A Night at the Movie turned me Gay Pt. 04

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After my introduction to “contingencies” I lay naked and exhausted on the floor. William returned to his leather chair and drink.

“You did very well James. You have proven that you are very adept at contingencies and will be able to persuade anyone with an interest that they should do business with your company.”

Laying there naked and exhausted I had a sense that more “contingencies” were expected of me in order to win the contract. One way this had been exciting, and the greatest sexual release since my night at the adult theater. The inter voice which haunts me from time-to-time remained quiet for the moment. While a sense of guilt and shame creeped into my consciousness, the over riding sense of sexual satisfaction brought me peace. The question I continued to ask was, “What will I be expected to do tomorrow?”

At that moment there was no answer only wild speculations ran through my imagination. I felt certain that I would probably look like William’s favorite picture of me. Fear gripped me as I wondered who had seen it and did, they know it was me? That could ruin my marriage and career if it was shown in Orlando. What must I do to prevent that?

William broke my silent meditation when he asked, “Do you wonder what Harriet has been doing while we have been planning for your success tomorrow?”

At that moment I didn’t care. I felt very vulnerable laying naked on the floor with cum all over me while William was fully clothed and in charge. This is a very humiliating position.

Without waiting for me to respond to his question, “She has been fucking Holly. Harriet is a dominant lesbian. She enjoys dominating women and if the opportunity arises men as well.’

He continued, “Harriet likes to humiliate my female staff. Holly is both a loyal employee and masochist. She submits to Harriet’s demands because she enjoys being dominated and being loyal to me. Harriet thinks that Holly is a “reward’ for bring the very favorable contracts to us for our clients. I usually can get her to shave an additional point or two off their response proposal. Holly is her reward.”

“Holly Is a very attractive woman and very intelligent. Why would she degrade herself by submitting to such a tough woman? From my brief time with Harriet, she only seems to be interested in her own needs and not others.”

William responded, “You are correct. She is a narcissist, self-centered, nasty person but she delivers results for Royal Blue. It also helps that her brother owns a significant portion of the company. Being a lesbian provides her with an advantage because she seems to find women in companies that share her lifestyle and desires.”

“Let me show you Harriet’s treatment of Holly.”

Flipping on his 76-inch smart TV, William changed the channel. Entering a special code, the picture switched to the video coverage of the room where Holly and Harriet were “discussing business”. As the picture flashed onto the screen, I saw Holly tied to a chair. She was naked and appeared helpless against Harriet’s ongoing assaults. A crude woman, Harriet enjoyed watching others suffer from her sexual advances.

William pointing to the screen, “Harriet is one mean Son-of-a Bitch who enjoys degrading and humiliating women and on occasion men. You met Charlotte who drove the limo that brought you to my place. Among her other duties is that of security. A former Marine, Charlotte is not someone to piss off. She has been monitoring Harriet’s actions all night. Holly has a code word if she needs help.”

Still lying on the floor, I began to get up. How were my “contingency efforts” going to compare to Harriet’s?

Seeing that I was ready to get up, William pulled several towels from a cabinet next to his chair. Tossing them to me he said, “You will want to use these to clean up a bit and get dressed. I will have Charlotte take you and Harriet back to your hotels.”

William next called Holly. “Holly, I hope you and Harriet have completed your discussions. Tomorrow will be another busy day. I want Charlotte to take James and Harriet back to their hotels. Would you mind staying a bit later so we can complete preparations for the meetings?”

While I couldn’t hear her response, it was clear William wanted to make certain Holly was safe.

After wiping myself off and getting dressed I sat in one of those wonderfully comfortable leather chairs. William offered me a drink, but I requested coffee instead. I need something to keep me going until I got back to the hotel. Within a few minutes a maid brought coffee along with cream and sugar.

William continued to watch the video of Harriet’s “discussions” with Holly. Within a few minutes of enter their meeting room, Holly was being stripped by Harriet who enjoyed watching Holly humiliated both physically and verbally. Tying Holly to a straight back chair, Harriet removed her dress which concealed a black, leather dominatrix attire. She looked and more importantly played the role of a dominant. The evening unfolded as Holly was whipped, penetrated, verbally illegal bahis humiliated, and completely at Harriet’s twisted imagination.

