A Hot Humid Night

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Ann was at it again, warmed by her drink and passing the time alone in a crowd full of people. Her husband was off with the boy’s drinking cognac and smoking cigars. She could hear his guffaws as they told each other the same jokes they had at the last party.

Ann liked the parties but never seemed to fit in and usually ended up mostly intoxicated but still having to pour her husband onto the couch. Oh she couldn’t blame him really, Donald worked his ass off in the Law firm and had been trying to make partner since they’d moved to New Orleans 4 years earlier.

She tipped her martini high and as she brought the glass down empty, was startled by the full one held out in front of her.

She looked up and deep into the eyes of David Brodeur. David was the exception in their little party circuit. He was the hottest lawyer at Martin Dean and Fitch and yet was never one to be found playing up to the partners. In fact sometimes it seemed the partners worked for him. He could command the attention of the room and at the same time disappear and engage you in the most private conversation as everyone else passed by.

On top of all that he got Ann’s juices flowing whenever she saw him and tonight was no exception. Looking full on into his deep blue eyes made her wish she had worn more than stockings to soak up her arousal.

David let his eyes travel over her and watched as Ann’s head titled back slightly and turn to the side to see if anyone else was watching.

The backless cocktail dress left a good deal of her torso exposed, the ivory material swept down across her breasts separately before coming together at the waist. The bottom half was looser and less formal with a tattered multi level hemline ending sassily at mid calf.

“Well good evening Ann. You are looking quite tasty tonight if I may say so.” He purred.

Ann smiled coyly at the compliment. “You are such a rake David, to address a lady in such a fashion. Why my husband should have your ears to hear you speak that why.” She finished, smiling.

David glanced at the Den with the noxious smoke and belligerent laughter that issued from it.

“It would seem Mrs. Thompson that you husband is not around and hardly in a position to defend your honor.”

“Yes, it appears you may be correct Mr. Brodeur.” Ann continued along their flirtatious line as she looked to the den herself, frowning. “It would seem my honor is indeed at your mercy.”

David smiled and sipped his drink as his eyes bore deeply into Ann’s. He seemed to be looking to see just how true her statement had been. Ann sipped her own drink and slowly blushed as her mind toyed with forbidden thoughts. Tearing her eyes away from David’s she threw caution to the wind and patted her neck with the tiny cocktail napkin she clutched.

“It sure is stuffy in this old mansion tonight.” Ann patted lower finally ending just at the top of her cleavage, knowing his eyes had followed her progress.

“Then perhaps you would like to step out into the gardens where we can take advantage of the night breeze and I can continue my assault upon your honor without so many…” He paused scanning the room, “Witnesses.”

Well there it was. Ann’s knees weakened as she contemplated actually being along with David. She knew that her husband wouldn’t miss her and actually there would be more rumors if she continued to stand here and talk then if they disappeared.

“Well Mr. Broduer if you must be a cad I suppose privacy would be the best thing.” Ann held out her glass. “Now if you would be a dear and freshen this for me I shall gather myself properly and meet you by the gazebo.” With that she turned and walked out of the room.

David watched her go his eyes lingering on the small curve canlı bahis şirketleri of her hips as she walked. He turned toward the bar to get some new drinks.

Ann ducked inside the Bathroom and leaned upon the vanity, She couldn’t believe she had just agreed to meet a man alone that wasn’t her husband. She looked at the mirror thinking of not going but realizing she was tired of the inattention. With trembling hands she took out her lipstick and freshened up her face. Then turned and started out to the garden.

Ann walked out into the night and was struck blind as her eyes adjusted. She could see the white gazebo over in the corner of the walled in yard and knowing the path she slowly walked towards it even before she could see clearly. The huge oak tree spread over the courtyard like a living dome. The branches shielded the moon so that it was darker than it would have been. The rich smell of damp earth mixed with the bougainvillea and the breeze to assail the senses with rich New Orleans texture.

As Ann neared the gazebo she heard David speak out of the darkens “So the dove chooses to fly at night despite the predators that may wait to consume her.”

A flash of heat went through Ann as he said them. “Perhaps it is the dove that hungers and the night that shall shiver in the end.”

