A Memorable Night at Work

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My shift started out pretty good; I’d gotten to work a bit early and clocked in. I looked at the daily sheet to find out how we’d been doing and what our goals were for the day. Jenny, one of the managers, was helping a new associate ring up a customer. I waved hello, not wanting to interrupt them, and then headed to the back to see if Susan had anything special for me to do that night.

She was sitting at the desk in the back when I walked in, and she just about jumped out of her skin when I said “Hey.”

“Don’t do that do me!” she said, hand clutched against her chest. She looked great, as she always does. Her hair was pulled back, she was wearing an off the shoulder blouse, and when she turned around the talk to me, I noticed how great her legs looked in the skirt she had on. I don’t know what it was about seeing her bare shoulders like that, but every time I saw her in that blouse, it sent a shiver up my spine. But I tried hard to keep those kinds of thoughts to the back of my mind, as I didn’t want to get caught staring like some star-struck teenager, especially considering that she always wore low cut tops that showed of her cleavage.

She filled me in on what we needed to do that night, and said she’d get me to rub her shoulders in a bit, as she’d been tense all day. We flirted for a bit after that, talking about personal issues and other non-work related items. After a bit I got up and went out front to help Jenny while Susan finished up the paperwork she had been working on. I pulled out some back stock to fill in the floor, and changed three light bulbs that had gone out.

About 30 minutes later Susan came out and asked if I’d come massage her shoulders before Jenny had to leave. We walked to the back and she sat down in the chair. I took off my rings and started rubbing her shoulders. I was trying to distract myself from the fact that I could see straight down the top of her blouse when she started telling me about how bad she’d been recently.

It was pretty normal for us to be pretty open with each other about any adventures we’d had. But I was starting to get pretty aroused about hearing about what she’d been up to lately. Hearing this while having my hands on her bare shoulders, and staring at the delicate curve of her neck was driving me insane.

I was massaging lower and lower on her back, then moving back to the her scalp to trace my fingertips down the curve of her neck, and across her shoulders when I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do something about all the thoughts that were going thru my head by then. Her head was tilted slightly to one side so I leaned forward and lightly kissed the back of her neck, brushing my lips around the side of her neck, kissing every inch or so.

For a second she tensed up, and my heart started pounding, wondering if I’d really screwed up, when she relaxed and continued telling me about her exploits, while tilting her head more so I could better get to her neck. Knowing an invitation when I see one, I continued kissing my way across her neck to her ear, nibbling slightly on her earlobe. By now I could tell her breath was coming a bit quicker. I let my hands slide down from her shoulders, tracing circles lower and lower down her front till I could feel the swell of her breasts.

Barely in control of my self by now, I cupped her breasts thru her shirt and started to caress them. She turned her head and our lips met, then opened and we started kissing deeply. Her hands came up and she ran her fingers through my hair while we kissed.

What felt like an eternity later, our lips parted, and we just looked into each other’s eyes for a bit.

“God I want you now!” Susan said, “But Jenny is going to be back here in a minute if we don’t get out to the floor to let her go home.”

My eyebrows went up at that, “Well, at least we are the only two closing tonight, who knows what might happen before the night is through. I think we can find plenty of ways to keep our minds on things till we close.”

She was biting the corner of her lip before saying, “Damn straight we will! But we just need to be busy tonight, cause if it’s slow, it is going to take forever for nine o’clock to get here!”

I grinned and stood up, put my rings back on, and then put out a hand to help her up so we could go out front. She adjusted her blouse, so it didn’t show my groping and we headed back out front. I couldn’t help watching her ass move under her skirt, wondering if she was wearing panties or a thong.

Jenny and the new girl left while Susan and I helped the few customers that were in the store. As normal for a weeknight, there would be a small rush of customers then no one in sight for an hour or so. Unfortunately this left us plenty to time for teasing each other. I’d be at the wrap desk or folding something at the table when I’d feel her press up against me from behind, her hand coming around my side to grab the crotch of my pants, or just to halkalı escort press her breasts up against my back.

