A New Chance for Love

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In the fall, Janet Jaymes ended her 10-year relationship with Perry. She had come to realize that she didn’t love him. She didn’t even really like him, when push came to shove. It wasn’t Perry’s fault either. He was a nice guy, honest, hard-working, reliable and steadfast. He just had no zing and there was no spontaneity to their relationship. Janet just wanted so much more out of life.

“Are you out of your mind?” Her older sister asked her as the dined at Cafe 13. “Perry’s an absolute doll; they don’t make men like him any more. He holds the car door open, he pulls chairs out for you, he stands up when a woman enters the room. I’d love to date a man like that,” Nikki told her sister with complete honesty.

Janet smiled at the very attractive waitress who asked if she’d like another coffee. Nodding yes, she leaned close to her sister. “Be my guest, I happen to know he’s single. I know you’re his type, he likes gorgeous blondes,” she smiled at her slightly-taller, slightly-blonder sister.

“Married, remember?” Nikki smiled, holding up her hand to reveal the rather ostentatious ring she wore on her finger. “Seriously, I wish Don was more like your Perry. Just because he has money, he takes me for granted. I’m not just a showpiece, I have a brain.” Janet nodded because she often encountered men who didn’t believe a pretty blonde could have a brain. She’d had several hundred pieces published in the last several years since she had started writing again. She was even mulling over an offer to write an erotic novel. As yet, she hadn’t yet made that decision.

“I know, it just happens to be hidden in the body of a porn star,” Janet teased her sister.

Nikki sighed. “Is it MY fault that mom gave us these sex goddess bodies?” She complained. Nikki was right about that, their statuesque mother could still turn heads as she neared 50.

“I wish Perry nothing but the best but I wasn’t going to waste another year of my life trying to save a relationship that wasn’t ever going to work,” Janet told her sister. The two of them had attracted a crowd of admirers and several offers to buy them drinks had been sent their way, all declined. “Do you know that I’ve never had an orgasm with him, not even once?”

“Really?” Nikki said to her sister, her tone revealing her shock. “You two have been together a long time. Seriously, not ever?”

Janet shook her head. “No, not ever and I’m at a loss to explain why. I’ve tried all sorts of tricks and he watches videos, he isn’t unskilled in the bedroom and he does do all the foreplay. He just doesn’t make me cum. I usually fake it,” she admitted. “The only times I’ve had orgasms are when I was by myself using my hands or one of my little friends,” she told Nikki.

Nikki looked at her watch. “Well, I’ve got to go home, perish forbid Don ever got off his ass and started dinner,” she said to her sister. “Or, God forbid, he could take his wife out to dinner in the middle of a week for no reason. Talk to you later,” Nikki waved goodbye, leaving her sister to her own devices.

Their waitress came by and offered another coffee. Janet had nowhere to be so she accepted. The pretty brunette smiled at her. “I couldn’t help overhearing what you were talking about and good for you,” she told Janet. “I ended a relationship recently for almost the same reasons. My partner was selfish and I was so much better off on my own.”

Janet looked at the young woman, a tall and slender, slightly-exotic looking brunette. She wondered why anyone would take the risk of alienating someone so beautiful. “Your partner is an idiot,” Janet told the young woman. “You’re absolutely exquisite, just the kind of woman a man should acknowledge as often as he can.” She frowned as the waitress poured the coffee. “Men — they can be such idiots!”

The woman smiled and said “Well, I will agree with you on that point, but my former partner happened to be a female.”

Janet looked at the stunning beauty and found it hard to believe she was a lesbian and then shook off that thought. She was being close-minded, these were modern times and perhaps the young lady was bi-sexual? She invited the girl, whose name was Avery, to sit with her. As the café wasn’t busy, Avery told one of the other servers that she was on a break and accepted the invitation. Within a few minutes, she and Avery were talking like they had been friends forever. She liked Avery, who had a take-no-prisoners attitude and a bold, frank manner. Her voice was soft and delicate, but clearly this woman was not someone anyone should take for granted.

Avery was so gorgeous and Janet wished that she was half as pretty. When she voiced those thoughts to her companion, Avery looked at her with an amused smile. “You’re fishing for compliments, right? You can’t be serious, Janet, you’re one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen. My ex was a lovely woman and she wasn’t half as sexy as you are. If hadn’t told me that you were straight, I’d do everything that I could to get you into my bed.”

