A Private Arrangement Ch. 02

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It was the day after James had slept with his nineteen year old niece and taken her virginity. She hardly left his thoughts since he had said goodbye to her in the morning, after leaving her with a coffee and a kiss. He didn’t want to bump into his sister on the way out, so had left quite early. It had seemed unthinkable when his sister Kate had first proposed what Lindsey had wanted. Now, after the event it seemed quite natural. Yes, it was incest, but he didn’t feel guilty or ashamed. Lindsey was such a lovely girl. Gorgeous with her perfect figure and long blonde hair. She embodied a mesmerising combination of innocence and sexuality, which had turned James on in her bedroom, making the job of deflowering her that much easier as his libido took control. He thought about it afterwards; what it all meant. It had opened his eyes to a new world of erotic pleasures. It resurrected old, hidden feelings he had had as a teenager, when he used to sneakily peep at his sister in the bathroom and accidentally-on purpose walk in the bathroom when she showered. Kate had always had a good body. She was his sister and that was that, but now and again he harboured those inquisitive meanderings in his mind. What if she wasn’t his sister – would he fancy her? Did she ever think about things like that herself?

It was a bright sunny afternoon and he decided it would be a good idea to go for a walk and try to turn his attention to something else and get everything in perspective. He had gone about a mile but still couldn’t help wonder what Lindsey was feeling now or how Kate thought about it. He stopped by a bench in the park, where some mothers and children were throwing bread to the ducks. He called Kate on his mobile, he needed to find out. He couldn’t rest till he knew what was what.

‘Hello James.’

‘Hi Sis, how are you?’

‘I’m fine – and you?’

‘Yeah great…erm how’s Lindsey?’

‘Oh OK I think, she went out around noon to visit a friend from school who’s over. She just moved down here in Feb. Lindsey’s quite excited about meeting her again.’

‘Did she say anything this morning? About…you know.’

‘We had a little talk over coffee yes. She really enjoyed the experience, let’s say that.’

‘Oh, well what can I say’

‘And what do you think, James, are you OK with everything?’

‘Yes, yes, I guess so – it’s cool. To be honest, it was a lot easier than I thought.’

‘I thought you’d be OK.’

‘What now though Sis?’

‘What, what now?’

‘I mean, me and Lindz.’

‘What do you want. Do you want to see her again?’

‘Erm, well yes, she’s so lovely, but – do you think she will want to? I mean, now the ice is broken.’

‘I’m sure – I know she will, until she goes to Uni anyhow. I’d say make the most of her, while you’ve got her – fill your boots eh?’

‘Ha – Sis, say what you mean.’

‘I think it’s cool, the more I think about it, the more OK I am with it,’



‘Good, I wasn’t sure if you’d have second thoughts.’

‘No way, I love you both James – I know it’s OK. Tell you what I’ll bake you your special as a treat – to say thanks.’

‘Coffee and walnut?’


‘Oh Sis, can’t wait. I feel a lot more reassured now.’

‘OK my dear, I’ve got to go now, I’m expecting the washing machine repair guy any minute OK.’

‘OK, Sis, love you – bye.’

It was late morning the next day and James was taken by surprise when Lindsey called round unexpectedly. James looked round and saw a little pink Nissan parked up on his drive.

‘Ayup Lindsey, whose is the car?’

‘It’s mine – a present from Mum – didn’t she say?’


‘Well, I passed my test when I was seventeen and I think she thought it would give me extra independence. I think secretly she hopes it will occupy me round here instead of going to The States. Anyway I’m sorry I can’t stay Uncle James, I mean…James.’

‘It’s OK, you’re just my niece today right?’

‘Erm…right. I’m having my hair done in half an hour, but I wanted to pop round and see you.’

‘What do you think now, is everything OK?’

‘It was brilliant, I feel like a proper woman now.’

Lindsey took his hand and stroked it. ‘I love you so much Uncle James.’

‘Don’t, you’re embarrassing me.’

Lindsey moved round and sat next to her uncle on the sofa. She put one hand on his neck. This immediately sent his hackles rising, her touch was so light and delicate. He looked in her brilliant, bright green eyes. Then he looked down and saw her cleavage under her light flowered blouse. The top two buttons were undone and left a teasing glimpse of her girly charms. Lindsey took his hand again and guided it towards her breasts. Without thinking he pulled her towards him and gave her a deep, lingering French kiss as he fondled her. At last Lindsey broke the clinch and looked so shy and sweet it melted his heart along with his hardened dick.

