A Night In London

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To one afflicted with the habit, there is no respite. Its a curious phenomenon. They are all around and I treat them as if it was like a big stamp collection. Some people love to look at breasts, some are into asses. The thing that draws my attention is the female foot. Don’t get me wrong, breasts are certainly a close second, but I walk around and collect the images in my mind, comparing and contrasting, looking for those that I feel are most perfectly formed, prettiest, softest looking, and most lovingly cared for. I store those images and refer back to them for later comparison. There is something intricate and complicated about them. The rare sighting of perfectly formed feet is a special occurrence and worthy of some regard. It permeates my everyday life and I find myself staring constantly. Of all of the fetishes that are out there, I guess I am lucky that this benign form is what is what turns me on.

It was a business trip to London with my boss, Susan that got me in trouble this last time. I had worked for Susan for the last six months in the Chicago office. I was the idea man and she was the marketer. We were in intense competition with colleagues in our regional office in London and Susan arranged for us to travel to London with the intention of showing them up and insuring our place in the pecking order. We had arrived on the red-eye and spent the day in meetings. Susan was masterful, commanding the audience and stomping our competition. It was a long day, and we had just arrived back at our hotel.

Although not a raving beauty, Susan had soft features with curves in all the right places. Her most striking features are her long shapely legs and her full, pouty lips. Her personality is what makes her sexy with a commanding presence bursa escort and massive self confidence.

We agreed to shower up and meet back in the lobby for a drink and dinner. I went back to my room and took a long steamy shower and changed into khakis and a sport jacket. I went down to the bar in the lobby and ordered a drink. Time passed and no Susan. I got antsy and went to look for her in her room.

I knocked on her door and heard her tell me to come in. I tried the door and found it unlocked.

Now those of you who are into feet, you know that you study the print that a woman’s foot makes in a leather boot, the outline of the shape and the tease of an occasional dangling pump. But when Susan walked out if the bathroom wrapped in a towel, I got a full view of her exquisite bare feet and all of my blood instantly rushed south of my belt buckle. In fact, it took me a moment to realize that she had wrapped a towel around her wet hair but had not yet wrapped one around her body.

In a matter of fact way, Susan told me that she had been delayed on the phone with the states. I was unable to say anything intelligent, so I sat on the bed and waited, pretending to stare at the floor but concentrating intently on storing the intricate curves and polished details of her toes and soft skin. Smelling weakness and enjoying her upper hand, Susan sat on the bed and chatted with me about the days events. Immediately, she picked up on my keen interest and discomfort and bounced her foot so it touched my leg as she spoke,

Her toes were impeccably cared for, which surprised me since I had thought about them many times, but had never actually seen them. Susan is very sexy, but didn’t seem the type to put in special effort in seemingly insignificant bursa escort bayan details such as her feet. She was sporting one of my favorite looks. Pearl coat polish in a shade of pink contrasting just a bit from the pale tone of her skin. They looked luscious.

She smiled and leaned back on the bed, resting on her elbows and extending her legs forward. That was it. I turned toward her and without a word, took one of the soft feet in my hands. I began kneading the soft skin and stroking the smooth insoles lightly. I brought the foot to my face and let the soft skin brush against my cheek and then my lips. Susan took her other foot and gently traced a path across lap, probing for my erection that had pitched a tent in my pleated pants. I placed a small kiss on the soft instep and massaged her sore muscles as I held it against my cheek.

After a few minutes, Susan was quite relaxed, and there was a party in my pants. I set her foot down on the bed and stood to remove my clothes. Not wanting to lose her initiative, Susan rotated around to her knees and tore open my shirt with buttons flying everywhere. She wiggled forward and unbuckled and unzipped my trousers, letting them fall to the floor.

She scooted forward and swung her legs in front of her, spread them apart and giving me a full view of her freshly shaved triangle. Although I would have gladly shown the initiative, Susan reached forward and placed her hands on both sides of my head. With a forceful motion she pulled me down between her legs and guided me to where she wanted me. Not wanting to be completely dominated, I redirectly just slightly south and kissed her soft inner thigh, which had been recently perfumed. I traced a path with small kisses and licks upper her thigh and escort bursa across her lips. To my surprise, she was not yet completely wet so I place long, slow kisses about her swollen lips. Her hands were pulling my into her, grinding me against her, so I quickly darted my tongue between the lips and probed deeply. As if I had hit a geyser, she moaned deeply and pressed her thighs against the sides of my head. I reached around and grabbed the cheeks of her ass as I found the source of her wetness and proceeded to concentrate on just that one spot. Susan wrapped her legs around me and I could feel and visualize those soft feet rubbing against my sides as I proceeded to guide her through another wave of orgasm. After a an intense spasm, she went limp and just laid there catching her breath, her legs still wrapped around me.

After a few moments, I crawled up next to her and laid on my back, still hard as a rock. Susan reached over and placed her hand on my cock and her cheek on my shoulder. She had not yet recovered and was just lightly stroking me with her fingertips. She took her foot and gently rubbed it against the top of mine, and although I couldn’t see it, in my mind I pictured it and it felt wonderful. She proceeded to place a tender kiss on my cheek, then my chin, my neck and placed her cheek on my chest. She stopped playing with my foot and instead was now stroking my cock from the base to the tip. She moved down my abdomen and rested her cheek so I could feel her warm breath brushing against my cock. With a quick motion, she engulfed the tip with her warm mouth and sucked hard. It was too much for me and my breathing became ragged and I came with thundering force, or so it felt anyway. Susan did not stop after the first gush, seeming to double her efforts and draining me completely.

We never made it to dinner that night, but I had gained new respect for my boss, she had learned about a sexy new attribute of herself which she flaunted from that day forward.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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