A Look Says It All

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We kissed, and I raised one hand, feeling the shape of her jaw and gently running my fingers down her neck to rest on the exposed collar bone. Before I knew it, she had dropped to her knees and began rubbing her palm against my jeans, feeling for my penis. Quickly, my belt was undone and my pants and underwear fell to the floor. She placed her hands against my thighs, and took my cock directly into her mouth. I hadn’t even had time to grow an erection. Her full lips surrounded my penis, and took it in until her chin touched my testicles. I could see slight depressions in her cheeks as she began to suck. She wanted to feel me grow inside her mouth.

There was a tingle. I could feel her tongue tickling the underside of my penis as it began to grow, but the real intensity came from deep within my pelvis. I felt a surge of excitement as the sensation washed over me, and it became a feeling of intense desire as my erection reached its full size. She let a deep breath out through her nose, and raised only her eyes to look at me with a sense of surprise and admiration at how completely her mouth had been filled. Only after she felt the smooth head of my penis against the back of her throat did she begin to release me. With her cheeks still puckered, she slowly pulled back until my hard on was exposed, pausing for a few seconds to circle her tongue around the tip of my penis, causing the small hairs of my body to stand on end.

She gripped the base of my shaft with her right hand, giving it a few gentle pumps. Then my partner looked up and her face broke into a grin. She giggled, and her light blue eyes locked onto mine with a playful excitement. After a moment, she again became focused on my erection. This time, she kissed the tip of my penis before poking her tongue out from between those beautiful lips. She licked from the base of my penis all the way to the head before again plunging it into her mouth. This time she stopped when her lips touched her forefinger and thumb still wrapped around my shaft. She held me there, pumping her hand up and down a few times, giving a gentle twist with each motion. The sensations were incredible. We had only been carrying on for a minute or two and already I was incredibly aroused. The only way to describe it is an intense feeling of desire and need filling up my chest, flushing my face and even making me slightly light-headed. More than anything I wanted to be inside her.

Now she pulled her lips slowly up the shaft of my penis, gently pumping with her right hand, higher and higher until just an inch was held inside her mouth. She could taste the sweet precum as it seeped out onto her tongue, and she seemed to savor it, again circling the head before letting my cock out of her mouth. Her beautiful face smiled up at me again. This time her lips were closed and she cocked her head to the side coyly, obviously pleased with herself.

She wore a slim-fitting v neck tshirt made of thin, soft material and today had neglected to wear a bra. I could see her full breasts and hardened nipples pushing against the soft fabric of the garment, and I reached down with one hand to fondle her. I pressed my palm against her chest, gently squeezing with my fingertips before taking her nipple and gently rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. She was becoming aroused, I heard a light breath escape her parted lips as her eyelids fluttered gently. She raised her arms allowing me to pull the t-shirt over her head and expose her full, perfect breasts. I took a moment to step out of my jeans and underwear.

Her attention quickly drifted back to my dick, and she proceeded to give me the güvenilir bahis best blowjob of my life. I massaged her breasts while she sucked up and down on my cock, still not bothering to use her hands. She was going so deep I had to steel myself, promising not to orgasm until we had both been deeply satisfied. She raised her left hand and her fingertips began to massage and almost tickle my balls as I placed my right hand behind her head.. This was unreal. She could just about fit its entirety in her mouth, and the next time her lips were near the bottom of my shaft, I held her head in place with my right hand, gently pushing her further onto my cock. She made a muffled sound and placed her right hand at the base my dick, but made no move to stop me, only pulling away after five or six seconds. We repeated this process, only next time when she pulled away it was slowly. After touching the tip of her nose to my stomach, inch by inch she revealed my cock, pumping with her hand higher and higher until she reached the top and more precum seeped out onto her tongue. I couldn’t take much more of this and almost reluctantly she released my cock and took a few deep breaths.