He could feel himself getting worked up and wanted to sample her delights for a second time. He licked his lips and began unbuckling illegal bahis his belt. Lindsey, got the message and started to undress. She unbuttoned her top and slipped off her pink skirt. Underneath, she was clad in a black thong and a black, lacey, front-loaded bra.

‘Oh my! Lindz, you look amazing.’

‘Hmmm, I know James, I bought this set especially for you – I’m so glad it’s right.’

Jame’s cock was already upright under his boxers. He held Lindsey close to him and slowly began to grind his hardness against her pubic mound.

‘Oh Lindsey, you’re wonderful baby. You’re so, so sexy – I want to make love to you.’

‘Hmmm James, you make me feel so hot and tingly.’

James gave her a kiss full on her lips and she responded with her tongue and the two exchanged a long, wet snog. James had now put his right hand down the front of her thong and massaged her clitoris. He continued to kiss her but moved along her face and down her neck, slowly, in little stepping stones on to her shoulder and gradually moved down her body, lingering on her cleavage. He paused to undo her bra and then resumed his attention on her breasts, sucking on her candy pink nipples.

‘Aww James, this is too much, I want sex.’

James didn’t need asking twice. He quickly removed his boxers, then ripped down her thong.’

‘How do you want me UNCLE James.’

‘Oh Lindsey, bend over on the chair and I’ll do you doggy.’

Lindsey knelt on the cushion with her bum in the air and he plunged his rock hard dick into her wet, pink quim.

‘Aaaaaw, oh fuck, aaaaaaah Jame…yes, oh fuck.’

‘Oh my fucking goodnight, Lindsey, you’re so fucking tight!’

James let her have his seven inches in long, quick strokes. Lindsey moaned and had to bite her lip as she felt her pussy judder and tremble with the first wave of orgasm. James maintained the rhythm and fucked her harder and harder as she became wetter and wetter.

Aaaargh, awwww, yes, Lindz, you little fucking, sey bitch! You like this don’t you!’

James could feel his cock begin to ache and become harder as his own orgasm grew closer.

‘Ooh, oh yes, that’s good! Are you going to cum James, I can feel you more now.’

‘Mmmm, I’m – ooh yes, it’s close, yes.’

‘Oh fuck, cum in my mouth, please, I want to have all your spunk!’

He pulled out and Lindsey sat on the edge of the chair as he wanked his cock, just half an inch from her mouth. The sight of her sweet, young face inviting him to unload everything down her throat, heightened his arousal to it’s maximum and shot a long stream of milky cum into her mouth, followed by another and another. He wanked a few more good drops into her mouth until his balls were empty. It was beginning to ooze from the corner of her lips as she worked the gooey load around her gums and then swallowed everything.

‘Mmmmmmmmm. All gone! That’s so hot and sexy – thankyou!’

‘Oh babe, the pleasure’s mine!’

A few minutes later they dressed and cuddled on the sofa.

‘I’d love to stay James, but I don’t want to miss my appointment… Say, Mum wonders if you want to come round later, you know for a drink or two, just us.’

‘Oh OK, fine yes, why not, what time?’

‘About eight?’

‘Yes, cool.’

They both straightened their attire and exchanged a long, warm hug and then she was gone. James sat down and relaxed. He felt really good after another hot bout of raw love-making with his niece. She really hit the spot this time. He still felt a bit guilty about ejaculating in her mouth. But it was a rare treat and accepted she was happy with it, so he guessed it was alright. He enjoyed the rest of his day immensley after that, he felt so good and looked forward to the drink at his sister’s.

He arrived at the arranged time. He parked up and rang the bell. Kate opened the door.

Ha, oooh, James, come in! Hee he, we’re just having a little drink.’

James could tell by her giggly, effervescent manner that it was more than a little drink and this alarmed him. In the sitting room, Lindsey was sitting on a bean bag shuffling a deck of cards and with a bottle of beer on the floor next to her. She too had clearly had quite a bit and giggled merrily when she saw her uncle.

‘Hi Lindsey, you look comfortable – what’s happening, your Mum’s steaming!’

‘Yeah, we had a drink and one became two and before you know it…’

‘You’re not far off, I think I’m going to struggle to catch up with you two.’

‘Well anyway we were going to have a game of cards, are you in?’

Katie came back into the room with two fresh bottles of beer.

‘There you go Jamie.’

”Jamie’, you’ve not called me that for a while Sis.’

‘He hee, OK, bruv – come on sit down, we’re gonna play cards. What game shall we play?’

‘Poker.’ Suggested Lindsey.

‘OK, what about we make it interesting?’

James was not keen on gambling, and knew his sister had a wild side when she was drunk.

‘I’m not playing for money.’

