A Model Sister

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Hi all. This is Vijay, a software engineer. I came back to India after a two year stint in the US, and we live in Delhi, the beautiful capital of India. I am from a small family. My dad and mom are doctors and my elder sister is a model. My dad is 52, my mom 44 and my sister is 26 and myself 24. We live in a posh colony and have a fairly large house. My sister and myself still live with our parents.

It was a weekend, and I was lazing around. I was lying on the large sofa and watching the TV and I heard footsteps coming from the staircase that comes down into the living room from our bed rooms. Leena didi was running down the stairs as she was shouting at me, I have a shooting today, would you drive me there if you are free?

I turned to look at her. She was in a tight low waist jeans that hugged her form and a white top that ended far above the waistline of her pants. She was lithe and tall. Her five feet seven inches form did not have an once of extra fat anywhere. She did yoga regularly and aerobics to keep fit – which was a demand of her profession. Her hair was straight and fell below her shoulder. She had large brown eyes, high cheek bones and a rather broad mouth with full lips, which made her unconventionally beautiful. Her skin was flawless and smooth.

I had never been to a shooting, and agreed to it immediately.

‘At your service ma’m.’ I replied and asked her when do you want to go.

Right now. And you better get ready and you have only two minutes to do that.

I rushed to my room. I wore a cargo pant and an old navy T-shirt and a nike sneaker. “Sis, I am ready… Come one” I shouted as I made my way to the garage.

I reversed the car and by the time I brought it to the portico my sister was already there standing with a small shoulder bag. “That’s got my make up kits and a spare pair of clothes” she said as she jumped into her seat.

“Where to?” I asked.

“In a farmhouse, in the outskirts of the city “– she said and passed on a slip of paper with the address of the location.

We kept chatting sweet nothings as we headed to her location.

“What is the shooting?” I asked.

“It is a music video. I m the lead.”

“Do not tell me you sing as well.” I said.

“No, I will be acting it out with someone doing a playback. Thank God!! The listeners are spared!!” I joked and got a playful punch on my shoulder!!

It took us about an hour to reach the location. The whole team was ready. I was made to seat with other which included the director and the crew. No one bothered to talk to me, and I too did not bother to introduce myself. The director called Leena didi (didi is the Indian word for elder sisters) and was explaining her the song and sequences. I was quizzically looking at the set up, the cameras and the lights.

The set was quite well done. It had an artificial fountain, a man-made rock and a man-made waterfall. There were trees and a sprawling lawn. It was quite a beautiful set.

A while later, Leena didi came out of the green room, which was somewhere in the farmhouse. She wore a white saree, wrapped very tightly around her, well below her navel. It showed her wash-board flat tummy. She had a backless choli (blouse) which was very low cut, showing her cleavage through the thin material of her saree. She had on lots of silver bangles and necklace. She was in a single word looking gorgeous. I looked at her appreciating her beauty and she smiled at me, and proceeded to the center where the lights were focused. The cameraman was ready and so were the spot boys and other technicians.

The music started playing in the background and Leena didi started dancing to the music. The choreographer was showing her the steps, and telling her with gestures how to dance to that tune.

The shot is ready. The choreographer announced and the clapper boy came and signaled the beginning of the shotting. The director shifted himself near the cameraman. I saw some hose pipes and a water pump, and guessed they will be making artificial rain possibly.

The music started and Leena did started swaying to the music, making lip-movement as if she was singing. She was provocatively swinging her hips and then halfway, as the song progressed, the shower on top started off to create rain. It was quite a hot song, and Leens did’s movements were quite suggestive and erotic. As it started raining, her saree was getting wet, and the think material was becoming transparent. It almost became see-through. One camera was placed a rail which was moving, another was on a crane, high up and one was right in front. The three cameras were recording. Leena didi was moving and swaying, and then with her back to the camera was swaying her hips – sidewise and back and forth. I could see her white panties under the now transparent saree. Her back was fully bare. A strong only held her blouse together. Then she swirled around and faced the camera. Her breasts were now in full view, under the transparent saree clinging to it. The blouse was very very güvenilir bahis low cut and left most of her breasts bare.

