A Philophobic Affair Ch. 03

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Hello again readers! I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long, life has been very… Crazy to say the least… I’ve been on social media, and such but I never got the chance to really sit down and write. This story is unedited, since I didn’t want to bother my editor after months of silence from my end.

This was supposed to be the final part of the story, but I’ve decided to change things.



I ended up going back home to try, and see what I could do to sooth my skin. Gina was somehow still there when I walked through the front door.

“For Christ’s sake! Don’t you have to go to work?!” I didn’t hide the bitterness from my voice as I made my way to the freezer. She noticed me in pain, but didn’t approach right away.

“I have the day off… what happened to you?” She asked. “Abby’s fucking protector, that’s what!”

I opened the freezer door, and as soon as the cold air touched my skin, a sigh escaped me.

“Her father?” She asked curiously. “No… Her room mate.” I replied.

Before she could laugh at me, I turned to her, and her face changed seeing how red my skin was. “What did she hit you with?!” She asked surprised. “She didn’t hit me, she attacked me with boiling hot coffee… does it look bad?” I replied, concerned.

“Oh sweetie! Come, come, I know something that should help,” She took my arm, and led me to the couch in the living room near the front entrance.

“Hold on for a second.” She rushed off upstairs, and into the bathroom connected to their bedroom.

I could see my reflection slightly through the living room window… I couldn’t see all of the details, but it looked like it was just very red. Luckily there were no blisters as far as I could see.

With one last look, I figured the damage probably wouldn’t be significant…

Gina got really nervous over it… I wonder if I just can’t see it all, I thought.

She came down with a soft looking white sponge, and a napkin that had some kind of blue cream on it.

“I don’t think it’ll be too bad,” I commented.

“No… but it you try to freeze the skin right away, it can blister up faster,” She replied.

I didn’t remember hearing that anywhere, but shrugged and let her take care of me.

As she got the sponge ready I slowly started calming down, and realized that she wasn’t acting slutty, or suggestive. Her constant changes in behavior were starting to give me a headache.

“You’re acting normal for once,” I noted.

She gave me a dark look before lightly dabbing the sponge on my face.

“I’m still supposed to be your mom,” She replied. I rolled my eyes at her. “That and I do actually care you know,” She added.

I shook my head. “You’re weird,”

She sighed. “You were the first one to make a move!”

I gaped at her not believing she had said that.

“I was not! Did I check you out? Yes. Did I find you attractive? Yes… but I never touched you until you started encouraging it. I tried to avoid you, and you were the one to tease and push me, not the other way around!” I stated angrily.

She didn’t say anything as she pressed her lips together in frustration, but she knew I was right.

I sighed laying my head back thinking that the day couldn’t get worse. “God I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing,”

She continued to ignore me for a moment, and kept lightly dabbing my face. The smell of mint filled my nose very suddenly, but my face didn’t seem to sting as bad as she smeared more of the blue stuff on my cheek.

“Is that toothpaste?” I asked giving her a look. “Yeah…” She tried to ignore the expression on my face while continuing her work.

I stared at her, with the new found knowledge that she was rubbing toothpaste all over my face.

“What? It helps with minor burns!” She explained sounding embarrassed.

“Not as much as you think… milk helps it more.” I replied. She froze and stopped what she was doing. “Oh… I can go get-”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” I waved her off.

She sat back in her chair and studied me, looking like she was figuring out what to say… For a moment, looking at her thinking, she reminded me of a chameleon…It must have been just me attempting to overthink the situation.

“I’m gonna head out for a bit,” I got up and gently wiped some of the toothpaste off of my face. She got up, and faced me, readying herself to say something.

“Um… Your father wants help with moving his office… I would do it myself but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind lending me a hand?” She looked at me with a hopeful expression. From the sounds of it, if she needed to ask me, then she probably couldn’t do it at all on her own.

Of course she wouldn’t be able to ask my father either…Reluctantly I trusted her, and opened myself up to the idea of helping her.

“Yeah I’ll help you out with it tomorrow morning, that work?” I made my way towards the door, wanting to clear my head, and get some space from her. She seemed to be playing nice today, but I never seemed to know illegal bahis when she was going to do a one-eighty on me.

