A Nice Sister’s Gift Ch. 02

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-You’ll have to excuse me for my English; it’s not my first language. I don’t think it’ll cause you big problems to read, but you’ll probably find some mistakes.-

Marianne has been lying in her bed since she woke up, about half an hour ago. While listening to the rain falling outside, she used that free time to caress herself. With both her hands between her thighs, and nearly one of them completely inside her pussy, she knows that the longer she’ll delay her climax, the stronger it’ll be. As she watches the minutes ticking off on her clock, she decides to hold it for another ten minutes. Just then she hears her brother getting out of his room, across the corridor, and entering the bathroom. Still pumping slowly, she listens to his every moves. When he gets into the shower, she closes her eyes and imaging him doing the same thing she is; masturbating. She sees him rubbing his long cock to a full erection while his other, holding the soap, plays with his balls. When his rhythm finally reaches the usual pace, he lathers himself up with the other hand, covering his entire body with soap. After only a few minutes, his body shivers and she can clearly visualize his cum spurting towards the glass door. At the same moment, she hears him turning the water off and getting out of the shower. Her imagination still sees him while he dries himself up, and Marianne must control herself not to cum on the spot. She does love her brother’s body. He spent the last two years working out in the gym, and it shows. She sometimes wonder what can strength like his offer in terms of sexual positions…

After the bathroom door opens once more, she hears a few knocks on her door. “Yes?” “Can I borrow one of your CD’s?” “Of course. Give me just a second.” After pulling her “very” thin bed-sheet over her, she uses her hands to make it cling to her even more. She sensually presses it against her delicious breasts and squeezes it between her thighs. When she closes her legs together, she smiles at her work. Every sexual details of her body is clearly revealed; her breasts only seem to be covered by body paint, her nipples stand out proudly and even the curve of her hairy bush is perfectly defined. “OK, you can come in…” When he does, only wearing a wrapped around towel, he quickly glances at her before looking at her more intensely. He doesn’t know why, but lately his sister’s sexual drive is incredibly high. That’s exactly why he’s not shy at all about staring at her every curves. After taking the CD he wanted, he shivers when he hears his sister’s first words. “Could you do me a favor?” “…of, …of course!” Then, with a sly smile, she asks him to put on her Enigma 2 CD for her. “Not too loud, him still feeling sleepy. ” He turns around, walks back to her stereo and puts he disc on, a little disappointed. After turning back, he heads for the door. But all this walking around made his towel looser and it reveals a bit more, lets say, than he would want to show to his mother. illegal bahis His pubic hairs are clearly showing and Marianne stares at them openly while he walks out.

When he closes the door, Marianne drops her fingers to her pussy instantly. She don’t want to loose the erotic charge she had before he came in. As she brushes her clit, a small moan passes through her lips, loud enough so that her brother may have heard it; who knows! A few minutes later, her blanket is once more out of sight, pushed down by her feet. With a smile she realizes that not only did she keep the charge she had, it even got stronger. In quick flashes, she thinks about taking future pauses like this, and sees herself in her brothers room talking to him while her pussy burns like an orgy in hell! Drowning in this renewed passion, she moves and turns around on her bed. Her left hand is reaching her pussy from across her bush, the right one around her ass. She puts growing pressure on her right fore-arm, it slowly makes is way between her fleshy buttocks, gently brushing her delicate pink skin. Slowly she sits up, letting her hand under her, increasing the pressure and pleasure she derives from the sensation. When she starts jumping a bit, driving bolts of electricity throughout her body, her brother knocks on the door again.

This time she finds him a little more disturbing than anything sexier. Bending forwards after pulling both her hands out of their wet and warm sheaths, she grabs the blanket moves back on her bed. Still sitting crossed- legged, she only covers her legs and bush, letting her breasts in plain and obvious view. Pressing her hand on the curve of her bush, she molds the bed-sheet against her body once more. She pushes a few folds under her pussy and is quite happy with the results. She then shivers at the feeling of her nudity and the fact that her brother will see her for the first time. He’s only eighteen, and at twenty-two, you know perfectly well that a young boy’s cock is really easy to jump start! If he wants to disturb her, he’ll have to stay his grounds and face his sister with a bulging erection. “Yes, what do you want?” After entering, while a new Enigma song begins, he doesn’t even look at her and goes for the CD rack, wearing only the same towel. After pulling out a new one, he turns around and this time, he sees his sister. After a jaw dropping stare at her breasts, he looks down at her crotch and sees the wet spot on the blanket. He can’t help but feel his cock growing to life pretty fast. Taking his eyes off her body, he walks to the door. They both know that his cock is clearly showing under the towel but he’s quite relieved when he reaches the door. During her brother’s quick walk, Marianne grabs her blanket to hold it on her belly and gets up on her knees. She moves to the edge of the bed, which is pretty close to the door, uncovering her buttocks for him to see: there’s a mirror behind her!

