A Long Time Coming

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This is my first story, Please be gentle with me. All persons involved are adults, consenting and real.

My hands are shaking, my knees are weak, I am not sure I can do this. I really want to; I just don’t know if I can. The doors are locked you are lying on the bed face down with your clothes on, a vision of beauty to me. I feel a stirring within me that I do not know how to control. I want to put my hands on you , I want to feel your soft skin, the smooth curves of your calves the soft lines of your face, I want to run my lips along your neck and feel your pulse quicken. I know you are tense, I see your muscles tighten when I lightly brush my fingers against your skin. I am as nervous as can be I feel like a teenager sneaking out at night again. I don’t know how you are going to react if I fully put my hands on you I have no idea if you feel like I do. A little fearful. A little paranoid. I do not know what to do next, I know what I want but I don’t know how to go about it. I feel guilty for these feelings I am having about you. I decide to just put my hands on your shoulders. All I can hear is the blood rushing in my ears like being in a wind tunnel. I can’t think straight I can’t decide how I want to do this, I want to touch all of you I want to lay there and listen to your heart beat I want to feel my skin against yours. I want to feel your lips on mine.

I rub my hands along your back. Rubbing my thumbs along the base of your spine putting pressure along the sore spots, trying to help you relax while trying to force myself to relax as well. It isn’t working, I am tense beyond belief I cannot stop my shaking. Taking deep breaths I decide to go a little farther. I work my hands up your back an massage your tense muscles stopping at your shoulder blades to rub through your shirt feeling the knots loosen lets me feel a little bolder moving up to your shoulders and squeezing a little harder than I want, you moan a little. I am not sure in pain or in pleasure. You are grabbing the edge of the bed in a vice like grip; you bunch your arms under you looking as nervous as I feel. The knuckles of your left hand paling slightly from clenching your fists. Your brow furrowed, I cannot help myself but smile at your beauty, the charming little lilt to your mouth. I go back to the base of your spine and lift your shirt slightly and finally touch your skin, your skin is warm, soft, and delightful. The words on your back inscribed in my mind.

I rub my hands under the back of your shirt slowly working my way higher up your back. I spend some time rubbing the muscles of your back just feeling the warmth of your skin I look at you and my smile is trembling just as much as my hands. My pulse rockets just at the thought of you. I get off of your bed and walk to the side where you are laying your head. I just want to kiss your soft lips. The kisses are tender and the thoughts running through my head slipping from the tender to the passionate. I walk around pendik escort the bed to your feet, softly rubbing your feet massaging your soles and arches running my thumbs along your heels and up your calves putting the heel of both of my hands along the sides putting pressure on your calves to help loosen you up. Running my hands up the back of your legs passed the backs of your knees to your thighs. Rubbing your thighs up the back of your shorts feeling the soft warmth of your skin. You whimper softly and slowly turn over. Your breasts falling to the side your nipples poking out slightly tenting your shirt. I try to gently run my hands across your belly and up your sides tickling you unintentionally. You sit up and stand at the side of the bed raising your arms above your head you ask me to take off your shirt. I take your shirt off and reach my arm around your shoulder and across your chest.

I kiss the side of your neck and lightly lick your neck. You roll your head so I can find the vee of your neck easier and taste you one side then the other you slyly undo your shorts and let them fall to the floor the black ribbons on your panties trembling in time with you. You lay down on your back and started kissing my way up your legs from your calves to your thighs rubbing your legs with my hands as I went. I feel the heat from your womanhood radiating up towards my face. I can smell you, your smell of arousal, excitement, trepidation. I run my nose through the crotch of your panties rubbing the tip of my tongue across them. I run the tips of my fingers under the leg bands of your panties rubbing the outside of your legs I reach under the waistband and pull them down your legs you lift slightly to accommodate me. You are naked before me your breasts spread across your body. You put your feet on the bed and spread your thighs showing me your center, the strands of your wetness dripping through your perfect pussy lips I run my finger from near your clit down through your hot entrance and bring my finger to my mouth to taste your essence.

My fear in the background, while still present, has been taken over by my need to put my tongue in you. I bring my mouth to your opening and run my tongue from the bottom to the top scooping up every drop I can take into my mouth, I shiver with pleasure at the taste I have longed for. I run my tongue over your clit and you clamp your thighs on my face for just a moment. I lick my middle finger and push it inside you curving my finger upward to push against the rough patch just inside you and you jump. I accelerate my pace with my finger inside you. Your back arches up you whimper my name you gasp and moan and your moans cause me to get hard I alternate between licking you trying to get all the wetness I can into my mouth, you are flowing out onto my fingers and tongue faster than I can keep up. Your wetness is running into the palm of my hand and coating my chin and upper lip your smell and taste kartal escort permeating the air.