‘OK, I wasn’t thinking of that’, continued Kate. ‘What illegal bahis siteleri about strip poker!’

James was a bit uneasy with this idea.

‘You’re kidding?’

‘No. What do you reckon Lindsey darling?’

‘Hmmm, sounds like a plan.’

‘Oh, I don’t know Sis.’

‘Oh come on James, don’t be such a stick in the mud. Deal him in Lindz.’

Lindsey dealt the first hand, with James feeling decidedly uncomfortable with the whole thing. In the first hand, he had Ace high, with both the girls bagging a pair.

‘Come on James, you lose. What shall we get him to take off Lindz?’

‘His pullover.’

‘Come on bruv, take it off.’

James pulled the garment over his head and Lindsey dealt the second hand.

This time, she had a pair of twos, against James’s flush and Katie’s three of a kind.’

‘Oh Lindz, bad luck baby, you got to take something off.’

James suddenly started to feel quite hot.

‘Ooh what shall I take off James?’

‘I don’t know, your sneakers?’

‘Oh, boring. Well, I suppose they have to come off.’

The next round saw Lindsey loose again. Kate was clearly thrilled at this.

‘Oh Lindsey, it’s got to be a proper bit of clothing this time! Take your top off.’

Lindsey removed her sweatshirt and was left in her jeans and brassiere. James looked at his sister nervously and wondered what would happen when she lost a hand. She had nothing on her feet, so it would have to be a garment. However, Lindsey lost the next hand too.

‘Oh gosh, it’s me again. I suppose I’ll have to take my jeans off then.’

‘Oh you’re no good at this Lindz, is she James?’

James looked on as his niece stood up and unzipped her jeans and slowly rolled them off her toned legs. He was now feeling distinctly hot and bothered and knew that this thing might get out of control, with his sister polishing off yet another bottle of beer.

James lost the next hand and lost his shoes.

In the next round, Katie had Queen high, James Ace high and Lindsey a pair.

‘Oh it’s me. What do you want me to take off bruv?’

‘Phew Katie. I don’t know.’

James had done his best over the years to suppress any erotic feelings towards his sister, but suddenly, he felt turned on by the idea of her taking something off, in a game of strip poker.

‘I think it’s got to be my blouse.’

James looked away, but then was drawn like a rabbit in the headlights as Katie unbuttoned her top. She shook her long mousey hair as she slipped the blouse off and threw it on the floor. She was left with her low cut bra and her short denim skirt.

James lost the next hand. He was now starting to get really aroused by the situation, but still had his T-shirt on, so bought some time by removing that. Lindsey dealt the next hand carefully. After they pulled extra cards, James just beat her with a pair of Kings to her Queens and Katie had a flush.

‘Lindsey dear, I think your bra has to come off.’

‘Ooh yes, you’re right. Are you watching James?’

James sat stunned as she undid the catches and revealed her perky breasts. Seeing them at all had been exciting enough, but having her undress in front of him and his sister like this was another level.

On the next hand Katie lost with jack high.

‘Oh me again. Hmmm, not sure when you last saw me in my underwear James?’

James didn’t know what to say, but watched, not able to understand how aroused this was making him. Kate stood up, but wobbled slightly from her inebriation. She unzipped her skirt and it slipped to the floor. James glared at her white panties, which were tight and hugged her firm, round bottom. They played the next hand and Kate lost again. James’s heart missed a beat as without speaking, she nonchalantly removed her bra. James’s dick was now almost fully hard and he shuffled on his chair uncomfortably. Katie had still good breasts, to say she was 39. They were remarkably pert with dark pink nipples. James was finding it hard to concentrate on anything now and found himself constantly looking at his sister’s body, knowing any minute she could be completely in the buff. Then came the moment he was dreading. He lost the next hand.

‘Oh fuck.’

‘Hey what’s up James?’ Asked Katie, with a smirk. ‘Get em off mate.’

James stood up and undid his trousers and his cock instantly poked against his boxers like a tent peg.

‘Oh James!’

Both girls giggled as Katie dealt another hand. James lost.

‘Frick, Katie, I’m not…’

‘Get em off bruv, you know the rules.’

He felt so horny now, but was also overcome with nerves and his hands trembled like a leaf as he pulled his boxes down.

‘There you go Mum – how about that!’

‘Got to say James, it’s a good one.’

‘OK, OK – thank you, oh fuck, I can’t believe I’m doing this.’

Katie beamed a hug smile at her daughter.

‘I think it’s fun James, keeping it in the family.’

‘Ah come on Sis you’re just drunk, you’re gonna regret this tomorrow.’