The director suddenly shouted “Cut” and said, “great shot Leena, now get ready for the next one. This time the bar-girl costume”.

“Thanks,” my sister replied and went off to change. When she came out, I was stunned. I refused to believe it was my own elder sister. She had a very very small leather skirt which came just below her hips. A top which is no bigger than a bra. All the jewelry was gone. She had some fluorescent paints on her hair and arms. She had on a high-heeled stiletto.

The choreographer came again and explained her the shot, herself dancing as the music played. Leena didi practiced with her once and then rehearsed the movements herself with the music. The director was also explaining her something.

All were ready for the take 2.

The music started off, this time louder and it was really raunchy with fast beats. Leena did started dancing to the music. Swinging herself to music and tapping her feet, swirling around and throwing her legs and moving her arms. Her gyrations were very provocative. In one part while facing the camera she was moving her pelvis with her eyes half-clsed, back and forth as if she was screwing someone. She had her legs spread a bit and jiggled her tits and swung her hips. She danced with the music till it lasted.

“Fantastic Leena. It is still better. You are wonderful.”

Thanks, Leena did said and came to a chair in front of me and sat down facing me.

“How did you like it?” She asked me.

“Fabulous” I replied and was trying keep my eyes off her. As she sat on the chair – which was quite low, her skirt rode over her thighs. Her legs were spread a bit and I could see her panties inside. It was light pink. “Any more shots left?” I asked.

“No, it is over for the day. Let me go and change, and then we shall go back. ” She came back after a few minutes, said bye to all the people in the unit and walked upto the car and I started off.

The image of my elder sister was flashing in my mind continuously as I was driving. Her titillating dance in the rain, her provocative dance in miniskirts had me disturbed. Much against my wishes, my cock was hard, and howsoever I tried to get myself distracted, I failed. I was driving silently, when Leena did asked, What happened to you? Why are you so dull?”

I gave a nervous smile as I said, “Nothing”.

“To see me dance like that got on your nerves?” She asked.

“Not exactly, I have seen even more provocative dances, I have in fact seen few nude shows, so that is nothing,” I replied defensively.

“say that again – provocative – I mean you found my dance provocative?” she interrupted me.

Yeah, sort of. I replied. “When you get soaked under rain and show your body, or dance in a revealing costume leaving very little to imagination – what do you call it?? “

Leena didi was silent. And then slowly whispered, “Did it turn you on? I mean, did you find my dance sexy….”

“Any man would get excited when you see a pretty lady in such pose and making such suggestive movements,” I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Tell me straight, did you get excited? I do not want a generic reply from you like that>” Her voice was sort of firm.

“Well, kind of… I did get excited” I said in an apologetic tone.

“Even if it was your own elder sister, you still got excited?” She asked again.

“So what if the person is one’s own sister? Do not act so naïve Didi. Any man will get excited when you see someone so sexy. I am no exception.” I retorted. “And do not tell me that you do not know anything about birds and bees, at your age and being in this profession.”

She laughed. “Well, cool down. I am so much used to ramps and people looking at me that I did not think it would upset you to see me like that.”

“I am not upset, not at all. Rather I am proud of you. I am proud to be your brother. It is fine with me what you do in your profession. I would not mind telling people when they appreciate you in this video that you are my sister.” I reassured her.

“So sweet of you darling.” She replied before becoming quiet for a while.

We reached home. Our parents had not returned. It was late afternoon by then. I did not know what to do to fight the boredom. I was thinking of going out and hanging with my friends, when Leena did shouted from upstairs, “Hey, what about hitting a disco tonight”.

“I do not mind, or rather that would be great.” I replied.

“Yep. We shall go at about eight” She said as she came down and sat by my side on the sofa.

“Dublin would be good,” she suggested.

“Yeah, that is a cool place, I love it. I have been there few times.” I replied.

“I used to go there with my boy friend, before we broke up.” She said.

“I did not know you broke up with your boyfriend.” I said sincerely.

