A Life Changing Ring Ch. 03

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I would like to thank my editor Todger65

Chapter 3: Distracted

“No fucking way is this for real! I have to try this myself,” I couldn’t really believe what I just read. I mean a ring that allows you to basically possess or body snatch people. I put the ring and book back in the box and carried it back to my bedroom.

I sat in my room thinking of all the possibilities if it were true, and being a 19 year old man most of them were about having people make fools of themselves or ways of getting sex. But before I could plot to take over the world or anything I had to test my new toy.

Who, where, when, and how to test it was simple, I’d wait until my brothers went to sleep and sneak in and see what happens. So that’s what I did, I sat in my room reading and watching TV for the next 3 hours. Around 1 a.m. I heard the two morons banging up the stairs; I waited another half hour so I knew they were asleep then snuck down the hall.

Before I got down to either of their rooms though I heard the front door bang open and my parents, who were clearly drunk, talking. “Bruce be quiet the kids are prob…prob… probably sleeping,” my mom giggled. Seeing my parents drunk I just couldn’t miss, they are always so proper.

“Well then Julie let’s not go up stairs and wake them,” I heard my mom let out a little yelp and laughing from both of them. I snuck down the stairs just enough to watch them. Mom’s yelp must have been when dad picked her up because he was carrying her across the room. When they got to the couch they fell onto it and started necking like a high school couple.

I knew I shouldn’t but I watched as dad started pulling mom’s clothes off. Now before you start thinking dude that’s your mom let me describe her. She’s 5’7 in bare feet, has the most amazing strawberry blond hair, sparkling green eyes, and one of the hottest bodies I’ve ever seen on a woman who has had 5 kids and is 44. She has big full DD breast with just the slightest hint of sag, long legs with wide hips, and an ass J-lo would be jealous of. So you tell me, mom or not would you pass on a chance to see that body in just the flesh?

As I watched mom’s fantastic tits come out of her dress I just about ran down stairs to try the ring on dad so I could get at that body. But my brain beat out my cock that time because what would I do if I all but jumped my half naked parents and the ring did nothing? How do you talk your way out of that? So I played it safe or at least safer and just watched from my hiding spot.

Dad sucked and played with her nipples while she stood up and pulled off the dress and kicked off her heels. Mom climbed back onto his lap and unbuttoned his shirt as he kept moving from one tit to the other. Based on the way mom was moaning dad was doing a pretty good job too. As she pulled off his shirt she pulled away from dad’s mouth, “Now for these pesky pants.”

I watched as mom slid down to her knees and started undoing his belt and pants. After his pants were off mom kissed up his legs until she reached his cock and I was soon watching mom’s head bob up and down. Dad started moaning and saying things like, “Oh yeah baby suck my cock, come on slut take it all down mobilbahis güvenilir mi your throat,” and “Oh yeah make daddy cum.”

Over all dad’s noise I heard something else, at first I thought it was mom moaning then I realized it was closer than that and behind me. I looked behind me and nearly jumped because not 4 feet away was Pam with her hand down the front of her pajamas as she watched mom and dad. She opened her eyes and saw me looking at her and just smiled.

I didn’t know what to do but I figured since she was masturbating there wasn’t much chance she’d tell mom and dad she caught me watching them. I watched my little sister for a minute or two as she leaned against the wall one hand quickly moving in her pants, the other pulling at her nipples through her top, and she bit her bottom lip with her eyes tightly closed. Until then I never realized just how hot my baby sis was; with her blond hair, blue eyes, and curvy body with the nice round ass and D cup tits.

When I looked back down at my parents I nearly panicked because mom was pulling dad towards the stairs, “Come on stud lets go to bed where you can really give me a birthday gift.”

I jumped up and grabbed Pam as I passed. I had to cover her mouth to keep mom and dad from hearing her yelp of surprise. I carried her into her room as she squirmed to get away. After the door was closed I let her go, “What the fuck Jim? See mom and dad fooling around and your sister masturbating so you figured you’d just take me as yours?”

“What? No brat you were so busy fingering yourself you didn’t see mom and dad walking to the stairs. If I hadn’t grabbed you they would have found you playing with yourself while watching them.”

“Oh. I didn’t know sorry… and thanks,”

“No problem,” I smiled and pushed her a little, “you pervy little brat.”

We both laughed, “Oh you call me a perv you were watching too.”

“Yes but I wasn’t diddling myself where anyone could see me, and from where we were you couldn’t see dad so were you watching mom? Is my little sis a lesbo?”

She pushes me, “No I’m not a lesbian, but yes I was watching mom I’m bi numb nuts. Though I’ve never… you know with a girl.”

“Ok you’re bi big deal girls can be bi without much problem, but if a guy is he’s just considered gay.”

“Wait Jim are you saying you’re bi too?”

“Pam don’t you dare tell anyone about this or so help me.”

“Oh shut up you’re an adult and can do what and who you want, I don’t care. But can I ask have you ever been with a guy?”

“Only once with Dan in high school. I prefer woman but it was fun. Let’s forget that for now what the fuck were you doing out there just now?”

“I could ask you the same question. I got up to get something to drink and saw you sneaking around and decided to follow you. What was it you were doing because I got the feeling watching mom and dad wasn’t it?”

I have always been closer with Pam than my other siblings. And I had just told her a huge secret of mine, even if it was by accident. But I wasn’t even sure if the ring worked so why tell her. Besides with only one ring how could we both use it? “Oh I was just walking around because I couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to bother anyone.”

“Come on Jim mobilbahis tell me the truth.”

“Fine if you must know I was going to take Dave’s phone to see if he still had that topless photo of his ex.”

