A New Friend and Our Daughters

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All participants in the sexual activities are over 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All my characters exhibit good hygiene and no mention of showers, etc. will be mentioned unless it involves sexual activities.


Just to look at them, you would not think they could be friends since they appeared so differently from each other. Rick was a big brawny guy, standing inches over the six foot mark, a little over two hundred pounds, and hair cut in a military style with a full beard.

Chris, on the other hand was completely different in build and presentation. He was about four inches short of six foot, weighing, maybe, one hundred and fifty pounds. Unlike Rick, Chris had long blonde hair down to far below his collar and sported a mustache and goatee.

Based simply on their grossly different looks, it would be difficult to imagine the two having anything in common. Except for their daughters.

The two men were meeting for the first time. Their daughters were the best of friends. They had met during their first year of high school, quickly becoming inseparable. Both girls had turned eighteen just a few months earlier and a week apart.

Although the girls lived on opposite ends of town, they both attended the same high school. This meant parents were forced to drive one or the other to activities such as the gym and dance class. Generally, it was the mothers that took on the chauffeuring duties and only occasionally the fathers.

Rick was a taciturn man, being reluctant to meet or socialize with new people. Over the years, he had managed not to meet Aria’s parents. Any time he was in their driveway, he would pick up a daughter or drop one off with a quick wave of his hand in the direction of the house. Polite yet not inviting. Whenever one of Aria’s parents dropped off or picked up a daughter, Rick always managed to be out of sight. Not rude, just indifferent.

Come to think of it, they did have one thing in common. Both men had recently lost their wives. Chris’ wife due to cancer and Rick’s lying, slut of a wife to another man. With the lying slut out of the picture, Rick led a quiet and enjoyable life. Both men doted on their daughters.

This did change the dynamic of the relationships between the two fathers and their daughters. The primary change was the inevitability of the two fathers meeting since they were both the girls’ chauffeurs now.

Rick had dropped off his daughter Kim one time at their house while Chris was outside doing yard work. Seeing Rick in his driveway, Chris waved and walked towards Rick’s car. Although not extremely sociable, Rick was a polite and courteous man. He waited in the car until Chris came up close. The two men introduced themselves, exchanging pleasantries, and Rick looked for his first opportunity to escape. He politely refused the offered beer and left.

After this first occasion, Rick was apt to run into Chris from time to time at school events, dance recitals, or in driveways. Rick was able to avoid Chris in his own driveway but he was not so lucky when in Chris’ driveway. Chris, being outgoing and friendly, continued to invite Rick in for a beer or a coffee. Rick always pled a tight schedule in order to escape.

Rick was sitting outside at poolside one afternoon when he looked up to see a smiling Chris walking out of the house. After exchanging more pleasantries, Rick saw that Chris was in no hurry to leave forcing him to offer Chris a beverage. They settled on beer and settled down in the deck chairs.

The daughters soon came outside to see what the two dads were up to. Seeing they had beer in hand, Aria asked her father if they would be staying long enough for Kim and her to have a swim. Chris’ response was a nod of his head and a wave of his hand.

Rick didn’t quite know what to say, realizing escape was not going to be possible this day. The two men exchanged life details. Chris worked for the township in the maintenance department. Rick owned an insurance agency.

Their attention was distracted by the reappearance of the two daughters. As always, Rick admired his gorgeous daughter. In his eyes, Kim was a vision of loveliness. That his young daughter would garner the attention of Chris, and most anybody to be honest, came as no shock to Rick.

Kim had long blonde hair almost to her waist, the kind of hair men, and some women I’m sure, wanted to run their hands through. Running their hands downward through her hair would leave a guy’s hands and eyes on her beautiful ass. Rick’s teenaged daughter had a great ass, very firm, well toned, and sculpted as highlighted by the bikini she was currently wearing.

Both Chris and Rick admired Kim’s body, Rick guiltily and Chris lustfully. Kim had turned around facing them. The teenager had an awesome rack as well. Her tits were a good 34C standing firmly with a youthful lack of sag. Letting their eyes drift down her body, both daddies were drawn to her cameltoe and to her long, toned and well defined legs.

Both men illegal bahis adjusted their positions subtly to hide the fact that they both sported chubbies. Naturally, the two dads also checked out Chris’ daughter, Aria, as well. This teenager was not as beautiful as her best friend. In fact, the young girl was somewhat plain, even, to an ungentlemanly mind, homely.

