A Pop Star Caught Smoking

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I would have never thought I could get sexually aroused from someone smoking a cigarette, until, I saw my mother’s friend puffing heavily on one. I had the biggest crush on my mother’s Latin friend Carmen. Carmen was a very sexy 33-years-old Puerto Rican women; she took pleasure in dressing extremely slutty turning on all the guys on the block and rumored to have fucked most of them.

Every time, she would come into my house to visit my mother I’d be so delighted. Secretly admiring her from a far, I would be so turned on by her accent, long black hair, and her shiny black colored lips.

Therefore when I Thought about her during my bed time my fingers would get extremely moist, because I couldn’t stop myself from putting my hands on my penis.

Having so many lustful nights imagining myself fucking Carmen gave me such a desire to have something of hers. To fulfill my perverted obsession I tried to find anything she would have mistakenly left behind inside my house. However, to my dismay I couldn’t find nothing much until one day I saw Carmen lighting a white long skinny cigarette on MY living room couch.

While halkalı escort the lighter’s flame lit on the tip of her cigarette her eyelids closed and chicks expanded immediately as she inhaled a deep puff of smoke. Watching the spark brighten as she drags the smoke through the butt made me very aroused, especially seeing the middle of it covered with her shiny black lipstick when she pulled the cigarette away from her lips. When the cigarette left her mouth she blew the smoke gradually up in the air using her bottom lips proudly.

I could not believe how hard my dick got from watching Carmen enjoying her smoke; I became really hot when I started to envision her cigarette being my dick in between her lips. My horny fetish took a very weird turn when I was determined to get one of her used butts out of the ashtray. I wanted one of her cigarette butts so bad! Because, I badly wanted to emulate her as if I were her being fucked by me while I masturbated.

I used to be secretly pissed at my mother because she would always throw out Carmen’s squished butts before I could get my perverted hands şişli escort on them. However, my luck changed when Carmen had left a heavily stained by lipstick cigarette, that was half smoked inside the ashtray. I didn’t realize how good of a photographic memory I had until; I studied every one of her smoking techniques and use them for my most erotic fantasies. During one of my nightly jerkoffathons, as I smoked on her used cigarette I would get so off into pleasuring myself. After every couple of strokes that was applied to my dick I would take long inhaling drags on Carmen’s discarded cigarette passionately.

Unbeknownst to Carmen I had found a hidden sexual fetish inside of me.

For a couple of years now I have secretly got off on watching beautiful women puffing on all brands of cigarettes I love ogling at fellow female workers and students standing in front of my work place lighting up. When I arrive home after a long day of teaching I quickly hop in the bed and stroke my meat thinking of people who turn me on by smoking.

HOWEVER! My fetish got evening sarıyer escort hotter when I heard that my favorite pop star Britney Spears was caught smoking a cigarette at a New York City nightclub on a television News program. Hearing that it was going to be shown at 10 o’clock I had immediately got one of my VHS tapes and placed it inside the VCR.

Waiting patiently through the other stories showcased on the news I was joyfully stunned when I saw the clip of Britney, swiftly hiding her cigarette behind her shoulder. Since I had taped it I constantly rewind Britney’s undercover nicotine habit as she tried to hide her half smoking cigarette from the cameras.

Although, the media will probably try to tarnish her clean-cut image I was very thrilled seeing that cigarette in her hands. Watching my tape on slow motion I got so turned on by knowing that little miss perfect loves her cigarettes. I couldn’t figure out what brand she was smoking but I knew it might have either been a Salem or More, which I later found, was Carmen’s favorite brand.

I was getting so hot at watching her that I decided to get a pack of cigarettes I had believed she smoked and jerk off to my pop princess. My fetish might be bizarre to some of you people out there but to me it’s so sexy to see gorgeous women smoking, hopefully I can find a picture on the net of a cigarette wrapped around Britney’s lips and hopefully one of Catherine-Zeta Jones.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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