Of course I gave just as good as I took. Whenever I’d catch her on the phone, I’d come kneel down near her and pretend to pick up something off the floor, when I’d rest my hand on her bare leg, and slide it up between her thighs till I could rub my finger against the crotch of her panties. Or when she’d be bent over somewhere in the store I’d step up close behind her, run my hands down her back, then grab her hips, pulling her back to me so she could feel the bulge in my pants against her rear.

Of course during the whole night we talked…well, mostly teased. The things we talked about! We talked about the wildest things we’d ever done, or thought about doing. I admitted to her some of the things I’d thought about doing with her, and was surprised to find she’d had a few thought about me too. Mostly we talked about what we’d be doing to each other once the store closed. Or what we wanted to do to each other right then.

It almost made things worse when we had customers, as we did our best to help them, but most just wanted to browse. We had to behave ourselves during these times, but still managed to catch each other’s eye with a look every once in a while.

She caught me by surprise one time when I came up behind her, reached around pulled up her skirt and went to rub the crotch of her panties. I’d noticed as the night went by that her panties were getting wetter and wetter. But this time, when I went to rub and tease her, instead of encountering wet cotton, my finger slipped between her swollen lips. A very pleasant surprise! She moaned appreciatively as I found her clit and ran the tip of my finger around it before stepping away. I lifted my finger to my mouth, she tasted even better than I imagined! I couldn’t wait to get the chance to kiss my way between her thighs and tease her with my tongue!

After that I took every chance I could to rub her pussy, once even getting wild enough to catch her at the desk, and kneel down in front of her, and push her skirt. Her lips were bright red and swollen, her juices coating her thighs. I lowered my face between her legs and traced my tongue around the edges of her lips while squeezing her bare ass in my hands. I felt a shiver run thru her body when I dipped my tongue into her, she was SO wet! The smell of her was intoxicating and she her taste was like an aphrodisiac. Every taste of her just made me want more! She was watching the front while my tongue explored. After all the teasing throughout the night, it was only seconds before a flood of her juices filled my mouth and I felt a tremor run thru her entire body. I kept a constant pressure with my tongue on her clit while tremor after tremor went thru her body. She finally pushed my face away and pointed to the front of the store.

I wiped my mouth before standing up and seeing that another customer had walked in. Seeing that she was still a bit wobbly from her orgasm (which seemed to still be sending aftershocks thru her) I went to the front and helped the people that had just walked in. Susan disappeared to the back to compose herself, and probably to wipe up a bit, but appeared back on the floor before to long.

It was getting closer and closer to closing time. But about an hour before we closed she did manage to get me back. I had just answered the phone; it was Laura from Madison Square wanting to know how we were doing. I was pulling up the report when Susan came and kneeled in front of me, mouthed “Watch the front” and started pulling on the zipper to my pants.

She had a bit of trouble fishing out my semi-hard cock from my pants, but when she did, she instantly went to work on me, licking me, and then taking me deep into her mouth. I was trying hard to keep my voice steady while talking to Laura and keep an eye on the front. It wasn’t easy, as Susan quickly had me rock hard and was very good at what she was doing. Luckily I was able to get off the phone before my voice cracked. It didn’t take her long to get me to the point I was ready to explode. I swept the store with my eyes before looking down to tell her that if she didn’t stop soon, I was going to cum. Her eyes twinkled and she stopped long enough to tell me that was the whole point before redoubling her efforts. Then stopping, I looked down at her, wondering why she’d stopped, when she smiled and said she changed her mind, and I’d have to wait till we closed. Luckily no one came in during all that, or even for the next twenty minutes. The sexual tension between us had thickened to the point that I worried that anyone walking in would have known something was going on.

But as luck would have it we didn’t have any more customers that night, we started getting things ready to close the store, cleaning mirrors, vacuuming, closing registers. The only flirting we taksim escort did during this was when Susan said. “I hope you won’t get in trouble getting home late tonight, I have a lot of plans for you tonight.”

