A Randy Retirement Pt. 22: Ellie , Mina Ch. 02

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Intro: The exploits of a man whose given name fit him perfectly, Randy, and he certainly was that. He was a high-school history teacher and coach until he hit the lottery and retired early at 52. While he was not averse to returning flirtatious quips from the girls in his classes, he did avoid giving in to the urge, telling the more enticing of them to, “come see me after you graduate.” Some did, but these stories deal with his life after hitting it big and building two houses; one along a river bluff 45 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and another on a secluded portion of the Northern Outer Banks, both equipped with playrooms. And he still had over a hundred million to spare. All characters are 18+ years of age. All stories can stand alone, but reading the series gives added insights and descriptions as it unfolds.

Synopsis: Mina joins her sister for Spring Break

April, 2018 – OBX House

Wednesday evening

Randy had taken a shower and dressed in a loose pair of slacks and a dress shirt that he didn’t tuck in. He then had prepared the meal, a Tuscan chicken dish with penne pasta and a salad. Ellie came in as he was almost done, dressed in stripper heels and a white mini-dress that had lavender flowers printed on it.

“That’s a nice outfit. It looks really good on you.”

“Thank you,” she replied.

“It’s still not gonna get you any more dick tonight though.”

“Dammit,” and she smiled. “Can’t blame a girl for tryin’, can you?”

“No, I can’t,” and he put her to work tearing apart lettuce for the salads.

Mina arrived before they had finished and Randy went to let her in. She was dressed in black shorts and a black, cropped tube top with white sneakers and kissed him on the cheek in greeting. They walked into the kitchen and the tension in the room was suddenly palpable.

Ellie gave her a flat hello with no enthusiasm, “Hey girl, what’s up?”

With her apprehension peeking out from her self-imposed shroud, Mina came to stand beside Ellie and flipped the attention from herself to her sister. Looking intently into Ellie’s eyes, she announced, “Not much, just a long-ass drive, but I can tell what you’ve been up to.”

“What do you mean?” Randy interrupted.

“Let it go,” Ellie chimed in.

“No,” replied Mina, “if he wants to know, he should know,” and she turned to Randy. “I can always tell when she’s been fucked by her eyes. They turn a paler shade of blue.”

Randy had totally missed it and looked at Ellie, but she turned away.

“Ellie,” he said in a stern voice, “show me your eyes.”

Without pause she turned to him, widening her eyes defiantly and staring at him. Her older sister was correct, the bright sapphire blue of Ellie’s eyes had faded, much like stone-washed jeans.

“Interesting,” and he turned to look at the older sister, “Does Mina have any tells?”

Ellie gave her sister a perturbed look, “Not that I’ve noticed, but I don’t do inspections, unlike like some people.”

Randy wanted to smile at the by-play, but he didn’t want a catfight and said to the younger sister, “Why don’t you help her bring her bags in and show her to her room while I finish up supper.”

Both blondes looked at him for a moment, but neither spoke before they left for Mina’s car. When they came back some ten minutes later, they were laughing with each other in such a genuine way that Randy just shook his head.

He thought about the change in dynamic, in such a short time, between the sisters and was intrigued by the quick switch from snippiness to laughter. It immediately struck him as strange and he decided to let it play out over the next several days, maybe stir it up just a little, and observe.

“Supper is ready, y’all sit and I’ll serve you.”

As they ate, Randy made sure they both understood that after supper he would be getting reacquainted with Mina and that Ellie was to stay in her room.

When he finished going over the rules, he asked, “Is that understood?”

“Yes,” Mina answered.


The younger sibling hesitated, and he cocked his head toward her, “Elise?”

She gave him the evil eye for using her given name and grudgingly answered, “Understood.”


“Under protest,” she added, half-smiled to herself, and sipped her wine.

They finished the meal in near silence and then all three cleared the table, rinsed the dishes, and filled the dishwasher.

He had the sisters tell each other goodnight and watched as Ellie walked slowly to her room without looking back. When he heard her door close, he escorted Mina to the living room.

On the way, she asked, with a little catch in her voice, “Can I have a cigarette?”

Randy considered if she was stalling, but offered, “Sure, go on out to the gazebo and I’ll fetch ’em.”

