A Letter To A Pen-Pal

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Damn, I HATE G’Byes!! I hate, Hate, HATE ’em!!

We counted Amber’s orgasms ALL weekend and she had a grand total of thirty-three!! (It would’ve been 34 but we didn’t count that last one in her car as she drove me to work!![Because it was Monday afternoon. And our contest, to see who can cum the most, specifically stated, “to end Monday morning!!”])

OH, Sharon!! What do I do NOW??? She wants to visit in another 2-3 weeks but she’s not sure she can swing another weekend off of work!! So that means that we both either masturbate, a lot, or we find new lovers in the meantime!!

I know she won’t fool around on me… But I also know that she gets really fucking horny without a dick up her cunt, two or three times a week at least!! I won’t even tell you how much I need a tight hole for my penis, it’s too embarrassing!!

Our most memorable fuck? This weekend, Amber and I went to a porno theater near my house! In the third booth (for peep-shows) I sat down while Amber lifted her skirt(neither of us wear underwear when we’re together) and began to frig herself in front of me!! The sight of her fingers sliding in and out of her hairless pussy lips always gets me hard as nails!!

Since it was Sunday night, the place was pretty quiet.(I’m not sure, I think there were only two other couples in the building at that hour.)

Amber was working herself into quite a lather (I mean, literally! If her pussy juice had been cow’s milk she would have made butter!!)

I, meanwhile, was so hard, my dick would have dented a Buick!

Amber, my little sex goddess, came with her fingers in her twat, then sank her juicy self down onto my hard rod and came again!! But I, stupidly, had taken a “Viagra,” which meant I was not going to be able to cum for awhile. Actually, I could have cum, I just wanted to save it. So Amber and I straightened ourselves up (poor “Henry” was like a lead pipe in my pants) and left the theater thru the front door. I think they had a camera on us in the booth because, as we walked out, the guys behind the desk were smiling at us and giving me the “thumbs-up” sign!!

I told Amber and she couldn’t have cared less!! She just halkalı escort said that she hoped they got her “good-side!”

The girl is SHAMELESS!!

And, yes, I love her for it!!

Once we had finally gotten back to my house, Henry had finally softened a bit. As soon as we walked in my front door, however, Amber dropped her skirt, pulled off her sweatshirt, kicked off her sneakers and stood there, in her bare-nakeds, looking at me with a big smile on her face! Her pussy was dripping! Henry never stood a chance, of course, as Amber jumped up and kissed me, shoving her tongue down my throat!! I carried her to my bedroom, carefully set her on the bed, took my clothes off, and walked over to the bed! With Henry leading the way, I turned out the lights (I like to let my other senses take over sometimes! It’s much more sensual that way!! Amber loves to be blindfolded for the same reason!!) Then, once in bed with her, Amber reached down and grabbed Henry and held him up to her wet pussy and, again, sank her self down onto him…

Ahhh, Sharon, I’m telling you, it was pure bliss being this close to another person! We just held on to each other for ten minutes, not moving a muscle! We even dozed off for a minute, it was THAT peaceful!!(That, plus the fact that I still hadn’t slept in three weeks, but that’s besides the point!) The nap DID rejuvenate me enough to flex my penile muscles, which caused Henry to swell, waking Amber up! Heck, she had an orgasm from that little push I gave her!

“OHH!!” she cried out! Then she squeezed her vaginal muscles, which sent me into an orgasm that blew my mind!! Jeez, Sharon! I saw every color imaginable! Every color, EVER, went shooting thru’ my brain as I shot the biggest load of cum into my friend’s cunt, spattering her womb, filling her up with semen!! And, because of the little blue pill, Henry was still hard as a rock!! So I kept banging away, thrusting again and again up into her pussy!

Amber just kept cumming and cumming and cumming, until she begged me to stop!

She actually “BEGGED” me to stop the assault on her cunt!

I still can’t believe taksim escort it! Me! I’ve never been able to keep it up as long as that, where I’d have to be begged to stop!