As he watched the video William commented, “Holly will need a few days off to recover from this “meeting”. I need to send her to Miami for a week’s stay at our company condo.”

My imagination also raced as I wonder what would happen tomorrow. In about 20 minutes Harriet appeared looking like she had just finished two hours of negotiations. She did not know that I knew what actually occurred that evening.

Harriet greeted William, “Holly and I had a very productive meeting. She is a tough negotiator, but I was able to accept most of her recommendations. I need to return to my hotel in order to get some rest and prepare for tomorrow’s meeting. When can we leave?”

William smiled, “I am glad you had a productive meeting. I have requested Charlotte bring the car in order to take both you and James back to your hotels. I look forward to your final proposals and presentations tomorrow.”

Escorting us to the front door, William watched as we got into the limo.

Once in the limo, Harriet’s attitude towards me changed. She said, “James, I understand you made a very persuasive presentation today. While I believe that we will ultimately win the contract, you have become a very worthy competitor.”

She then moved next to me. “You know I have admired your since we met earlier this evening. You are both intelligent and very good looking.”

I simply replied, “Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate you as a competitor. You clearly are professional.”

Smiling she continued, “Thank you. Have you ever felt a strange attraction to someone you have just met?”

I wasn’t certain how to respond. “Well, there are very many attractive people that often briefly capture my attention.”

“I understand, do you think I am attractive?”

Responding was going to create a problem–actually two problems. First, a yes answer could lead to her wanting a more intimate relationship. Secondly, my damn cock was starting to get hard. After this evening I didn’t believe it could respond again that night.

I responded, ‘Yes, you are a very professional and attractive woman. I am sure men want to get to know you much better.”

Sliding next to me Harriet’s hand moved to my crotch. Smiling she said, “I believe you are attracted to me. I would love to get to know you much better.”

Now my cock started to take control. The inter voice that often taunts me whispered, “You are a stud so why not spend some time with this woman. You know she is trying to seduce you. Let her, it could be very exciting. Besides, it is in the name of business.”

My rational mind said, “You know she is only playing you for her benefit. This is not anything you want to do. Don’t let her seduce you. It will be a terrible mistake.”

At that moment Harriet unzipped my pants. Her soft hand reached my stiff cock. “Now that is a real man’s cock. “

She continued to play with my cock and mind for the remaining trip back to her hotel. Charlotte stopped at the Marriot to drop off Harriet.

Then she asked me, “James would you like to come into the hotel bar for a drink before heading back to your hotel? The Hyatt is only a few blocks away and I can drop you off?”

I made the decision, “Sure I would enjoy a drink before heading back to my place. It’s only 10:00 PM, plenty of time.”

Charlotte commented, “William wanted me to make certain you got back safely to your hotel. Please let me drop you off there.”

I agreed, “Harriet, thank you for the invitation but I should head to my hotel.”

A few minutes later Charlotte dropped me off at the Hyatt. Before leaving she said, “You made the wise choice. Have a good evening.”

I had just got into the room when the hotel house phone rang. I wondered who could be calling me from the hotel.


“James, this is Harriet, I am in the lobby and would like to have that drink we discussed in the car. Meet in the bar.”

My cock again responded, and I decided a drink could not be a problem. To the bar I went.

The bar was half full of businesspeople discussing business or just relaxing. Harriet was in a small booth towards the back of the bar. After greeting her I asked what she was drinking. Ordering a class of Merlot for her and a bourbon for myself, I sat down across from her.

“James, I really find you attractive. I know you are a devoted married man. I just wanted to share my admiration for you. You are a very worthy competitor.”

“Thank you, Harriet. I know are very competitive. You are also a very attractive woman.”

We continued to exchange small talk. Then Harriet’s foot stretched under the small table and started rubbing my leg. She had removed her shoe so that her toes had full freedom to rub my leg. Pushing my pant leg up, her fool rubbed against my skin. My cock again begam to swell.

“James, many times I have met attractive men, but most do not excite me. illegal bahis siteleri You do.”

