A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 03

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Let’s start with a heartfelt THANK YOU! To RecHiker! He edited this chapter, inspired me, and encouraged me to finish this chapter. Oh yeah, and he laughed at me. Thanks Buddy! I needed that.

Thank you to my readers. Thank you even more to the readers who like the story and go to the trouble to tell me. Also thank you to the readers who send constructive criticism. Writing to me and calling me names does nothing to improve the storyline or the writing.

If you are looking for a story with a quick, dirty, sexual encounter, this is not for you. This story is about loving relationships, and builds the characters in what I consider to be safe, loving situations.

I readily admit to being an amateur, and I write mostly for my own entertainment. Believe me when I tell you I sometimes entertain myself way more than I should. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that gets edited out.

This chapter, Chapter 3 has been a long time in the writing. Again, thank you to the readers that have “encouraged” me to put out another chapter. I am planning on getting chapter 4 out much faster. I’ve had some health setbacks, which seem to be resolved. Portions of this chapter hit a little close to home. I must admit that I spent some liquid memory juice remembering the events that were the inspiration for part of this story. While none of the story is factual, some of it was inspired by actual events in the author’s past. Writing this has been therapeutic.

This story, the characters in it, the events described, and the activities of the characters are all figments of the imagination of the author. Any resemblance to real life, or actual people, is strictly coincidental. Some of the locations mentioned do in fact exist, and most of the inanimate objects are real.

The characters that are involved with sexual encounters are/will be adults, over eighteen, and capable of making responsible decisions.

If it’s just not the kind of story you like, don’t read on. We live in a free country, and we can choose our likes and dislikes. I hope you do enjoy it.

References to the Morrisons or mention of certain characters are from RecHiker’s story, and are used with permission.


List of Characters

Not all of the characters on this list appear in every chapter, and I throw in a character now and then that I forget to add to the list. I’m trying to learn to live with my humanity. I hope you can too.

Marshall Mitchel MD: ER physician, Tactical Medicine Specialist

Wolf: Marsh’s Dog/partner/police canine

Becky (Bligh) Mitchel RN: Marshall’s former wife, killed in traffic accident

David Bligh: Becky’s adoptive father (deceased)

Susan Bligh: Becky’s adoptive mother (deceased)

Elise Mitchel: Marshall’s 7 YO daughter, killed with Becky

Jose Martinez: Drunk driver who killed Becky and Elise (deceased)

Tom Green MD: Marshall’s ED boss and college/med school friend

Ruthie Green: wife of Tom Green, friend of Mitchel family

Lisa Cummings MD: ED physician @ hospital Marsh worked at

Dr. Aitkins: Trauma Doc @ So Cal Trauma Center

James (Jimmy) Turner MD: Former Navy surgeon, Marsh’s friend, Business man, Viet Nam Veteran

Elaine Turner: Jimmy’s wife (deceased)

Patricia (Trish) Turner: Hotel manager, niece/daughter of Jimmy Turner

Ellen (Turner) Jackson: Jimmy’s sister, Trish’s mother, (deceased)

Henry Jackson: Ellen’s husband, Trish’s “father” and rapist (deceased)

Rebecca Andrews RN: Jimmy’s Chief Pilot, Trish’s daughter, Becky Mitchel’s twin

William Andrews: Rebecca’s adoptive father (deceased)

Naomi Andrews: Rebecca’s adoptive mother (deceased)

Rick Jamison: Information specialist, Turner Security

Paul Johnson: San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff, Marsh’s friend/partner

Ralph Jones: Co-Owner of Lexus and Ford dealerships

Helen Jones: Co-Owner of Lexus and Ford dealerships

Dwayne Turner: Brother of Jimmy, father of Jeni

Jennifer (Jenni) Turner RN: Sister/niece of Jimmy, ER nurse from California, associate and friend of Marsh and Becky Mitchel

Marie Carter: Housekeeper, Best Western, Turner Inn

Tina Alvarez: Housekeeper, Best Western, Turner Inn

Susan (Sue) Davies MD: Ob/Gyn physician, Becky Mitchel’s best friend

Marguarita (Mita) Rosario: Marsh Mitchel’s ranch manager, cook, housekeeper, “Mama”

Morgan Barnett: Marsh’s mechanic


As the morning light crept into the big master bedroom Rebecca Andrews lay on her right side, a few inches from the side of the big king sized bed. Her mother, Trish Turner lay on her left side, only inches from, and facing, Becca. Marshall Mitchel was spooned behind Trish, near the center of the bed. Marsh’s left arm was under Trish’s neck, and his left hand was clasped by Becca’s right hand, with her left hand loosely wrapped around his wrist. Marsh’s right arm was draped over Trish and cupped illegal bahis under her left breast. All three were peacefully asleep.