When he joined her, she was sitting on the table, her tanned legs crossed at the knees and her hands flat on the table on either side of her ass. She was barely 5’4″ and almost half of that was legs, but the table put her higher and eryaman anal yapan escort Randy took the moment to admire her 32B-26-32 body from the side as he approached. Even though they were on the small side, he remembered the roundness of her tits as they became evident in the tube top. He came to stop in front of her and leaned in for a kiss. Their tongues dueled for a moment, but they kept their hands to themselves. When Randy straightened, Mina licked her lips and then pursed them. He tapped out a cigarette for her and then lit it and watched her take the first drag into her mouth before French inhaling it. She was pretty good at it.

“Impressive,” he smiled.

“Thanks,” came the reply and she did it again, before putting the cigarette between her lips and letting it dangle. She then reached out with both hands for his belt buckle and began to undo it.

Randy stood still and stared at her as she concentrated on her chosen task, eventually letting his pants and boxers drop to the floor around his ankles. Then, drawing on the cigarette in her mouth, she went to work on his shirt. The blue smoke rose between them as she noticed his stare, her eyes meeting his for a faction of a second before they went back to the buttons and continued in silence.

Mina was surprised that her fingers worked as well as they did. She was nervous. The first time they were together she had been overwhelmed, both physically and mentally, by his dick. She remembered the look of it in great detail, every ridge, every vein, and especially the wide corona of the head. But it was the mind-blowing feeling of being full that had haunted her for almost a year and now she was about to feel that again. The hormones in her body were pushing her onward.

She had started at the top button and when she had them all undone, she wrapped one hand around his manhood and took the cigarette from her mouth with the other.

“I’ve had dreams about this since last year,” she said as she squeezed his dick lightly, the tremor in her voice still present.

“Good ones I hope,” Randy responded, interested as to where this was headed.

“Dreams,” she repeated. “To find out if they were good or bad is the reason I came back.”

“I see,” and he reached out and slowly pulled her tube top down, exposing her tanned titties and bunching the top at her mid-section.

Mina turned behind her and crushed out the cigarette in an ashtray as Randy took the opportunity to step out of his shoes, pants, and boxers. He shed his shirt and let it fall to the floor, moving back in close as she turned back to him.

With their faces inches from each other, she whispered to him, “I want you to fuck me just like you fuck her.”

He knew the ‘her’ to which she referred.


“Because I want to feel what she’s been feeling, I want to try to understand it because she’s been different since you fucked her a year ago.”

He knew there were sibling rivalry issues going on, but just then realized how deep they ran. But there was pussy to be had so he pressed on, bending over and removing Mina’s shoes. He took her feet, put them on the table, and she raised her ass so that he could remove her shorts. She was left only in a tiny black thong and the tube top around her waist. He moved in and kissed her again and as the kiss grew more passionate, he grabbed the thong at her mons and pulled up on it roughly, wedging it tightly between the lips of her pussy and drawing a gasp. Without warning he hefted her body over his shoulder, spanked her ass once and then bent to pick up their discarded clothes before taking her into the living room.

He set her down on the floor and she continued to her knees, removed the top over her head, and grabbed his dick once again. Randy had a raging boner by now and Mina was determined to suck it, she grabbed the base of his cock with both hands stacked atop each other and worked her jaws to get the first few inches inside, sucking hard. When Randy sat down on the large ottoman and lay back, she followed his cock like she was attached to it and her blonde hair fell over and covered her face as she continued to work on just the head.

She had some great suction going and Randy could not only feel it, but hear it as the blonde hair bobbed in the dim lights. She wanted it, but still struggled with his size and as she continued it became obvious to him that she had contrived to control the action with her hands so it would appear she was getting it all in her mouth.

“Silly little girl,” he muttered, and she looked up from his cock and pulled her hair back with one of her hands. Her face was flushed but beautiful, even with all the saliva covering it from her upper lip down.


“Crawl up on top of it,” Randy told her, skipping over his previous utterance, and motioning for her to ride him. He was very aware of her angst from the first time they were together and had decided to let her go at her own pace to start, at least until she was fully reacquainted ankara escort with his dick. He knew that eventually he was going to rail her.