Janet had never entertained the notion of sex with a woman but was tremendously flattered by bahis firmaları Avery’s attentions. They agreed to meet for coffee in two days and continue their newfound friendship. Janet found herself quite looking forward to it. It had been a while since she’d made a new friend and since breaking up with Perry, it would be a nice distraction from her loneliness.

When Avery arrived for their coffee date, Janet thought to herself that her new friend would certainly be a distraction. She was wearing a tight, short blue dress and high heels that made her almost 5’10” in height, she towered over Janet. The café hired beautiful women and knew they attracted customers but Avery outshone them all. Janet didn’t think she’d ever laughed so hard, Avery was very witty. She learned that her friend was strictly lesbian and had never been with a man. “I knew when I was 11 that I liked girls,” she confessed to Janet. “I even had a couple of girlfriends that far back. You know, we’d kiss and make out, kid stuff but I was into it. I wonder what happened to them, they were as into it as I was.”

“I’ve never kissed a girl,” Janet commented. “I’ve been approached by women, yes, but I’ve never dared to go through with it. Then there was Perry, we were together a while so that would have been cheating,” she said. “Technically, it still is, we haven’t split our assets or finalized things yet, I think it was a bit of a shock to him and I don’t want to hurt him anymore.”

“You’re really a good person,” Avery smiled. “Kissing another woman is different; it’s sensual and full of passion, erotic as anything you will ever experience. If you’re ever curious about trying it, let me know. I’d be glad to kiss that beautiful face of yours,” Avery flirted.

Janet giggled and nodded and then leaned forward. “If we weren’t in public, I might just let you try. I will admit that you make it sound very sexy.”

“Why should our being in public make a difference?” Avery pointed out. “Men kiss their women all the time.” She leaned close and took Janet’s face in her hands and kissed her, holding the kiss for a minute and using just a small bit of tongue. When she finished, Janet’s eyes were slightly glazed. She hadn’t realized how intimate it could be to do something like this.

“I think you liked that,” Avery smiled as she ordered some more coffee for herself. “You didn’t pull away.”

“It was — different,” Janet smiled softly. “I’m not sure how I felt but it didn’t feel wrong, I will admit to that.”

The girls finished their meals and hugged goodbye. Already they had agreed to meet again on the weekend. Janet was fascinated with her new friend and found herself unable to wait that long to see Avery again. She returned to Avery’s workplace and asked to be seated in her section. “Hey beautiful,” Avery smiled. “One of the girls told me I had an admirer but I thought we were getting together on Saturday?”

“Can’t I come and see my friend at work?” Janet asked. “The girls know about your being a lesbian?”

“Sure, I’m open about it and I’ve even been with a few of the girls, nothing serious,” Avery smiled as she brought Janet a menu. She whispered in Janet’s ear “I’m not the only lesbian working here; there are a couple of us.”

Janet was curious. “Really? I come here all the time, which ones?”

Avery shook her finger at Janet. “Uh-uh, can’t tell you, they’re entitled to their privacy,” she said. “Besides, I don’t want you flirting with other women when I’m around,” she said in a teasing manner, although Janet almost thought she meant it to a small degree. She spent a few hours at the café and was in good spirits the rest of the day.

Her dinner with Avery was a revelation. Avery showed up in a small black dress and heels again, every inch of the dress clung to every inch of Avery. “You sure don’t mind showing off your body,” Janet commented to Avery.

“Why should I?” Avery replied. “I work hard to stay in shape and I love being admired by women OR men, that doesn’t matter to me,” she said to Janet. “I even thought about posing for magazines, I’ve had offers but I don’t know if my parents could handle that. They still haven’t quite accepted my lesbian lifestyle,” she sighed.

Dinner was superb and as Janet was also suitably dressed in lovely, short dress, they didn’t lack attention. Avery knew what to order and every bite was delicious. Janet realized that she and Avery would be friends for a long time because they just were so at ease together. They talked about several things, sex included. Over the next several weeks, they saw each other constantly and talked nightly.

The Halloween party at Avery’s café was for staff only, with one invited guest. Avery invited Janet who came as a sexy she-pirate. When Janet saw Avery’s costume, she was stunned. She had worn a Dominatrix outfit made entirely out of black leather. She looked wild, fierce and untamed. “One of my girlfriends gave this to me, a naughty little sub,” Avery smiled as she got Janet a drink. “If I was horny, I could call her and she’d be there in ten minutes, ready to service me.”

