A Life to Remember Ch. 03

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***This story is fictional although some of the experiences including joining the military are accurate. This is my third in a series of stories and I would appreciate any comments, feedback and suggestions.***


It had been six weeks since Jason had moved into my room and I’d been fucking him regularly ever since. He was a cute, innocent looking kid and more importantly I owned him. At eighteen he was about a polar opposite to me physically. Shorter then me a thin and defined swimmers build. Short blonde hair cut to regulation and faded almost to white by the summer sun. Warm brown eyes that shined almost the color of honey and full luscious lips that had brought me great pleasure many, many times since I’d first met him.

“Just like I expected,” he said as we walked out of the train station in Frankfort where we had scheduled our leave together.

I’d been there several years before on R&R leave from Afghanistan and had filled him in on what to expect. Across the street was the same Irish pub I’d spent many a fun filled night at before wandering into the red light district to get some pussy. As I looked over at the cute, young man with me I realized immediately that I wouldn’t be needing to seek out there services this time.

After we checked into the hotel on the south side of the station we wandered around having dinner at a steak house near the financial district before stumbling across a little bar not to far from the hotel. We sat there for a few hours tossing back shot after shot of schnapps and authentic Russian vodka chasing it down with stout German beer.

“Do you mind if I sit down,” an obviously native German asked. This wasn’t as odd as it seemed since Germans routinely sat down at empty chairs with complete strangers.

“Not at all,” I said laughing more then a little drunk. The guy sat down and I looked him over immediately deciding that the guy would have been a natural for an SS recruiting güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri poster. Like me broad chested and thickly muscled. Unlike me he had dark blonde hair and icy blue eyes.

Introductions were passed and soon enough we were drinking and laughing like old friends.

“Can I ask you something?” Johann asked me quietly in German.

“Sure,” I said laughing grateful I’d learned the language before coming back a second time.

He leaned forward conspiratorially, “Are you and the boy together.”

This made me laugh even more and I nodded. “Yes,” I said quietly, “He’s my property.”

“Your property?” Johann asked laughing as an obviously confused Jason sat there listening to us babble in German, “Ever loan him out.”

“Know what he just asked me Jason,” I said looking over at my friend.

He shook his head as I knew he would. “He wanted to know if I ever loaned you out. Should I?”

Jason’s face immediately flushed a deep crimson as he looked over at Johann. “I think that’s your choice isn’t it sir?”

“Well then,” I said standing, “Why don’t we head back to the hotel and let him take you for a test drive.”

We finished our drinks before hurrying back to the hotel. Quickly finding ourselves standing in the suite Jason and I were sharing.

“Alright,” I said as I sat down on the couch, “He’s all yours Johann.”

Johann smiled with a hint of evil flashing across his face. “How do you want it faggot?” he said turning to Jason.

Jason’s gaze dropped to his feet as he hung his head in shame. “However you want it sir.”

“Ah yes,” Johann said turning towards me and speaking in German, “You’ve trained him well.”

I laughed and turned to Jason. “Take off your clothes. Let Johann get a good look so he can decide whether he wants to waste any time on your pathetic ass.”

Jason nodded and started undoing the buttons of his shirt, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his smooth thin chest coming into view as he shrugged it off his shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

“Not so bad so far,” Johann said as he sat down on the other end of the couch. “Take off the rest.”

Jason leaned forward to pull off his shoes and socks before straightening up to unfasten his belt and trousers. He hesitated for only a second before he let them drop to the floor standing in front of us in his naked glory.

“You sure you don’t mind if I fuck him,” Johann said turning towards me.

I shook my head and returned his gaze. “Sure,” I said trying to catch a glimpse of Jason from the corner of my eyes, “The fucking queer is just a piece of meat. Do whatever you want.”

Johann nodded and stood up circling Jason as he slowly undid his clothes. I was big all right but he was fucking huge. If he couldn’t get into the SS he sure as fuck could do commercials for steroids. Jason’s eyes almost seemed to bulge out of his head when Johann pulled down his pants letting his cock come into view. I’m no slouch in that department either but compared to him I was fucking tiny. He had to be a good eight or nine inches and he wasn’t even fully hard yet and practically as thick as I had ever in my life seen even in porno films.

“Jesus Christ Johann,” I said looking up at him from the couch.

Johann just smiled and grabbed him by the arm practically dragging him to the bed. “Get on all fours faggot,” he said letting him go.

Jason did as he asked although with rather more reluctance then I’d ever seen.

Johann crawled up on the bed behind him pulling him around so they were both facing me. “Do you want some lube fag,” Johann said as he spit in his hand and ran it up and down the length of his enormous cock.

“No?” he said as he placed the head of his cock against Jason’s asshole, güvenilir bahis şirketleri “Well then it’s your funeral.”

Without warning he pulled Jason back towards him eliciting a scream when his rock hard cock pierced his waiting asshole.

“No, no,” I said standing, “That just won’t do.” I stood up and walked over towards the bed pulling my dick from my pants as I grabbed Jason’s head and pulled him down. “This should shut you the fuck up.”

Jason opened his mouth and took my cock into his mouth sliding it all the way into his throat. Even as I did Johann started riding his ass with his enormous tool. I could feel him whimpering around my shaft as he got banged from both ends. Me sliding my cock in and out of his warm, wet ass while Johann fucked him from behind.

“Jesus,” I heard Johann moan as he slammed into him one last time draining his enormous nuts into Jason’s waiting ass.

Reluctantly I slid out as Johann’s enormous body trembled, wave after wave of cum spraying into Jason’s greedy ass. Finally he slid out and sat back on the bed. “Fuck Ben,” he said breathlessly, sweat running down his body from the exertion, “If I’d known how good American boys are to fuck I would have railed one a long time ago.”

I laughed as Jason laid there on the bed panting his ass red from the vigorous fucking. “Roll over on your back Jason,” I said looking down at him.

“No let me,” Johann said laughing as he grabbed Jason and pulled him roughly beside him.

I crawled up on the bed straddling Jason’s narrow chest my dripping cock pointing at his face. He leaned forward and started flicking his tongue against the head as I gripped my cock and started jerking off.

“Think you need a hand,” Johann said as he reached out and took my balls in his hand rolling them.

That was more then enough to finish me off and my cock exploded spraying Jason’s face and chest with my cum. Painting his face with my hot, wet seed. Spent I crawled off him dropping on the other side.

“Clean us off Jason,” I said looking over at his cum covered face. “Your ass is going to get a Hell of a workout tonight.

He looked exhausted bit he did as I said cleaning first my cock, then Johann’s before crawling back between us.

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