Wolf stood up slowly and stretched. He looked at the three sleeping humans and decided that Becca was closest to the side of the bed. What happened next erupted into complete bedlam.

Wolf’s cold nose nuzzled up to Becca’s shoulder. Becca let out a blood curdling scream, tensing every muscle in her body. Her hands grasped Marsh’s left hand and wrist like a vice. Trish started to scream almost immediately, before Becca’s first scream ended, and long before the second started.

Marsh started to turn toward the bedside table where his Sig Sauer P-229 pistol was. That immediately became a problem, as Becca had a death grip on his left hand and wrist. Trish now had his right hand pinned to her breast with both hands, and Marsh was going nowhere. Wolf was completely startled and jumped on the bed to protect his partner, adding to the confusion.

Becca let go of Marsh’s left hand and arm and rolled off of the bed to escape the dog. Trish reached up and protected her face, leaving Marsh free to move. He immediately rolled off the bed, and reached for the Sig that was on the bedside stand. Coming to his knees, Marsh scanned the room, from behind the sights of the Sig.

After scanning the room twice Marsh started to put together the situation. Becca was on the floor on the other side of the bed. Wolf was standing with his front feet on one side of Trish, and his back feet on the other, his tail wagging. Trish was lying on her back, with both arms across her face, her screams dying down to short gasping breaths.

Becca crawled up the side of the bed, with a look of confusion mixed with terror. Marsh quickly realized there was no imminent danger and began to find the whole situation quite amusing. He lowered the Sig and looked over at Becca.

“Want to tell me what that was all about?” Marsh was smiling. Trish was slowly lowering her arms, and looking around in confusion. Becca was still looking confused. As recognition began to seep into Becca’s clouded senses she began to glare at Wolf. “Damn dog!” Becca exclaimed. “Come up behind a helpless, sleeping woman and put that freezing cold nose on her back.”

For Marsh the picture was clear. He broke into laughter. The Sig was back on the bedside stand, and Marsh walked around the bed, to lend Becca a hand. Helping her stand up, Marsh wrapped his arms around her and gave her a deep, warm kiss. Becca shoved Marsh away and ran towards the bathroom.

By now Trish was sitting up and making her way to the edge of the bed. She hit the floor and went straight to the door that separated the master bedroom from the one next to it. She went through the door, and straight to the bathroom in the second bedroom. None of the three residents of the house had ever been in the second and third walk-in closets in the master bedroom, so none of them knew that there was a second bathroom in the third closet.

Marsh looked at Wolf. “I guess I better let you out, eh ol’ buddy? If those pretty ladies get back and you’re still here, we may both get hurt.”

Marsh headed out of the bedroom and down the stairs. He walked through his office and let Wolf out the side door. “I’m gonna have to put a doggie door in this place for you,” Marsh remarked as Wolf took off. “Another morning like this one and we may both be sleeping in the barn.”

Marsh was about to turn around and walk back across the office when he felt another presence in the room. Then Becca’s arms wrapped around him, and her bare breasts pushed into his back. “Don’t even think about getting away that easy. That crazy dog scared the piss out of me, but when I saw you kneeling beside the bed with your pistol ready, with your finger laid along the trigger guard, I felt so safe, I can’t explain it.”

Becca laid her head on Marsh’s shoulder and continued. “Last night you made me feel so good, and so loved. I’ve never even had a concept of being loved as deeply as I feel this morning. Marsh, if you made my sister feel like this, I know she was a happy woman.”

Marsh took hold of Becca’s hands, and turned himself around so Becca was now in front of him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her towards himself. He lifted Becca off her feet long enough to step over to the big oak desk, where he could lean back against the edge of the desktop. As he lowered her feet to the floor Becca melted into his chest.

Marsh rocked Becca gently from side to side as he replied. “She made me a very happy man as well sweetheart. Now for the last two days I am feeling that happiness returning and it’s all because of you and your mother.”

“What did she and her mother do?” Trish asked as she walked into the office.

“She and her mother are bringing a little thing called happiness back into my life.” Marsh had a huge smile on his face, as he reached out with his right arm, and pulled Trish close to his body. The three of them then stood silent as illegal bahis siteleri they enjoyed the closeness of their embrace.