I grabbed her by the wrists and helped pull her to her feet, and she lifted my t-shirt indicating that I should allow her to remove it. I obliged, also unbuttoning her form fitting jeans. She placed her thumbs inside the jeans near the hips, and with knees slightly bent shimmied out of them, shaking her hips from side to side as she grinned at me. Then she did a little turn before straightening her legs and I could see her perfectly shaped butt, the bottom of its cheeks exposed beneath her tiny, tight panties. At the same time she placed one arm behind her head and took a handful of thick blonde-brown hair. She pulled the hair to the left and I could see the curve where her neck met the shoulder. I took note of the dimples in the small of her back and examined the shape of her face in profile as she turned her head to one side. I felt the desire welling up in me again.

I stepped forward at the same time she took a step back. My left hand took the hair she had been holding and I placed my chin over her shoulder, breathing deeply as my nose was filled with her erotic, intoxicating scent. She took another step backwards, pushing her butt firmly against my still fully erect penis. She rubbed against me and I heard a soft exclamation escape her lips as I kissed her neck and gently exhaled over the moist area. My left hand was now on her chest exploring and massaging one breast. I pushed my hips forward, causing my cock to lower just as she was raising her butt. The motion resulted in pressure right against the entrance to her pussy. She froze and I heard her breath catch once more. My right hand was around her waist, her stomach was slim and soft. I pulled with my hand, increasing the pressure against her panties and now was rewarded with a soft moan. As I released her I slid my nails across her stomach just below the navel, feeling the muscles contract and twitch with pleasure.

She spun around and we kissed. At first I just grasped her bottom lip between mine, but in an instant our tongues touched and we were in a full, passionate embrace. She had a hand behind my head, grabbing my hair and massaging my scalp with her fingers. Her nipples raked my chest, and I placed both hands on her butt grabbing it tightly. I rubbed my penis against her pubic bone and the top of her pussy, pressing against the clitoris. I knew she was ready for me, but couldn’t help but have a little more fun.

I used my fingers to rub her through her panties for just türkçe bahis a moment, taking note of and satisfaction from the damp spot I felt. Then we were pulling them down and she was out of them in a second, standing fully nude before me. This was easily the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had the perfect body and could convey deep meaning with just a look and a smile. We dropped to our knees, each one’s hand moving almost instinctively to the other’s sex. I cupped her mound with my hand, applying pressure to the skin around her vagina for a moment before parting her lips with my middle finger and rubbing gently. I was so excited to feel her, I had no idea she had become so wet from our foreplay. We were kissing deeply again, and I slipped the first digit of my middle finger inside her. She took a couple deep breaths before releasing me and laying down on her back. Her feet rested flat on the ground and she spread her legs, revealing herself to me completely. She raised her eyes, giving me that puppy dog look while she gently bit her lower lip. She was almost begging me to mount her.

I moved between her legs and rested on my hip, letting my hand drift from her stomach over her breast to rest on her shoulder. She took my cock in her hand and began to rub the head up and down and in small circles around her pussy. I leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. We both smiled and locked eyes as she teased herself. I moved my head down and kissed her breast, sucking gently on the nipple as she slowly guided the head of my penis inside her, then slipped it out and rubbed herself a bit more. The sensations were becoming too much for me. The moisture and friction on the tip of my cock was sending shivers down into my pelvis, and my chest tightened as I again felt the intense sense of need. I knew I had to penetrate her soon.

I shifted onto my stomach, now lying on top of her and I could tell she knew it was time as well. Once again she placed the head of my dick against the entrance to her pussy, and I gently thrust upward, finally resting the first inch or two of my penis inside her. There was a momentary pause as we looked at each other and each took a moment to savor the new sensation. She wiggled her butt a bit, and I could tell she was still intrigued by the size and girth of my penis. It was true, she was tight, and the feeling of her body hugging my head was incredible. I knew what had to be done.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and kissed her. As our tongues touched, I slowly but firmly thrust upward, and kept pushing until my full erection was buried deep inside her. She gasped, and I found myself staring into her widened eyes as she threw her arms around my neck. I pulled my cock out and she exhaled, letting out a soft sound as the breath left her. Then I thrust back into her, and this time I felt her hips rise to meet mine as she gasped for another breath of air.

