A Knights Reward

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I lay perfectly still, not wanting to disturb the decor. I keep my breath shallow so as to move my chest and stomach as little as possible. My hair is fanned out above my head with tiny pink flowers placed here and there to add color to my dark auburn locks. I can feel the velvet under my bare skin and I fight the urge to wiggle against it. I can see the chandelier centered above me, the candles have burned down about a quarter of the way. He should be here soon. My temperature rises and I can feel it heat up the honey that covers my body. It starts to drip down my sides and between my legs. I think to myself, he best hurry or all the fruit will have slid right off me, leaving me completely exposed. It feels like hours though I know its only minutes. I start to drift to sleep when I hear the door slowly open, followed by two pairs of heavy booted feet.

“My Lord, What is this?” I hear a smooth deep voice.

“A gift for you.” I hear my fathers voice. “For saving, not only my lands, but my only son.”

“Really this is not necessary. I was…”

“Hush now, Sir William, you’ve done a great service to me and my people. It is only fitting that I reward you properly.”

“My Lord, I don’t understand.”

“You have saved the next Lord of High Plains, there is no greater service you could have rendered to me and for that you deserve the greatest of honors. The fruits of my lands and the fruits of my loins.” There was a long pause. I can only imagine what this Sir William was thinking. “Sir William this is my daughter, Adara. She is yours.”

I dared to tilt my head ever so slightly to better see the scene that played out in the room. My fathers back was to me, both his hands clasped behind him. Sir William stood a dozen or more paces away from my father, near the door. I could hardly make him out in the low candle light. He was taller then my father by at least a foot, dark hair and broad shoulders.

He found his voice, “My Lord, I can not except this. It is to much.”

“No amount of gold in the world could thank you for the service you have done me. You saved my son from death and for that I give to you that which is more valuable then gold.” Father starts walking towards the door. Sir William turns to follow.

“My Lord, please, this is to much.”

“No, it is not enough. If I had two daughters I would give them both to you, but alas I only have the one. Do not worry she will be enough I think. Go now, enjoy.” Father leaves closing the door behind him, leaving Sir William alone with me.

I tilt my head back to looking straight at the celling, my eyes opened just enough to see between my lashes. I hear his footsteps as he gets closer. I can feel his eyes on me and can just barely see his face. He’s looking at me, starting at my hair then traveling to my face then my neck. His gaze quickly moves past my breast and torso and slows again on my legs and feet.

I can only imagine what he see. A young girl in her early twenties naked as the day she was born, covered head to toe in honey and fruit. Every fruit you could imagine intermingled with flowers of all colors. I’m sure it was an odd, but pleasing site to behold.

I saw his head bow. “What do I do know?” he whispered.

“Eat.” I did not even recognize my own voice as I spoke. “Eat and enjoy your reward.”

His head snapped up, his eyes meeting mine. They were green, like the morning fields in spring. I smiled a little to see them widen in surprise.

“What?” He said the word slow and deep.

“I am your reward. You are meant to enjoy it…enjoy me.”

“I can’t…” he began and his voice trailed off.

“Why not? It is not wrong for you to be rewarded for your deeds.” I tilt my head up to look at him better. He is well built. Tall with a muscular physic. Dark wavy, black hair cut short. His face so serious and thoughtful. A man of honor and courage.

“It is wrong for you to pay to the price of that reward.”

“Not if I choose it.” I laid my head back down. “You saved my brother, for that I give myself to you. Please enjoy your reward.” I closed my eyes.

I sensed him stepping closer though he made no sound. “Why would you choose such a thing?”

“It is a great honor and privilege to be given as a reward. Father almost didn’t ask me, but I insisted. You deserve this and more.”

He said nothing just pendik escort stared.

“Please you must be hungry. Eat, enjoy.” Another step closer, his hand reached out hovering above my belly. I took a breath in and held it until he reached for an apple ring and removed it from around my belly button. I watched as he bit a piece of apple off and licked at the honey as it dripped down. After that first bite he ate more freely, almost greedily. He was hungry. If the stories are to be believed he has not eaten sense rescuing Ethan, it’s been almost a full day now, maybe longer. He ate almost all the fruit from my body, leaving my breast and pelvis still covered. I opened my eyes to see a look of contentment on his face.

“Wine?” I ask.

“Yes, please.”

“To your left on the table next to the chair.” He goes and sits down. The door opens and a servant enters with a silver tray. She sets it down on the table next to the wine. She pours him a glass of wine and then uncovers the tray. It is laden with food fresh from the kitchen. Bread, cheese and a roast chicken. The servant leaves him and comes over to assist me. She removes the remaining fruit and then helps me off the table and into a silk robe. Sir William keeps his eyes averted not wanting to see my naked flesh.

“I will return momentarily.” He nods and I slip out a side door with the servant.