Marsh felt the movement of the air in the room change. Then he heard the opening of a door on the other side of the house. He looked at the clock on the office wall. 0600. Jimmy was up early. Marsh knew it had to be Jimmy who opened the door, for two reasons. The door had been locked, and Wolf had not alerted. If there was a stranger in the area Wolf would have told Marsh long before anyone had a chance to open the door.

Marsh decided to warn the ladies. “Trish, your dad just came in the kitchen. I guess he’s gonna find us all naked again.” Both girls looked up at the smiling Marsh, just as they all heard Jimmy’s booming voice. “Anybody up yet? If not it’s time.”

“We’re in the office, daddy,” called Trish. “Come on in and jumpstart your heart, if you’re brave enough.”

Marsh let go of Trish and Becca, and walked to the bathroom door. Just inside he opened the linen closet and pulled out three towels. He handed one to each of the ladies and spread one out on his desk chair. The girls each picked a chair, spread a towel, and were just sitting down when Jimmy walked into the office.

Jimmy shook his head. “I guess I’m going to have to get used to this around here, eh?” He said. “Y’all will wear some clothes to work, won’t you?”

Marsh smiled as he replied, “That’s what this meeting is for. Now that you finally got your butt up here we can get started.” Marsh paused. “OK then, is there any more discussion, or should we take a vote and move on to the new business? All in favor of going to work naked please signify by raising your right hand….” Marsh’s right hand was raised as he asked the question. Trish and Becca were laughing and raising their hands as Marsh finished speaking.

Jimmy bent over and put his face in his hands. “Oh noooo!” Jimmy wailed. “I cannot win. Marsh, please cut me a little slack. I’m not ready to die.” Jimmy could not hide his laughter behind his hands.

“The motion is carried, three in favor, one abstaining. We’re going to go to work naked. Now is there any new business?” Marsh looked at Jimmy. “You must have come here with something on your mind, boss. Since I’m the new guy, if you want me to show up at 0600, dressed, for work, you better let me know before 0600 the day of.”

Trish and Becca continued to laugh. Jimmy looked up toward Marsh and slowly shook his head from side to side. “Oh,…. what have I got myself into?” Jimmy asked.

Marsh quickly answered. “Whatever you got yourself into you love every minute of it. Don’t even try to make us think you don’t. Nobody in this room was born last night.”

As Marsh was talking Trish stood up and walked over to Jimmy. She promptly sat down in Jimmy’s lap, threw her arms around his neck, and planted a warm wet kiss on his lips. “Good morning, Daddy! Did you have a good night? Ours was superb. That new doctor you bought for Becca and me is really nice, and he does great physical exams. Thank you sooo much, for the new toy.”

“Oh My Gawd,” Jimmy responded. “I think I have more than enough information. Trish, you feel marvelous here in my lap, but could you and your daughter go upstairs for a little while and let me talk to your boy toy. I think I need to give him the instructions that he didn’t come with.”

“Oh grandpa!” Becca exclaimed. “I don’t think he needs any instructions. We got him working just fine the way he is.”

“I’ll just bet you did, at that. I think I’m screwed.” Jimmy whined.

“Not yet, daddy.” said Trish. “But I bet we can arrange that too, if you’d like. I think Marsh will share.”

“Holy shit, Marsh! What have you turned my innocent little girls into? Trish, you take that daughter of yours up-stairs, and get some clothes on. I’ve got half a mind to turn that pretty little bare butt of yours over my knee, and paddle it.” Jimmy realized his mistake, even before he was finished speaking.

Trish had been almost out of the office, but instantly turned back around and flopped down on her belly on Jimmy’s lap. “I love it when you talk dirty to me, daddy.” Trish spread her feet about eighteen inches apart, and wiggled her ass. “Come on, daddy. Don’t tease me. You promised to paddle my ass.”

Jimmy’s head fell back against the chair. His eyes closed, and he rocked his head from side to side. His left hand came down on Trish’s right ass cheek with a loud slap. “Oh…..My…..God! Just look at what you’ve done, Marsh.”

“Hot damn, Jimmy! That looks mighty fine from over here.” Marsh quipped. “Are you complaining? If that’s a burden for you, I’ll come over there and take it off your lap, and find a good use for it.”