“I was going to say the same thing to you, this could end up being a very long exhausting night for the both of us” I replied, winking at the end.

“You have no idea…” was her parting remark as she went back to counting down one of the cash drawers.

The last half hour pasted pretty quickly, considering how much we were both anticipating what would come afterwards. I straightened the store and cleaned the mirrors, while Susan closed out all but the last register. At about five minutes till 9 I went to the front to pull in the signs outside the store and closed the gate once the mall closing announcement came over the speakers.

I took my time vacuuming the store till Susan finished closing the last register and went to the back to close out the store. I put away the vacuum cleaner and went back to join her. She was leaving the nightly voicemail, so started nibbling on the back of her neck. I was teasing her earlobe when she finally hung up the phone.

Susan stood up and sat me down on her chair, then sat in my lap. We kissed over and over, exploring each others skills. I slipped my hands up the back of her shirt and rubbed her back while we made out. After a couple minutes, I pulled her shirt up, and she helped me pull it over her head. I unhooked the back of her bra, and pulled it off from the side, uncovering her full breasts. Her nipples were hard, and I desperately wanted to suck on them. She pulled at my shirt, and I helped her unbutton it and shrugged out of it.

The feel of her firm breasts pressed against my chest as we went back to kissing was exquisite. Her skirt been pushed up when she straddled me, so I reached down and kneaded her bare ass with one hand. I kissed my way down her neck, and she leaned back over the desk so I could continue kissing down her cleavage. I used my lips to explore the curve of her breast before taking her nipple into my mouth. A small sigh escaped her mouth as I ran my tongue in a circle around her nipple.

After a few minutes she sat back up, and kissed me again, before standing up. There was a definite gleam in her eyes as she told me to take my pants off. She helped me get my shoes off, and then slip out of my trousers, which now had a small wet spot where she’d been sitting. I then sat back down while she straddled me again. We both shivered when her pussy came in contact with my cock. She’d pressed her hips against mine, and the length of my cock was enfolded between her swollen lips. We both started rocking our hips, just rubbing against each other as we went back to kissing.

I couldn’t take much more of her teasing and nibbled her ear whispering “I want you, I want you now!” She stood up a bit so my cock wasn’t pressed between our bodies, then without reaching down lowered herself onto me. I couldn’t help but moan the intense pleasure! We started rocking against each other again, but this time with me inside her. Even with our limited movement, we both orgasmed quickly, holding on tight to each other as the sensations rushed through us.

As the pleasure faded, she whispered in my ear, “I want to suck you off again on the floor, but this time I want to finish.” She then stood up and I helped her pull off her skirt before she grabbed my cock, leading me out to the front. The floor tiles were cold as we walked through the stock room. It felt very strange to be walking naked through the store.

She had me sit up on the counter, with my back to the front of the store. She spread my legs and started kissing my chest, running her hand up and down my sides, my legs, and my arms. She kissed lower and lower till she was kissing my thighs. I’d recovered enough that my cock was starting to rise again when she took me in one hand and started stroking me. Continuing to tease me with her mouth she took her time and seemed determined to torture me with pleasure for as long as she could. She licked her juices off the length of my shaft and gently sucked my balls. I ran my hands over her shoulders and thru her hair as she took me deep into her throat. I groaned with pleasure!

Over and over she teased me, stroking me with her hand, teasing me with her tongue, wrapping her breasts around my shaft, teasing me with her cleavage. I begged her to let me cum, telling her I would get her back for all her teasing. She finally gave in and picked up the pace of her teasing. When she started rubbing her finger around my asshole it was the most intense feeling I’d ever had! I gasped and told her I was going to cum seconds before I felt the tightening in my balls. She sucked harder when she felt my cock start to twitch and pressed harder against my ass. I saw stars as I exploded, squirting into her mouth. She surprised me again by sucking şişli escort every bit of cum out of me and licking her lips afterwards.