‘I’m not that bad, I’m not drunk canlı bahis siteleri – just a bit tipsy.’

‘I think we should forget the cards and just take all our clothes off.’ Suggested Lindsey.

‘Yeah come on James, let’s all get naked.’

James had quietly resolved to play along with it now. It was behind closed doors and maybe he could live out a secret fantasy. Katie was blissfully unconcerned with the situation. She was on her fifth bottle of beer, felt as horny as hell and didn’t care what happened. James for his part was as randy as a bull. Katie could see his inhibitions had waned by how hungrily he was staring at the crotch of her panties.

‘Would you like to take my knickers off James?’

‘If you like – yes. Come here.’

Lindsey was keen to get her own undies off and rolled them down as James contemplated the denouement of his sister. Lindsey rubbed a finger inside her moist pussy and decided to tease James.

‘I bet you can’t wait to get in me again eh? Do me again, like a naughty girl? What are you waiting for though, get Mum’s kit off.’

James knelt down and took the hem of his sister’s panties. He knew he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t help feel her bottom. He reached round and got a hand on both cheeks and kneaded her shapely ass. It made his cock bob with pleasure. It was so naughty, so illicit. He loved his sister and now just this once wanted to see her in a different way.

‘Oh James, you are bad, but my panties are still on.’

James continued to remove the skimpy underwear and his breathing quickened as he revealed her neatly trimmed pubes.

‘What do you reckon bruv? Not bad for nearly forty or what? I want you to kiss my ass James.’

‘Oh fuck, you’re great Sis.’

She turned round and he pushed his face between her ass cheeks and rolled his tongue around the soft flesh of her butt. He kissed every inch of her plump behind and stroked the inside of her thighs.

‘Hmmm Jamie, that nice… now let me watch you fuck my daughter.’

‘Are you sure – here, like this?’

‘Yes, most definitely. I want you to make her squeal.’

Lindsey knelt down on the sofa and assumed a position on all fours, with her hands on the arm. James’s cock was throbbing with his complete arousal. He got behind her and gripped her hips and aimed his phallus at her pussy. It was a little easier than before but she was still amazingly tight. Katie sat on the floor and egged her brother on as he began to pound her young pussy.

‘Come on James, give it to her.’

James had his eyes closed and was just savouring the delicious sensations in his cock. He was rampant now and was showing his niece no mercy. Lindsey herself, was moaning and mewing with pleasure. Her uncle had been right, it was getting better all the time. She could really, savour it this time. He had been quite careful the first time and then harder the second, but now he was filling her up with a passion – giving her everything he had.

‘Awww James, that’s it, oh fuck, that’s good.’

‘I can’t last much longer babe, I’m getting close!’

Katie clapped her hands together and stood up. She wanted to see the finale and fulfil her daughter’s desire.

‘Pull out James and let her suck you.’

James followed her instructions and Lindsey turned round and took him into her mouth. She had clearly learnt from her previous experience and now wanked and sucked his dick with more finesse. James winced with pleasure. His cock was now tingling and almost bursting with his imminent orgasm. To his surprise, Katie took hold of his cock and began to wank him.

‘Sis, what are you doing?’

‘It’s OK James, I’m going to finish you off that’s all.’

James was now too pent up with sexual tension to argue and just wanted to blow his load. But maybe he could have one last surprise. As perverted as it seemed, maybe Katie ought to be taught a lesson for trying to corrupt him.

‘Eh Lindsey, how about your Mum takes my load in the face – what do you think!’

‘Oh yes!!! I wanna see that!’

Katie looked shocked at first, as the tables had been turned dramatically, but was now caught up in the moment and was up for it.

‘OK Jamie, do it, let me have your spunk!’

‘Oh fuck Sis, OK, here goes!’

James had been hard for so long and especially after fucking his niece he had built up a huge load.

‘Are you ready Kate – this is going to be a big one!’

‘She wants all your cum James, let me see you wank off over her face.’

James’s legs now started to feel wobbly and the sight of his sister kneeling in front of him and her inviting mouth was just too much and he grimaced with the intense pleasure of his ejaculation as a huge squirt of spunk went straight onto Kate’s tongue. He breathed deeply as two more copious loads went over her lips and nose. He tugged again and some dribbled but then another spurt came out. Kate didn’t miss a drop. She was completely spattered with his cum and it began to dribble off her face onto her breasts.

James collapsed onto the sofa next to Lindsey, his cock tender; his pulse racing and feeling totally sated.

‘Cor James, you dirty man – you got me good and proper there.’

Katie was all giggles and completely free of inhibition now – but how would she feel about it in the morning?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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