A New World Pt. 01 – Preface

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( I have a few stories in mind that i will be writing. This preface is an explanation of the universe/ world/ timeline that they occur. While its not entirely necessary to the reader to read this before or after reading any of my stories, it is helpful to me to establish and maintain continuity etc. )

The year is 2040, the world is a different place. Technology to heal illness of every kind has transformed society. Without the stress of sickness, and with AI replacing much of the labor force, people live great happy lives. Because of this, people have become more open minded to things.

Things such as the Futa Pill.

One last remnant of ‘the Old World’ was the pesky difference between male and female bodies. It was viewed that in a perfect utopia, male and female would be equals. Yet, males were on average taller, stronger, emotionally balanced, etc. Too long it had been that way.

But with the Futa Pill being introduced, that would change. Developed 2040, and given to the public at every corner store by 2041, it was an invention of Dr. Aileen Futa. Thus, coined the term Futa for the growing number of women who took it.

The pill was a host of bio-nano-technology. The living micro robots, when ingested, would enter every cell of the body and rewrite the DNA. They operated on a gene specific route: genes for height, muscle strength and size, hormonal balance, and a few more minor things.

The interesting effects of when a woman took the pill were mostly three-fold:

Firstly, they would grow taller. This was reasonable. Imagine being in a work place where every other coworker, male, was a foot taller than you, a female. That was unbelievably subconsciously diminishing to a person. Equaling the height difference between the sexes was an efficient way to let women feel heard, seen and taken equally.

Secondly, it balanced hormonal changes. No more once a month fits of crying. It gave women a good surge of testosterone for confidence, mental vitality, as well as physical bakırköy escort vitality. They become more energetic. Most women lost a bit of ‘flab’ weight and became more athletic looking, some gained larger amounts of muscle.

Third, and the most interesting side effect, was that they grew a male genitalia. In most cases, a standard dose of Futa Pill would grow a penis and testicles. The penis would grow from the clitoris, the testicles would be formed by the frontal outer labia. And the vaginal canal would remain behind it all. In this case, all female reproductive abilities remained. All reproductive abilities of the new male genetalia were functional as well.

An interesting other form of change achieved by some was a complete sexual organ change. This depended on the dose of the Futa Pill and the genetic sensitivity of the individual. For these individuals, the clitoris became the new penis and testicles grew from labia, as in the other patients, but the vaginal canal closed up, ovaries dismissed. These cases usually experienced more profound changes in the other effects as well, such as growing much taller or packing on more muscle size, or both.

The idea and the objective of the Futa Pill was good. All females everywhere were interested in how it could benefit them. Even men were open to the change, being that the social climate of society had become so open, not many things were taboo.

By the year 2042 half of the female population was buying and using the product.

One standard dose produced immediate, permanent effects. It was a huge hit among women. Most women would see their friends grow taller and become more successful and happy in every way, and this would spur them to use it. It caught on very quickly.

The entire face of public areas was changed. More and more, women would go out into public places alone or with friends, without fear of being small and fragile physically. Their confidence was growing and they could live life to the fullest.

Shortly beşiktaş escort after its mass use, some women experimented with larger doses, purposely desiring stronger effects. The idea of double and triple dosing was not feared and most women by 2043 knew someone who had taken a larger dose.

These women became huge. A double dose, on average, could grow a 5 1/2 foot woman to 7 foot tall, and it frequently did. A triple dose would reach the same height but further pronounce the ‘other effects’..

Over the next few years, as more and more women began using the Futa Pill, and as more and women began to normalize the idea of double and triple dosing, the landscape changed completely. Streets, stores and public areas were filled with tall, muscular Futa women. The male population, over the years, had began to recess into the background.

Most men noticed as more and more, each time they went out, they saw more and more women towering over them. It was a swapping of roles. Men decided less and less to go out just because they felt insecure.

Perhaps it was an unconscious phallus envy. It was known from the beginning trials by Dr Aileen Futa that Futa women’s general genitalia growth was ridiculously larger than their male counterparts.

A standard dose activated a 12 inch, erect, penis growth in women. A double dose usually reached 18 inches and then a triple could be 24 inches or more.

Hiding such a growth was impossible, even flaccid. Clothing companies began to fashion ‘front package space’ into panties, jeans and other clothing items. Women flaunted their size publicly this way.

By 2045 it was established what happened to men when they took the Futa Pill. It was in the news, the first case. A man had felt insecure, his girlfriend, once a petite young lady who wanted nothing more than to please her boyfriend- had grown to a hulking 7 1/2 foot amazon, complete with a strong desire to have her 2 foot long cock sucked by her boyfriend every night. In his desire to be beylikdüzü escort able to resist or to feel less emasculated, he tried to take a Futa Pill, expecting to grow himself. Interestingly, the opposite happened.

It was found that when males consume the bio-nano-technology, it confuses the Futa Pills natural method of action. In the male body the nano tech decides to transform male qualities toward the feminine.

This particular male took one pill. Within the span of one night he grew breasts, morphed his bone structure and shrunk his male genitalia to the size of prepuberty.

When this case hit the news it was a bombshell. Many Futa women had become interested in sexual encounters with natural women, and seeing this man become smaller, softer, more feminine and submissive only turned on each and every Futa woman.

Many Futa began to ask their husbands and boyfriends to take the Futa Pill. Some simply spiked their food or drink. It was found that with 2 Futa Pills ingested, an average man would completely transform overnight into a genetic woman. The more Pills they took, the more physically and mentally they developed. Breast size, hip width, small stature. Submissive desires, sexual lusts for their Futa counterparts. All increased with each Futa Pill a man took.

It was a phenomenal time. Between 2045 to 2050, 99% of all women were Futa now. And by the end of that 5 year span, 99% of all men had become genetic women, either by choice or the desire of their Futa partner.

The sexual preference was based on a Futas desire to penetrate. Their new genetalia was huge. Average cock length was 18 inches, as a double Futa Pill dose was popularly used. This large cock could be satisfied orally, somewhat, by the previous male population, but otherwise – full penetration was physically incapable anally during sexual encounters. A womans vagina, on the other hand, offered more ability.

The males who took the Futa Pill were genetically perfect females. After the 5 year period in which 99% of women became Futa and 99% of men became women, around 2046, children began to be born.

The children born into this world were the new sexes: Futa and Female. No men were born anymore.

The entire population and society was reshaped, and for the most part satisfied with the results.

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