He appeared out of the dark holding her drink out to her. “Well said my dear, and I wonder how true.”

As Ann took her drink David’s now free hand cupped her cheek, he stepped closer and tilted her chin up to engage her in a deep kiss. Their tongue’s danced sublimely as the crickets chirped nearby. David’s hand slid down to cup her bottom, as their lips broke apart on occasion to issue gasps and passion.

The echo’s of the party floated out to them distantly but a particular swell of the din caused David to look up and ultimately break his kiss. “It appears my dear that you husband may be concerned with your virtue after all.” He said, nodding toward her husband that had come out of the den and seemed to be slowly making his way around the room.

Ann looked up at David a flush in her cheeks as she took a sip of her drink. “I suppose I should go and see what he wants before he finds his wait out here and stops you from ravishing me. Would you be kind enough to wait for me David? I am sure it shouldn’t take long.”

David looked into her eyes with a rakish smile upon his lips. “But my dear what guarantee do I have that you shall return? There are other waters that could be sailed and if I am to make a journey of it I must get started right away.”

David paused as He watched the desperate look on Ann’s face.

“Perhaps if you would give me something that I would be obligated to return. Then I would surely have to wait while you tended to whims of your husband.” “But what on earth could I give you? All I have is my pocket book and it would look unusual for me to be with out it.” She said David smiled warmly, “Then perhaps your should give me your talents my dear and then I would certainly wait to return the favor. It is the least you could do since you have already begun to stoke the fires.”

David took her drink in his free hand and looked down showing Ann exactly what he intended.

Ann smiled shyly, “That would indeed work but what if my husband shall decide to look out here for me while I am engaged?”

David smiled at her with a lusty grin. “Well I imagine you had better get to it then before that happens. Beside I can see in much more clearly than he can see out, I will warn you if that should happen.”

Ann smiled and sank slowly to her knees pulling her dress up to keep from getting it dirty. The damp loam was cool as it soaked quickly through the knees of her stockings. She canlı kaçak iddaa reached out and slid David’s zipper down and reached in through his silk boxers to pull him free. She slid her hand down his length to slide his clothing as far down the shaft as she could then leaned forward and took him into her mouth.

Her tongue swirled around the shaft and then she took him as deeply as she could before clamping her lips down hoping to leave some of her lipstick encircling him. Grasping him tightly with her right hand she slipped him out and began to pump his manhood in time with her velvet lips. Ann was in a hurry and wanted him to cum quickly lest they get caught.

David sipped his drink and tried hard not to spill hers onto her head as Ann set the rhythm of his pleasure.

He looked down at her lovely golden hair pulled back and clipped to fall down her back. He loved to watch as his shaft slipped between her lips and she gazed up at him with her large almond shaped eyes. The seemed bigger out in the darkness of the garden and much more submissive as the sought his gaze and his pleasure.

David looked up and noticed Donald standing at the veranda door gazing out into the night. It was certain he couldn’t see them but that certainty would fade as Donald’s eyes adjusted to the darkness.

Never shying from a challenge David began to thrust into Ann’s mouth. He was determined to finish before they were discovered. Ann’s eyes widened but she accepted his pace and struggled to keep up.

Donald turned and looked back into the room and once again out to the garden. David looked right into Donald’s eyes as he set his glass on the railing and put his hand upon Ann’s head. He thrust a final time and held Ann tightly as he pumped his cream into her mouth and down her throat as her husband looked on unaware of what took place just a few feet beyond where his eyes could see.

David relaxed and Ann slid his softening shaft from her lips gasping for air, and struggling to catch her breath.

Donald turned to go back through the crowd and David offered a hand to help Ann to her feet. She quickly set about brushing herself clean, her stockings however had to dark spots upon the knees that were thankfully covered by the dress.

As she stood David pulled her tightly to him and tilted his head to suckle on her neck. “Hurry back sweetheart and don’t forget to give Donald a kiss for me.”

Ann hurried inside and David watched her, his damp member cooling in the night breeze. David walked into the gazebo and grinned as Ann caught up to Donald and gave him a deep tongue kiss. Wickedly, she turned and looked through the tall window and smiled. They talked briefly and Donald shuffled back into the den.