We began to move with a slow, steady rhythm and I placed a few kisses on her neck and ear, her breath still matching our speed. I felt the tingle in my lower abdomen as I had when we first started. I ignored it, focusing instead on the warm, incredible sensations engulfing my penis and the soft sounds and wonderful expressions flickering across my partner’s face. We gradually began to move a little faster and she lifted her legs, which provided an even more intense sensation as my cock plunged deeper inside her.

I moved one arm under her leg to help support her, still keeping our rhythm as we edged closer and closer to climax. After another minute, I shoved my cock as deep inside her as I possibly could, and held güvenilir bahis siteleri it there for a few seconds. This elicited a longer, more passionate moan and I pressed my hips against her a few times as if to see if I could go any deeper. As we continued our dance, the tingle behind my testicles became undeniable and I knew I couldn’t continue like this much longer. A wonderful, gentle pain was shooting down my back from where her nails clung to my shoulder, and as her other hand probed my chest, neck and arm everywhere she touched responded with pleasurable sensitivity.

I moved completely on top of her again, and this time she wrapped her legs around my back and crossed her ankles, locking them in place. Our faces pressed together and she kissed my face and neck, as we occasionally exchanged glances relishing the look of ecstasy we saw. I had almost reached my peak, and I knew she was getting closer and closer as well. Her breathing had become faster and more shallow and by now moans of pleasure were escaping both our mouths. The tingling had reached my testicles, and I could feel the pressure building up there, a wonderful, steady sensation that spread gently into my stomach. I could feel my penis starting to swell, but I was determined to hold out for as long as possible and I knew I still had a little time left. She could feel the swelling of my dick, and when she noticed it a smile flitted across her face as she stared into my eyes. Previously, she had been meeting my thrusts with little hip movements of her own. Now she became perfectly still, surrendering to me totally. Earlier my cock had filled her almost completely, and this new development was pushing her over the edge. I continued to thrust, increasing my speed and strength. One hand massaged and gently scratched her breast, and I watched as she took a few deep but labored breaths. The moans had stopped for the moment, and I watched as she pursed her lips. Now the intensity brewing inside me had reached the base of my penis, and began slowly spreading up my shaft. I knew I had reached the point of no return. I watched as slowly, her back arched off the carpet. I buried my face in her neck and heard the breath she had held escaping. I could feel her grip on my penis tightening, the muscles of her vagina were contracting and it pushed me over the edge. I exploded, sending my first wave of semen deep inside her as both of us were rocked by our orgasms. My body was on fire and she was hanging on to me for dear life as I thrust again and again, as deeply as I could. Now she cried out, short bursts matching my thrusts and I knew she could feel the warm, seemingly endless waves of cum I was firing into her.

Slowly, we regained control of our bodies. I stopped thrusting and rested my cock inside her, not yet losing my erection. She released the death grip she had on me, and her legs slid from around my back and rested on the floor. We lay there for a minute and kissed a few times, as stupid grins spread across both our faces. I felt her vagina contract again as we both started laughing. After another moment and a couple more caresses, I pulled myself out of her and got to my knees. She pushed her thighs together and rolled over, preparing to stand up. She got up carefully, with her legs mostly together, while my cum dripped down each of her thighs. I was still on my knees and she raised an eyebrow at me, opening her legs to show me. Here was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and I realized my cum was dripping down each of her legs. I could see a small pool of it still clinging to her perfect pussy, almost ready to fall out. It was almost magical. She walked over to the mirror and began fixing her hair, and I tossed her panties to her from across the room. We both got dressed and shortly thereafter she left, but I knew she would feel my cum in those panties the whole drive home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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