I pulled her up and kissed her after that, tasting myself in her mouth. After I recovered enough to get off the counter and stand up, I motioned for her to get up on the counter. She did, and I grabbed a scarf that had been damaged and tied her hands behind her back. She raised an eyebrow at that but didn’t say anything. I picked up one foot and started kissing my way up her leg, rubbing with my hands the higher I went. Up her inner thigh, till I was right between her legs, kissing my way across her mons, then trailing kisses down her other thigh. My hands were constantly moving, exploring her body, caressing, teasing.

I kissed and nibbled all around her inner thighs, and around her pussy, never quite giving her what I knew she wanted. Then I started running my tongue over her outer lips, tasting her juices, building up her anticipation. Occasionally I’d lightly brush the tip of my tongue over her clit, or blow lightly against it. Or I’d reach up and play with her nipples, or stand between her legs, and lean forward to suck on them while letting my cock rub against her pussy. I slowly slid a finger into her, and was rewarded with a low moan as it slid in deeper. Moving it around slowly inside her, rubbing her inner walls, till I found a sensitive spot and her hips started to move, rubbing herself against my finger.

I slowly took it out, and then dipped my tongue deep into her. Her low moans increased in volume when the rough part of my tongue ran across her sensitive clit. Using just the tip of my tongue I ran it in small circles around her clit, while with the finger I’d had inside her I rubbed back and forth on the little bit of skin between her pussy and her asshole.

Her breathing was coming faster and faster by now, alternating between my lips, tongue and fingers I brought her closer and closer to orgasm, and then stopped, only to start again a minute later. When I pressed my finger against her now slick asshole, she groaned, then started pressing back towards my finger every time I pushed against her. Running my tongue around her clit, I slowly penetrated her rear with my finger, causing her breath to start coming in short gasps as she came nearer, and nearer to cumming.

Not wanting her to finish to soon, I stopped using my tongue and just slowly worked the tip of my finger in and out of her rear. She was plenty wet enough, and more and more of my finger disappeared inside her. I saw she was fighting against the scarf now, trying to get her hands free, I could tell she wanted more. She wanted to cum in a bad way. I was thoroughly enjoying paying her back for all the teasing she had done to me.

With my finger deep in her rear, I slid my thumb into her pussy. She groaned when I rubbed my fingers together inside her, rubbing her inner walls between them. Taking pity on her I started licking her again, combining my oral attention on her clit with my fingers sliding in and out of her holes. I felt her whole body start to tense up as a massive orgasm raced through her body. Keeping the up my rhythm and pressure, I looked up to see her mouth open in a silent scream, her body propped up by her elbows. Her legs locked around my ears as one orgasm after the other raced through her like lightning. When she started scooting away from me on the counter I knew she’d had enough. I stopped and held her as she trembled from the after-effects of her orgasm. She shivered over and over for quite some time. I helped her down from the counter and turned her around to untie her hands. While looking down I couldn’t help myself after seeing her round ass bent towards me. I stepped up to her, reached down slipped my cock into her wet pussy. Grabbing her hips, I sank deep into her on the first thrust, just feeling her soft ass against my hips, while my cock was encased in her wetness was almost more than I could stand.

Susan let out a loud sigh as I hit bottom. After the first few thrusts into her, she started pushing back, meeting me as I thrust into her. Every time our bodies met I could see her ass jiggle, and felt balls slap against her. We were moving harder and faster with each thrust, both of us grunting as the sound of our bodies joining got louder. Then she reached back between her legs and I felt her grabbing my balls every time she could, it was more than I could take. I grabbed her hips harder and rammed into her two…three times before I felt myself exploding. Her hand was now rubbing her clit furiously while I started cumming. Before I’d finished, she reached climax and let out a gasp as she orgasmed once again. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her legs start to go weak.

I was feeling rather light headed myself by the time we’d both finished cumming. I leaned over her, and rested on her back, kissing the nape of her neck while trying to catch my breath.

After a bit we found the strength to get up. We kissed one quick kiss before starting to clean up the mess we’d made. I wiped down the counter while she ran off to the bathroom. We cleaned up as best we could and got dressed. As we left the store we were both wondering if this would be a one time affair, or just the beginning?

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