“Yes, thank you David.” She smiled at me.

I nodded back before I made my outside to start walking. As I walked I pulled out my phone to text Abby.


The air wasn’t too cold as I sat on the side of the road, facing the unused baseball diamond. It was cold enough to make me shiver just slightly while waiting for Abby to show up. It took me awhile to get there by foot, but I figured I’d get there either right as or right before she’d come… but I’d been waiting for about a half hour.

The minor cold felt worse than when I had arrived, and I was regretting not getting a jacket before I left home.

Finally I heard her car pull up behind me, and when I turned to see her, she didn’t immediately look back at me.

I wondered if she knew what happened with Cynthia at the cafe.

She sat down next to me, not greeting me yet, but staring out into the field with me. I knew I’d need to say something. I wanted to say what was truly on my mind, but I also didn’t want to hurt her.

After thinking for just a bit longer I decided that it might be best to just tell her what was really going through my head. I knew that she wouldn’t necessarily be happy to hear it but if I could explain it a little more, maybe she’d listen.

“You do believe me when I say I love you right?” I asked.

She nodded, but still had a look on her face that I couldn’t read… I figured her nodding meant that I could continue speaking.

“I was… Really drunk last night… I woke up with a crazy hangover, and everything. I hope-…” I took a moment to figure out the words that needed to come out.

“I don’t want to hurt your feelings but… It was a mistake… I shouldn’t have done it… and I need you to believe me when I say, it’s because you mean far too much to me,” I wasn’t sure what else to say in the moment, so I waited for her.

As I watched her she closed her eyes, and took a deep breath in. She didn’t seem upset to me, so I took it as a good sign.

“I believe you.” She stated gently.

Relief flooded me, and after a short moment I knew I needed to tell her… I needed to tell her everything.

She understood that last night was a mistake, so she’ll still be okay with knowing the truth… she has to be… I don’t know who else I could possibly tell, I thought to myself.

“Can I trust you Abby?” I asked.

“You’ve always been able to…” She responded lowly.

I took a moment to breathe before opening my mouth again, I knew telling her would be good for me. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized how hard it was to hold in the truth in for so long without being able to talk about it with anyone.

“I… I was having feelings for my stepmother…” I waited for her to react but she seemed to take it well…

I thought anyway.

She hadn’t moved or said anything, it looked like she was waiting for me to finish.

“I had kissed her… or… she kissed me… I don’t know!” I took a deep breath to try and finish. Already I felt better for admitting what was happening.

“She has been cornering me every chance she gets, and I don’t know how much longer I can resist her. She’s relentless!” I exclaimed. In all honesty didn’t want to admit what I was about to say, but I felt like I was in the clear, and I wanted it out of my head.

“I hate myself for saying it, but I fucking love it! God! I wish-“

“David,” she interrupted me.

Her eyes were closed, and I couldn’t tell what she was feeling again. She had the same expression on as when she first showed up… but I felt like I should have noticed a difference now.

Maybe I’m just misreading the situation, I thought.

“I have always been there for you, and this is not the first time you’ve talked to me about a woman you were wanting, or someone you’ve slept with. I won’t lie to you… I came here upset about something else entirely!” She was pissed.

“You know I used to have hope, but I guess I still have to tell you absolutely everything! I thought I was different for you, but clearly I’m not, I was an idiot to think so!” She was slowly getting loud.

“Wait! No.. You are different Abby! Of course you’re different I-”

“Love me?” She asked looking at me.

“Cyn was right, you don’t act like it! I should have listened to her years ago…” She trailed off shaking her head.

“What? Wait, Abby what do you mean?”

“I’m mad at you, you fucking prick! I’m mad at you okay?!” She shouted.

I froze in place not knowing what to do or say. I’ve never had her mad at me… and it felt worse than anyone else’s anger.

For the first time in my life, I truly cared that someone was upset with me, and it felt fucking awful.

“David… I have given everything to you! My patience, my love, my friendship, and last night I thought you were really feeling something for me… I could deal with it if you didn’t feel the same way, I would keep being your illegal bahis siteleri friend, but you feel the same way I do! I know you do!” She continued shouting.

