A Mom’s Curiosity

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This story was suggested to me by mkm.mommy. It contains some bdsm, but the story is focused on incest, so it belongs in this category.

All characters are 18+. Enjoy!


Amanda is a fairly normal single woman, and at 50, she looks amazing. She has a body that women her age would kill for. She has large, D-cup breasts, a fairly toned stomach and a large ass. She has long curly brown hair, that despite her age, has not yet started to gray. Despite the long flight to the other side of the country, Amanda still looks good. Waiting for her at the airport is her son Brian. Brian is 25, tall, has an athletic body and the same curly brown hair as his mother. As soon as Brian sees his Amanda leaving the arrivals area, he makes his way towards her and the two embrace.

“It’s so good to see you!” Amanda says happily in her son’s ear.

Brian smiles at his mom, “It’s great to see you too! Come on, I’m sure you want to get to my house.”

“I sure do!” Amanda exclaims as Brian leads the way through the crowded area and out to his car. On the drive from the airport, Brian and Amanda catch up, talking about how the old neighbors are doing, how Brian is doing at his new job and how he is liking his house.

“I’ve got a surprise for you Mom!” Brian says excitedly as they near his small house.

“I can’t wait for it.” Amanda replies, wondering what this surprise is.

Brian pulls into his driveway and helps Amanda with her luggage. Brian leads the way inside the house and a female voice from further in calls out, “Brian?”

“Who else!” Brian calls back, smiling at his mom.

“You have a girlfriend?” Amanda askes.

“Yeah, she’s a great person!” Brian answers, leading the way through the house. He quickly places Amanda’s bags in the spare bedroom before leading his mother into the room at the end of the hall. Sitting inside is a very pretty young woman, about Brian’s age. “Mom, this is Leah! Leah, this is my mom, Amanda!”

Leah is a very pretty woman, with straight blonde hair, c-cup breasts, medium sized ass and a toned body. She is wearing black leggings and a long sleeve tee-shirt. Leah smiles at Amanda and brings her in for a hug. “How are you?” She asks as they part.

Amanda smiles, “I’m good… Brian never mentioned a girlfriend though.”

Leah laughs, “He told me that he was keeping it a surprise for you. It’s so good to meet you!”

“It’s good to meet you too.” Amanda replies. The three go to the dining room to sit and have a pleasant conversation. Amanda and Leah quickly grow to know and like each other.

After a while, Brian, all three start to get hungry so Brian orders take out. After he leaves to get it, Leah and Amanda continue their conversation, but start to set the table.

Leah reaches above her head to grab plates out of a cabinet and her shirt lifts up slightly. Amanda sees that there appear to be hand shaped bruises on Amanda’s hips and finger shaped bruises just above the top of her leggings. What happened there? Did Brian do that? Amanda asks herself, staring at Leah. Quickly shaking herself out of her trance, Amanda asks, “So is there anything in the house I haven’t seen? Anything in the basement? Neither one of you showed me that.”

Leah turns back and shakes her head, “No, we just keep random crap in the basement. Nothing really important down there.”

Amanda nods, continuing to think about what she saw. Brian better not be hitting this woman! I raised him better than that! “So, how are things between you and Brian?” Amanda asks, wanting to get to the bottom of this.

Leah smiles, “Amazing! He is so wonderful and treats me right. He is fun to spend time with and I’m so glad to have him in my life!”

Maybe I just imagined the bruises… Amanda thinks, believing that Leah is telling the truth.

A few minutes later, Brian returns with the food. The three eat dinner and then watch T.V. together. Leah goes to bed after a while, leaving Brian and Amanda alone. “So do you like her?” Brian asks.

“She seems great. Do you treat her well?” Amanda says.

“Of course mom!” Brian answers.

“You sure about that?” Amanda presses.

Brian turns and frowns at his mom, “What do you mean by that?”

“Well earlier her shirt rode up and she had these bruises…” Amanda stammers awkwardly, hoping to not sound like she was accusing Brian of hitting Leah.

To her surprise, Brian’s face turns bright red. “On her hips?” Amanda nods. Brian sighs, “Look… it’s kinda embarrassing. Leah and I are… we both like rough, kinky sex and sometimes… well…”

Amanda feels her own face turning red, “You don’t have to elaborate. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t hurting her.”

Brian gives Amanda a hurt look, “Hurt her? You raised me better than that!” After a minute pause and a deep sigh Brian continues, “Look mom, the thing about what Leah and I are into is that a great deal of trust illegal bahis is required. Leah knows I wouldn’t actually hurt her and if she asked me to stop, I would.”