Janet kaçak iddaa nodded, fascinated as ever with Avery’s candor. “Why’d you stop seeing her?”

Avery turned her head to Janet and flashed an enigmatic smile. “I didn’t. She’s on speed dial, I almost called her last night after I stopped talking with you,” she said. Janet and Avery had been having a conversation that was almost steamy. Janet had found herself wondering how it moved in that direction and then realized she herself had instigated the sexual overtones. She loved talking that way with Avery and found herself watching Avery interact with her co-workers. She still wondered which of the attractive young women had shared Avery’s bed and found herself also wondering what it would look like — Avery and another sexy beauty rolling around naked and kissing. She had to push those images out of her mind and when Avery asked her to dance, they came flooding back. She never wandered far out of Avery’s sight for the rest of the party.

Close to Christmas, she knew she should get Avery something as they were now the closest of friends. Even Nikki had noticed and commented on her sunnier disposition. She found a tiny diamond pendant that she wanted to give Avery. It was a bit expensive, but she decided she could afford it as she no longer had to buy for Perry. The salesgirl smiled as she wrapped it and said “For someone very special?” She nodded and then wondered if the girl had meant to imply that it was for a lover?

She and Avery spent the day before Christmas together at Avery’s apartment. It was quite spacious and comfortable, far larger than Janet’s new digs. When she gave Avery her gift, the delight in her friend’s eyes made the expense worthwhile. Avery gave her a huge hug and pulled out a large box. Janet loved getting presents; she always reacted as she had when she was a child and eagerly opened the large parcel. Inside was a vast selection of pretty lingerie and the cost likely neared her own gift. “I wanted you to have something pretty because you’re so pretty,” Avery smiled as she kissed Janet softly. Every time they kissed a little, Janet’s heart fluttered. “I hope you like my gift.”

Like it? How could she not, every piece was beautiful and Janet knew it would all look lovely on her. “I like it very much, there are some fabulous pieces here, thank you darling,” she said before realizing the endearment had just slipped out. She didn’t correct it; she cared for Avery a great deal.

“Why don’t you pick one or two you really like and let me see how they look on you?” Avery suggested. “That way I’ll know if I have to take anything back.”

Janet agreed and chose two pieces. The first piece was a black teddy that was sheer in some places and had silver patterns interwoven throughout. It fit her perfectly and the heels she wore made her legs look long and lovely. The second outfit was much more daring, a sheer negligee with red trim. She wore nothing underneath it. Avery gasped when she saw it and something in Janet changed that very instant. She walked towards Avery and took her friend in her arms and kissed her. With even more passion and sensuality than Avery had kissed her that first time. She didn’t want her friend mistaking her intentions in the slightest bit.

“Janet, are you sure …?” Avery sighed as their kiss ended. “I mean, I don’t want you to …”

Janet pulled her back and kissed her again. “I’m nervous but yes, 100% sure,” she told Avery. “I don’t know if I’m a lesbian or bi or if it’s just you I’m obsessed with, but I need to be with you today. To experience you in this way, please, will you let me enjoy my afternoon with you?”

Avery stood up and took Janet’s hand. “My bedroom is right in here,” she told her friend. “I wouldn’t refuse you for anything, let me do all the work and then you join in when you feel comfortable.”

Janet nodded and as they entered Avery’s bedroom, the brunette dimmed the lights. When she undressed, Janet gasped. Wearing lacy lavender lingerie, Avery was a magnificent, sexual creature.

“What brought on that outburst?” Avery questioned her.

“It’s just … you’re so beautiful,” Janet openly admired her friend.

Avery shook her head and laughed. The sunlight was streaming through the windows and Janet’s body was silhouetted through the negligee. “Will you stop that?” Avery admonished her. “You’re easily as beautiful as I am, several of my girlfriends would kill to be with someone as gorgeous as you,” she said. She saw Janet’s reaction to that and caught it. “It bothers you a bit that I’ve got other girlfriends, doesn’t it?” She asked.

“I know that it shouldn’t, but I can’t help feeling jealous,” Janet sighed as Avery neared her. Her friend lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes.

“You aren’t my possession and I’m not yours,” she told Janet. “Our bodies are free to make choices, even if we love someone on one level, it’s quite another to connect with someone on a sexual level,” she explained. She led Janet to the bed and smiled. “Let’s forget all about this for now and be together. I’m going to do everything kaçak bahis to you that a girl could want.”

