A Reluctant Stepfather Ch. 02

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Dear Reader,

This is chapter 2. You may want to read one first, you can click on my author page to get there.


I realized I was still on the kitchen floor, lying on top of Stephanie, completely spent. I buried my face in her shoulder, almost afraid to look up. When everything stopped pounding and blood flow returned to my brain I was flooded with a tidal wave of feelings. Disbelief at my lack of restraint forefront among them. I had just thrown her down and taken her. And I had ridden her hard. Maybe too hard.

Then I felt her rib cage heaving up and down. Like a huge racking sob type of movement. Shit.

Oh my God, did I hurt her?

I looked up. “Stephanie, are you okay?”

She was laughing. Laughing?

“Okay. Are you kidding? I’m bloody fantastic. Like every-cell-in-my-body-singing fantastic. Like call everyone you ever knew and–“

I panicked.

“Stephanie, you can’t TELL anybody.”

“Well of course not. I’m saying that if I could I would shout it from the roof tops and say I’M GREAT.” She let out peals of joyous laughter.

I couldn’t help laughing too.

“But next time let’s use a bed, shall we. This tile’s freaking hard on my back.”

“Stephanie,” I said firmly, back in parent mode. “There can’t be a next time.”

I helped her up. Zipped the convict back in where he belonged. Tried to make myself look serious and remorseful. I heard what I had said but part of me couldn’t believe I said it. She was right, it had been fucking fantastic.

Which might explain why my voice hadn’t been all that convincing. I said it again, more firmly.

“There can’t be a next time.”

She looked at me and by the twitching of her lips I could tell she was trying hard to surprise a smile. “Right,” she said. “Absolutely. Right-o.”

Stephanie pulled her shirt up as she walked away so I got a clear view of her ass. “Definitely, definitely, not,” she said over her shoulder.

Oh, I was so screwed. I put my head in my hands. I was torn. Because yeah, I was screwed. And… I wanted more. Much, much, more. I wanted to be so, soooo screwed. Every which way. And I know who I wanted it from. And she was only one room away. I looked up and prayed for willpower. And then I prayed that I wouldn’t have any.

That night in bed, I replayed what happened in the kitchen over and over, and it didn’t lose any of its heat. If anything it got hotter. I could hear her labored breathing. Her squeak, the squeal, the panting. How hard it was for her to get words out. How fierce and growling I sounded demanding them from her. And I could smell her, hear the slapping sounds we made after I threw her down onto the floor and pounded into her over and over.

My thumb fingered the waste band of my boxers, hesitating, deciding. I got up. Padded silently over to Stephanie’s room. Listened. I couldn’t hear anything.

Her door was slightly opened. I knocked on it. “Stephanie?”


“Can I come in?”


I’m just going to talk to her. See if she’s okay. We never talked about it. I peeked in, opening the door bit by bit. She was wearing a pink baby doll night gown, she sat up when she saw me.

“Steph, are you alright?”

“Yes,” she said. “No.”

She opened her arms and I went to her.

“What do you mean ‘no’?” I asked. I rubbed a hand down her jaw.

“No,” she said more firmly. She glided her hands over my chest. She leaned in and kissed me, lightly touching her lips to mine before clutching my shoulders. “I’m not alright. I need more. And I need it from you.”

And just like that in a blink of an eye she was underneath me, her arms extended up above her head, wrists pinned against the bed held down by my hand, her hips illegal bahis thrusting up against me before I even realized I’d moved. Part of me tried to stop myself, but I couldn’t. Stephanie moaned and her mouth opened. I released her wrists. Suddenly I wanted to touch her everywhere. My hands coasted up and down her sides, skimmed over her breasts. I grabbed her head and kissed her, holding her while I plundered her mouth with more blind passion than finesse. I tried to force myself to slow down, but her writhing under me just spurred me on. It had been so long. And everything about her seemed so right. I grabbed the neckline of her nightgown and ripped it down the middle.

Jesus. My rational and my mind were torn in two as well.

I spread my hand out low on her abdomen, forcing her into the mattress as she struggled up to get to me. I paused, trying to clear my head.

“Please, don’t stop,” Stephanie panted. She pushed her hips up more. She was thrashing. I leaned forward and used my whole torso and arms to pin her down, freezing her in place.

“Stephanie. Stop. We have to talk about this.”