Tears were forming in her eyes, and as soon as I saw them, my stomach twisted and I felt like I was going to be sick. I immediately moved to hold her, but I was greeted with a shove, as she stared me down.

“No! Look! Look at what you did! Look at how you’ve made me feel!” Despite her fury; it felt like she was coaching me.

“Put yourself in my shoes David, I have given my all to you for years even though I figured you wouldn’t feel the same way… I knew I was taking a chance when I admitted what I really felt, and I still wanted to be there for you after, even though you rejected me…” She continued.

Now that I was looking at her, I couldn’t stop looking… her anger, and heartbreak was horrible to see, it even made me cry. I could feel my chest tightening, and my throat closing as tears streamed down my face, and coating my lips…

I was losing the only thing that had kept me sane for so long. It was like suddenly coming off of a painkiller, and being bashed with an old burning once again.

The pain felt so vile that I couldn’t get one word out of my mouth, all I could do was stand there completely speechless.

“… but then, you invite my to your house, take me completely off guard and-” She paused, looking unsure of what to call what I did with her. I was going to try my damned hardest to say something more when I saw her grit her teeth, shaking herself out of the moment of silence.

“David that was the best night of my life! Now you tell me that it was a mistake?! I was really willing to see through that, I swear to God I was! I wanted to just drop it-” She sobbed.

I now knew better than to reach out to her, but when she took a moment to breathe; I was fighting myself.

“-but now you’re going on about your own step mother, and how you want to fuck her?! Like nothing happened?! David! You’re better than that! We both know you are, but it just seems like you don’t care…” She was clenching, and unclenching her hands.

“…and that’s just it isn’t it?!” She was getting a little hysterical but she took a deep breath, and I saw her muscles loosen a little in spite of the situation.

“You don’t care… You don’t try because you never cared! Even for me you can’t be bothered to break this cycle of indifference! In fact you avoid doing anything about it!” She raked her hand through her hair, before standing up.

I got to my feet immediately, and put my hands on her shoulders.

“Please… Abby-!” I tried to figure out something to say, but my mind was mush.

She took a deep breath in before I felt her hands reach up to grab mine. Slowly she returned them back to my own sides before looking me in the eyes.

“I can’t do this David, it hurts too much… I simply can’t.” She stated.

“Abby please don’t leave me!” I suddenly begged in desperation.

She looked at me, and even I could tell she was sorrow, but she was standing her ground on this one. I couldn’t persuade her to change her mind after all that I had done.

“I’m sorry David, I really am,” She breathed before looking into my eyes again.

“I wish I could just stay with you, and things could be okay, but I can’t. I’m drained David,” She admitted.

My ears felt like they were ringing and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Maybe one day I can do it again, but not now,” She wiped some of her tears away. “I love you David… But if you love me, you have to act like it, not just say it.” She finished.

She looked up at me one last time. Before closing her eyes, and heading towards her car. Right at the last second she froze. For a moment, I thought she was changing her mind…

but she kept the straight laced look on her face.

Reluctantly, she turned back to look towards me. “You walked all the way out here didn’t you?” She seemed to be avoiding eye contact.

My entire head felt heavy as my mind tried to catch up with what was happening. It took me a moment to realize that she had asked me a question, and even longer to see that she was waiting for a response.

I couldn’t understand her; she was angry and heartbroken because of me, and yet she still fretted about my well being.

If it were anyone else, they would have just left.

“Yeah I did,” I responded feeling defeated.

She took a deep breath before walking to the other side of her car, and opening the passenger door for me.

“It’s getting cold out, and you’ll get sick without a coat.” Her voice was quiet, and soft enough for her to be talking to herself. “I won’t leave you stranded in this weather, do you want a ride home?” She asked trying to stay calm.


“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do David,” She interrupted me with her voice still calm, and quiet. She sounded like she didn’t have the energy for anger anymore.

“I know this is hard for you too, and I understand it if canlı bahis siteleri you don’t want to be stuck in a car with me. Please just answer yes or no.” She stated calmly.