Amanda nods, “I’m sorry I thought you were hitting her. I… you know I love you right.”

Brian nods, “I know mom. I love you too.”


Later that night, Amanda keeps thinking about what Brian said. Kinky sex… what Leah and I are into… These keep running through her head along with the question: What are Leah and Brian into? Amanda finally falls asleep, wondering what exactly her son was into.

The next morning, Leah leaves for work, leaving Brian and Amanda alone in the house together. While Amanda showers and gets ready, Brian cooks a nice breakfast for him and his mother. “So what did you want to do today, mom?” He asks.

Amanda thinks for a minute, “I’m not sure. What is there to do around here?”

“There’s a mall, some nice restaurants to try, not the beach though. Leah is off tomorrow and we were planning on taking you there then.”

Amanda thinks, “Maybe the mall then?”

Brian nods, “Great! Let me go and shower and I’ll be back out here in a bit.” While Brian goes to shower, Amanda finishes getting ready and finds herself waiting for Brian. She hears the water turn on and decides to do a bit of looking around. She looks at the various pictures on the walls. Most are of Brian and Leah, but a few contain Leah and a pair of people who must be her parents and some are of Brian and Amanda. Amanda smiles as she goes through various flashbacks of raising Brian as a single mother. Finding herself smiling, Amanda feels a sudden urge to go into the basement and see if Brian has any other pictures down there. Amanda opens the door and flicks on the light.

To her surprise, the basement is not dimly lit and crowded like she expected. Instead, the basement has a hardwood floor and is well lit. Amanda listens to make sure the water is still running and then creeps down the stairs. When she sees what is at the bottom, she gasps. The basement is a fairly small room, but not filled with old boxes like she expected. Instead, there are various ropes hanging from the ceiling, both in the middle of the room and near the walls, on a mattress and tied to chairs. There is a clear plastic cabinet with various whips, flogs and a couple of vibrators inside. The most surprising thing that Amanda finds is a red rubber ball attached to a leather collar. A ball gag… Amanda thinks looking at it.

Looking around, it is clear that Brian and Leah are into fairly kinky bondage. I saw this in porn once… Amanda thinks, taking a good look around the room, getting a feel for all the details. After her long look around the room, Amanda sneaks back upstairs and turns off the light. A few moments later, Brian comes out of his bedroom and smiles at his mom, “All ready to go?” He asks.

Amanda has a fun day with her son, but is distracted thinking about what she saw. Should I say anything to him? No… that would be such an invasion of privacy. Is it wrong that I’m turned on by the idea of my son and Leah doing that stuff? Even while Brian talks to her at lunch, Amanda is distracted by these thoughts.

“Is something bothering you Mom?” Brian asks, looking concerned.

Amanda shakes her head, “No… just lost in thought.”

“So you’re not bothered that I have to go in to work tonight to finish something quick. You’ll be alright with Leah?”

Amanda smiles, “Don’t worry about me! We got along great last night, I don’t see why tonight would be any different.”

Brian smiles, “Great!”


Brian and Amanda get home from the mall at just after two in the afternoon and Brian quickly changes. “Don’t worry, Amanda said she would be home soon and I’m planning on getting home around 6. Tomorrow we’ll all head to the beach and have a great time! See you later!”

“I’ll see you later!” Amanda replies, wondering if she has time to go to the basement again. Before she can decide, Leah’s car pulls into the driveway. A moment later, Leah walks inside the house. “How was your day?” Amanda asks. Leah is wearing a skirt and matching blouse.

Leah smiles, “Pretty good. Yours?”

Amanda nods, “Good. Brian and I went to the mall and had a nice lunch. But then he got called into work.”

Leah sighs, “I know. Good news is he’ll be home fairly early. You want to eat?”

Amanda and Leah talk as Leah cooks a nice dinner of steaks, making sure to save one for Brian. As the women finish eating, Amanda asks, “So this might sound like a weird question, but can we have some girl talk?”

Leah nods, “Yeah. What’s up?”

“Do you mind if I ask what you and Brian are into?” Amanda asks.

“Like…” Leah says, raising an eyebrow.

“Sexually.” Amanda says quickly.

Leah frowns slightly, “You still don’t think he abuses me right? Because Brian told me about that. He seemed to think it was kind of funny.”

Amanda illegal bahis siteleri feels her face go red, “No, that’s not what I meant! He just said the two of you are into… kinky sex.”