After he nervously closed the door, illegal bahis siteleri he tells her something she doesn’t understand. She opens the door and asks him what it was. He’s still in the corridor, only one step away from her door. “Just to tell you that I got the two tickets you wanted, yesterday night after the show.” She’s really surprised to hear that and lets the blanket fall on the bed, revealing her full nudity to him for the first time. He’s a bit startled by her reaction but this time he doesn’t try to run away; he had the time to turn his cock upward so it doesn’t show very much. She stands up on the bed, exhilarated by he good news; she really didn’t think that there would still be tickets yesterday. After jumping down, she takes his hand and pull him to her. She wraps her arms around him, pressing her full breasts against his quivering chest. He simply is in paradise. He’s no virgin, but his first and only girlfriend had no real use for a bra. But his sister does. He once sneaked in her room and checked their size; 34C. He had told to himself that if her sister’s breasts were indeed 34C, it was this size that should be considered perfection, not 36. Anyway, right now he doesn’t think about that, only about the two warm globes of sexy flesh rubbing against his nude chest. After throwing the disc on her bed, he wraps his own arms around her and pulls her closer, mashing her breasts on him. When the first few seconds have passed, he understands that, she doesn’t really care about the tickets anymore. When her hands caress his back up and down, and her breath lets burning air go to his ear, he knows he’s in something good, very good. “She must have been pretty hot when I entered” he guesses.

He had dreamed about his moment thousands of time before. When is she finally going to succumb to her own sexual drive and come to him? Well the answer is now! When she gave him an incredible hand job last week after watching him give one to himself, he nearly died of a hart attack when his climax hit him. But for now, he feels his heart going to overdrive while her hands move from his back to his belly. He’s suddenly unsure if she really wants to have sex with him, she seems to be backing off. Marianne feels his brother sudden fears and decides to comfort him. She lifts her leg and wrap it around one of his own. When he sees her leg moving up to his side and roll around his own, he can’t help but to lower his fear, and his left hand. Moving it down to her buttocks, he slowly slides it around the sensual curve and grabs the warm flesh. With his hand opened as wide as he can, he not only fondles her, her cherishes her body. After letting out a small and gentle laugh, she slips her hands behind the towel, feeling his hard cock. Pulling the folds apart, she feels the towel coming loose and then lets it fall to the floor.

She’s taller than he his, and after pulling back a bit to let his cock drop, she gets back closer. His cock is now pointing canlı bahis siteleri forward, nestled between her legs and pushing up against her wet pussy. He slowly bends his legs, feeling the head of his cock sliding back to the light hairs and the warmth of her pussy. With the fingers from the left hand he slid down around her buttocks, he tries to push the head of his cock inside her. When she rotates her hips forwards, he feels the wet hole opening for him. When he slowly pushes up, he can’t help but moan loud, a moan which brings a horny smile on her face. Softly, he says, more to himself than to her; “Finally, I get to taste you, sis.” “Oh, don’t be hasty, you didn’t taste me yet, that will come later…” When the images of his head locked between her thighs and his tongue driving deep in her pussy flood his head, she feels his legs shaking a bit. After a while his mind returns to the present. With her mouth near his ear, she asks him; “Pull me up in your arms.” After putting his hand under her other buttock, he pulls her up and feel her legs wrapping themselves around his back. Moving her up and down in his muscular arms, he not only feels his cock rubbing in the numerous folds of her pussy, but also her breasts rubbing their nipples on his chest.

With her legs, Marianne pulls her brother’s cock even deeper inside her while she lightly bites his neck. When she starts moaning herself, she pushes her brother over the edge and while he bucks madly, she starts to speak out dirty. “Cum inside my pussy little brother, I want to feel your cock deep in me, shoot that cum up my pussy, I want to feel it dripping out of me…” He does explode. Moving frantically inside her, he lets his load fill her vagina and indeed it drips out of her lips. Falling in creamy white blobs of both their cum, and dripping on his legs, their juices simply gush out of her pussy.

The last blob falls down when he pulls out. He then lays her down on the bed, her buttocks just over the edge. After kneeling down, he grabs her legs and put them on his shoulders, before guiding his cock into her pussy once more. Grabbing her hips with both hands, he pushes in deeply before starting to fuck her. While she raises her arms before laying them on the bed above her head, he stares at her delicious breasts and tries to keep a steady rhythm. Her orgasm is gaining power and she feels it very close by. Enraptured by the feelings, she turns her head from side to side while she starts to moan again.

When her moans turn into cries of pure ecstasy, she feels her whole body contract and shiver as her orgasm hits her. When her pussy grips around his cock, he knows that he’s on the edge of cumming too. Just when he hears her last and long moan filling the room, joining with the mystic music, he feels the surge in his balls and the explosion in her pussy. After the few last deep penetrations, she spreads her legs and he slips down between them to finally lay on her, feeling her sweat-covered breasts against him again…

…A few minutes later, Marianne opens her eyes and smiles. Then, breaking the silence, she asks him; “Care to take another shower, with me?”…

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