A Moment in the Rain

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Standing out in the rain, we face each other… My heart pounds and my legs quiver thinking about the all the times I’ve imagined this. I wrap myself in fake self confidence and close the gap between our bodies, brushing my breast against your chest. When I decided to finally meet you, I threw on such plain clothes, almost like I wanted you to say no, but the thin fabric of my t-shirt shows my nipples standing out, my chest moving ever so slightly as just the sight of you has me wet. “Come on,” I stand up and move my lips close to your ear, “Maybe we can find somewhere a little more private?” I hold my breath for a second; terrified at the thought that maybe you will say no, that maybe I’m not enough. My breath catches in my chest as I hear the words I wanted.

“Yes baby.”

We get in your truck both looking so confused at what to do next. Then I think of the conversation we had with you in the truck, your cock getting so hard, unable to even touch it as your words and voice brought me screaming hard, my fingers diving deep into myself. I remember crying your name, the stars I saw as my groin thrust into the air imagining that your rock hard cock was plunging into me. I bite my lip for a moment, terrified of how you might react, but I can’t help myself and I move to do what I wanted to do so bad that day. I undo your pants, opening your jeans and pulling your boxers down far enough to get my first glance of your cock. You protest, telling me I don’t have to if I don’t want to, but I grab you at that point, closing my eyes and moaning gently at the feel the soft skin of your cock finally beneath my fingers. I hear you laugh that gorgeous laugh of when you are thinking about sex and you point out that my tiny hand can’t even close around your dick and you aren’t even all the way hard yet. A long moan escapes me as I think about this thick cock doing any of the things we’ve talked about to me, of it stretching me as I scream my passion pinned beneath your body. Taking a deep breath, I work up the courage to take the next step and lower my head to your groin, whispering, “Please don’t wreck babe, remember we aren’t suppose to be here, a car accident would be hard to explain.”

Giggling to myself, I stretch my mouth around your thick member, feeling my body tense. I can’t honestly remember having a cock this thick in my mouth, though I’m sure I have, but all the tension, all the buildup makes everything feel grander, more exotic. My lips strain around you and I start working you deeper into my mouth, twirling my tongue around the tip of you. You reach the back of me before I swallowed half of you and I take a deep breath through my nose. My eyes roll up to look at your face as I press further down on you, hearing you groan as I start to swallow you, my eyes misting as I fight gagging just wanting more of you inside of me. I feel the terrain change as you pull off the side of the road. I pull myself off of you and tilt my head to the side, confused.

“I don’t know where to go… I don’t think either of us would be comfortable at either of our homes,” You are panting istanbul escort slightly as you voice your concerns, “Maybe a hotel or something but I mean I don’t know anywhere close that we would be comfortable with.”

How cute you are, I think, until I remember the idea of us getting a nice long shower together. The memory of the story, of the other things we talked about that night, makes me squirm in my seat. I open the truck door and look about, seeing a heavy wooded area off to the side. I grab our jackets but instead of putting them on to ward again the rain I let it fall, rolling down my face and hair, causing the thin fabric of my shirt to stick to me, the cold causing my nipples to stand out painfully erect. I walk towards the edge of the woods, you calling after me, sounding like you are worried that I’m mad. You stop short as I turn and start to undo my own pants, stepping out of them and dropping them at the edge of the woods, exposing my frilly black panties. Spreading the jackets out on the forest floor, I sit down, my legs sprawled wide. With as much courage as I can muster, I start rubbing myself through the fabric and looking you straight in the eye I utter, “I thought you said you wanted to taste me?”

Scared, I can’t wait for your reaction so I peel off my shirt, shivering a little in the cold as the wind blows across my wet nipples. I lean back and close my eyes, biting my lip, “Babe if you don’t want this just say so…” I stop talking because I don’t want to hear the rest, what I feel like will be the inevitable let down. My face scrunches up; I can’t stand feeling this vulnerable. Just as I decide to cover myself up, my body jumps, my groin thrusting into the air as I feel your mouth close around my right nipple. As you nip at it, rolling your tongue over it, I start grinding myself against you, rubbing myself against the front of your jeans. Your hard cock presses the seam of your pants against me and I grind harder, the sheer force of what we are doing driving me wild, the difference in hot and cold where our bodies meet almost painful. You head pulls away and I catch my breath, starting to say your name but it just turns into a long moan as you mouth clamps onto my other breast, biting and sucking it, my breath coming in little plaintive gasps. I start whimpering and you know I’m closer than can be imagine from just a little foreplay.

Chuckling you lean in beside of me, “Baby, don’t cum yet, we’ve got so much more to do…”

You stand up, leaving me laying there for a second, my hips moving in useless little circles of need, me gasping and whimpering wanting something more, anything. I feel the barest brush of your fingertips as you start peeling my wet panties down my legs. Startled I start to open my eyes and cover myself, shocked when you grab my hands, pulling them down by my side and telling me to not to cover myself, that you would hate to have to bind my hands, knowing how much the threat of just a little bit of force drives me crazy. I peek from under my eyelashes ever avcılar escort so slightly but close them again, nervous and excited, worried and terrified and horny as hell. Whimpering I feel your hot breath inches from my naked pussy, “Remember baby don’t you dare come until I tell you or I might have to spank that cute ass of yours…” you whisper inches from me, my whole body shivering as you touch your tongue to my clit.

