A Little Tied Up…

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I don’t know what caused the change in our relationship that night. I don’t know if it was the alcohol the girls all consumed in earnest, or if it was simply a matter of curiosity, or maybe it was something else entirely. All I know is borders were crossed that night. Those borders led to new adventurous places, and no one seemed in a hurry to go back.

It was a Friday night as I recall, and Chance and I had worked together that morning. We left work around three, but we would be meeting up for date night around 7. Chance was my partner, but she wasn’t my wife. No, our relationship was much more complicated than that. Chance and I work together in law enforcement, so finding the exact words to describe our relationship is difficult in English. There really isn’t a word that describes the loving and trusting bond you have with a person you love, care for, and trust your own life with, yet in an entirely different and unique way that doesn’t describe the pair bond of a loving mate.

I have an amazing wife, Kelly, who fulfills all the roles of a lover and soul mate, but my love for Chance was like that of a sister in arms. If hell was dropped on my doorstep and I needed someone in my corner to save my ass and fight back the devil himself, Chance was going to be by my side. When we put on that uniform, our relationship meant something different. However, work was done for the night and the uniform was off. Tonight’s date night was going to be a double. Chance was going to bring her girlfriend Jenny, and Kelly and I were cooking dinner for a movie night in.

Kelly was looking forward to the night. We had just recently gotten married after a long engagement, and college graduation was less than a month ago, so we both needed to unwind. I had bought half a dozen bottles of wine as I was not sure what the girls would like, but I think Kelly had plans to get into all 6. Kelly and I have always enjoyed cooking together, so we took the opportunity to make a full Italian meal of ravioli, garlic bread, and ice cream for dessert. Food was just about done, so Kelly left me to the kitchen to allow herself to change. I already thought she looked beautiful that night, but she had made it clear her standards had to be higher with the ladies coming over.

I never understood why, but Kelly always seemed to take the extra effort when she knew we would be spending time with Chance. I would have attributed this effort to jealousy, which Kelly has always been prone too, but she didn’t seem to mind when I spent time with Chance. I think the fact that Chance was bi-sexual with a girlfriend may have just meant that Chance was less threatening to our marriage, or at least that’s how it worked in her mind. In the end it didn’t matter why Kelly took extra effort around chance, I just laughed it off since Kelly hadn’t worried about her appearance like this since we first began dating. I pointed this out to Kelly, but she rolled her eyes.

Kelly had mentioned back when we were in high school that she would like the opportunity to kiss a girl, but I disregarded that as silly teenage curiosity. I really didn’t think she had any interest in women, so I never really took it seriously, though with her behavior near Chance, I joking had accused her of having a crush on her.

Kelly came out of the bedroom just before the girls arrived. It was hot out that night so her clothing was clearly a balance of comfort and class. She wore a pair of tight jeans which were obviously her attempt to impress, and the neckline on her royal blue blouse plunged daringly low to allow her chest to breathe. She allowed herself to keep her long scarlet hair worn up because of the heat, but it hardly seemed to be keeping her cool as her porcelain white skin was flush, with her collarbone shining from a hint of sweat. However, her makeup was impeccable, and it drew attention to the sapphire in her eyes, which seemed to be purposely matched to her finger nails and her top.

I couldn’t help but to smile as she entered the room. “You know, we have been together for 8 years now dear. You can probably stop staring at my chest now.”

Knowing I was busted, I grabbed her around the waist and nibbled at her neck. “I was just sampling the appetizer, hon”.

“Cut that out Nate, we don’t have time for that!” Kelly protested. I just ingnored her and grabbed another nibble. “Sure we d-” DING DONG! Kelly just laughed and pushed me away at the chest. Damn, cock blocked by the doorbell!

Chance walked into the kitchen first, closely followed by Jenny. It shouldn’t surprise me at this point, but they both looked great.

Chance was a stunning woman, but somehow she had the ability to disappear when wearing the uniform and badge. The badge was gone now, and she was set to stun.

The raven black hair that normally disappears into a professional bun was now flowing half way down her back in curls that could have been rapids flowing through a river.

Her skin was as fair as Kelly’s, but it seemed starker against the black of her hair. canlı bahis Her face was angular and pointed, but in a somehow soft and feminine way.

