A Hot, Wet Night in South Carolina

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‘Do you mind if I come in?’

I glance up towards the door as I hear your voice, feeling my whole body tingle beneath the warm water of the enormous corner bath I have been reclining in for the past twenty minutes or so, soaked under a mass of fragrant lavender-smelling bubbles.

‘Sure — I’ve been waiting for you, Sweetie.’

I pick up the bottle of champagne from the ice bucket on the edge of the bath, and pour you a drink in the long, elegant crystal flute which rests by the glass next to my own.

The door closes behind you as you slip into the bathroom. Slim, elegant, beautiful, and even more alluringly sexy than I have ever seen you before.

Your hair is tied back and I can see the fine features of your profile in the candlelight. You are wearing a pure white bathrobe, and flash me an enormous smile as you approach, barefoot over the heated tiles of the white floor. As you take your final couple of steps, you slip the robe off your shoulders and let it slide down over your body. My eyes are fixed on you as it falls in a delicate heap at your slender ankles and feet.

You stand there, naked, and smile at me again. Confident and bold. Assured and aware of your overt sexuality, your femininity, and your deepest erotic desires. You look as happy and as brilliant as I have ever seen you.

So beautiful, your body is sculptured and slim; graceful and slender almost like a teenage girl with a perfect shaped little butt and the most gorgeous small breasts and little rose pink nipples. I feel my heart skip and I have to catch my breath as you climb up onto the raised steps which surround the enormous corner bath, and then lower yourself into the warm bubbles beside me.

I hand you your glass of champagne and you drink half the glass in one long motion. I watch the skin on your neck ripple gently as the cold liquid runs down inside your throat. You lick your lips and they glisten in the candlelight as you look at me and move your face close to mine.

‘That’s delicious.’

You flash that smile again.

‘Fill me up.’

You wink at me, and instantly I feel myself swelling and growing beneath the warm water. My balls are tingling, and my cock is erect and stiff against my stomach already. I haven’t even touched you.

‘Hmmm…..mirrored walls on both sides.’

You glance upwards as you speak.

‘And above us, too.’

‘This could be interesting. You know how much I like watching things in mirrors.’

You throw your head back and then as your hair falls down over the edge of the bath, you move your hand to your breast and run your finger slowly around your nipple, knowing that I’m watching every movement. Then you arch your whole body backwards and run your tongue around the inside of your lips, slowly, deliberately; seductively.

I lean forwards and then over you, so my face is suddenly above yours. Our lips meet and I kiss you hard as my arm moves around your shoulders and caresses your neck. I feel your tongue dart into my mouth and wrap around mine as your hand presses flat on my chest and rubs my own nipples while we tangle and kiss – deep, long and hard.

‘I want you, C.’

‘I want to make love to you and make it last all night. I want to make you feel as you as you have never felt before. I’m on fire and I want to burn inside you.’

You wrap your arms around my neck and pull me even closer to you, kissing me harder and showing me what you want by pressing your tongue even further and deeper into my mouth.

I can feel my cock harden and stiffen as it slides across the top of your thigh beneath the water, and my hand slips beneath your little butt so I can push you upwards gently onto the edge of the bath as I slip down lower into the water in front of you.

Your skin is shining as the water runs down over your breasts and stomach, the white foam bubbles slowly revealing more of your toned body as they evaporate and disappear in the heated air of the luxurious bathroom.

I run my tongue over your nipples, sucking the water off each one as I swirl my tongue around them in my mouth, sucking softly and feeling them harden and grow erect against my lips and tongue.

You groan as my mouth moves down to your lower chest and stomach, my tongue running in a single straight line to your belly button, where it pauses to probe and press into you, as if preparing for bigger and deeper explorations lower down.

I sink back even lower into the water, so you are now sitting above me on the lip of the bath, my face only an inch or two from your naked crotch. I draw my head back to take in the view, and we both glance to the side, where we can see everything in the full length mirror beside us.

