A Second First

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Double Penetration

My wife had given me my first exposure to the pleasures of anal stimulation in a bath we shared (see previous story). As I stated, she pleasured me with her fingers stroking in and out of my tight ass as she masturbated me to climax. This turned her on immensely, and we had great follow-up doggie-style sex afterward. Her climax was more intense than I’d ever seen her experience.

A couple of weeks later, we were on vacation without the kids. My friend had generously offered his boat to use as our “home-away-from-home”. One night, we ventured into the nearby town. After a leisurely Italian dinner at the best little restaurant in town, we were walking back to the slip. As we passed by an adult video store, my wife slipped in the door, beaconing me to follow. My eyes lit up as I entered behind her. She went quickly to the toy section and started looking at dildos and strap-ons. Her eyes glazed-over and she licked her lips when she saw a strap-on that was nearly identical to the length and girth of my dick when it’s erect.

“I’ll buy this one for us, Honey,” she cooed. She took her selection to the counter, pulled out her wallet, and paid the cashier.

With her package firmly tucked under her arm, we left the store. I couldn’t tell you what videos they had, as I was totally mesmerized by my sultry wife picking out her choice. As we passed a drug store, she again ducked into the door.

“I’ll be right back. Wait for me?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied, and reached in my pocket for a smoke. I waited patiently, and snuffed out the cigarette when she emerged in short order. We began to walk arm-in-arm back to the waiting boat.

We climbed aboard and she turned to me. Tossing the packages on the berth, she pulled me to her, kissing me deeply and lovingly. I responded in kind, slipping my tongue deep in her mouth.

“I can’t wait for you to fuck me,” she said breathlessly. “Let’s get naked, quick!”

We wasted no time stripping and fell together nude on the soft bed. She kissed my lips, neck, and chest on her way to my throbbing dick. I gently caressed her hair as she began to stroke and tongue my hardon. I pulled her around so that we could sixty-nine. She spread her knees on either side of my head, dropping her pelvis to my face. As she deep-throated my erection, I placed my finger and thumb on either side of her labia, spreading her pussy lips until her little hard clitoris emerged from under its fold of skin. I gently touched my tongue to the nub, sending shivers through my lover. She gasped as she finished on the upstroke on my cock.

I pushed my tongue into her moist and sweet-smelling slit as she ground her cunt into my face. Stroking my dick with one hand, she licked the head like a lollipop, taking my pre-cum from my slit with her skilled tongue. Her other hand gently fondled my balls, with a finger searching further down, to the tight ring of my asshole. I continued the assault on her sopping pussy, tongue-fucking her and matching her slurp for slurp and moan for moan. She got a little more vigorous with her sucking, and she abandoned my nutsack as she plunged her middle finger deep in my hole. I gasped aloud as she stroked her magic finger in and out of my ass. With my wife sucking my prick deep into her mouth, I slid my tongue down the length of her exposed pussy lips, to the taint between her cunt and asshole, and then rimmed her tight, puckered anus. She deep-throated me with a groan as I hardened my tongue and pushed hard through escort ataşehir the ring of her butt.

I knew how much she enjoyed my anal bathing, but she had not garnered enough courage to allow me to place my cockhead where my tongue now lingered and licked. I spread her cheeks wide, tongue-fucking her hot hole. She took the hint and shoved a second finger into my ass, fucking me gently but firmly. I pushed my bowels against the intruders, allowing better access to the depths of my ass. She increased the speed of her jacking and sucking, matching the intensity with her fingers in my wanting hole. I matched her stroke for stoke with my tongue in her ass. I pushed two fingers inside her pretty pussy. Soon, our ministrations began to match thrust for thrust.

As she took her lips from my dick, in a throaty moan said, “I love your tongue in my ass! Fuck me with your tongue! Ughn, oh! Oh, God! Fuck me, Lover!”

I continued to deep-tongue her now-opening asshole as she gasped and moaned with my cock in her mouth.

“I want you to fuck me now, Darling! Stick you hard cock in my cunt!” Again, she deep-throated my cock, and pulled her fingers from my aching ass.

“I’m going to fuck your hot cunt,” I moaned as I reluctantly pulled away from her open gash.