Quickly with the help of several others the honey is removed from my body by way of a flat waxed piece of wood. Then I’m ushered into a steaming hot bath of scented water. Several hands scrub the remaining honey away then I’m pulled out of the water and quickly dried off. A servant steps forward with a shear tunic of pale green silk. She places it over my head, it covers me from neck to ankle, but you can still see every last curve of my body. My hair is brushed through and pulled up into a twist and white flowers are placed in it. Pleased with my appearance they usher me towards the door and I enter the room.

He is still seated, glass in hand and half the food gone. He was extremely hungry. He has a dreamy, far off look to his face. His eyes are half closed. I approach him and see that his glass is empty.

“More wine?” I ask as I pick up the bottle.

“Um, no. Well yes, just one more.” He opens his eyes fully and looks at me. Then reality hits and he looks away.

I pour wine into his glass and set the bottle down. As he takes a sip I lower myself in front of him and begin to remove his boots.

He flinches away from me. “What are you doing?”

“Removing your boots. I’m sure you are very tired and would like to relax.” I pull one boot off then the other.

“You really don’t have to do this.” His guard was down, he was no longer in his element. It made me smile a little.

“No, but I want to.” I remove his stockings and slide the bowl of warm water out from under the table. With a soft towel I bath his feet and then gentle rub them. I can feel him tense then relax. I look up at him. His eyes grow heavy and he tilts his head back against the chair. I continue to rub is feet and he lets a soft groan escape his lips. I stand and take the wine glass from his hand before it slips to the floor and place it on the table. I take is hand and gentle draw him out of the chair and towards the fire.

Swiftly, before he realizes, I have removed his shirt, tossed it to the side and have my hands on his belt. He grabs my hand ruffly, but not unkind.

“What?…” I place a finger on his lips silencing him.

“Let me do this.”

“I can’t.”

“Shh, yes you can. You deserve this.”

He gives in, dropping his hands to his sides. I remove his belt, toss it on top of his shirt and then I slide his pants down. He quickly moves his hands to cover himself. I look up to see a blush rise up his neck to his checks. I smile a little bigger. He’s never had a woman undress him, I’d wager. Though he has nothing to be ashamed of, even this part of him is well built. He steps out of his pants and they join the rest of his garments.

“Lay down, on your stomach.” He gives me a puzzled look but does as I ask. I kneel down next to him placing my hands on his left leg. I feel the sheep skin through my tunic I imagine it feels good on his chest and stomach. I slowly begin rubbing up and down his leg, working out all the kartal escort stress and frustration. After a few moments I switch legs and do the same. Once done with his legs I move on to his arms. Every once in a while I hear soft moans coming from his lips and know that his is really enjoying this. I finish up with is arms startle him, pulling my tunic up to my waist so that I may sit on him while I work on his back. I have to use all my upper body to work out the knots in his back. He moans more frequently. My spirit soars to know that he is receiving suck pleasures from my hands. I’m enjoying the feel of his strong body between my legs. I wonder if he can feel the heat of my loins raise as I massage him. I spend an extra long time on his back before moving on. I move to sit cross legged in front of him, I lift his head and place it in my lap so that he is face down as I run my fingers through his hair. I work from the base of his neck to the top of his head, rubbing and soothing away all the stress.

At one point I stop and just admire his naked back side. It could have been a model for a Greek statue. I lean over is head and with out even thinking I place a soft kiss on the nape of his neck. He gasps lowly and starts to raise his head but stops. Instead he lowers his head and places a kiss right between my legs. Its my turn to gasp as my body goes ridged.

He feels me grow stiff and I feel as well as hear him chuckle. He moves his arms, wrapping them around me and shifting his weight. He tilts his head up at me, a slight smirk to his lips and a twinkle in is eyes.

“Does your father mean for me to enjoy all of you?”

“Yes.” It comes out as a whispered sigh.

“Good.” He drops his head back down and he placed a soft kiss on the inside of each of my legs. Then he pressed a kiss on the soft fuss just above my lower lips.

I’m holding my breath not sure what to do next. I didn’t expect him to be so bold. I like it. When his tongue darts out and parts my lips I release my breath with a rough gasp. He doesn’t stop at just parting them, he delves into their depths. Licking and teasing until he finds what he is searching for. That little nub that with a single flick sends a shutter through out my entire body.

“Hmmm, honey.” He mummers and presses harder against me.

“Oh my!” I grab the hair at the back of his head with one hand and put the other behind me to keep me from falling backwards. I feel my body getting hot and very moist. An ache in my loins begins to grow.

He licks and kisses me as I moan and begin to move my hips. Then his tongue finds my opening and he thrust it in as far as it will go. My body convulse and I ache me back as I cry out. He continues to dart in and out of me as I reach both hands down his back trying to draw him closer to me. I’m moaning and practically begging for more when he just stops. He lifts he head and looks me in the face.

“Are you sure you want to continue?”

He’s so serious, the playful look from before is gone. I realize that I’m looking into the face of a knight who truly does respect his vows. I look deep into his eyes and back behind all the honor and virtue is desire. Desire for me and what I can give him.