Ann wasted no time and quickly captured a couple of fresh drinks then joined David in the gazebo.

“For you kind sir.” Anne offered as David took one of the glasses. He took a sip and sat on the bench between Ann and the party. A bush rose up obscuring them slightly but Ann still had a clear view inside. Her eyes dropped and noticed that David’s cock was still lewdly exposed and laying along his thigh. “Let me take that a minute my sweet.” David said as he lifted Ann’s glass from her fingers and set it aside.

“You enjoyed Kissing your husband didn’t you?” he asked softly

“mmmmm yes I did. Probably as much as you enjoyed watching me do it.” She responded.

David chuckled, looked down a moment then straight into her eyes. “Touch yourself Ann.” He softly commanded.

Ann Blushed then slipped her hands under her dress top and began to massage her breasts lightly. She moaned softly then started to pinch and tug on her nipples. She glanced inside then laid her head back and began to canlı kaçak bahis savor the feeling. She looked forward again and noticed that David had started to respond, his cock had slowly began to erect looking thicker and lifting slightly off his leg.

Ann smiled and reached down to lift her dress up, higher and higher she raised it exposing first her dirty knees and then the tops of her stocking’s, higher still she went until David’s eyes fell upon the silky hair of her pussy glistening in the tricky light. Ann held her dress in one hand and dropped the other to slide her fingers down and into the soft wetness of her arousal. She moaned loudly this time aware that it would take very little to set her off under the circumstances.

David’s erection grew further and Ann walked forward and placed a knee on one side of his lap before settling down upon him. She began to ride him like you would a small boat upon the sea, long lingering strokes rising and falling, time and again. Ann titled her hips and his cock began to ride directly on the center of her pleasure. Ann clenched fighting it off but was losing the battle quickly. David whispered to her. “It’s ok Ann let it go.” And she did.

Ann relaxed and let the waves consume her. The first one crested and held, and held, then broke crashing upon her sole. She leaned over and bit David on the shoulder through his tux to keep from screaming, and still she rode. Her whole body seemed to flush as each wave came slightly smaller than the last, till she was almost spent.

David lifted her off and quickly spun her to the railing, the prickly branches causing huge sensations as the brushed her chest. David knelt behind her licking and sucking her essence from behind. He raised his aim dancing his tongue around her tender button pressing it forward and coating it with his saliva and her nectar.

David stood, his cock laying in the soft crack of Ann’s exquisite ass. “Ann my dear I mean to complete your debauchery. I plan to bugger you in this garden and send your home to your husband thoroughly fucked but first I want to hear you ask for me too.”
Ann groaned still awash in post orgasm tingling enhanced by the naughty things this man had done to her backside. “Yessssss David.”

“Yes what my dear Ann?” he answered smiling “Yes, David. Take me here in the garden. Take my ass and make it yours and send me home with it filled.”

David smiled and slid his cock once more along her creamy slit before placing it upon her tight opening. He pressed forward a bit. Ann groaned and let a breath escape her. David held a moment and felt Ann push back before proceeding. He kept firm and slowly he slid his length inside of her. Ann blew out another breath and David began to slowly fuck her most tender of opening’s. She looked up and couldn’t see Donald, though she could every once and a while, hear him. She could see the 30 other people however as she was slowly taken in the night.

She Felt His pace quicken and knew he was close. His cock swelled slightly as it got ready to spray forth it’s life seed. What was only a slight thickening, felt like inches in her tightest passage, Ann’s voice left her before she could stop it, as she gasped at the stretching. She reached down and began to feverishly work her pussy quickly joining David as their orgasms ripped through their bodies.

David’s cocked pulsed as Ann clenched stopping him but only briefly before he surged inside her. His essence filled her again and again and while warm it felt cooling in the heat of their coupling. Ann’s cream drenched her fingers as she erupted like she had never before. They both slowly stilled and David pressed upon her back as they both caught their breath.

David stood and pulled Ann back kissing her neck while still within her. They heard voices and he quickly slipped out and tucked himself away as Ann dropped her skirt and tried to appear normal. the other guests turned back inside not willing to venture out into the hot humid night.

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