Your pussy is almost smooth, with just the fine black stubble of your pubic hair visible as my lips draw closer. You part your legs as I gently kiss the inside of your thigh, then run my lips along your smooth skin until my tongue reaches the slit of your pussy. I can see your clit directly before me, as I use my tongue to probe your labia, and then in one long, slow, firm stroke, it sweeps against your güvenilir bahis swollen lips, and suddenly you feel my mouth probing inside you. The walls of your pussy are already wet and slippery. You taste slightly of salt and lemon, tantalising my tongue as it works deeper inside your heated body, withdrawing every few seconds to brush over your clit, then lick it with long, deliberate strokes which make you shudder and tremble perceptibly with each sweep of my tongue.

You moan almost inaudibly as you lean further backwards, pushing your butt higher on the rim of the bath tub so I can press my whole mouth around your pussy and work my tongue even deeper into your body as I feel your hips push yourself into me.

I withdraw my lips and pull back my head. I can see you watching me at work in the mirror on the ceiling above. You move your hand down to your pussy and use two fingers to part your pussy even wider open for me, so you can watch as I drive my tongue in and out, then lick your clit to tease you with the very tip, giving you the perfect view of every single tiny stroke and the most intimate contact of our bodies.

Like a tiny rosebud, your perfect little asshole is now right in front of me as I slide my slippery tongue all the way down your labia from your clit. I splash you and watch the warm water and soap bubbles run across your little starfish of sensual delight, then slip my tongue over my lips as we both watch it slide out of my mouth until it’s just touching the silky edge of your shining, wet, and enticing rear pleasure hole. I start to slowly circle your tight little anus with my tongue, pressing slightly harder against your tender, smooth, and perfectly hairless rim, feeling my lips press tighter against your butt with every stroke, gently caressing your asshole with the very tip of my tongue, before slipping it gently inside the soft folds of skin and past the entrance of your most intimate tunnel, as you groan with undisguised delight.

With your asshole still glistening where my mouth and lips have just departed, I slip my finger into your pussy. You give a barely audible murmur of affirmation as I feel it slide effortlessly against the smooth, wet walls of your inside, until the full length of my finger is buried deep inside you and I gently tickle your moist asshole with my little finger, and your clit with the top of my thumb. I fill my mouth with water and then press it against your pussy, blowing it inside you so you feel the warm water shoot and spill against the willing walls of your vagina. They feel ready to be stretched as your eyes tell me you want me to enter you, then slide my cock much deeper into your pussy than where my tongue and mouth have just been – tasting and teasing you as it lubricates itself in readiness to receive me.

Running your fingertips first over your pussy, then using the same hand to stroke my chin and cheek with the softest of caresses before pushing a single finger between my lips to suck very gently, you reach for your glass. In a long, slow backwards motion, you run your hand through your dark hair and I watch as the champagne from your flute flow over your lips and into your mouth.

‘Oh, it’s delicious, M – but I shouldn’t have been drinking champagne all afternoon.’

‘Why’s that, Sweetie? I thought you liked champagne. It’s Moët as well. My treat – for a special occasion. I thought we deserved it.’

I grin at you, then sweep my tongue over your stomach and press my lips against your belly button as you slip your back down very slightly against the mirrored wall behind the edge of the bath where you’re sitting in front of me, your smooth pussy directly in line with my eyes.

‘I love it. I could drink it every day. Right here in this enormous, luxurious bathtub with you. And I wish I could.’

There is a sparkle in your eye, and I sense the mischief in your enormous smile as you raise your glass in front of me, then lean back even further against the mirror behind you, so your pussy moves even closer to my lips. I can’t resist, and find myself pressing my mouth against you, then parting your pussy lips with my tongue in one long, deep, upwards motion, as though unzipping your dress in reverse. I feel your bottom shudder as you feel me penetrate you and you let out another small gasp of pleasure. Your pussy is wet and tastes sweet and slightly sticky, like extra virgin olive oil on my eager tongue.

‘But I need to pee so bad.’

I push my tongue even deeper inside you, then stroke it upwards firmly against your swollen little clit, before running it all the way back down the length of your delicious little pussy and probing your ass delicately and enticingly.

‘That’s OK, Sweetheart. You know that’s more than OK. Just let it flow. I mean it — just do it right here.’

But I know from the look in your eye that you were about to treat me to your own champagne before I even asked you — you just wanted to make sure that I wanted to be there to enjoy it.