Her body seemed to shrink without the vest or gun belt, but it was now impossible to miss her jaw dropping curves. She was the perfect hour glass figure, and even though her chest was covered by her t-shirt, there was no denying she was all woman.

Her shorts may have been shorter than her gunbelt at work, but they made her otherwise short legs appear as if they went all the way up.

Jenny was a bombshell in her own right. I tried not to let Kelly see, but my tongue just may have been on the floor.

Jenny was a true southern belle in every way. Her figure showed fem fatale, but built with the obvious feminine strength you can only find on a girl from the farm. She obviously had a body built for both form and function.

Her face was delicate with long and flowing lines as if modeled by expert hands with clay. She had the large beautiful country eyes of a new born calf, but they betrayed her, acting as a looking glass right into her soul. When she felt pain, her eyes crushed your entire being. When she was happy, the glow from her eyes illuminated the room. Her glasses only magnified this fact, but added a sexy intellectual cherry on top.

All three girls were stunning, and all of them had smiles that were beaming. Nothing is sexier to me than a beautiful smile, and these girls were all knocking me out.

I don’t know if it was the heat of the kitchen or all the beauty packed into one room, but I felt myself melting.

Kelly wasted no time in pulling out the biggest bottle of wine from the fridge along with three of the new wine glasses we had received as wedding gifts.

I don’t drink so I allowed the girls to dive in while I started to plate dinner. The girls were all a glass in before they realized dinner was on the table. Chance noticed it first.

“Wow! This looks amazing! When you said we were having ravioli, I just figured you were heating up cans of Chef Boyardee!” I didn’t respond to this with words but instead just stuck out my tongue.

Everyone grabbed a plate of food and we migrated to the living room. I got my food into the room and made a return trip to the kitchen where I grabbed two more bottles of wine. I just smiled as I grabbed the bottles. I knew this was going to be a fun night.

For the first half hour or so, I was largely left as a fourth wheel to the girls, who were all packed on the couch and pre-occupied with food, wine, and girl talk. I didn’t mind, and I just sat on the recliner and enjoyed the show.

Kelly soon collected the dinner plates and I brought out the ice cream. It only took 15 minutes of ice cream and wine and the girls were all pretty well blitzed.

The girls decided it was time to put on a movie, and it was made very clear I was going to be suffering through a chic flick. Kelly began to put the first DVD in the DVD player, and I took this as my chance to put away the ice cream since it was starting to melt.

I began to rinse off a few of the plates, but it wasn’t long before the girls began to call for me. Apparently they didn’t want me to miss any of the girly movie action.

I began to make my way back into the room before I was stopped and informed that the girls were about to run out of wine. Three bottles down for three girls in 45 minutes and they wanted more. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to half to suffer through too much of the movie. I grabbed another bottle and took my place on the recliner.

We made it through about half of the movie and I had to admit that I wasn’t completely hating it, and the girls were all enjoying a good laugh. I needed to go to the bathroom, so I just got up and walked out of the room and down the hall.

I must have missed a good joke because I could hear the girls cracking up while I was washing my hands. I then returned to the room to find Kelly sitting in my seat. “Hey hon, the alcohol has me feeling really warm, so I stole your spot.”

I just rolled my eyes. I then looked over to Chance who was sitting in the middle seat. She patted the seat next to her. “There’s plenty of room over here Nate. I promise I don’t bite.”

Chance had that mischievous look on her face that only she could make. Jenny looked over “Don’t believe her Nate. She bites, nibbles, and chews!” I just laughed and took the seat next to Chance. The girls were all clearly drunk by now.

I don’t remember much of the film at this point. When I returned from the bathroom, I had completely checked out. I just stared blankly at the TV for a few minutes, and then reached over and tickled the bottom of Kelly’s feet.

She squirmed a little and swatted at me. “Be nice to me! I am dying; it’s so hot in here.” It was slightly warm in the room, but the effects were clearly being magnified by the bottle of wine she had already put down.

“Why don’t you go change into something cooler then?” I asked her, thinking I was being bahis siteleri quite logical.

She looked at me half disgusted and said “I don’t need to be half naked in front of guest!” This just drew the excited looks of Jenny and Chance who were very eager to encourage Kelly.

“Go put on something more comfortable!” Jenny said with a coy grin.

“Yeah, you’re not going to bother us any!”, Chance chimed in.