She did as he said, placing her knees on either side of him on the ottoman and inserting his dick with a grimace. She held herself up by leaning forward on his chest with both hands and worked her pert little ass on his cock.

Randy could not see, but going by feel, he estimated that she was barely taking half his dick, still he let her continue as she fucked herself frenetically and squeaked out an “ohh” or “ahh” occasionally.

Between her shortened breaths he asked her, “You really want me to fuck you like I fuck Ellie?”

“Yesss,” she told him, her voice emphasizing her exertion.

He reached up, put his hands her under her armpits and stood with her, his cock coming out in the process as they moved to the couch. Gently, he lowered her to her back and remained bent, towering over her. For the briefest of moments, he thought he had seen Ellie standing in the shadows and watching when he had turned, but with other matters that were more pressing he flushed the thought from his mind.

His cock was at full attention and dripping saliva on her abdomen, swaying there as Mina stared at it. Randy took her chin in his hand and directed her focus back to his face.

“Mina, I fuck your sister like a whore.”

“Then fuck me like a whore,” she whispered determinedly and he cocked his head to the side like he had not heard correctly. It was then that she added, “And don’t stop, no matter what.”

He got to his knees on the floor and pushed her legs back with his upper arms as her lower back and ass hung off the edge.

“If that’s what you want, you little slut, then you put it in.”

She did not hesitate as she took his cock in her right hand and pressed it to her sex until it slipped inside while she grimaced. Randy went halfway right off the bat and Mina’s back arched as she moaned, but her hand had lingered, loosely holding his shaft as he pulled back and then pushed even deeper. She threw her head back and moaned even louder.

“Ahhhhh … ahhhhh … ohhhhh … ohh yeah,” she cried out as he steadily stroked her. “Oh, fuck yeah …” and then he got two thirds of the way inside. “Ohhhh … shittttt!”

It was the full feeling that she remembered and then it came back to her, the impossible to escape fear that he might split her open. But the fire that enraptured her at that moment would not let her stop him and she continued to moan as his cock edged ever deeper.

Randy looked down and saw that her pussy was insanely stretched around the shaft of his dick, her little clit exposed and taut. She brought both of her hands outside her hips and fumbled to find his, clasping them tightly to hold on as her back began again to involuntarily arch with each downstroke.

“Damn you got a tight pussy,” he growled as he continued to drill her. He wanted to let her get used to it before he really hammered her. Letting go of her left hand, Randy reached down and grabbed her by the back of the head, pulling it up so she could see his cock going in and out.

“Watch it Mina. Watch my fat cock stretch your little whore pussy.”

Mina’s eyes widened and she moaned again, but she could not look away despite shaking her head from side to side. Her pussy contracted then and gave Randy a shudder and he stopped with his cock seven inches inside her.

He paused for several seconds, then took her by her upper arms and moved her further back on the couch, so that her head and shoulders were propped up by the back and her ass was barely hanging off.

She forced a crazed smile as more of his cock disappeared. Randy was holding her legs in the air by her ankles now and she brought one hand up to play with her clit, the other holding onto the back of the couch. His dick was almost all the way in and her smile turned smug. She was proud of herself.

Randy asked her, barely able to contain himself and hoping for an affirmation, “One last chance Mina, you’re sure you want me to fuck you like I fuck your sister?”

All she did was nod enthusiastically, the crazed smile remaining as she repeated “un-huh,” over and over to the beat of his cock.

She attempted to maintain the smile, but that was a lost cause. It got too good for her and then she did something that surprised even Randy. She slapped the leather couch loudly with both hands and brought them instantly to his sides, pulling his body closer and his cock deeper.

“Hah … hah … hah … hah,” she cried out and then sucked in air and held it as Randy picked up the intensity. Her hips were trying to match him as her body had taken over and her brain was no longer in control. Then she let out the breath with the same, “Hah … hah … hah … hah,” and repeated the process.

It was at that moment that she bit her bottom lip. Randy saw it and every bit of restraint he had was gone. He instantly went to another gear and started to pound her pussy, etimesgut escort though still not quite all the way in.

Mina’s face registered the change. It turned up to him with a pleading look. “Ah yeah … fuck yeah … ah-huh … ohhhh.”

She kept repeating “un-huh” and each one went up a little in pitch until it changed to a prolonged “Unnnnnn,” and she wrapped her legs around his waist and locked on.

