A Long Awaited Fuck

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He called me. Asked me if we could talk. I was surprised seeing as how he hadn’t called me in months, but I wasn’t going to turn down a change to look into those eyes. He had the most amazing eyes. And an attitude I couldn’t refuse. I had been hot for him for so long. Too long. He always turned me on. The smile, the rugged back woods attitude, the way he dressed. Everything.

“What you doin?” his hucky voice almost demanded through the phone.

“Nuthin,” I replied. “Must be a cold day in hell.” I was genuinely surprised he’d called.

“Comin out?”

“Why?” I asked.

“Talk. I donno,” He replied vaguely.

“Yah, I’ll be home.”

“I’ll pick you up at 12,” He said.

He was always so secretive when it came to being seen with any females in the passenger seat of his car. Small town rumors spread quickly, and he was never the brunt of the gossip.

“Yeah ok,” I said. I wondered silently what was going on in his mind.

“Bye.” He hung up. As quickly as he called he let me go. Wondering what the hell was going on.

He pulled in the driveway. I had been waiting, freshly showered and I smelled delicious. I knew I did. Down the steps, into the passenger seat. His car smelled like cinnamon.

“Hi”, I said. “So why the phone call?”

“Like you wanna know.”

There was that attitude. That cocky, smart-assed attitude that turned me on so much!

“Ok. Where are we going?” I asked. I knew. The same place we always went to talk. I didn’t want to talk. I had other plans. He knew it. He could read it all over my face.

“Don’t know. Beach?”

“Like always”, I mocked. But I loved the beach I loved it when he took me there. Just us. No one else around.

The drive to the beach was long. About twenty minutes before we pulled into the parking spot that had a perfect view of the crashing waves. He turned his music down, country playing of course. Tim McGraw belting an upbeat tune. I didn’t care what was on the radio.

“So why tonight?” I asked looking at the clock on his cd player. 12:30am. “What’s on your mind?”

He didn’t say anything.

It had been five years since anything this akward had taken place. Five years ago, when I was the ripe young age of 15, he had kissed me. Just once. On the mouth. Enough to make me squirm. He knew since then he had me in the palm of his hand. I tried to play hard to get, but just the thought of him between my legs made me so hot it drove me insane.

“Well?” I asked.

“Well what?” was the reply.

“Justin. Why did you bring me all the way down here tonight? Whats going on?”

He looked at me. A piercing look. Like daggars. Not saying a word, he hugged me. Leaned across the seats and wrapped his strong arms around my shoulder, pulling my face into his neck. I could smell his aftershave. It was spicy and sweet. The wetness between my legs growing so hot, I shifted, bringing one knee up on the seat, spreading my legs.

“You’re a stubborn bitch. You know that?” He said, breaking the hug.

I didnt have time to reply before he planted his lips hard down on mine. I kissed back. Running my tongue along his lips. His hands wandering across my covered stomach and playing with the bottom hem of my shirt. Lifting it just enough to slip his hands onto my stomach and up to my bra covered tits. He squeezed. Moaning I kissed him deeper, playing with his tonge in his mouth. Sucking it into my mouth, he moaned and squeezed my tits tighter in his hands. I ran my hands down his chest, his sweater bunching in my hands. Down to his belt, I pulled it open in one swift jerk and ripped open his button fly. His rock hard cock was sticking out of the fly of his boxers. A small glisten of precum was already formed on the tip. I rubbed my finger through the cum and played with it, feeling the hot stickiness, my mouth watering for the taste.

It was so weird but such a turn canlı bahis şirketleri on. The guy I lusted for was here. With me. I knew he thought I was hot. My mere 100 pound petit frame, big brown eyes and confidently cropped hair made most guys turn their heads, but never in my wildest dreams had I thought that Justin would secretly plan such a rendezvouz. I knew he had to have planned it. He had to have known he was going to try something with me. He knew I would respond. My flirty, almost hard-to-get attitude I displayed when he was around was a dead give away.

He hands wandered to the button of my snugly fit jeans. Popping it open and slowly sliding down my zipper, he tugged on a belt loop. His eyes met mine.

“You gonna take those off?” he asked slyly.

“Should I make you work for it?” I asked cockily.

“You’ve been making me work for this for five years. Get em off.” He pointed to the floor of the car.

Slipping off my summer sandals, I slowly slid my jeans down my well toned thighs leaving on only my skimpy pink thong.

Laying back in his seat, he patted his lap. Struggling, I slid over the emergency break to his awaiting lap. Laying on my side against his hip, he started tugging at the crotch of my wet thong rubbing my clit through the thin material.