Her face, though, was not given much more thought when eyes discovered her rocking body. This girl was built like the proverbial brick shithouse. Aria was a small girl, only about five feet tall and weighing about 120 pounds. Most of her weight was carried in her chest, 32DD tits. After that, what else could possibly matter.

Rick was totally engrossed in ogling the teenager surreptitiously. But he was not being as circumspect as he imagined. Chris noticed where the other dad’s gaze was aimed. He smiled to himself thinking it was only fair that he checked out Rick’s daughter as well.

After some moments, Rick began to feel awkward. He continued staring at the little nymph though. He had to drag his eyes away when the other dad spoke to him.

“My gawd, man, we are lucky to have two daughters as sexy as ours.”

Rick really didn’t know how to answer the man. He ended up saying the first intelligent thing to come to his mind.

“Umm, yeah.”

Chris continued, “Aria takes a shower every night and then parades around the house with just a towel on. I keep hoping the towel falls off her so I can get a good look at those tits of hers.”

Rick blushed deeply and nodded.

“Do you watch porn?” asked Chris.

Again, “Umm, yeah.”

Rick was such a sparkling conversationalist.

“I’ve got a couple DVD’s in the car I was going to drop off at the store later. They don’t have to be back for a couple days yet so I can leave them with you if you’ll take them back to the store at your corner here.”

Third time, “Umm, yeah.”

The afternoon continued on quite pleasantly. Rick had no more beer, deciding Pepsi was better. Chris continued with the beer. By the time the daughters had changed out of their bikinis, Chris had a good buzz going on. He tossed the car keys to Aria so she could drive home.

Later that night, Rick found himself alone in the house since his daughter was on a date. Just to be polite, and so he could tell Chris he watched the videos, Rick inserted the first one into the player.

Sitting down in the middle of the couch in front of the 55 inch TV, Rick pressed play. He wasn’t sure he had the right movie as there were no credits or opening titles. In fact, it looked homemade. Before Rick could decide if he wanted to see it after all, the action started.

The screen was filled with a livingroom scene and a guy sitting naked on a couch with his dick in hand. Rick knew he wasn’t interested in seeing this movie but as he was groping for the remote, a young girl entered the room.

Young, a redhead, perky little tits, and fully nude. The young girl joined the man on the couch. A voice from off camera, likely the videographer, asked the duo to introduce themselves. The main said his name was Howard and the girl’s name was Dawn.

“The offscreen voice asked, “How old are you, honey?”

“I had my eighteenth birthday yesterday.”

“Did you enjoy your birthday? Go out? Have a party?”

“It wasn’t really a party,” said Dawn. “A group of us went to the movies and then for pizza afterward. Kind of boring, really.”

“So you’re going to make up for that tonight?”

“Yes, sir,” answered the girl.

“And what do you plan on doing that will not be boring tonight?” asked the videographer.

“I’m going to fuck my Uncle Howard here.”

Rick’s mouth dropped open. “Uncle,” he thought. “what the fuck is this?” Of course, he knew about incest. Who didn’t, duh? And what parent didn’t have the occasional thought about his daughter. Before he could chastise himself for thinking that way, the action in the movie started again.

It was pretty typical at that point. Except for the incest theme, of course. The niece and uncle engaged in a make out session with the camera focused on the Uncle caressing the birthday girl’s body. They progressed to the teenager sucking her Uncle’s sizeable cock, before fucking each other in a variety of positions.

That movie ended and Rick put the second DVD into the player. This time, he was looking at a regular commercially produced video. It was entertaining though since the theme was high school boys and girls fucking.

Having had enough, the father went upstairs to go to bed. Although he tried to sleep, Rick found himself tossing and turning while thinking of the first movie. It couldn’t be helped. Replaying the fucking of the niece and uncle in his mind, the dad fondled his balls until he was hard enough to jerk off. And he did. He splattered cum all across his chest and stomach.

Finding sleep finally, he woke to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Kim enjoyed having her morning coffee with her daddy. The two illegal bahis siteleri sat at the kitchen table chatting about a variety of mundane subjects. Kim asked what he thought of Kris’ father.

“He seemed alright,” said Rick.

“Maybe you two could go out for a beer or something sometime. Aria said her daddy enjoyed meeting you and would like to get to know you better.”

