A Party with the New Neighbors

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The element of fantasy can only enhance and make my experience of last July 4th a little more dreamy. But it will never give the excitement of true lust as I felt it.

The new neighbors moved to our suburban cul-de-sack a couple of weeks after schools closed, perfect timing for a get-to-know party on July 4th. They accepted our invitation and rang our door bell at 11 sharp.

This family of four, the parents and two girls, was a great match to ours. The kids hit it off immediately and ran out to play. The mother started with my wife, the way any light talk in the suburbs goes: kids, school, house, work… In his late 40s, the stocky blue-eyed father, Jeff, looked military, something I really like in guys. He turned out to be a marine and I have multiple connections with the MC; family and friends have served the MC with pride.

“So, Jeff, you said you moved here from Texas?” I started the conversation.

“Yep” (gulp of beer) “and I think we did great. You got great weather here, people are friendly, education is great and real estate very reasonable.”

“I need to talk more often with newcomers here, you make me appreciate what is great in our state and shift focus on the important stuff,” I replied and started the grill.

I remember watching Jeff washing his car the other day in only his shorts, his thick chest bare and tanned, his way of moving around revealing strong physical training. His loose shorts left a lot to the imagination and I was very entertained by the thought of a sweating ball sack exuding this guy’s musky aroma.

“Don’t güvenilir bahis put the meat yet!” he said in a rather commanding tone, “start with the veggies,” and began to spread them on the grilling pan. “I’ve done this so many times, I can just assure you this is best done first,” he explained softening his voice.

“Jeff, I can’t hide I am totally clueless when it comes to grilling,” I replied, “please be in charge of the veggies and meat or we’ll starve today,” and made room for him to come in front of the grill built with bricks, facing the backyard from the corner right next to the fence separating our houses.

I sat on the wall next to the grill and had a great view of Jeff’s bulge while tending to the grill as well as when sitting on a little stool with his legs apart. A couple of beers work miraculously in pushing inhibitions aside.

“Are you curious?” Jeff asked breaking my string of thoughts all revolving around his bulging shorts.

“What do you mean? Curious about what?” I responded rather surprised.

“Wanna see what’s in there?” and held his bulge with his left hand.

Passing on this opportunity would be a sin and I nodded wholeheartedly.

“I saw your eyes were fixed on me for some time now. I like beer but I know when somebody looks like this down there what this look means,” and he waived at me with his other hand after checking around if anybody was in the yard.

The brick grill and wall did not let anyone see me kneeling in front of him, his shorts down around his ankles, my lips tight around his thick türkçe bahis cock getting harder every passing second. I fondled and tugged his shaved balls, squeezing them often enough to feel their juices and make sure I give the guy the pleasure he craved.

While pretending he was taking care of lunch, he managed to build a beautiful erection, all veiny and slightly upward, thick enough to bump onto my throat making deep-throating impossible.

I licked every little vein, the gorgeous thick ridge and hole, savoring his precum and spreading it with my tongue all over the shaft. Then I took his balls, my tongue feeling them and gently sucking them both in my mouth as if I wanted to swallow these soft producers of fertile cum, making him moan and sigh.

He pushed his thick cock in my mouth several times, my saliva smeared all over my chin, his balls dripping, giving out little “yeas” and “ohs” while holding my head steady with his hands. I kept tugging his manly jewels, playing and pulling them down and back between his legs.

My mouth stuffed with cock, his pelvis was moving rhythmically until he stopped and gave a strong push into my head; both his gluteus hardened and warm semen flooded my mouth, so much in quantity, I had to tighten my lips as much as I could to stop it from spilling out. I felt his pulsations while he stifled his groans, pulling gently out and pushing in again, making me swallow his fertile juice of life.

I licked his manhood clean, his balls and inner thighs; in exchange, he smeared the cum around my lips with his thumps and güvenilir bahis siteleri stuck them in my mouth letting me suck them like I sucked his dick.

He wiped off the few cum drops from my chin and neck and gave me his other fingers to lick. I got horny again thinking of all the body cracks he might have shoved his fingers earlier; maybe another time I will be lucky enough to add this new dimension to our neighborly get-togethers.

“Next time,” I thought, “I can go the extra mile,” and smiled.

“What a mouth, man,” he said.

And I answered “What a cock, soldier,” and we both laughed, him pulling up his shorts, me making sure no cum was wasted.

While I was completely carried away by the gorgeous neighbor, our wives were sitting on the deck most of the time.

“They couldn’t see or hear a thing, this was awesome, man,” he said and his smile was as big as the sky.

Later on during our lunch, Jeff said he loves the outdoors and camping, something that none of his family really likes. It just happens, I love the outdoors and used to go camping before I met my wife.

“Jeff, you have a buddy to enjoy nature with from now on!” I blurted out and both wives agreed.

“You guys make plans and go out and camp in the woods and just leave us do our things,” his wife said and mine nodded.

Jeff looked at me and winked, “We will, girls, we will, just don’t complain if we go for days and you start feeling lonely.”

“Thank you guys for coming over,” my wife said and turned to me, “Just like good neighbors, they brought us sausages and buns, but we already had so much prepared, I just put them in the fridge for next time.”

I smiled thinking of the neighbor’s “sausage” and said, “I am sure they will be super tasty. What’s for dessert?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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