“Wait just a minute.” Becca spoke up. “If grandpa gets my mom, I get the new boy toy. Grandpa just better find a way to take advantage of his good fortune.” Becca was rounding the big desk, and planted herself in Marsh’s lap.

Jimmy put both hands around Trish, and pulled her up into a canlı bahis siteleri sitting position. “Baby girl, you need to know, that I love you, and I want to get better acquainted…, in the future. Unfortunately this is not the time for this. I really do need to discuss some business and then we all need to get to work.”

Trish wrapped her arms around Jimmy’s neck, and gave him another deep wet kiss. “I know daddy, I just couldn’t resist your threat. Come on, Becca, let’s go get a shower and get dolled up for these guys.” Jimmy got up and followed the ladies to the office door, and closed it after they walked out.

“Marsh,” Jimmy began. “I had a situation come up last night with one of our security accounts. I spent about an hour setting up a resolution, and I had to think about what you are getting into. Luring you out here from a comfortable home and a life you were used to, I threw a huge chunk of meat at you and I don’t want to push you beyond what you feel comfortable chewing up. You told me you were willing to take on what I’ve thrown at you, but I want you to know that I will be here for you to lean on, as long as it takes for you to get up to speed.

“Three of my companies pretty much run themselves. I’ve owned them for over forty years now, and they all have the right people in place to flow smoothly. I just bank the profits. The security business is another story. I’ve had hands on control for enough years so that I can put the right people in the right situations, and handle most any changes quickly and efficiently. We are very successful and growing comfortably. I have no doubt that you will be able to fit in and pick up in my place rather quickly. Given your abilities, and the help I can give you from the start.”

“What I don’t want is for you to feel pressured to take on more than you are comfortable with. You showed up here three days ago without a clue what I was doing to you. You fit into my family like you were born into it. I want you to feel just as comfortable in my companies. Will you promise to tell me if things start going too fast?”

Marsh took a deep breath before he spoke. “Jimmy, I’ve spent quite a bit of thought processing on the magnitude of what you’ve tossed my way. The things I’ve been through in my life have somewhat prepared me for where I think I need to go with you, or for you, as the case may be. We are here at this point, because we got acquainted in a neutral arena, where we both were comfortable with whom we are. You made some judgments of me that were not based on me trying to impress you, but wanting to be your friend. I needed that friendship, Jimmy, and I will forever be in your debt for helping me through some very hard times. You may not have even known what you were doing, but you were there just the same.

“Now…, dropping Trish and Becca in front of me was kinda dirty pool. You found my one weak spot and hit me right there, with your best shot. I may never forgive you for that.” Marsh smiled as he said that. “I can’t believe how much Becca is like my Becky, and I can’t stand the thought of losing her. I’m not sure either you or I are being fair to Becca. She didn’t know Becky and she sure didn’t know me, or that I would be head over heels in love with her right from our first meeting. What are we going to do if she decides she really doesn’t like me, let alone love me enough to just pick up where her sister left off?”

“Let’s get back to your original question, Jimmy. I’m dumb enough to think I can learn most anything I put my mind to. I’m smart enough, I think, to know I have a lot to learn. I also have known you long enough to know you can teach me all I’ll let you teach, so yes, I’ll tell you if there is something we need to slow down with.”

“Integrating my love for tactical medicine into your security company will be a challenge that I look forward to. Playing with all the big boy toys and flying fast airplanes should be fun as well.” Marsh smiled again as he thought about the surprise that he and Jimmy had planned for Becca.

“OK,” Jimmy responded. “Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what we need to do today, shall we? I’ve scheduled a meeting at our new corporate headquarters, for 0930 this morning. All the department heads, and the management teams from each company will be there, and I want to introduce you to all of them at once.”

“I want Trish and Becca to be there as well. I’ve planned on introducing them as part of our upper management team. Becca will have whatever title you would like her to have. I thought we should bring Trish into a VP slot in the hospitality division that you and I are starting. Trish is good enough to take a lot more responsibility than I’ve allowed her to have, prior to now.”

“Something I haven’t told you till now. Becca is in fact my pilot. She’s also a part of my security team. In the Navy, Becca flew helicopters, transports, and the occasional Hornet. She trained with the SEALs, and can kick your ass to hell and back. Do NOT EVER piss that woman off. I don’t want to be responsible for picking up the pieces. A couple of the guys on the team got a little drunk, and … umm, shall I say fresh with her once. I had to send both of them to the ER, with broken bones. Everybody leaves her alone now.”

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