Amber’s breathing finally came down to normal and she asked me if I could stand to get on top! I’d gone to the chiropractor on Friday, which helps, so I did…

I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and slammed into my friend’s cunt with as much force as I could! Amber started cumming as soon as I hit bottom! And she didn’t stop for the next ten minutes, as I stroked Good Henry into her vagina!! She came four more times before Henry got too excited and I unloaded all the sperm that I had left into her sloppy pussy!!

Then we both fell asleep…for SIX hours!! The best sleep I’ve had in weeks! Henry was still in her when we woke up!

We both awakened with smiles on our faces and a real desperate need for a shower!! She asked me to eat her out in the shower. She loves it when I eat her out because I have a big walrus-type moustache that tickles her bald pussy lips! (Go figure…)So, as we bathed under the hot streaming water, I bathed her pussy with my lips, cheeks, chin, nose and tongue!! She turned the water off in the shower just as she came again, sending her juices all over my face! I stuck my index finger into her cunt and wiggled it upwards a bit, until I found her “Joy button!” She fell back against the wall as she went into her biggest climax of the weekend!!

Good God, Sharon, this girl can cum when given the right incentive! And her G-spot was just the thing to send her into convulsions!!

Finally, after five minutes, her spasms stopped.

She thanked me and asked if she could return the favor…

Well, my mama didn’t raise no fools, so I said, “Please!”

She got down on her knees and Hoover’d my hard-on, down to the base! I could feel the back of her throat tickling the head of my penis!! I came after three minutes of that kind of loving care!!

As my face was still covered with her juices, she stood up and commenced licking my face clean, much like a mother animal licks her young clean! Well, Sharon, dear, THIS got me hard again, as şişli escort I have always loved a woman’s tongue anywhere on me. Amber looked down and said the same thing that you’re thinking, “Again…?”

I just shrugged my shoulders as she turned around, grabbed onto the towel rack on the shower wall, tilted her ass up a little and said, “C’mon, stick it in me! I’ve gotta be in Atlanta in 8 hours. It’s a 7 hour drive and I’m NOT leaving you here with THAT thing looking like that… I don’t need someone’s death on my conscience!!”

I laughed for about thirty seconds before I looked down at her sexy ass and figured, “What the heck!!”

I grabbed the baby shampoo off the shelf and squirted some directly onto and into her anus. Then I poured a little onto my erection. I positioned my bone at the opening to her asshole and eased it in…slowly!

Amber has always loved anal sex, since our first night together, months ago! And this time was no exception!

I slid Henry in as far as he’d go and stayed still, letting her get accustomed to the intrusion. Amber started coming after I started to slowly pull out! Once only the head was left inside, I slowly pushed back in again. Amber screamed at me, “Just fuck my ass, already, would’ja?”

“OK, ok. Just hold your horses!” I yelled back to her, knowing that she’d kill me if I didn’t hurry! So I redoubled my efforts and started to slam into her rectum. She helped, too, by bucking back against my thrusts! When she started to cum again, her anal muscles clamped down hard on my cock, causing me to blow the rest of my seed into her rear!!

OH, God, Sharon! She still has the best ass for fucking in the world!!

I collapsed onto the floor of the shower, bringing Amber down on top of me! We both laughed like crazy ’til she realized what time it was!

And with my cum still dripping from her anus, she got dressed to leave for her new home, 450 miles away!!

Nothing I could say was going to keep her here…

And, in truth, I’m glad for her! She’s getting a chance to achieve her own success. Maybe she’ll come back to me, someday, for good. Maybe I’ll just move up there to be with her. Heck, I can even see us marrying, settling down and having kids.

As long as the sex is this GREAT, I could see being happy with her for the rest of my life!!

She definitely has a “bi-” streak in her, too, Sharon… I will, for sure, want you to come (cum?) help us explore that side of her personality!!

Bye for now, Puss-cake!



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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