She shook her head no. No talking. But we had to talk. Shit. We hadn’t used a condom. “Fuck, Steph. We need to–“

She surged up and kissed me, a hot searing brand that sent all thoughts out of my mind. I grabbed one of her legs and wrapped it around me as I kissed her back. I was rocking my hips into her, dry humping her practically, and ready to explode. Fuck.

I had to find a way to slow down. This afternoon had been over in a flash. I didn’t want her to think I was the kind of guy who went up in a blaze of glory every time.

I have GOT to get control of this situation.

I rolled over and rolled her on top of me. I fitted her to me until her bare core was riding over the cotton covering my erection. I guided her until her arms were behind her head, and I helped lift and lower her in a very slow lazy rhythm. Once she had it going I stared at her, opening the two halves of her gown to caress her breasts, unabashedly staring at her beauty. Only the young could have such big, full breasts and still have them be so high and round and … perfect. I pictured licking them, biting her softly, placing little kisses fiery kisses on them. I felt the slow burn in my cock.

She must have seen the fire in my eyes.

She laughed.

I bit my bottom lip. “Bring me one of those beautiful tits, baby.” I pulled on the two halves of her gown, urging her torso closer to me. “Come on, Sweetie. You’re so beautiful. Bring them to me.” I pictured squeezing them together and making them into a personal glove for my dick to slide into and I had to squeeze my eyes shut against the vision before my brain went thermonuclear.

She leaned forward and when she brought her breast to my face I sucked her nipple into my mouth and I felt a shaft of white light strike straight through to my cock. I pulled my boxers off as I greedily sucked on her. It was weird how much I wanted all of her inside me but more than that I wanted to be inside her. So I reluctantly let her nipple out of my mouth and reached toward the bedside table for a condom.

Stephanie saw what I was doing and stopped my reach. We stayed there with her hand on my arm.

She shook her head. “You haven’t been with anyone since my mom, right?”

I shook my head in answer to her question but I said, “You should always use a condom, Stephanie.”

“I’ve only ever been with one person, years ago, and he was a virgin. So I’m totally clean and you’re totally clean and even if we weren’t we’ve already done it once already–“

“You could still get pregnant.”

“I’m on the pill.”

“Still, Stephanie, its a–“

She reached under herself illegal bahis siteleri and started working me with her hand as she moved up and down.

“Please…” she said.

She lowered herself just a tiny bit and I could feet the very tip of the head of my cock breach her folds. My fucking God, she was wet and tight. This girl is going to be my undoing.

“Please…” she said again.

I closed my eyes against her. But I nodded. She lowered herself slowly and she was so hot and slick and wet it took all of my control not to thrust up into her. So. Fucking. Tight.

I opened my eyes.

She was glowing.

I smiled at her. She smiled back.

I ran my palm down the center of her chest. “Now move for me, baby,” I said.

She moved up and down, nice and slowly, mimicking the rhythm I had set before. I touched her clit gently and watched her surprise turn to joy.

“Turn around for me, baby.”

She twisted her torso around to look at the door behind her. “Huh?”

“No,” I said and smiled at her. “Face the other way. Reverse cowgirl.”

Her brows furrowed. She had no idea what I meant.

I gestured with my fingers that she should get up and turn.

“You want me to fuck you… backwards?”

She was so young. I bit my lip to stop from laughing.

“Don’t you laugh at me,” she said. “Don’t you dare laugh at me. How am I supposed to know these things? I was only ever with one guy and he was a wanker. We only ever did missionary. I don’t know anything else.”

I just stared at her.

She lowered her voice and tried to make it sexy. “So you’ll have to teach me.”

“Yes,” I said. “I want to fuck you. Forwards and backwards. Backwards and forwards. Every way you’ve ever heard of and apparently some you haven’t. Get up and face the other way. Do it.”

She did. She was tentative.

“You’ll have to guide it in,” I told her.

She whimpered a little, trying to find her angle. I put a hand gently on her hip. “Easy. Easy, baby. Open your knees up more. Lean forward a little bit.”

She found a spot that was sweet for her and sank down onto me. I groaned. I ran a finger gently from her toes to thighs to her ass. “Alright, put your hands on my thighs and…” but by then she was moving and I leaned back, watching that gloriously tight ass go up and down over my hips. She was dripping, and I had an amazing view. I could see all of her. I used my fingers to spread the cheeks of her ass apart and stared at my cock going in and out of her pussy. I was entranced by how my hands made a huge frame around her hips, her asshole, her cunt, my cock, her thighs.