Again, Rick uttered his typical intelligent answer, “Umm, yeah.”

Finishing his coffee, and armed with a refill, Rick went upstairs to take care of the three S’s. Shit, shower, and shave.

Kim decided to watch music videos for a while as she had no morning classes that day. Taking her place, curled up in the corner of the couch with her legs tucked under her, she turned the TV on. Instead of the expected music channel coming up, the video Rick had been watching the previous night started to play.

Never having seen a porn video before, Kim forced herself to watch it all the way though. She found it to be exciting and stimulating. Noticing the second DVD on the coffee table, she watched that one right through as well.

Of course, Kim knew about incest as a general topic. She had never been presented with it in such a manner as she was now seeing on the video. The teenager had never actually considered sex with family members such as Howard and Dawn.

To her surprise, Kim found the concept to be intriguing and kind of sexy. There was no one in her family that looked like the scrawny Howard. There was no one in her family that she would consider having sex with. Maybe.

The more she watched, the more the young daughter found herself being turned on. Kim’s pussy was getting wet, quite wet indeed. Her fingers drifted towards her panty covered pussy. Finding their way to her inner folds, Rick’s daughter slipped two fingers under her panties, and began to caress her pussy.

By the time the movie was coming to its climax, so was Kim. Once Kim’s orgasm faded away, she put her two offending fingers in her mouth enjoying her own taste.

While licking them dry, Kim’s mind wandered yet again over family members she would be willing to fuck. There was no one she would be willing to bestow that gift upon. Except, maybe…

Hearing her daddy moving around upstairs, the young girl quickly switched the TV to the music videos she had intended to watch in the first place.

“Kim,” called her daddy, “there’s a couple videos down there that belong to Chris. Bring them up when you come, okay?”

This was the first time she actually gave thought to her daddy watching them. It excited her to know he had seen them too. Did he jerk off during the movies? Did he like watching Howard and Dawn together?

“I see them, Daddy,” she answered.

“Are they any good? Should I watch them?” There was a playful lilt in her voice and a devilish gleam in her eyes.

“Nah,” her daddy responded. “They were trash.”

“Okay, daddy.”

Later that day, Rick was in his office reviewing the paperwork surrendered by his agents for the previous day’s work. When the phone on his desk rang, he answered it without even checking the caller ID.

“Rick speaking.”

“Hey, Rick, how’s it going?”

“Not bad, how about you?” Rick didn’t have a clue as to who was on the other end of the line.

“This is Chris, Aria’s dad?”

“Sure, Chris, what’s up?” Rick was quite surprised that this man he barely knew was calling him on his office line.

“Well, I was wondering if you had a chance to watch the videos I lent you?” asked Chris.

Back to the intelligent answer. “Umm, yeah.”

“Both of them?”

“Umm, yeah.”

“So, I guess you realized the one with Howard and Dawn was for real then.”

“Umm, yeah,” Rick’s intelligent responses were simply overwhelming. Hearing them, no one would have guessed he was a university educated man.

“I need that one back. Don’t take it to the store. In fact, I’ll pick them both up myself and return them to their appropriate owners. Are you going to be home Saturday?”

“Umm, yeah. We’ll be home all day Saturday.”

“Okay, it’ll be my turn to supply the beer,” said Chris ending the conversation.

By Saturday afternoon, Rick had watched the incest themed video three more times. Although feeling more and more guilty with each viewing, he found it so compelling and erotic that he had masturbated over and over to the images and dialogue on the screen. In fact, at some point, he had even rubbed his cock raw. That occurred when he substituted Kim for Dawn. His own daughter.

It was with some trepidation that Rick awaited the arrival of Chris and his teenaged daughter. Aria would no doubt be off in Kim’s room doing whatever young girls do. Rick would have to face Chris alone.

He wasn’t sure what kind of conversation they would have. Rick wasn’t accustomed to sharing his feelings with anyone. Especially when they were feelings of sexual excitement and thrill. Nor feelings of guilt.

Soon enough, Chris walked canlı bahis siteleri into the backyard carrying a cooler. Once seated, Rick was offered a beer from the cooler. Without hesitation, Rick guzzled the first half of the beer hoping it would make him feel better.

The initial chat was innocuous enough. Both men finished their first beers and moved on to the second while talking about the game, local events, and their daughter’s activities.