I walked to her wanting to say something that would fix everything, something that would make everything better. There had to be something I could do or say that would help us!

“Abby… I…” Everything felt like it was spinning as I was frantically digging through my head to say something. Desperation, and panic didn’t help me at all, and I was shutting down from the shock.

“I-I don’t know what to say,”

I wanted to drop dead right then, and there. Anything I could try to say would be hopeless.

“Just get in the car, I’ll take you home.” She quietly commanded.


Nothing was said from either of us on the way back to my place… I wanted to do something when she stopped but I was still mentally stuck, and in shock. A big part of me didn’t want to believe that this was really happening, and the other was trying to figure out what I was gonna do without her.

“I, um, have to go through some stuff at home, see what I want to keep. You gave me a chest before you left for school years ago, do you want it back?” She asked.

No! I wanted to scream.

After a moment, I shook my head as a response to her question.

I remembered giving her that chest. She had said that she had nowhere to put extra blankets in her room, and the chest I had was good for storage, but I wasn’t going to take it with me. The bright smile she had on her face became imbedded into my head when I gave it to her…

I would have never guessed that the memory could be something that would make me feel so horrible.

“Please keep it?” It came out as a question.

We couldn’t look at each other while we spoke, but I could see movement in the corner of my eye when she nodded. “I’ll put it in storage,” She offered.

Her phone rang suddenly, and I saw that it was her psycho roommate.

“I fucking hate that girl!” I hissed under my breath.

Abby suddenly shot me a look of anger.

“She’s been a much better friend to me than you!” She threw back at me.

I froze, not knowing what to do or say again. Admittedly, it was because I knew she was right.

“Just go… Get out.”

She didn’t shout anymore, or glare. She simply picked up her phone, and I chose to leave before she could speak into it.

The short walk up to my front door felt agonizing.


“Hey, I’m coming home right away,” I tried to get rid of the lump in my throat as I spoke.

“Hey are you crying?!” It was a man’s voice, one that I knew all too well.

“Fuck! You’re cryin- Bitchface, she’s crying!” He called out.

It was Gideon’s voice. He must have been down to visit.

I could hear the change of static, and background noise as he switched it to speaker.

“What happened, what’d the moron do?” Cyn asked immediately.

Despite what had just happened, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“No it’s me, I broke up with him,” I replied while trying to wipe my face. “I just dropped him off at his house now.”

I heard Gideon try to get up. “We need to do something fun then-”

“You-!” I heard Cyn throw something to him. “-need to keep putting ice on your head, now give me the phone dickwad.” Cyn said casually.

“Don’t have a rack attack! Here ya fucking go, knock yourself out!” He replied.

Hearing their banter made me giggle; they were always good at lightening the mood.

“You okay?” She asked me seriously.

“Yeah…” I took a moment to compose myself a little more. “…Yeah I’m fine, what happened to Gideon?” I asked.

When she sighed, I could tell she was looking at him, and I could imagine the goofy grin creeping onto his face in response.

“Sticking his nose into things he shouldn’t, that’s what-”

“Oh come on! It’s my job! Besides… no one got hurt!” I heard Gid in the background.

From the silence, I could tell that she was giving him a look.

“My face was like this when I got there!” He lied.

She took a deep breath.

“Abby, get here fast before I start running out of reasons to not commit fratricide.”

“I’m on it!” I chuckled.



How I managed to end up here, sitting at the bar with my father, I’d never know. If I ever saw myself, even a few years ago, I’d be confused. With him always being angry, and antagonizing me; I never spend time with him.

I just remember numbness, and a feeling of being shattered take over me as I laid in my bed, and thought of nothing. It was truly the worst day I had ever experienced, and I never wanted to feel like this again.

Then there was a knock on my door, and when the door opened without any acknowledgement to me, I knew it was my dad. I remember when I sat up, and looked at him blankly, he softened slightly… something I had never seen him do.

“Boy… you look like you need a drink as much as I do!” He laughed at me.

I nodded, and stared at the floor. “You could say that,” I replied.

“Come along son, I’m thinkin’ it’s time for a drink.”

Next thing I know, I’m sitting on a bar stool already on my fourth drink, and talking with my dad.

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