Oh, God. Fuck she was beautiful.

Stephanie was grunting; starting to speed up.

“Keep it slow, baby. Nice and slow.”

She slowed down. “Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

“That’s a good girl,” I said.

“Put your hands on my ankles,” I said.

She twisted around to look at me. “On your… ankles?”

“Yeah,” I said.

She leaned way forward and grabbed my ankles and rode me. I hit a kind of trance; it was so good.

I pushed her gown out of the way and ran a finger down the elegant arch in her back. Suddenly a memory of Marie in the hospital a few days before she died came to mind. She was walking to the bathroom. It was only a few feet from her bed. She could barely make it but she wouldn’t accept my help. The hospital gown swung open to revel her lower back and ass, which had been some of her best features but on that day looked as deathly as the rest of her. Marie stopped at the doorjamb of the bathroom, leaned against it. “Promise me you’ll love again, Tom. Promise me.”

I was right beside her, shaking my head.

“You’re too young to pine. I don’t care canlı bahis siteleri who she is. She could be a raging bitch or a 400 pound slacker. Just open your heart again. As soon as you can. Promise.”

“No,” I had said.

Marie shut the bathroom door. “I’m not coming out until you promise.”

I put my forehead against the door. “I promise.” I said.

I came back to the present because Stephanie was keening, wailing, saying something I couldn’t understand.

I looked at her smooth skin, his lush body, her beautiful pussy taking my cock in over and over again and something in my heart opened up, warmth spilling from my chest down through my toes.

She was repeating something. Repeating it over and over. “Pleaseletmecomepleaseletmecome.”

“What?” I asked her sharply.

She must have thought it was a reprimand because she panted in a new syllable in there. “Please let me come, Sir.”

I didn’t understand why she was asking me, but then I remembered this afternoon. Oh, yeah. I told her that she couldn’t come unless I let her.

“Not yet. Lean forward,” I said.

She did.

“More,” I said.

Stephanie leaned forward until her face wasn’t far from where she was grabbing my ankles. “Now, as fast as you can baby, ride.” And she did, up and down. The pressure built so fast I bowed up underneath her with my effort not to explode.

“Please let me come,” she said.

“Not yet,” I said.

I grabbed her hips and slammed her down on me while I thrust up into her over and over as hard as I could. She started screaming and with one loud roar I exploded. “OKAY. NOW,” I said. She convulsed around me, those glorious tight squeezes milking the last bit from me as we both collapsed.

“Holy fuck,” she said.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Can we do that again, Daddy?” she said.

I smacked her on the ass. “Get up here,” I said.

Stephanie changed her position until she rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and cuddled her to my chest. We stayed that way, relearning how to breathe.

“You know what? This is going to sound weird but… I think that… healed something inside me,” she said.

“You and me both, baby girl.” I kissed the top of her head. “You and me both.”

And then she was crying.

“Fuck. Steph. What?” And then I felt like a heel. I was the adult here I had been trying to do the right thing. I gathered her up even more and rained tiny kisses on her face, kissing her tears. “God, Stephanie.” I jostled her. “What?”

“It was just… just…”

“What, baby doll? Tell me.” For God’s sake, Stephanie, please.

“Just so good.”

“So why are you crying?”

She sobbed harder. “I don’t know.”

We started laughing.

“Catharsis, I guess,” she said.

“You work at a college you’re bound to use big words,” I said, kissing the top of her head.

“Or maybe it’s like, you know, crying when, why women cry at weddings when they’re so happy,” she said.

I smiled at that. I reached over and got some tissues. “Dry your eyes drippy. Get up and go to the bathroom, then come back and I’ll hold you for a few minutes before I go back to my room.”

She nodded and did what she was told. Part of me wanted to hold her through the whole night, but that wasn’t a good idea. This wasn’t a relationship.

Stephanie came back to bed and I tucked her head under my chin as I held her tightly.

“Soooo…” she said in a voice that she tried to pitch low, “Do you think there’s anything else you can teach me?”

Still a manipulative little brat.

“I might be able to think of a thing or two,” I said.

If you’re good.

# # #

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