Before the conversation could shift in the direction Rick was dreading, the two teenaged daughters joined their fathers on the patio.

Kim spoke first, “Daddy, Aria and I are hungry. Can we order pizza delivered?”

Rick naturally looked to the other father for his approval, not knowing how long they were staying. He saw that Aria was standing beside Chris, leaning into him. Chris had his hand around his daughter’s waist, almost low enough to be partially on her ass.

That young, fresh piece of assmeat. The very sight before him combined with Rick’s admiring views of it in his memory, started a chubby growing. Indeed, he was beginning to blush when Kim interrupted his reverie.

“Daddy? Is it okay?”

“Umm, yeah. Go ahead. My wallet is on my dresser, just pay the delivery guy from that money.”

“Okay, Daddy, thank you,” said the very attractive daughter. Kim leaned over to give Rick a kiss on the cheek. While doing so, the neckline of her top hung low enough to give Kim’s father a quick peek at her breasts.

As she walked away, Rick’s gaze followed her, focusing on her ass. With a guilty start, he looked over to the other father and his daughter. Aria was leaning over, giving Chris a quick kiss on the lips. Rick saw that the father’s hand was fully engaged with cupping his daughter’s gorgeous ass. Absolutely gorgeous and so inviting.

Chris’ teenaged daughter walked away swinging her hips, ass swaying. Taking his gaze off her, Rick looked to see the other father was smiling and nodding at him. Grabbing another beer, Rick immediately downed a good third of the bottle.

“She’s got a great ass, doesn’t she?” asked Chris.

Rick couldn’t even get out his stock in trade response. He stared at the other father wordlessly.

“It’s okay, Rick,” said Chris. “There’s nothing wrong with looking and admiring. We’re just two guys having some beer and watching the scenery.”

Chris chuckled and took another swig of his beer. Still speechless, Rick finished the beer in his hand. It was a good thing he swallowed it before Chris next statement or he would have coughed it all up.

“I like Kim’s ass too. I would really enjoy seeing both of them in a twerking contest!”

Rick found some words. Finally.

“That’s not right. They’re our daughters.”

Chris smirked. “Just because they are our daughters doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy too.”

Rick adjusted his position trying to hide his hardon from Chris.

“Did you enjoy the videos I loaned you?” asked Chris.

“Yeah,” responded Rick. “They were pretty good.” Another slug of beer.

“You liked seeing the high school one with all the young girls running around naked?”

Rick simply nodded, his embarrassment growing.

“Well, they were all around our daughters’ ages. So, I guess you like to watch young girls then,” said Chris.

“Yeah, I guess,” responded Rick. “They were hot.”

“What about the other video? Did you like that one too?”

“It was good too,” admitted Rick.

Chris summarized, “So you like looking at young, naked girls and incest turns you on. So admiring our daughters isn’t such a big leap, then.”

Before he could answer, Rick’s daughter called out that the pizza arrived. It was clouding over at this point, indicating rain was on its way, so both men climbed to their feet. Rick grabbed up the beer cooler, and they walked towards the house.

Putting a hand on Rick’s arm to slow him down long enough to ask him a final question, Chris said, “So you think our daughters are sexy too?” Pausing for a long moment, Rick nodded his agreement.

Once in the house, the two fathers saw that the girls had set up the pizza on the coffee table in the living room and had music videos playing on the TV. Kim was sitting on the loveseat and Aria was in the middle of the couch.

“Come sit here, Daddy,” indicated Kim to her father by patting the seat beside her. Chris joined his daughter, Aria, on the couch. There was not a lot of conversation going on while they were eating their pizza slices.

Rick was once again embarrassed by his admission to Chris. The two girls were dancing in their seats to the tunes on the television. Chris was checking out their forms.

Once it was clear they were done with the pizza, Kim cleaned up and removed the garbage. She sat back down on the loveseat beside her father, putting his arm around her shoulders.

“Aria,” said Chris, “why don’t you dance for us?”

“Daddy, no one wants to see me dance.”

“Sure we do,” Chris reassured his daughter. “Rick, do you want to see Aria dance?”

No doubt in his mind, Rick responded with a simple yes.

Aria climbed to her feet and looked around for an open space to show off her moves. Her daddy told her to stand on the coffee table for her demonstration.

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