Blushing I didn’t know how to reply. The continued rubbing of my leg and her smiles aroused my erotic nature once more this evening.

She continued, “I understand this is your first major negotiation. Perhaps I can give you a few pointers that will be helpful tomorrow. Are you interested?”

My rational voice said, “Don’t do this it will be a problem.”

My inter voice said, “Sure, what have you got to lose. Besides whom is going to know or care what happens tonight. You may get a read edge for tomorrow’s meeting.”

I responded to Harriet, ” Sure I would appreciate any help you can give me.”

Harriet said, “Let’s go to your room where it is more private, and we can talk freely.”

Quickly finishing our drinks, we headed to my room. On entering the elevator, Harriet once again started to stroke my crotch which got the results she wanted. I was aroused and horny. Entering my room, she immediately started to kiss me. To my surprise I returned the kiss with passion.

After a few minutes of kissing and her constant rubbing my back and neck, I started to surrender to her. She became more controlling and finally her demeanor changed.

“James, I like men who become my boys. Who will do whatever I want and obey me? They enjoy the rewards I bring to them. I want you to submit to me and let me take you to a level of pleasure you have never known. Do as I say, and you will find total pleasure. Do not obey and be punished. Are you willing to obey me?”

I did not know how to really respond. My rational voice said, “Get her the hell out of this room now and save yourself. Remember William’s warning about this mean woman.”

The inter voice said, “Haven’t you received great please and success by listening to me. Submit to her demands. You can only experience greater pleasure and Joy.”

She again asked, “Are you willing to obey me?”

After another minute of internal debate, I responded, “Yes, I will obey you.”

“I am pleased that you made that decision. You will not regret it and the experience pleasures you have only fantasized about.”

The look on her faced changed to one of mother who found her son ready a porno magazine or finding a girl in his bedroom. “James, did William fuck you tonight?”

I did not want to answer that, but my cock was becoming erect showing Harriet that something must have happened.

“Take off you clothes and let me examine you. I want you naked, standing in front of me in less than a minute. Don’t argue just do it.”

A sudden rush of erotic feelings ran through my mind and I obeyed. In less than a minute I stood naked in front of Harriet who had become a dominant mother.

Traces of sticky cum was still on my groin and cock. She quickly spotted them.

“You were being fucked by William. I knew he liked you. You need to take a shower and get clean.”

Grabbing my erect cock Harriet lead me to the shower. “Get in and wash yourself. I will watch to make certain you do a good job, if you don’t I will.”

I waited for the water to reach a good temperature Harriet looked at me with a disapproving look.

“You have a beautiful cock. Why do you still have it covered with hair? Do you want me to suck that beautiful dick covered with hair? That’s not considerate. Get in the shower and start washing yourself. Where is your razor?”

Pointing to my dop kit, I indicated where it could be found. Retrieving it, Harriet simply handed it to me.

“Shave off that hair and while you are at it shave your legs and arm pits. I like my boys clean. Take the soap and rub it into a lather. I want you totally naked without hair.

For reasons not clear, I obeyed. It was a very strange sensation having someone ordering me to do certain things with my body to please them. After another minute of hesitation, I started to shave off my pubic hair. Harriet seemed pleased that she had established control and I was becoming her submissive.

“You are doing very nicely honey. You are a good boy. Now make certain you get rid of all those hairs. I want you smooth and naked as the day you were born.”

The rush of vulnerability passed over me. It was the same feeling I had that night in the theater when William pulled my pants and underwear down. Exposed to her view and wishes I found it desirable to please her.

After my pubic hair was gone, I turned to my arm pits. Only my wife and women shave under their arms but now I am doing it. Although my legs had little hair, Harriet insisted I shave them. Completing the process, I rinsed off all remaining soap. A sudden realization that I was totally naked, and no part of my body was hidden behind hair. A strange rush came over me and my cock stiffened.

“I have completed shaving.” As I started to turn the water off and reach for a towel, Harriet stopped me.

“You are not finished. Turn around, spread your butt cheeks. Your ass needs to be shaved. You are going to canlı bahis siteleri be my smooth, naked boy. No hair periods.”

I responded, “Why do you want to shave my ass?”