“yeah, about a couple of months back,” she replied, “ he was so so possessive, türkçe bahis it was very stifling to be with him. You know, in this profession, at times, you got to be a bit liberated, you know what it means, and he would not let me go out with any one. And to top it all, when I told him that once a director wanted to sleep with me for making me the lead lady, he called me names and left for good”

I was stunned to hear such things from my own elder sister. I asked her, “You mean you have to sleep with the director for roles?”

“Most times, yes. Director, or financer or the producer – they are all one. And with so much of competition in this line, you have no other go. And what is wrong in it? I would not mind if my boyfriend sleeps with someone. So why should he mind if I sleep with someone? Moreover, I sleep with someone not for fun – but for necessity.”

“But do you have to do all this? We are quite affluent, and no one needs your money. Why do you have to sleep with people?” I said with a bit of protest for her questionable morality.

I want to make it big in this world. And believe me, almost everyone uses sex as a tool to climb up the ladder. And, do in Rome as the Romans do. I do the same. And mostly, it is just a quickie with those guys.

Her revelations was again making me horny. To know that she sleeps around with people, like a whore had a telling effect on me, and my cock was standing up.

I looked at her. Well, she had what you call an hourglass figure. A perfect 36 breast, a slim waist and wide hips. Who can resist such a beauty? When I looked at her, I was almost inspecting her from head to toe. Her proud breasts were firm, and her nipples were faintly making themselves conspicuous through her top. Her flat belly and her sexy belly button were left uncovered. There was a small tattoo around her belly button.

She broke the silence again. “What are you thinking? Does it bother you when you know that I am sleeping around?”

“Well, I am not sure, but I guess it depends. Not every man can tolerate if his girl-friend sleeps with others.” I replied.

“In which age are you living my dear brother? Do you mean you do not fool around with your girls? You do not sleep with them? Look, today, one needs space and one needs independence. One should do what he or she thinks is right. And I have no guilt feelings that I have slept with so many people. I would not mind if my husband sleeps with someone, after I marry; as long as he lets me do what I need to do.” “That is perfect.” I agreed with her. “It depends on what kind of understanding you have with your spouse.”

“Actually, once he went with me for a shooting. After the shooting, I went in to change. When I went into the green room, the producer was waiting. He started feeling my breasts and promised me that he would cast me in his next production if I give him a blow job. And I sort of equated it – a simple blow-job would give me such an opportunity. I did not resist him and gave him a blow-job there itself. When I returned, my boyfriend asked me what took me so long. I was very honest and truthful to him, and confided in him everything. In stead of appreciating my truthfulness he dumped me. I also told him to fuck off!!” She was talking quite animatedly.

Hearing all these accounts of her escapades, my cock was stiff. It was hot like iron and I was shifting my position and trying to push it down.

Leena didi understood it.

With a naughty smile on her lips she asked, “So I have got you all horny!!”

I did not say a word, just looked at her and then smiled.

“Are you getting enough here?” she asked.

“What?” I asked as if I did not understand.

“Pussy!” she replied and pointed to her quim.

“Not really. After I returned from the States, I am in a perpetually excited state. I had plenty there. But here – girls are too cold, almost frigid and so stupid and conservative. The last tine I got laid was when I got one escort – a Russian girl, when no one was home. And she was great, and gave good head and even let me have anal sex. I tried to contact her later, but understood she had left for Russia. And never had luck with any one neither in internet nor in office.” I said and got up to the fridge to pick up a drink.

“Shall I get you a drink?” I asked as I took out a pack of six bacardi breezer. “Oh yes” she consented, “But let me change and come.”

I kept the two bottles on the coffee table and was waiting for her. She came down wearing a pair of white bicycle shorts that looked like a second skin and a loose short top. She came to the sofa, lurched and bent down to pick up the bottles. As she did so, she gave me a lovely view of the fantastic ass she had. I did not see any pantylines, and was thinking if she was wearing any undergarments at all.

We started drinking and very soon polished off three bottles each. Three bottles of Bacardi breezer had taken out some inhibitions from me. And it must have been the same with her.

“Honestly, had you güvenilir bahis siteleri not been my own elder sister, you would not have been safe here,” I said in mock seriousness.

“Am I still safe?” As she said so, her hand crawled upto my thighs.