I move my head back a little and you grin broadly again, then reach down to part your pussy with two long slender fingers, which spread türkçe bahis in front of my waiting tongue in a perfect ‘V’. You give your clit a tiny rub as you do, and watch as I lick you once again, this time the pink flesh of your open pussy as smooth and soft and perfect as anything my tongue has ever touched.

I have never, ever, done this before, but now I want to so badly. I had never even imagined, so much as thought about it until I met you. But you have such an effect on me that I find myself wanting to do things with you that had never even entered my head until now. Love makes us do crazy things, but with you the most intimate physical acts and bodily contact seem not just absolutely natural, but equally and impulsively irresistible. I want to taste you and feel your fresh, hot, straw-coloured piss spill over my tongue, over my lips, and splash into my mouth. I have no idea what this is going to be like, but now I want nothing else but to see that sparkling fountain flow from your depths and feel it surge against my body and skin.

You don’t say another word, but just groan, but we make direct eye contact and I see you pause, then nod your head and smile at me.

Suddenly I see a bright flash, and a split instant later a perfect jet of sparkly silver and gold powers from your pussy like a warm jet from a healing spa. I watch, entranced, for a couple of seconds, and then find my tongue and mouth in the middle of the stream.

It feels incredible — like nothing I have ever experienced. I can’t explain, and I can’t describe how amazing this is. It is so warm on my tongue, and tastes so tangy and salty and bitter sweet like honey and lemon. It tastes of you and it tastes of sex. Your sex. Your sex in your fresh, warm, shimmering waterfall of piss as it bursts from your body and spills all over my lips and mouth. I want you now more than ever.

I move my mouth even closer to your spread fingers which press back your smooth lips against your shaved skin. You look down at me as you hold your cunt wide open, watching your warm jet of piss surge over my tongue and bounce and splash onto the roof of my mouth and against the back of my throat. You groan softly, and I savour the force of the fountain against my waiting tongue, then leave it there until the stream subsides and gently dies to a trickle.

I can taste you on my tongue, on my lips, and everywhere inside my mouth. I’m turned on so much that I can barely restrain myself from burying my vertical and rock solid cock all the way into your dripping cunt right there and then. I want to fuck you and I make you scream as you come, then fill you with so much hot semen that it’s spilling down back over my cock and running out of your sweet little pussy and dripping over my pulsing balls.

But instead I do the very same thing, only with my tingling tongue. As it slips inside you and enters your body again, I close my eyes and savour the the taste of your wet and ready pussy, now alive and salty with the delicious tang of your fresh, sweet piss. The exquisite flavour of your sublime little cunt bursts inside my mouth as I feel my cock bulge and swell so huge against my stomach, that I start to fear it will be too big to fit inside your pussy, and I might just have to fuck your mouth and pump my come straight down your throat and over your tongue instead. The walls of your cunt squeeze tight against my tongue as it drives deeper inside you. You taste divine, and your dripping wet little clit feels slightly oily as I press my lips tight against your pussy lips and work and probe inside you with my tongue. The experience is heavenly. You taste like fine sushi and Japanese seaweed on my lips, and I’m driven wild with desire to kiss you on the mouth and drive my tongue against yours, so you can experience and savour your own explosive and exotic taste.

Our mouths lock together and we kiss deeply with a new level and intensity of passion.

As we do, I feel the head of my bulging cock slip effortlessly into the open and ready mouth of your pussy, squeezing so smoothly and effortlessly past your lubricated and newly drenched lips, that we don’t even realise I’m inside you until we both feel your tight little pussy squeezing the swollen head of my large and throbbing penis. It’s where you want me, and you have waited so long to feel my cock between your legs and deep inside your cunt.

‘Fuck me.’

Your voice is almost breathless.

I thrust into you as hard and as deep as I can go in one single motion as I squeeze your ass cheeks hard in my hands and spread them wide open as I do. You can feel your little asshole open and exposed as I part you, so you can feel my cock sink even deeper inside your pussy. You imagine what it looks like as my huge cock penetrates you, and wish you could watch in the mirror as my lubricated finger slips and circles around your pulsing, contracting, saliva-filled little asshole, and my cock buries itself deep inside your cunt. You are being opened up and spread apart, and now all you want is to be fucked by my enormous cock.

‘Fuck me, M’, you whisper, almost desperate in your urgency.

‘Fuck güvenilir bahis siteleri me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and don’t stop until I come.’