“We have the internet why not just surf for porn, and she barely had anything to look at.”

“I was going to send it to all their friends to get pay back for the way she treated you when they were dating.”

“She was a bitch wasn’t she? And she seemed to be worse with me.”

“Well can you blame her she’s 24 and flat-chested and you’re 18 and stacked?”

She blushed, “Well thanks… I think”

“No need to thank me sis,” I smile, “I’m just stating a fact.”

Pam blushing asked, “Do you think mine are as nice as mom’s?”

“Do you want an honest answer?”

“Of course I do, but I guess that answers my question.”

“No wait let me say what I have to say. Are mom’s bigger than yours yes, but she has also had 5 kids and is more than twice your age so in time yours will probably get even bigger than moms. As for if yours are nicer or not,” I smile at her, “that’s harder to say. I’ve never seen you topless.”

She snorts as she starts laughing, “Why didn’t i see that coming? But you are right so… now what do you have to say?” she asked as she pulled off her top.

“I…I…um…I…,” I just stammered as I took in her amazing teen tits. They where round, full, perky and had no sag and topped with half dollar, quarter inch, pink nipples. I finally got my brain and tongue to start working, “Damn sis they’re perfect!”

“Oh come on you said you’d be honest so don’t tease.”

“Who’s teasing? I’m being dead serious you have the nicest, sexiest set of tits I’ve even seen, including mom’s,” and before my brain realizes what my hand is doing I’m holding her right breast in my hand. As soon as my brain catches up on its surroundings I pull my hand away, “Shit sorry Pam I guess I forgot you were my sister for a second there.”

“I… don’t mind if… you want to touch them.”

“Wow really?” She looks up at me, biting her bottom lip, and nods. Well not one to let an amazing opportunity go to waist I quickly have both her amazing tits in my hands, “God sis they really are just perfect. If you want me to stop just say so.”

“No, please don’t stop,” she moaned as I tweaked her right nipple. “Oh Jim that feels so good please don’t stop. No one has ever touched me like this.”

“No one?”

“When I said I’ve never been with a girl, well I’ve never been with a guy either so…um…,can I…” but instead of finishing her question she grabbed my hard-on through my shorts.

“Oh that feels good,” I moaned as her small hand works up and down the bulge in my shorts. For minutes, I’m not sure how many, we stood there; me gently playing with her amazing breast and her slowly stroking my cock.

“Can I… take these off?”

“God yes,” I answer and move to pull them off, but she stopped me.

“No I want to do it,” she said as she drops to her knees in front of me. Now I can honestly say not in a million years would I have ever thought I would be in this position; my baby sister topless, kneeling at my feet about to pull off my shorts.

She slowly pulled my shorts down until my rock mobilbahis giriş hard cock sprung up nearly hitting her nose. Now I would love to say the guys in the locker room gave me the nickname tripod thanks to the third leg I was packing in my pants but the truth is I’m only average, the upper end of the average scale, but still average at 7 inches. Pam giggled to herself as she watched my cock bounce in front of her face.

“Can I touch it?”

“God yes please do,” I groaned.

She slowly reached up and wrapped her small hand around my cock, “It feels so strange it’s soft to the touch but rock hard in my hand. Am I doing it right?”

“Yes you are doing good, but if you really want to do great don’t stroke it at the same pace the whole time. Go slow for awhile then faster and so on. And if you really want to do amazing try using your mouth,” I grin down at her.

“Oh you mean like this?” she teased before taking the head in her mouth. At first she didn’t move much, I guess she was unsure of herself, but after a few seconds she started bobbing her head on the first few inches of my cock as she stroked the rest. As she pulled off me one time she licked my head in a way that I couldn’t help but moan and after that she started using her tongue to greater effect. After just a few minutes of sucking me she was giving me the best blow job I have ever gotten in my life.

As she sucked my cock and stroked me with one hand, her other hand was busy in her pajama bottoms. With the treatment she was giving my cock it was inevitable that I would soon be cuming, “Oh god Pam… I’m going…going to… going to cum.”

I expected her to pull away from my cock since not one of my girlfriends had even taken my load in her mouth, but to my surprise she started sucking harder and faster. “Oh fuck sis here it comes… aaaah yes!” I yelled as I filled my little sister’s sucking mouth. As I fed my little sister what felt like a gallon of my seed she started moaning loudly and shaking, clearly having an orgasm on the fingers busy in her little pussy. When my balls finally stopped pumping my sister’s mouth with their contents I pulled out of her mouth and gasped, “Oh my fucking god sis that was beyond amazing.”

“I’m glad you liked it because I sure as hell did,” she giggled.

I just stood there panting, trying to keep my weak legs from giving under my weight.

“Well hell Jim don’t die on me. How the fuck would I explain you with no pants on dead in my bedroom?”

We both broke out laughing, “Wow I can’t believe you can suck off your brother and act so calm. Are you sure that was new to you?”

“Yes! Geesh you give your big brother a blow job and he suddenly thinks you’re a slut,” she teased.

“Oh I don’t mind you being a slut as long as you’re my slut.”

“Mmm I may just take you up on that in the future, but for now I think you should go back to your room before we get caught like this.”

“Well hell you get what you wanted a belly full of cum and you just kick me to the curb,” I teased as I pulled up my shorts.

She smiled at me, “You better believe it.”

“Fine be that way,” I smiled back, “but next time, if there is a next time, I better get to taste that little pussy of yours.”

“Mmm, next time I think we’ll start with that,” she pulled her top back on. As I went to her door she climbed into bed and gave me one last gorgeous smile, “Thank you Jim for a great night.”

“No thank you. Good night sis.”

“Night Jim,” she said as I pulled her door closed.

To be continued…

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