I took my arm and placed it on her shoulder and she snuggled close to me. As she came closer, her breast was placing against my body. Slowly and tentatively I slipped my hand down until it rested on her big tit. I was right, she did not have a bra inside her top. I brushed my hand against her nipple over her top and her nipple responded by standing up. She turned her face towards me, and as she looked up at my eyes, I kissed her on her lips.

That kiss spoke a million words. That kiss expressed all the desire, all the passion and all my love for her. She opened her mouth and our tongues fought and we did not realize how long we were kissing.

I was in a state of euphoria, and came back to my senses when I found my zipper was undone and my sister’s hand was trying to make my cock free. I got up and pushed my cargo and underwear down. My cock stood up. My cock is of average length, but it is thick, really thick. That is what all my girlfriends had said. Even Sabrina, who was such an experienced call girl had to lubricate her asshole with anesthetic spray before she took it in her butthole.

“It is beautiful”, My sister said, as she lowered her head to it. She first kissed on the bulbous head and licked it with her tongue. She flicked its opening with the tip of her tongue and then slowly and slowly took it into her mouth.

I caught her head and started giving jerks wanted to push my cock down her throat. She patted my thigh hinting me to stop, and she started moving her head up and down. Every time she lifted her head and brought it down, more of my cock entered her mouth. She was sucking gently and at times, using her teeth and rubbing her teeth on my cock taking me to heaven. She alternated between licking and sucking hard on my dick. It was just heavenly and I was wondering how luck all those guys were whom my sister gives head. He took the balls in her hand and started squeezing it as she applied suction pressure on my cockhead and her tongue was caressing the tip of my cock. Even very professional whores I have slept with were not as adept at giving head as my sister is.

“You are doing it great Didi” I said amidst pants,”You are the best. No one ever gave head like you do. It is incredible. You are fantastic.”

Hearing this, she increased her suction, and was now sucking me hard as her lips went concave. I tried to reach for the hem of her top and lifted it over her tits. She raised her head and in one swift movement took off the top. My cock was glistening from her saliva. Once she had her top off, her big firm, shapely and large breasts came into my full view. The nipples were medium-sized and erect. The areola was of a chocolate color and I could not resist my mouth from feasting on them. Like a man who has been craving for female flesh for long, I started squeezing them hard.

“Go slow, my sweet brother,” she cooed and I reached for the waist band of her tight lycra bicycle short. I pushed it down and was stunned to see the smallest panty ever designed underneath. It was just a string of cloth around her waist and another string went from her waist between her ass cheeks, and lost their visibility. A small almost transparent triangular piece of cloth just covered her pussy. If it is to be pushed even a millimeter one could see the upper part of her pussy lips. In any case, the almost transparent pink panties did not hide her treasure, and I could clearly see her bald pussy. There was a wet spot in her panties. I got up and got rid of all my clothes and threw them on the floor over her top and shorts. I bent sideways and caught her at her waist and lifted her turning around in such a way that her head was down and her legs were up. As I lifted her up she wrapped her legs around my neck bringing her cunt right on my mouth and she pulled me cock to reach it with her mouth. Holding her, I fell back on the cushioned sofa, and we were in a perfect sixty nine.

I pushed the panty aside and licked along the length of her cunt. I licked all around her cunt and then started slow sucking it. I pushed my tongue into her cunt, which was dripping with her juice.

She started moaning, “Aahhhh… aa hhh …mmm …aaa hhhh.. hhhmmmm….” As she increased her pressure on my cock. I started reciprocating her sucking by lifting my pelvis and fucking her mouth. I parted her cunt with my fingers and reached for her clit, it was already engorged. I flicked my tongue on it and started lapping it. I aws sucking, licking and tenderly biting her clit. My hand was roaming on her lovely butts, and caressing it gently, I started massaging her asshole. I took the mixture of my saliva and her pussy juice on my finger and started lubricating her asshole. I was applying my spit, saliva repeatedly on her asshole till it became slippery and then slowly and ever so gently pushed my index finger into her asshole. She was expecting it when I was massaging her asshole, so she relaxed her sphincter. With her sphincter relaxed I could now fuck her asshole with my finger quire easily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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