The smell of arousal in the room is tangible. I pull my finger out of you to lick your clit. I continue for a few moments more to lick and suck on you before licking my first finger to insert two fingers into you. Curving my fingers upwards to rub your sensitive inner walls. I penetrate you with my fingers increasing pressure and speed with each thrust. You moan my name you beg me to fuck you. You increase your volume slightly and keep moaning more and more, your body starts to shake and your breath is coming out in ragged gasps. Your body starts to tremble I peek down at your feet and see your toes curling in on themselves and then watch your body and face as you orgasm and flood my hands with your sweet juices. I lick my fingers clean as you tremble and recover from your orgasm.

You sit up when you recover and lean forward pulling up my shirt and kissing my stomach running your hands across my chest you unbuckle my jeans and help them to the floor I pull my pants over my feet and kick them to the side my keys jingling out of the pocket. You are sitting on the edge of the bed leaning forward you grasp the band of my boxer briefs and pull them down.

You grasp my manhood and lightly start to stroke me. You lean forward and take me into your warm wet mouth sucking slightly to bring me to stiffness. You take me farther into your encompassing mouth. I lean my head back and groan in pleasure you reach down and cup my balls in your cool hands and lightly massage them. As I pull myself out of your mouth I look down into your eyes and lean down to kiss you, your lips meet mine and I feel my heart skip a beat. You lay down on your back on the bed and I crawl up next to you and start to suck on your stiff nipples flicking my tongue across them feeling the ample flesh with my hands. Your areolas are large and tan in color with nipples like pencil erasers begging to be rolled and pinched between my fingers. You lift your hand and start to tug on your left nipple while I lean down to suck the right one. I rub my hands along your thigh and stomach caressing your skin. Running my hand along your shaven mound you whimper and moan and twitch at my touch.

My nerves are starting to come back now; I am getting nervous again starting to lose my edge. You turn on your side and I match you running my hands over your side and cupping your butt, squeezing around the cleft of your ass. As I go to kiss your neck again I inhale and I smell the soft scent of your hair again and it pushes back into me like a hammer and I start to stiffen in my resolve as well as other parts. I slide off the bed and you rise up on your knees in front of me and you look back over your shoulder and look me in the eyes and tell me you want me to fuck you.

Instantly I am made into a new man. Standing tall and proud I grasp the base of my manhood and move maltepe escort towards you, I have every intention of inserting myself into you and taking my time, because I want to feel every part of you and I want this to last, as I put my member against your womanhood and push it is amazing how fast I slip in to the hilt. I was expecting a little bit of a resistance, however your wetness was so immense even through the tightness of your inner walls I was able to slide easily through you.

I started to slowly thrust in long full strokes into you hands on your hips staring at your ass and feeling the amazing sensation of being in you. I felt myself stretching your velvet walls as I started to pump into you going faster at times and slower at others. I pull out almost all the way and sink myself back in about halfway and start to pick up the pace, I do not want to hurt you by thrusting in all the way, but I do want to hear my skin slapping against yours. I want to feel my balls slap against your inner thighs I start to pick up speed inside you thrusting not all the way into you , and keep a steady pace until you start to tremble with orgasm, when you start to cum I sink myself as far in as I can go. Gripping your hips I pull you back on to me as you the force of your orgasm attempts to expel my invading member.

When you start to relax and calm down I start pushing myself in and out of you again bringing myself to the edge of release and making sure you are getting the pleasure you need and deserve. I pull out and rub along the length of your tunnel with the head of my cock flicking against your clit before sinking into you once again. As I enter you and start thrusting you start arching your back and whimpering moaning and yelling my name. As I start thrusting again you want me to fuck you, you tell me so, you want me to go faster harder you tell me to hurt you with my member I increase the pace to match your desires and start to speed up and sink into you hard, fast, and fully to the hilt, the base of my cock at the entrance to your lovely sweet pussy. I keep the pace until once again you squeeze my cock so tight with your inner walls that I almost fall out I try to sink in again and push through your passage.

I fall to my knees beside the bed my face even with your entrance, I lean forward to bury my tongue into the place I have been fucking to taste the girl cum that has been flowing from your sweet honey pot. I just had to taste you one more time; I want to make you cum again. Your voice is like music in my ears when you beg me to be in you. I get to my feet again and take my rock hardness in my hand and penetrate you again , you tell me you want me to cum in you I start to pick up the pace and you start to beg me to come. You want it. You need it .

I pick up the pace again and start thrusting you keep telling me to cum and I have to ask you where do you want me to cum, between whimpers and as I feel you start to cum again I push myself fully into you, bottoming out. You start to squeeze and I release what feels to me like jet after jet of cum into you I leave myself buried in you until the last drop has evacuated from me and I am spent. I feel connected to you. Shared passion and shared release. How could I be so blessed?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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