Leah sighs, “Look Amanda… we are and there is nothing wrong with it. We are both consenting adults and I know if I don’t want to do something, Brian won’t do it.”

Amanda nods, “I know, but like what does that involve?”

“The sex?” Leah asks. Amanda nods as her answer. “It’s fun… kind of hard to explain but… I guess I could just show you.”

Leah stands and motions for Amanda to follow her. Leah opens the basement door and turns on the light, leading Amanda down stairs. Once they are downstairs, Leah says, “Brian ties me up, slaps me, whips me, sometimes her gags me. He doesn’t let me cum sometimes. That’s kind of what were into.”

“Is it fun?” Amanda asks, feeling a strong sense of curiosity.

Leah laughs, “If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t do it!”

“What do you like about it?” Amanda asks, suddenly starting to feel aroused. God it’s been too long since I’ve had sex… She starts to think, before stopping herself. She’s my son’s girlfriend!

Leah thinks, “The lack of control with someone I can trust. Like I know Brian will give me a workout but I know he won’t hurt me.”

Amanda feels her heart race and gives a small tug at her shirt collar. “Could I see?” As soon as the words leave her mouth, she feels shame. Oh god… that slipped out!

Leah gives a small frown, which quickly turns into a small smile, “I have wanted Brian to branch out a bit… As long as you don’t mind watching your son and I. You could hide here!” Leah leads Amanda over to a slatted wooden door, behind which is a washer and drier sit. “you can probably get a decent view through these slits and Brian has no reason to look over here during it.”

“You won’t mind?” Amanda asks.

“I won’t. Brian might if he knew you were back there, but if he doesn’t know…” Leah says, a smile on her face. “Look, when Brian gets home I’ll say you weren’t feeling good and went to bed early. But in reality, you are down here, waiting.”

Amanda feels a nervous smile creep onto her face, “I can’t wait!”


The time leading up to Brian getting home seems to creep by for Amanda. A mixture of excitement and nervousness fill her. There’s no way he’ll see me back there. Finally, Brian’s car pulls into the driveway. “Go downstairs. Brian and I will be down in a little bit.” Leah says smiling.

Amanda goes to where the washer is and leans up against it, waiting patiently for her son and his girlfriend to come downstairs.


“Hey Leah! How was work?” Brian asks, entering the kitchen.

“Same shit. You know how it is.” Leah answers, handing Brian a plate with his steak on it.

Brian takes his plate and nods, “You know where my mom is?” He asks, digging into his dinner.

Leah sighs, “She said she was feeling kind of sick and went to bed early. Just wanted to sleep it off and hope she feels better for the beach tomorrow.”

Brian nods, making quick work of his dinner, “So what do you want to do?”

Leah smiles at him, “Want to go have a bit of fun?”

Brian looks at her, “My mom is literally staying with us. What if she catches us?”

Leah lets out a laugh, “Yeah, she’s staying with us! We are allowed to have sex in our house.”

Brian smiles, “Your right. She probably wouldn’t make it too weird. Give me five and I’ll be down. I want you to wear something extra sexy tonight.”


Leah arrives downstairs first, dressed in simple black bra and panties, however, Amanda quickly notices a black leather collar around her neck attached to a chain that Brian is holding. Brian is wearing a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and slacks. “On your knees!” Brian orders sternly, in a tone Amanda has never heard before. Leah obeys and gets on her knees, looking up at Brian waiting for further commands. “Crawl over to the cabinet and get me the crop.” Brain orders, unclipping the leash.

From her hiding spot, Amanda has a full view of almost the whole room. Through the cracks in the door, she watches Leah crawl over to the cabinet, fetch a black riding crop and crawl back to Brian with it. She kneels before him and holds it up. Brian takes it in his hand and smiles down at her, “Good. Now… what part of you should we start with?”

Leah is silent and looks straight ahead, right where Amanda is hiding. Brian muses, “The silent treatment… let’s see how long that lasts. Take off that bra!”

Maintaining eye contact with Amanda, Leah reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Leah’s firm breasts are exposed each topped with a medium sized pink nipple. Brian rubs the crop over Leah’s body, starting with her shoulders and working his way slowly down her sides and then back up over her erect nipples. “So, where are we going to start?” canlı bahis siteleri Brian asks, pulling Leah’s head back by her hair.

“My tits master!” Leah cries out.

“That wasn’t so hard was it?” Brian asks before kissing Leah passionately. After a moment, the two of them part. “Let’s get you in position.” Brian helps Leah to her feet and leads her over to the wall. “Want your hands above your head or tied behind you?” Brian asks.