My cock sinks deep inside you again, my whole length and girth in one single smooth motion, as we kiss and our hands explore our hot and wet bodies.

‘I want to make love to you, C. I need you now.’

Your eyes roll back in their sockets and you are so aroused that your breaths are short and shallow, and you can only nod back at me.

I scoop my arms beneath your butt and shoulders, and in a single, sweeping motion, lift you clean out of the bath and carry you in my arms to the bedroom. There I lie down on my back on the enormous bed, holding you above me all the time, then let your beautiful, taut and toned body sink onto mine.

You stare straight into my eyes and lick your lips, slowly and deliberately. Then you look back over your shoulder to watch in the long mirror at the end of the bed, as you slowly lower yourself down onto my stiff cock. Your hair falls over your shoulders as you throw your head back and groan, and together we watch the full length of my enormous hard-on slide deep inside you. You lean forward towards me and I run my tongue over each erect nipple in turn, as you press your breasts one by one into my mouth, instructing me to suck hard on each and telling me how you love to fuck, and feel my cock big, hard, and swelling inside your tight little cunt.

Breathing deeply, you press down even harder onto me, gently rotating your hips as you sway your body very slowly. I can feel myself deep inside you, hard and stiff as you slide up and down on my cock. Then suddenly your mouth is against mine – your tongue driving just as hard and just as deep into my mouth and against my tongue as my cock is now driving upwards into your pussy.

I reach back to take your bottom in my hands, squeezing your buttocks tightly as you ride up and down on my slippery cock. I can see your sweet little ass in the mirror as you bob up and down on me, watching as I circle my moist index finger very gently again around the edge of your little asshole, before slipping it effortlessly inside you and hearing you groan with pleasure as you feel me enter you in your third and last opening, to make you complete and whole.

Suddenly you lift yourself up and I pull you towards me. We kiss deeply as we look straight into each others’ eyes, then without warning you run your tongue down my chest and over my nipples, sucking hard and biting gently on each one before teasing it with the tip of your tongue. You slide backwards, your little butt high in the air as you run your lips and tongue all the way down my torso and stomach, stopping to probe my belly button for a couple of seconds before suddenly I can feel your lips slipping gently over the head of my cock. You look up at me as you take me in your hand, then deep in your mouth, your lips slipping smoothly and deliciously over my growing erection. And then you are sucking me, running your tongue over my cock from top to bottom as you do, working it steadily up and down with your slender fingers as you close your lips even tighter around my girth.

I grow and swell inside your mouth as your tongue does things to me as I have never felt in my life, and all the time I watch your lips around my cock, squeezing gently, then hard, as you suck steadily and rhythmically, your lips and tongue sliding up and down, my penis glistening with your saliva as your mouth steadily fucks me in a way I have often imagined, but never experienced quite like this.

Occasionally slipping my cock out of your mouth so I can watch every single little stroke of your wet tongue, you run your moistened lips all the way down my rock hard shaft, to reach my smooth, shaved balls. You pause momentarily, then lick them individually in huge, long, upward strokes. Taking them both together in your hot, wet mouth, sucking them hard and long as one, and filling it completely as you do, you bring me deliberately to the very point of climax as you simultaneously grip my cock in your hand and pump it up and down, squeezing me tight as you do.

Then suddenly my cock is deep in your mouth again, your lips tight around the thick circumference of my penis as you take me all the way to the very back of your throat, wrapping your snake-like tongue around my glans and coating me in thick, slippery saliva from your mouth as you suck with force, intensity, expertise and raw passion.

So intense is your stimulation, I know that any instant I will burst without warning, and every last drop of semen from those testicles which you tantalise and stimulate so wonderfully, will explode against the roof of your mouth, and flood it with hot, sweet, sticky come. I’ll gasp and groan and watch as it pumps from my cock, all over your twisting, turning tongue and against your shining teeth, then spill out over your lips and chin, before splashing down over your breasts, nipples and then run all the way across your stomach in a torrent of ejaculated ecstasy. But just as I feel I can hold on no longer, you instead let my cock spring from between your lips and out of your mouth, and as you work it gently with your hand, you run your tongue in a damp and delectable circle around your lips, and those huge greeny-brown eyes look straight into mine.

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