Kelly looked like she wanted to protest a little more, but her comfort obviously won out.

She just said half defeated, “Okay”, and pealed herself from the recliner and retreated to our bedroom.

Chance, noticeably distracted from the movie, looked to Jenny and asked for a shoulder rub. Jenny didn’t waste any time in shooting the request down as she was comfortably sunk into the couch cushions.

Chance stuck her tongue out at Jenny and blew a raspberry before turning to me and giving me the puppy eyes. “Nate, would you be willing to give me a shoulder rub”. She then gave me the pouty lips, and I knew I had no choice. Chance sat up and turned her back to me, throwing her hair over her shoulder and dropped her head. I grabbed a shoulder in each hand and began to knead deeply and slowly.

For being a delicate woman, I remember being caught off guard to how much power and tension were locked in those little shoulders. I could completely hide each of her shoulders under each of my large hands.

I kneaded away and Chance seemed to be slowly melting into sleep, the only sign of consciousness being her occasional purr or grunt as I found a new knot. Jenny just observed and smiled. She was clearly liking watching her woman enjoying herself.

It was then that I noticed Kelly had walked back into the room. I looked over nervously, knowing that Kelly was definitely the jealous type. She didn’t seem to notice or care though, but the girls noticed her.

She had come out in a skimpy blue colored cami and a pair of extremely short denim cutoffs. I was enjoying the view since very little had been left to the imagination. When I finally peeled my eyes away, I noticed Chance and Jenny were still locked in like dogs to a steak. Chance’s focus was no longer on her shoulders at this point, so I just leaned back into my seat.

The combination of Kelly’s entrance to the room along with the copious amounts of alcohol pretty much guaranteed that the focus on the movie was gone for the rest of the night. The girls got started into conversation pretty quickly, and as it normally does with these girls, the alcohol pushed the conversation dirty before long.

It wasn’t long before the girls forgot I was even in the room, and the talk was getting raunchy. They discussed every smut book they read, every sex scene in every movie, and even started talking about their favorite sex toys.

Kelly always told me she wanted to be a sex therapist as her dream career, but she couldn’t do it because she was as shy as they come. However, no one in the room was going to judge her tonight, and she took extra fascination in Chance’s discussing the best toys for use in girl on girl situations.

Jenny was intrigued by the discussion, but her southern upraising was keeping her silent in the corner with nothing more than a smirk on her face. Chance had gotten started with a topic she could run with, and the alcohol kept her filter firmly planted in the off position. She took off with exceedingly dirty talk, and it wasn’t long before Jenny was embarrassed to the point of trying to shut her up.

Jenny indicated that it may be time for them to go, before Chance said something she would regret. It was then that Chance stated that she wanted to have a look at Kelly’s sex toys!

Both Kelly and Jenny blushed at this, which was surprisingly noticeable since they were both rosy from the alcohol.

“Chance, am I going to have to tie you up to keep you out of trouble?” Jenny scolded. I then looked over at a very drunk Kelly, and I knew she had something horrible running through her mind. I knew whatever she was about to say, it wasn’t going to be good.

“We have bondage bed sheets! I literally could tie her down!” Jenny and I immediately locked eyes in a dual look of embarrassment and shock. We just sat there in horror, my eyes apologizing for my wife’s actions and her eyes apologizing for her girlfriend causing this trouble in the first place.

Then before we could react, Kelly flew down the hallway with her hand clasped around Chance’s wrist, leading her to our bedroom. By the time Jenny and I had shaken ourselves from our state of shock and caught up, my bed was already torn bare except for the stark black Velcro sheet tied to the bed.

Chance was just staring in amazement as Kelly dug into her toy drawer pulling out the four Velcro pads, each attached to a padded wrist cuff.

I was just about to apologize to Jenny when I saw she had an equally fascinated look on her face. Her embarrassment was clearly gone, replaced instead by intrigue. She started bahis şirketleri to get a smile on her face that reminded me of a child about to do something they knew they shouldn’t be doing. I didn’t know what the look meant, but Kelly noticed it too.

Suddenly Jenny lunged at Chance, throwing her onto the bed. She flattened her to the bed, with her wrists pinned above her head, and her thighs pinned to the mattress by Jenny’s shins.