She took a break from her sucking, turned her head to face me and said, grinning, “You fuck me now, Sweetie, and then I’m going to fuck you.” She twisted around and positioned her dripping pussy over the head of my hard cock. Without hesitation, she dropped onto my meat, plunging me in to the hilt. I was balls-deep inside her when she orgasmed.

“Ugh, ugh! OH!” she moaned, contracting her pussy muscles around me. After the initial waves began to subside, she began riding me, hard and fast.

“I want your cum in me!” she said, breathlessly.

“Ugh, um, um, ahh,” I answered, flexing my pelvis upwards, driving myself deeper and deeper. We fucked each other vigorously until I felt it getting too good.

“God, I’m gonna cum!” I moaned.

“Yes, Baby, give it to me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!” she cried.

I couldn’t last. I exploded in her hot, spasming cunt. Jet after jet of my hot spunk shot deep inside her.

Totally spent, I collapsed, with her collapsing on top of me. Her warm, sweaty breasts smashed against my chest. We breathed deeply and quickly, until the passion-clutch ended. As my dick withered, it plopped out of her soaked box. She draggged herself off of me and went into the head. I heard water running for a minute, then shut off. She reappeared, holding a warm cloth between her legs. When she crawled back up on the bed, she began to wipe off my cum-encrusted cock. Gently, she wiped upward from my balls to the head. With her other hand, she lifted my sack and placed the warm cloth against my hole. The warmth felt grand on my slightly abused anus. Tossing the cloth onto the floor, she crawled up beside me, her leg and arm stretched across my body. We fell into a deep, post-coital sleep.

I awoke to the sound of rustling paper. Was it minutes or hours that I slept? I was well-rested and gently opened my eyes to locate the noise. My wife was unwrapping the strap-on and the lube she bought in the drugstore.

“Whatcha doin’, Sweety?” I asked.

“Get ready for me, Honey. I’m gonna screw that tight ass of yours,” was her reply.

Immediately, I involuntarily squeezed my anus tight. The strap-on looked simply huge on her petite kadıköy escort bayan frame. The black leather straps secured it around her hips, with a thin strap running from the bottom of the ballsac, across her pussy, to the harness in back. She turned away from me and asked, “How does it look on me?”

“It’s quite a change,” I replied. “I’m not used to seeing you naked with a cock jutting out like that.” Her ample breasts jiggled and the dildo swayed as she walked on her knees across the bed. In her hand was the tube of lube.

“Let’s get you ready for action,” she said. “Turn over on your stomach.”

My cock was becoming hard as I rolled over. A few seconds later, I felt the finger and thumb of one hand at the top of my buttcrack spreading my cheeks. She applied the cold, wet gel liberally on my hole with her finger, gently pushing some of the goo inside. My cock strained harder as she slipped a finger inside my hot hole. I spread my legs to allow her better access. She stroked my back with one hand while her other began to slowly fingerfuck me. I spread my knees further, then took the pillow from under my face and pushed it down under my belly, making my ass raise.

“God, that feels GOOD, Dear,” I whispered. She increased the speed of her finger thrusting in and out of my hole. A second finger soon joined the first, and I could feel her spread them inside me to ready me for the monster cock she wore. When she tried a third finger, she met with more resistance.

“Relax and push out, Honey.” There, that’s it,” she said as the three fingers slipped effortlessly inside. After several strokes, she announced, “I think you’re ready for my hard cock. Get ready and tell me how it feels when I fuck you.”

I felt the bed move as she kneeled up on it, and felt the monster cock tap me on my cheek as she lubed it. She grabbed the base of the strap-on and lined the head up to my hole. As the head made contact with it, I felt an electric chill run up my spine, causing my erection to jerk in anticipation. Gently, she pushed the head against my hole.

