A Meeting Of Minds, I Think.

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It was in the early 60s, I was in the army, posted to Tewksbury, A nice little town, a good selection of public houses, (drinking establishments) to our non British readers, friendly people, and, a fine selection of available young women, many of whom I had sampled.

There were two regiments posted there, each having its favourite pub. i.e. publiic house.

On this particulate evening I had been invited to a birthday bash at the other pub.

Having partaken of a few libations at my regular pub first, I wandered across to the other pub and bought myself a pint, and, as it was very busy I stood back against a wall.

My eyes wandered around to see who was in, and I noticed this older “lady” sat at the bar, shortish hair and from the amount I could see of her, dressed in what I would call old folks clothing.

I was only glancing around but as I raised my eyes she was looking at me and made eye contact, she was I guess 60+ and gave me a wink, it was a strange feeling, like goosebumps, and a chill ran down my spine, I smiled back, then continued my looking around.

The time was about 30mins. before closing time and the friends of the birthday boy got him up on a table demanding a song, and all eyes in the room were upon him, as every one crowded to that end of the room.

I felt a hand on my upper thigh groping towards my cock, and, as I illegal bahis looked down it gripped my cock.

Expecting it to be one of a couple of gay men who drank there it was a shock in a way to see it was the old lady, she was aboat 5.1″ to my 6.1″ and she was gazing up at me with a real twinkle in her eyes and a finger to her lips telling me to be quiet.

It was a magical moment and I was instantly erect as she kneaded my manhood gently, but quite firmly, in an erotic, sensual way.

She reached up to pull my head lower to her and whispered to me to follow her out, she unhanded me and slithered through the crowd to the door.

Finding it a bit less easy myself, it took me a little longer, and when I stepped outside I could not see her, and was just turning back when she moved out of the shadows into sight, waving to me follow, and set off up the street.

I caught up as she stepped through a gateway into a field, a few yards further she stopped by a fence and turned to me, both her hands went to my belt and in a flash my jeans were round my ankles, and she was stooped over with her dentures in one hand, my cock in her mouth, and the other hand on my arse cheek pulling me into her, oooooh,,, all the way in and going like there was no tomorow.

She suddenly stopped and pulled away, leaving my rampant cock to feel the cool evening air on it, illegal bahis siteleri I felt let down as I had been building towards a climax.

Putting her dentures in her pocket as she stood up , she started to open her coat, and I was amazed when she opened it wide, beneath her long black coat she wore nothing but a garter belt and stockings, very small breasts, slim body, and a small bush of hair at her pubes.

Lifting her left foot to the bottom fence rail she took my hand to her vagina, it was then I realised what was happening, and, who I was with, I must have been in a trance, what was I doing here with an old woman when I had a choice of young ones half a mile away.

Then my fingers were inside her and she felt lovely and warm and tight, tighter in fact than the 20yrs. old I had been with the night before.

They say a standing dick has no concience, it is true, she smelled good and by golly she was doing me good, I had to be into her, so I laid on my back and she mounted me, bliss, it does not come any better than this, the tightness of her vagina had to be felt to be believed, and the gyrating, oh my god it only took a couple of minutes before I unloaded into her as her vagina spasmed around me and I was soaked, her eyes were glinting in the moonlight, then she was bent to me kissing me and telling me how good it had been for her, the canlı bahis siteleri licking and kissing around my ears and neck was rousing me, I was still inside her, and still semi-hard.

It had been so quick, (and I had no premature ejaculation worries), so it was quite a surprise to me.

I nipped a nipple with one hand as I felt for her clitoris with the other.

It was like a switch, off she went again like a dervish, and telling me to let her know when I was getting near as she wanted this load to drink.

This “lady” was all woman, I tried to roll us over but she would not have it and continued to ride me into the ground until she felt I was getting close, she hopped off me, spun round, and engufed me in that toothless mouth again, whilst squatting her sopping vagina onto my mouth, she smelled even better, and we continued this 69 to completion with both of us bucking and squealing then collapsing to get our breath back.

Whew,,, what a shag that was she said, as I was thinking the same.

That was unbelievable I told her.

She asked, how do I compare with them young ones I see you with, (and until tonight I had never knowingly seen her before).

The best fuck I have ever had I told her.

I will be here at the same time tomorow she said, depending on the weather, but the forecast is good.

Sounding better all the time I told her as I dressed, not fancying the four mile walk back to camp,

Many a fine tune played on an old fiddle they always told me, now I understood.

Part two is also in the pipeline should this story ever be allowed onto this site.

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