“Above my head. I like feeling helpless.” Leah replies. Brian quickly ties Leah’s hands together above her head and once again begins rubbing the crop over Leah’s moderately sized breasts.

“Ready pet?” Brian asks, a cruel smile on his face.

“Yes master.” Leah confidently replies. Without warning, Brian quickly raises his crop and brings it down on Leah’s right breast, just above her nipple. Leah lets out a soft cry and Amanda winces from her hiding spot. That had to hurt! She thinks. Despite this thought, she feels her pussy begin to grow wet. Amanda slips her hand down the front of her pants and feels her moist slit through her panties. This is my son! It shouldn’t be turning me on! Amanda thinks.

She watches as Brian holds the riding crop up again before whipping it down onto Leah’s other breast, onto her hard, pink nipple. Leah cries out in a mixture pleasure and pain. “Oh fuck!” She cries.

Amanda can’t stop herself anymore. She slowly begins to rub her hard clit through her panties.

Brian brings the riding crop down on Leah’s right breast once again, causing her to cry out again. “Now let’s see the little slut’s pussy!” Brian says, dropping to his knees and tugging down Leah’s panties. Leah’s pussy is bald with her soft inner lips protruding past her outer lips. Already, they glisten with her juices. Brian rubs Leah’s clit, “Feels like someone is enjoying this.” He says, looking up at Leah.

Leah looks down, “I love it master…” She sighs. Brian slowly sinks a single finger into Leah’s pussy, causing her to let out a soft groan. He slips his finger out of Leah and rubs the crop over her pussy. “Oh please, not that!” Leah begs.

Brian stands, “I think you forgot my title.” He says, rubbing the crop from Leah’s pussy up to her chin and back down again. “What is my name?” He asks, waiting for several seconds. Leah says nothing, causing Brian to bring the crop down on the area just above her entrance. Leah cries out once again.

“What is my name slut?” Brian asks calmly.

“Master.” Leah finally answers.

“That wasn’t so hard was it?” Brian asks. “Now how should we punish you? Can’t mark you up or my mom will just think I beat you.” He jokes, causing Leah to laugh.

“Oh master… please don’t use any toys on me!” Leah says, trying not to hide what she wants.

“If my little whore insists on that!” Brian says, picking up the crop and crossing the room to get something else out of the cabinet full of toys. Amanda gets a view of Leah’s body, seeing how there is already a small bruise right above her one nipple and her pussy where Brian hit her with the crop. Amanda places her hand under her panties and feels her own bald pussy. She begins to rub her clit slowly, watching what will happen next with anticipation. Leah gives Amanda’s closet a knowing smile before watching Brian cross the room holding a magic wand vibrator. “Alright whore, you cum when I say, understand?”

“Of course master!” Leah answers. Brian turns the magic wand on and holds it up to Leah’s pussy. Leah instantly lets out a soft groan of pleasure. The magic wand constantly buzzes away at her pussy and Leah’s moans become louder and louder. “Can I cum?” Leah asks quickly.

Brian pulls the magic wand away from her pussy, “No.” He then holds the vibrator back up to Leah’s drooling pussy, causing Leah to groan. Her juices coat the head of the vibrator and begin to drip off of it and either down her thighs or onto the floor between her feet.

“Please… I need to cum…” Leah gasps out, clearly struggling to hold back her orgasm. Her legs begin to quiver slightly.

Brian pretends to think for a moment, “Please… who?” He asks.

“Please master… I need to cum…” Leah groans.

“You can cum.” Brian says, pulling the vibrator away from Leah and starting to furiously rubbing her clit. Leah lets out a loud moan of pleasure as she cums. Her face screws up with pleasure and her legs continue to shake. Leah’s cum begins to slowly run out of her pussy and onto her toned thighs. Fuck… this is so hot! Amanda thinks, enjoying watching and listening to what is going on. She carefully tugs her leggings down and exposes her moist panties to just herself.

Leah begins to recover from her orgasm and smiles down at Brian. “You really kept teasing me there!”

Brian laughs, “I know, got to keep you in suspense. Now, where should we tie you up next?”

Leah looks around the room, “Maybe handcuff me and just fuck me on the mattress there.” Leah says, pointing with her chin. Brian unties Leah and while she rubs her wrists from where the ropes dug into them, Brian retrieves a set of handcuffs from the cabinet. Leah makes her way over to the mattress and adjusts it slightly so Amanda can have a better view.

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