“Let me push out some more,” I grunted, trying to force myself open. With a jerk, the head popped in and I momentarily saw stars. The pain and pleasure were intense! I was thrilled knowing she was watching as the head invaded my sphincter. “Ugh,” was my only response. Knowing that I simply had to relax, I panted, “Stay right there until I get used to your big cock.” I began to breathe rapidly, consciously relaxing my ass until the pain disappeared, replaced by the pleasure that only an ass fucking could bring. In only a few seconds, I knew I was ready, and pushed my body back toward her, introducing a couple of inches more inside me. The feeling was strange, filling and painful, and yet new and wonderful feelings were beginning to surface in my mind. The lube rolled back down the length of the dildo as more and more of the fake cock disappeared up my rear. I felt my rectum stretching as it invaded me. My breathing helped to relax me and I soon felt the cold plastic nutsack of the strap-on against my balls.

“God, I’m completely in you!” she said, astonished. “You’ve got all eight inches of my ‘cock’ in you, Lover!”

Straining against the pain, I could only answer with a couple of grunts. As I adjusted to the huge invader, I relaxed my cheeks and spread my legs wider. Getting a little more comfortable and yet still feeling so full, I moved forward a micro-millimeter.

She waited escort bostancı until I began to pull myself away, seeing that I was ready to be fucked. Taking the cue, she pulled the cock back a little, then thrust gently back in to the hilt. I immediately saw more stars as the wonderful feelings replaced the pain of my stretched hole.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Fuck me, Honey. Fuck my tight asshole” I moaned.

She slowly pulled nearly all of the cock out of my ass until the cockhead began to open my ass further. Reversing, she slowly pushed the dick back inside me. Slowly, she began to pull out until only the head remained inside, and again she pushed the cock deep in my asshole. She began to gather more speed and developed a faster rhythm. My cock strained with pleasure, knowing my wife was fucking me up the ass. The feeling was great and wonderful, and I mentally admonished myself for not allowing myself this pleasure until now.

“Oh, Honey! You should see my big cock fucking your little brown asshole! How does it feel? Good?” she inquired.

“God, yes!” I answered. “It feels so huge, and so right! Fuck me hard! Stick that cock all the way in my ass and fuck me with it! Fuck me harder, faster! Ugh, ugh, ugh,” my grunts matching her strokes.

She increased her speed and the length of her strokes, pushing as far in as the dildo would allow. The invasion now felt wonderful and filled me. When she would pull out on the outstroke, the feeling of lack made me want more. Again and again, she stroked in and out of my loosening butt. She rode me faster and harder. In and out, push and pull. She varied her rhythm from fast and deep to slow and shallow. Once, she even pulled the entire dildo out, leaving my hole gaped open, willing her to return to my depths. She plunged the cock deeply, filling my wanting needs. I raised my ass a little to allow my hand to pump my straining erection. As she pushed in, I’d stroke down, imagining it was my cock that was fucking my ass. She pulled the dildo out, and I’d stroke my cock upward. Soon, in my mind, the journey was complete. I was fucking my own ass. When she’d speed up, I would increase my jacking. She slowed down, and I followed her speed.

She must have fucked me for fifteen minutes. We were both sweating profusely when I began to feel that warm, tingly feeling in my balls, telling me that I would cum soon. She sensed my urgency and began to saw in and out of my ass. I jacked off with renewed fervor.

As I began to cum, I moaned loudly. She recognized that I was cumming and pulled the cock completely from my ass, leaving me totally exposed. As I shot my sperm into the pillow beneath my hips, she gasped.

“God, Honey, your asshole is winking at me!” With every jet, my sphincter would try to tighten, and then relax.

I continued shooting my largest load in memory. After six or seven jets, she plunged the cock back inside me, completing my ecstasy by filling me up as my orgasm subsided.

Exhausted, I flopped down. The dildo pulled out of my ass with a “plop”. She, too, dropped beside me, her ‘cock’, now warmed by the inside of my body, lying against my thigh. My asshole felt numb, and it missed feeling so full as it did with the dildo planted firmly inside it.

When we awoke, we didn’t talk about our experience. We didn’t have to, for we knew that each of us had developed a new, exciting role in our lovemaking. We know that our lovemaking will never be the same, nor do we want it to be. Although we still make love in the conventional way most times, there are the special times when she knows that I’m missing a good ass fucking, and straps on her love toy. Lately, she’s been asking me how it feels with a cock in my ass. Maybe she’s ready for the experience?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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