“Oh god babe,” I gasp as your tongue starts sliding over my groin, alternating flicking against my clit and shoving in deep inside of me, “Please I… I… I don’t know if I can keep myself from….” I lose the ability to talk as you tease me harder, brushing the palm of your hand against my breasts. You start fucking me with your tongue, shoving it deep inside of me, describing the taste of me in ways I could never imagine it. I start shivering harder as you tell me what a horny little slut I am laying on the ground in the forest naked with your tongue deep in my pussy. Just the vibration of you talking, your mouth so close to me, the heat spreading over my groin, I start making tiny noises of need. “Baby…*gasp* please… mmmm… I need…. ah….. please please please…” As the third please escaped my lips, I feel your finger slide up inside of me and your tongue flicks my clit.

“Go baby; let me see you cum for me…”

My body starts thrashing around and I scream for you, my body clamping down around your finger, even through my screams I think I want something bigger, thinking about feeling your hard cock pressing into me sending me over the edge again. I collapse on the ground, gasping after cumming so hard, barely able to even move or talk for the moment. I open my eyes slightly, taking in you sitting there, your cock straining against your pants. “Jesus you weren’t kidding huh?” I giggle, realizing that was better than I could even have imagined. The smile that I get in response tightens me again hard and I know what is coming next. “God I hope I can even make him feel half as good as this…” I think as I gather myself up to kneeling. Eyes downcast, I kneel before you, my knees spread, my hands clasp behind my neck, my breast rising and falling as I gasp still feeling the aftershocks. I tilt my head up, looking you straight in the eye for the first time in quite a bit, “Master, tell me what you want me to do?” I plead with my eyes, unable to take that next step alone.

You reach down and start to take off your pants, undoing your belt and pulling it out of the loops. I start shivering hard, part from fear and part from being unable to take my eyes off the bulge of your cock through you pants, so hard even in the cold. Your jeans come off and you stand there for a moment in your boxers and shirt, before peeling your shirt over your head as well. I start gasping, almost hyperventilating, full of need and confusion and lust and fear. My resolve wavers and I scramble backwards. You catch me, flipping me over on my stomach, and bind my hands behind my back with your belt. Leaning in close, you press your body şirinevler escort against mine and I can feel your cock hard against my ass even through your boxers.

“I’m not going to do anything you don’t want to, don’t be so frightened baby… so just tell me… tell me what you want me to do,” you whisper biting my ear gently.

As you are speaking, your hand snakes under my body pulling my groin off the ground, pressing down on my shoulders leaving my ass in the air, for a moment the breeze brushing against the lips of my pussy. You come closer and I press my body back against you, grinding against you, begging you with my body, moaning as I press my clit against your hard cock.

“Nope baby, you got to tell me what you want. I want to hear you beg for this inside of you.” You thrust your hips forward, teasing me with your cock. “Just say you want this and I’ll fuck you senseless.”

Smiling, I decide to just go for it… “Fuck me,” I say, starting off quiet, your responsive moan spurring me on. “Please, fuck me hard, make me cum again.”

You flip me over and I remember you saying you wanted to watch my face as I felt you rock hard cock slide into me for the first time. I stare into you face as I feel the head of you pressed against my slit. Back arching, I bite my lip as you start forcing the head of your cock up inside of me. I move my legs further apart, your cock stretching me, the steady pressure of you working yourself inside of me wrenching moan after moan from me. Barely audible you hear me whisper one word, “Harder.” You shake your head at me, thinking that you might hurt me I’m so tight around your cock, but before you realize what I’m doing I press up against you hard, causing you to slide further up inside of me. For a second, you hold yourself there as I fuck myself on your stiff cock, but then you start to move with me, and I press myself harder against you until you are completely inside of me. I hold myself still for a moment there, enjoying the feel of you stretching me, the heat from your cock almost scolding compared to the cold rain that chooses that moment to fall even harder. “Please take me master, fuck me, ride me, take me, use me…” I mumble incoherently just wanting more.

Then you smile pulling out of me completely and flipping me over, slamming your hard cock up inside of me once again. Screaming, my orgasm takes me off guard and you chuckle, knowing that I’ve lost control that much. Using your belt like reins you lift my body up, fucking me hard as you can, calling me your slut, and telling me how good my tight little hole feels wrapped around your thickness finally after so long. I can barely breath I’m moaning so hard, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve came with your body moving back and forth inside of me. I start seeing stars as you use one hand to pinch my nipple almost painfully continuing your almost relentless rhythm. Catching my breath just enough to speak as I start to feel you lose control, I answer before you ask me. “Please baby come inside of me, I want to feel you explode in my pussy…” I barely get the words out as I feel the warm splash of cum hosing up inside of me and it pushes me over the edge one last time. I cum hard screaming your name and the last thing I remember before blackness is your breath on my ear telling me what a good little fuck I’ve been and that we should definitely do this again sometime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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