Janet wasn’t quite sure what that would entail, so she just laid on the bed and let Avery touch her. It made her shake in some ways and the way her body was responding astonished her. He nipples hardened and her pussy grew moist, no man had gotten to her so fast. She found herself thrilling to Avery’s touch and when Avery got her naked, she wondered what the hell had taken her so long. Avery was on top of her now and they were kissing with heat — intense longing that had been building for some time. Avery’s hands found her flesh and caressed her intimately. No part of Janet went without being touched, Avery’s fingers traced the line of her back and it felt wonderful. When she was turned over once again, she insisted that Avery get totally naked as well.

Their bodies rubbed together and not for one second did Janet feel uncomfortable. It felt right to be intimate with her best friend and as their legs entwined, their bodies heaved and hunched as they tribbed and enjoyed the intimacy of lesbian sex. Janet climaxed at just the body contact; she had no idea what Avery had in store for her next.

“You don’t seem at all nervous,” Avery smiled as she leaned down to kiss her girlfriend.

“I’m not, not at all,” Janet sighed. “I think I’ve known this was coming for a while. It feels good to me, I want to do more,” she smiled.

“Don’t worry, we will,” Avery smiled back. She made love to Janet then, loving her tits and her entire body and saving the sweet, trimmed pussy for last. Janet had never exploded in that way at any time in her sexual life. She felt selfish when she returned to earth and set about correcting her selfishness. She had never eaten pussy before but as she gorged herself on her new lover, she thrilled to the taste and experiences. It wasn’t something she would ever hesitate to do again although she knew it was Avery who was making this so special. The two lovers spent the remainder of the day in each other’s arms until Avery had to go to work for a late-night, pre-Christmas shift. Janet actually found herself missing her friend but busied herself wrapping the presents for her family.

On Christmas day, she still wished that Avery could have been with her. She felt happy with her family but Avery was a part of her life now and she wanted her there. She dialed Avery’s number and talked with her lover for a few minutes. It brightened her spirits to hear Avery tell her “New Year’s Eve, just you and me — no arguments. Find something sexy to wear and I’ll see you then. Love you, bye.” She was all smiles for the remainder of the day and even when Avery pestered her over the next few days, she would not tell her girlfriend what she had chosen to wear.

New Year’s Eve came and Avery had chosen a silver-sequined dress that had a long slit up one side and high, high heels. Avery knew Janet admired her legs. When Janet opened the door, Avery knew that she had overdressed.

All her lover wore was a sexy white teddy with blue trim and white high heels. She pulled Avery close and smiled “You look stunning, but we’re staying in. I have dinner and champagne and … other things,” she teased as a stunned Avery entered her apartment.

The meal was superb, the champagne lovely and the company — beyond compare. At midnight, they toasted the New Year and then went to bed. Avery dropped her gown in a puddle at the floor and stood naked in front of Janet, tanned and slender. The women climbed into bed and kissed and talked and made gentle love. Then Janet told Avery she wanted to get naughty and a small box of toys was produced. She insisted that Avery use some of them on her, she wanted to run the gamut of lesbian experiences. Their play continued until dawn and at the point where both were too tired to continue. The spirit was willing but the flesh was far, far too weak.

“Lord, I’ve created a monster,” Avery smiled as they fell asleep together. Janet couldn’t recall a time in her life where she had felt more comfortable in her own skin. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, she wanted to make that special for her new love as well. She succeeded with a naughty, daring little plan. Janet made herself a living card in red lingerie and when Avery saw how delicious she looked, they didn’t get out of bed until nearly 10 PM.

“I usually go somewhere in mid-spring, I have since my college days,” Avery smiled as her fingers trailed down Janet’s smooth thigh. “Want to go with me?”

Janet nodded. “I’ve never done spring break before, I always had a boyfriend,” she told Avery. “It sounds like a lot of fun.”

“Oh, it will be,” Avery promised her, an enigmatic smile crossing her face.

Florida was lovely and full of bikini-clad beauties. When Avery flirted with two twins, Katie and Kiernan, Janet was a bit jealous. The stunning redheads were indeed lovely, but Janet wasn’t sure she liked her lover flirting with the two 18-year olds. When Avery suggested they all go to their hotel room, Janet had no idea what was on her lover’s mind until Avery clued her in. “Kiernan and I are going to have some fun in her room, you two can do — whatever,” a slightly-tipsy Avery smiled as she and the redhead exited the room. Janet didn’t know what to do next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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