With a smile she said, “Because I am in control and I want to shave your ass. This will excite you more than you realize. It is my desire not yours.”

Embarrassed and afraid I still obeyed. Turning to face the shower wall and placing a hand on each cheek, I spread them. My “Private part” was now hers. The soap soon covered my anal area.

She said, “I won’t hurt you so just relax. In a minute this will be done.”

The warm water, soap and razor soon left me without any hair. For reasons still unclear another rush of erotic desire passed over me. I felt totally naked and under her control. This was a new but sexually exciting feeling. I wanted to release my tension, but Harriet was in charge.

“Get out of the shower and dry off. You are not to touch your hard cock. I don’t let my boys do that without my permission. By the way do you have to pee?’

Why ask that question I wondered. I said, “No”.

Frowning she said, “We will see.”

Harriet grabbed my arm and led me to the toilet. Standing behind me she put her right hand on my cock. “I want you to pee while I hold your cock. If we were at my house, I would just put you into a diaper, but I now control your cock. Pee.”

How humiliating. A woman was holding my cock ordering me to pee. This was getting out of control but there was also some a desire to please her. This seemed totally crazy. No one had held my cock while I went to the bathroom. We stood there for several minutes. My erect cock would not relax enough to allow pee to pass.

“I am disappointed that you are not pleasing me. We will try again later.”

Again, she grabbed my cock and led me back into the bed area of the room. I am now totally aroused. Why I was not certain but my throbbing cock begging for release.

“Lay down on the bed on your back. I want your legs spread. Do not touch your cock, I own that now.”

I wondered, “Why was I letting this woman give me orders? She has already humiliated me; made me vulnerable; and taken control of me.”

The answer was something I did not want to admit to myself. I was getting a sexual high that I had never experienced. My inter voice kept saying, “You are really enjoying this evening don’t fuck it up by stopping her.”

The degradation and humiliation seemed to heighten the excitement beyond anything I had experienced. I started to eclipse my memories of that night in the theater.

Pulling a bottle of lotion from her purse, Harriet began to massage my neck. It felt tremendous. It further enraged my sexual desires.

Reaching my chest, she paused long enough to admire my breasts. “You have very nice breasts and with a little help they could become very attractive. Are your nipples sensitive?”

I had never thought about that.

“let me see if they respond.” With that she massaged them and also twisted my nipples. It caused me to react and a small moan followed.

“You have sensitive nipples, that make you special. You could become very special if you desired to leap into a new gender.”

As she continued to massage them, I became almost unable to control my desire. Rocking my hips, I had hoped that I would have an auto ejaculation like I had at Williams, but I only became more aroused and started to beg Harriet to release me.

“Please let me stroke myself so that I can release this pressure?”

She simply said, “No, not yet”

Continuing to massage my body, Harriet skipped my pubic area and moved to my legs.

“You have great legs. Most women would kill for legs like yours. That is a real gift. Men love beautiful, long legs like yours. If you were a woman with those legs, you could get anything you wanted.”

Why does she keep referring to certain body parts that If I were a woman? I am a guy.

She reached my ass. “Has anyone fucked you in the ass?”

I did not respond but simply moaned as my cock pounded and felt like it was going to explode.

“As anyone fucked your ass?’ She would not let the question rest.

Again, I did not answer but ignored the question.

“You are being a bad boy and disappointing me. I know William likes to play with men ass and enjoys stretching them. I suspect you have had yours stretched as well.’

Moving her had to my throbbing cock she said, “I can release all this tension or let you suffer longer. All you have to do is tell me the truth. Has anyone fucked you in the ass?”

With my overwhelming sexual urge in need of relief I confessed. “Yes, I have been fucked in the ass several times.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Please stroke me or let me stroke myself.” Moaning and almost crying I was begging for relief.

“Did you enjoy it? Was its men or women who fucked you?”

Blurted out, “Both”

“From now on I am the only one who can fuck your ass. It belongs to me. Does your life fuck you in the ass?”

Then it happened, another auto-ejaculation. I had no control. The stream of cum flowed.

With an amazed look Harriet said, “I have never seen anyone do what you just did. You lost control and could not stop.”

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