy black man’s ass in my college dorm while he stroked himself. There were lots of bisexual black men on campus, and most of them were closet cases just like me. I had a lot of fun with them. The only thing I didn’t do was let a man stick his cock up my ass. I didn’t want to be anyone’s plaything. No way in hell. Monique knew about my special eroticism for sexy black men when we got together. It was my honesty which drew her to me, that and my good looks. Anyway, back to the story.

Monique had discussed with me her newfound interest in anal sex. We decided to experiment. First, we had regular sex, then we did our thing. She lubed herself up, and then applied some lube on my cock. Then, we got started. Monique lay on her back, legs spread. Her thick hands grasped her wide butt cheeks and pried them wide open, exposing her pink little asshole. I placed my cock against her ass, then went in. The first thing I noticed was how tight and warm her ass felt around my cock. It was unbelievable. I held her by those sexy hips of hers and thrust into her. She gasped but did not scream as I went deeper into her.

The harder I fucked her, the more she screamed. I had never seen her like this. She was more energetic and more frenetic than ever. I held her hips and thrust deeper into her. I got a deep moan for my efforts, followed by a gasp. Then she pushed back against me, grinding her bottom against my groin. Clearly, she was begging me for more. Smiling, I began to fuck her roughly and swiftly. I wanted to give her my all and she seemed ready to take it. Her passionate screams filled the dorm. While we fucked, she swore like a sailor, urging me to go harder and faster. With such encouragement urging me on, I took her like my life depended on it. Pounding away at her like a boxer in a championship match. It was hot! We continued like this until I came. Seconds later, she came as well. This time, she was more vocal than ever. Afterwards, we lay in bed, exhausted but feeling more alive than ever. It was that intense! Monique winked at me, and asked me if I was ready for round two. What do you think I said?

That was our first venture into anal canlı kaçak iddaa sex together. I hadn’t known that Monique would be into it. She was an anal enthusiast. We had a lot of fun together. While she was away, I was exploring my own anal enthusiasm. I wanted very much to experiment with anal penetration, but on the receiving end. I didn’t want a man’s dick up my ass because I was a top, not a bottom. I liked messing around with guys but I didn’t want to become any man’s bitch. Still, it looked like fun. As usual, Monique found the perfect solution to her favorite bisexual black man’s dilemma. She bought a special toy and brought it home. It was an event which would change our lives forever.

I came home one night to find Monique waiting for me. My sexy, curvy gal was naked, save for a very odd-looking device which was strapped to her waist. A strap on dildo! I looked at her, and my eyes widened in surprise. Monique winked at me. I smiled, not believing what I was seeing. Monique grinned at me, then walked up to me and kissed me. Hand in hand, we went to the bedroom together. That’s when all hell broke loose and turned out to be a night neither of us would ever forget.

Here we were, together in the bedroom. We had both been there many times. Countless times. Still, tonight would be different. Monique was very gentle with me. She told me that she knew of my fantasy of being penetrated and my fear of letting a man into my back door. She thought that I might be okay with letting a woman do it instead. I scratched my head. What logic! Still, she was right! I looked at her voluptuous body and the strap on dildo fixed around her waist. Yeah, she looked very sexy and to be honest, I was eager to try it. We got started right away.

First, Monique eased me into it. I lay on the bed while she worked on me as she had done so many times before. She took me in her mouth and worked me up until I was hard as a rock. Then, she slid one finger into my butt while sucking me off. I gasped at the intrusion. Monique winked at me and continued what she was doing. She slid another finger inside me and squirmed her way around. I felt invaded, for a moment. The moment passed and afterwards, it felt kind of good. I was starting to like it. Hell, I liked it a lot. So much that she slid canlı kaçak bahis a third finger in there. The more she worked my butt, the harder my cock got. Feeling her warm mouth around my member and her sleek fingers in my ass kicked me into orgasmic heaven. I came, rather spectacularly I might add. Monique was ready for it, having induced it. She drank my seed, and I let out a sigh of sheer pleasure. This was off the hook!

I took a moment to recover. Monique lay next to me, smiling gently. She asked me if I liked what she did. I nodded eagerly. She grinned and asked me if I was ready for the evening’s main event. I nodded. Sure, why not. We had come this far, haven’t we? Monique grinned, then took a bottle of lube. She smeared my ass with it, then coated the dildo with the same slick substance. Looking straight into my eyes, she placed the business end of the dildo against my butt. Her eyebrow was raised. I nodded, giving my final okay. Monique nodded, and slid the dildo into me. I gasped as she entered me. The dildo was long but slim. Acting with what looked like expertise, Monique worked it into me. It hurt a bit but only for a moment. Suddenly, Monique bent and took my cock into her mouth while she fucked me with the dildo. Her warm mouth engulfed my member. She began to fuck me harder than ever. I screamed in both pleasure and pain as she drove the dildo deeper into my ass. It hurt, but felt good at the same time. Monique fucked me like a wild woman, thrusting into me furiously yet sucking me gently at the same time. That’s when the most amazing thing happened. I simply let go. And then, I came. More intensely than ever before.

When I came, Monique drank my seed. I screamed louder than I had ever screamed before. Slowly, she pulled the dildo out of me. I sighed, suddenly feeling empty yet relieved. I felt a dull ache deep inside. Monique held me in her arms, and I sighed once more. This was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life. Afterwards, we didn’t talk. What could I say? How could I describe this experience? It was alright. And it hurt a lot less than I thought it would. I had fun, I must admit. This was new territory for Monique and me. Where do we go from here? I didn’t know. Still, this experience seemed to bring us closer together. I could talk to her about my most forbidden fantasies now. We could be honest with each other about our needs and desires. I guess that’s why we’re still together, even three decades later. I don’t have any regrets, not of that night or all the nights and days since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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