His hands found hers again, holding them alongside her hips, and his next stroke pushed in all the way, where no one had ever gone before and Mina lost herself as he hammered her, hitting bottom with each stroke like a hammer striking an anvil. He had not gotten this deep last year.

“Ohhh … shittttt” she cried, and Randy saw her eyes roll back in her head as she began again to turn it from side to side. He was rag-dolling her and her legs tried to straighten against his arms as she came with a scream of “Oh my god … cummmiinnngggg!”

It was like her orgasm had opened the taps as Mina started sweating profusely and Randy slowed his pace. He withdrew and backed off, letting her feet to the floor. Sitting back on his ass, he watched her lithe body continue to twitch for several minutes, her head still slowly moving from one side to the other. He noticed that her pussy was gaped open the two inches that his dick had once occupied, her cum dripping from it.

It took ten minutes for Mina to finally sit up and look at him. Her makeup was a mess, but he said nothing about it as she smiled that crazed smile. Instead, he asked if she would like another cigarette.

“I think that’s appropriate,” she responded with a nod. He helped her up and they went back to the gazebo, but not before he reached into a box under the couch and palmed one small item.

The pack of cigarettes and lighter had been left on the gazebo floor and Mina bent over to pick them up, giving Randy a clear view of her naked ass, the pussy juice glistening on her inner thighs in the muted lighting. She lit her own and handed over the items to Randy, who chose to smoke as well. They stood side-by-side, leaning back against the table, and looked out into the darkness. There was no moon, but they could hear the crashing of waves on the beach.

Mina blew out a noxious cloud and cocked her head toward him. “Why do you like rough sex so much?”

Randy shrugged, “Because it makes women cum uncontrollably and then when I finally cum, it makes my orgasm even harder. The harder I can make you cum, the harder I cum. I don’t know why it’s like that, but it’s been that way for a long time.”

“Even with my mama?”

“Yes, even with your mama. Now,” and he paused for emphasis, “why do you want me to fuck you like I fuck your sister?”

It was her turn to shrug, “It’s like I said, I want to experience what she does, see what it’s all about. I’m all into trying new things. I don’t think I relaxed enough to enjoy it last year, so I wanted another go to see how it went.”

Randy thought to himself, ‘Yeah, relaxation may have had something to do with it, but the main reason was you’re not built physically to take a big cock.’ Then something else she had said dawned on him.

“Mina, I have a different question, and I’m not judging you, I’m just trying to verify a hunch. Do you smoke weed?”

“Yes,” she answered without a visible reaction.


“Well, not every day. But yeah. Why do you ask?” and she stood fully upright and turned to face him, one arm crossed under her breasts and providing a base at the elbow of the other as she held the cigarette up by her face.

“Your comment about trying new things, it just kinda hit me that maybe one of the things you had tried was drugs, so I was curious.”

“Do you?” she asked hopefully.

“No ma’am, never have. I got stupid enough in my younger days drinking vodka, I never messed with dope.”

She silently laughed, the mussed makeup making her look clownish, and French inhaled again.

“Weed is the only thing I do, kinda takes the edge off a stressful day. I’d never touch any of the other stuff though. I shoulda brought some with me,” and she eyed him closely for any reaction.

Randy gave her none, changing the subject as he put out his smoke. “Ready for round two?”

She was inhaling as he asked and tilted her head to the ceiling, blowing out one long, bluish stream. “It’s why I’m here.”

Randy held out a closed fist to her, palm up, and opened his fingers slowly. His hand held a single strand, leather cock ring with snaps and she looked at it and then at him.

“What’s that?”

He handed it to her and then walked to a storage bin off to the side. Opening it, he took out a rolled up, aqua blue, yoga mat and came back to where Mina was standing.

“It’s a cockring,” he told her as he unfurled the mat and put it flat on the gazebo floor. “I want you to put it on me.”

She held it up by one end and examined it, “I’m not sure I would know how.”

“It’s easy, just wrap it around the base of my balls and over the top of my shaft as tight to my body as possible, then snap it together in the tightest snap you can.”


“To let me fuck you longer before I cum. And Mina, no matter how many orgasms you have, I’m gonna fuck you ’til I cum.”

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