“Yes, I want to continue.” I say it very clearly so he knows the I understand what he is asking.

He smiles and the twinkle returns. “Good.” He grabs the edges of my tunic and has pulled it over my head before I’ve a chance to breath. He kisses me once more between the legs and then shifts up and pushes me so I’m laying flat on my back. Then he begins to kiss me all over and the whole time the only part of him that is touching me are his lips. Starting between my legs, working up to my stomach, my sides, between my breast, my neck, my shoulders and then back down. On the reverse trip he takes each of my nipples into his mouth and slightly nibbles on them. I grasp the sheep skin with both hands and arch my breast up, wantonly. He kisses his way down my right leg and up again. Stopping to push his tongue in me before adoring the left leg with kisses. Then he travels back up and begins to caress my neck and ears with his tongue. Every sweet kiss is ablaze on my body, I want him to stop, yet I want so much more.

“Enough!” I cry, pushing at his chest so he is forced to roll over. I follow until he is now flat maltepe escort on his back and I straddle him. I place my hands on either side of his face and I kiss him with all the passion and desire he has stirred in me. I whisper as I pull away, “My turn.”

He chuckles and I begin to kiss his neck, his ears, his shoulders, his chest. Every inch of his solid body I place sweet, wet kisses on. I move to his waist and think to go down his leg, but I stop. His manhood is erect and pointing straight to the celling. I glance up at his face, he is lost in the simple kisses. I change courses and place a soft kiss on the tip of his shaft. He jumps, rising up on an elbow to look down at me. I put my hand on his stomach and push him down on to his back again as I open my mouth around him.

A deep groan escapes his lips as I wrap mine around him. Taking him as far into my mouth as I dare. I inhale his scent, wanting to know every part of him. He smells of the woods and worn leather. Slowly I slide him out of my mouth and then I run my tongue the full length of the shaft. I continue this for several minutes slow and rhythmic. Just when I think he can take no more and he will come in my mouth he pushed me off of him.

“Not so soon.” He says as he crawls his way up my body. Placing sweet kisses where ever he pleases. He presses his body against mine, licking my ear and whispering “You’ll come before me.”

As he kisses and nibbles my throat and ears he slides his hand between my legs and begins to stroke me. He starts off really slow, picking up the pace as my moans grow louder. I gasp aloud when he slips a finger inside of me and presses down on my clit. I wrap my arms around him pulling him closer, wanting more. He’s moving his finger inside me fast and fast. His thumb keeping pace on my clit. Just when I’m about to come he stops.

Out of breath, I moan with displeasure. “Don’t…stop…”

“Oh, I’m not done yet.” His fingers are replaced with his manhood.

He rubs it against the outside of me, teasing and taunting. I rake my nails down his back, wanting more, wanting him in me. I push my pelvis against him trying to get closer. He puts all his weight on me, looks me in the eyes and kisses me on the lips. He gently pushes his tongue between my lips and as I push mine forward to meet his, he places the head of his shaft in me. I groan with pleasure, but he goes no further. He shifts as if to pull away and before he can I thrust my hips up forcing him deep inside of me. It’s so tight and hot.

I sigh deeply into his mouth and pull him closer to me. He pushes my hips to the ground with his and makes small circular motions with them. He slows his movements and pulls away from my lips and my hips. I frown at him, but he ignores me, letting out a sigh as he thrusts back into me. His rhythm is slow and steady at first, but he picks up speed and momentum. I raise my hips up to me his as he thrust down against me. I can feel the pressure building stronger and stronger. I want more of him, all of him. I wrap my legs around him trying to hold him closer, deeper. Faster and deeper with each thrust, but I want more. I can feel it coming on, so very close. Words escape my mouth, but I don’t know what they are. I’m so lost in the pleasure that I don’t even realize when I push his shoulder and as he rolls off me I roll with him so that I am now on top.

He has a momentary look of surprise, but it quickly turns to joy as I continue the fast paced thrusting. He slides his hands up my legs to my waist and then to my breast. He cups them gently and then squeezes them, slightly pinching the nipples. I gasp aloud and pick up the pace. I’m riding him so hard and the pressure is building so quickly. The explosion comes over me so fast I can hardly breath. My body jerks and spasms all at once I can’t control it. William grabs my waist and holds me in place else I would have fallen off him.

When the spasms subside he rolls me back over and resumes the thrusting at the fierce speed that I had begun. Its not long before the pressure is building again and I’m squirming for a second release. Just as I can hold it no longer he thrust deep into me holding it there as I come again and this time he joins me. I feel his seed released into me wave after wave of warmth. This one is stronger and more intense then the first. I pull him close to me and release a sigh of his name.

After a moment he shudders and relaxes his weight on me. He takes a deep breath, pulls out of me and rolls onto his side. He puts his arm over my waist and pulls me close, baring his head into my neck.

“What a reward.” He breaths as he drifts off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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