Kelly was surprisingly in tune with Jenny as she quickly helped pin her right wrist to the bed, sticking the Velcro pad to the sheet and expertly cuffing Chance to the bed. She then moved down the mattress and cuffed her right ankle in the same way.

Jenny jumped up and used her whole weight to pin Chance’s left wrist down on the bed as Kelly laid on Chance’s free leg, immobilizing it. Kelly threw one of the pads to Jenny, and quickly applied her own.

Jenny wasn’t as quick with the cuff, having never used them before, so Kelly willingly assisted. Chance had yelled her protest the entire time, but now looked at me. Her look clearly indicated that I had betrayed her. She had come to my rescue many times as my partner, but I had left her as the victim to our girlfriends, who had decided she was a plaything.

I hadn’t even moved from the spot I was standing in when I first entered the room. My mind was racing, but my body was a statue.

Jenny took a place next to Chance’s side and Kelly climbed off the bed and walked up to me, her kiss bringing me out of my shock. She then playfully shoved me, knocking me into the spare recliner we had sitting in the bedroom for reading. She leaned over and kissed me again, and then climbed into my lap, straddling me. She placed both hands on my face and gave me one more strong, passionate kiss before being interrupted by the girls.

Jenny had leaned in to kiss her subdued trophy when Chance used the opportunity to try and lung forward in an attempt to bite Jenny’s lip. “Let me go you bitch!” Jenny feigned a look of hurt feelings, and aggressively began tickling Chance on her vulnerable exposed ribs.

Chance’s body convulsed uncontrollably as Jenny continued the overwhelming attack on Chance’s rib cage. Kelly, feeling particularly evil, climbed onto the bed on Chance’s other side and assisted in the onslaught. This torture of their victim continued until Chance was completely purple in the face.

Chance still had not accepted her fate of being completely out of control. Now betrayed by Kelly as well, she turned her anger towards her. “When I get my hands on you, I’m going to…”, and that’s where that retort ended, as Jenny placed her hand over Chance’s mouth.

She turned to Chance and in a calm, low voice “You aren’t going to get your hands on Kelly, since you seem to be a little tied up at the moment.” Jenny then reached up with her other hand and placed it on Kelly’s cheek. “But it looks like I can get my hands on her.” Kelly, amused by the game, returned the favor and ran her hand slowly through Jenny’s flowing hair.

Chance, now with a look of pure unadulterated evil in her eyes, turned her head and attempted to yell at the girls again. Jenny looked around surveying the room for a moment. She then saw one of the pillows on the bed and asked Kelly to remove the pillow case. Kelly did so and handed it to Jenny who removed her hand from Chance’s mouth allowing for the room to fill with the sound of Chance’s protest. Jenny then rolled the pillowcase into a rope which she placed around Chances head and through her mouth, forming a quite innovative and effective gag.

Jenny then looked at Chance again. “So, where was I? Oh yeah! I was getting my hands on Kelly.” Jenny then leaned in and placed one hand around Kelly’s waist and one back on her face. It wasn’t long before Kelly caught onto Jenny’s cue and returned the favor.

Jenny locked her eyes with Kelly, speaking to her slowly and sensually, though her narrative was clearly for Chance. “You know, I can get more than my hands on Kelly.” Jenny then rose to her knees, and Kelly followed suit, with both girls kneeling on opposite sides of Chance’s body. “I can get my whole body on hers.” Jenny then wrapped both arms completely around Kelly’s lower waist, pulling her into a deep hug, leaving both girls connected at the abdomen, their chest pressing firmly into each other, the tip of their noses inches apart.

Jenny never broke her deep stare into Kelly’s eyes, peering into what could have only been her soul. I watched as Kelly was returning the look. There was some hesitation in her eyes, but mostly they showed a sense of magical hypnosis as she stared deeply into Jenny’s gaze.

Jenny whispered to Kelly “I can even get my… lips on hers.” Jenny didn’t say another word. She took what felt like hours to lean into the few inches that separated herself and Kelly. With the slow sensuality that only a passionate and experienced woman can bring, Jenny angled herself slightly, and lightly brushed her whetted lips on Kelly’s. For a fleeting moment you could still sense Kelly’s timid hesitation, but with the soft sensual touch of Jenny, Kelly’s own lips began to slowly animate. For what felt like hours, I watched as Jenny and Kelly made love at the mouth.

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