“Couldn’t those have come off with the jeans?” He whined. Looking at me with what seemed like dispair in his eyes.

“You didn’t ask,” I said, grinning, slipping the thong down my legs and sliding them off my ankles, tossing them to the floor on the passenger side with my discarded jeans.

Without another word, he started rubbing my slit, making me moan. Rubbing between my lips, slowly and gently sliding his finger in my wet, dipping pussy. I kissed him hard. Shoving my tongue into his mouth as he plunged one finger into my cunt. Making me arch my back and spread my legs further urging him to fuck me with his fingers.

“Horny little thing aren’t ya?” his husky voice sliced the air like a knife.

I wrapped my hand around his wrist locking his finger inside my pussy.

“Fuck me,” I said. “I want your cock so bad.”

He grabbed my ass and laid me on top of him, my dripping ass pressed against his rock hard cock.

“Ride.” He commanded.

I moaned and slid his cock, half covered by his boxers, between the cheeks of my ass. Pressing my hips down, he moaned loud kissing my neck and shoulders, grabbing my tits through my shirt using them to try and guide my ass to slide up and down.

Lifting up my ass, I slid my hands under me and pulled his pants and boxers down, releasing his dick, making it spring up hard towards my pussy. He pulled my shirt over my head, exposing my sheer black lace bra.

Enough was enough. He knew I wanted his cock in my hot, wet cunt, and he wanted it just as bad. I held onto the base and guided it to my pussy, rubbing it back and forth between my lips, making him moan at the hot wetness coming from inside, his hands pulling at my tits desperately, ripping the delicate material down exposing my pebbled nipples, pinching and pulling, rolling them between his fingers.

Finding my wet love hole, I slowly inched it in, wiggling my ass as I let it slip inside, making his hands leave my tits and go straight for my clit. Rubbing it hard, making me slide him in until he was buried completely in my dripping cunt.

“My God!” He gasped, as I started to rock slowly back and forth, causing his cock to hit the walls of my cunt.

“You like that?” I asked, almost immitating his rugged attitude.

With that, he grabbed my hips and started to pull me down hard on his cock, thrusting it hard into me, making me moan and throw my head back, my cunt dripping juice down his balls, running to his asshole. My tits bouncing with each thrust, my hands gripping the steering wheel in front of me, giving me leverage to bounce on the cock I could canlı kaçak iddaa feel growing inside me.

“I’m gonna cum! Oh god Justin fuck me hard! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!” I yelled, throwing my head back, riding his cock hard and fast.

“Mmm baby ride,” He moaned still holding my hips and drivin his dick into my cunt.

I could feel myself cumming, my whole body getting hot and an explosion of hot cunt juice flowing down over his balls, making his whole body shiver. I could feel his balls getting tight, his cock getting harder and bigger, his hands frantically pulling me back and forth.

“Me too baby!” His cum shooting hot stickiness inside me, sending me into orgasm again my hands still gripping the steering wheel, almost as if it was keeping me from soaring off of his lap.

His hands dropped from my hips while I rode him until he was soft inside me. I kept him in my wetness as I collapsed with my back resting against his chest and my head on his shoulder.

He kissed my neck.

“Is this a fuckin dream?” he asked, out of breath, wrapping both arms around my heaving stomach.

“I fuckin hope not,” I replied, a sly smile crossing my face, my eyes closed, trying to regain normal breaths.

“Do you know how fuckin long I have been waitin for this?” he asked, kissing my neck again, sending shivers down my spine. I could feel him getting hard inside me again.

“How long? Tell me how long you have waited to get your cock inside my pussy. How long have you wanted to fuck me?” I demanded to know.

“Too fuckin long.” A vague but telling response as his dick rose inside me, hitting the walls of my tight cunt.

I lifted off him. Looking at him with a sexy smile, climbing back over to the passenger seat.

Before he could say a word, my hot mouth was wrapped around his dick, making him moan loudly. I wrapped one hand around it and the other held his balls close to my mouth as I started to give him slow, sensual head, relishing in the taste of his salty sweet cum mixed with my own juices.

“Jesus christ!” He cursed, running his fingers through my short hair, encouraging me to keep letting him fuck my face.

I lifted his cock from my mouth and took one of his balls into my mouth, sucking on it, playing with his cock in my hand.

“Mm… no one has ever sucked my balls before,” he muised, watching contently. “But don’t you fuckin stop.”

I kept playing with his balls in my mouth, twirling my tongue around them, his cock growing hard and rigid in my hand in front of my face. I tugged and pulled, making his back arch in pleasure, his hands frantically pulling at my hair and running across my cheeks, trying to urge me on.

I dropped his balls from my mouth, slurping up the saliva and cunt juice from them, looking up at him with my big brown eyes.

“Holy fuck, girl. You got something I never knew you had.”

I smiled. Sitting up, I reached for the door handle. His eyes widening in sheer confusion.

“Get out,” I demanded.

“What the fuck?” he asked, slipping his shoes and socks off and pulling his pants and boxer off and dropping them on the floor at his feet.

I didnt answer. Getting out, I watched him as he followed my lead. I met him in front of the car. The engine still running. I reached up, wrapping my arms around his neck. A smile crossed his face. He reached down, placing his hands under my ass and lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his naked waist, I kissed him hard on the mouth, frantically looking for that passion I wanted so bad.

He placed my ass on the hot hood of the car, my feet found the bumper. Pushing my knees, he spread my legs wide. Kneeling down on the soft sand, he started to lick the insides of my thighs.

Moaning, I leaned back, placing my hands behind me on the hood, holding myself up.

He pulled my hips forward and I tilted them up, allowing him access canlı kaçak bahis to my wet, dripping slit. He slid his tongue between my lips, playing with my clit between his teeth, sending me over the edge.

“Justin, god, oh fuck,” I moaned wanting more.

He took his fingers and started rubbing my cunt, playing with my asshole, making me crazy, needing to get fucked again by his amazing cock.

“Tell me you want it in your ass,” he demanded. “Tell me you want my cock in your tight little ass.”

“I-I never did that before…” I replied, unsure.

I could feel his hot tongue going lower and lower, leaving my cunt, going to my already wet asshole. He started to lick, slow and hard, trying to probe my forbidden hole. It felt so good.

“I wanna fuck your virgin ass, make me your first ass fuck,” he breathed, his fingers finding my puckered hole, rimming it, lubed with his spit mixded with my pussy juice.

He pulled me from the hood. I stood there in front of him, still wearing only my bra. Spinning me around, he placed my hands on the hood of the car, bending me over, my ass waiting for his intrusion.

I could feel his hot cock rubbing my ass cheeks, his mushroom head started to rub me from my clit to my asshole, sliding between my lips making it wet. His cock slid inside my pussy. I spread my legs further, letting him get full access to my hot, slippery hole. His hands massaging my ass cheeks, slapping me gently.

I moaned quietly, tossing my head back.

His fingers searched my ass, finding my asshole, he started to push. With his finger tip in, he started to massage just the inside of my hole, relaxing it, getting it ready for what he was about to do.

It felt good.

He pushed his finger in, a little bit at a time, making me squirm with pain mixed with sheer delight. He got it in all the way, pulling it out, he pushed two against my hole. Not wasting time, he shoved both in, sending me into a fit of orgasm, his cock rubbing my g-spot and his fingers probing my ass. My cunt sprayed a fit of juice down my legs, making him laugh.

“You like that?” he asked coyly.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned. “Fuck my ass, Justin. I want you to fuck my ass.”

With that he pulled his cock out of my spasming pussy and pushed his huge head against my asshole, making me moan loud. Pushing it in, one painful inch at a time, he groaned loud, ramming it in hard and fast, sending me into a fit of sheer pain.

“Christ your ass is tight!” He exclaimed, pulling his long cock out half way before ramming it in hard again.

My hand went to my pussy, rubbing my clit and fingering myself while he fucked my ass hard, making me scream and writhe with pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum!” He said out of breath, “Your ass is so tight, I can’t hold it, I’m gonna cum!”

He pulled his cock out of my ass hard and fast sending me into another orgasm, fingering myself hard, I felt hot cum spray over my ass, as my own started to run between my legs to the sandy ground beneath my feet. He took the head of his cock and started to rub it through the cum resting on my high perched backside, making it sticky and cold against my ass.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned. “I loved that.”

“Anytime,” he said cockily. That attitude. God I loved it.

He turned me around to face him, both of us flushed pink, breathing heavily from the raunchy fuck we had just shared. Kissing me on the lips softly, almost romantically, he hugged me, his arms wrapped around my waist pulling me in close, his soft, sticky cock pressed into my bare stomach.

“Justin?” I said.

“Mmm,” he moaned with his face buried in my hair.

“What does this mean?” I felt stupid for asking that question to the guy I had wanted to fuck me for long.

“Whatever you want it to,” he replied simply, lifting his face from my hair to look me in the eyes. “With that ass, whatever you want.”

I didn’t need to tell him what I wanted. We both wanted the same thing. To fuck again and again and again. Hand in hand, we returned to the car where we laid still half naked until the sun started to rise… just kissing and napping together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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