A Hope of Something More Ch.01

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All Characters are 18(+)


There is a time in one’s life that you come to a crossroad. What direction you go from there will determine what the rest of your life will be- dull and boring or full of excitement and adventures.

This was my day to decide what was going to happen. As I looked up into the face of a huge brute towering over me I couldn’t decide what to do. Do I stand here and take the harassment or do I stand up for myself? What would the consequences be if I stood up for myself? A shiver ran down my spine at the thought of facing the deadly beating I knew would occur if I went that route. Then again, even if I stayed silent, I knew that I would still walk home bloody. That’s when my mind snapped- I knew either way I was fucked so I might as well at least try to fight. With that thought in my mind I looked up into my captors eyes and said coldly the statement that would seal my fate.

“Get off of me you fucker and leave me alone.” I quivered even as I said the words, praying for courage.

Billy was commonly called Billy the Brute at our college and there was a reason- he was the top bully of the school and no one was safe from his tyranny. Billy was a constant nuisance to just about everyone except the jocks and beautiful popular girls. I, being a band geek who isn’t very manly and with basically no confidence, happen to be his biggest target. I could smell his rancid breath as he leaned down close to my face.

“I know you didn’t just say that, faggot. Now I’m going to show you who the boss is in this school. “

He spat in my face and I brought my knee up with hopes of ending this quickly. Unfortunately, Billy realized my goal and was able to block my knee while delivering a solid blow to my stomach. As I gasped for breath, I knew I was in trouble and was in way over my head. I saw a fist coming at my face and tried to duck, but it was too late. I felt the crunch of my cheek bone and the agony of pain that came with the large knuckles crashing against my face. Already, I could feel my eye begin to swell shut as I tried to get away from the furious beast leaning over me. I groaned in pain as I felt another fist drive into my stomach and searing pain in my insides.

Groaning, I saw another fist come flying toward my face and knew there was no way I was going to get out of the way fast enough. When the blow landed it felt as though I was hit by a semi-truck as I slumped to the ground gasping for air. Over and over, I felt the steel-toed hiking boot Billy wore crashing against my ribs as he kicked me over and over. Finally, the pain too much to withstand, I sank into merciful, comforting darkness; free from my pain.


I slowly came back to reality with a groan of anguish. My face was throbbing as was the rest of me and it didn’t take me long to realize that unless I got medical help quick, I could soon be in trouble. I sat up leaning against the brick wall of the library, trying not to vomit. I could smell the odors in the air around me and I started to giggle almost hysterically as I thought of how it reminded me of the men’s locker room.

Dragging myself up by my arms, I stumbled down the alley behind the library, dimly remembering that there was a hospital only a couple streets over. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I saw a bag lying on the ground and remembered that I had dropped it when Billy dragged me into the alley. I grabbed it and stumbled down the sidewalk. Glancing at my watch, I realized that because it was almost three thirty in the morning, there was no one on the streets to help me get to the hospital. Gritting my teeth against the pain, I kept walking until I reached the hospital. Stumbling into the ER waiting room, I was so overcome with pain and relief, I promptly passed out.


As I slowly tried to open my eyes, I realized one was swollen so badly that there was no way I was going to be able to see out of it. I could hear the ticks and beeps of the monitors around me as I slowly took in my surroundings. At the foot of my bed I could see a doctor looking at some papers attached to a clip board.

“Doc,” I croaked so softly he couldn’t hear me. I cleared my throat and tried again “Doc?”

“Oh good you’re awake, Anthony. We were beginning to worry about you,” Doc said as he looked up from the papers with a smile on his face. “You’ve been out of it for quite awhile, which doesn’t surprise me actually, after the pounding you took. I’ll send in one of the nurses to examine you again and rewrap your bandages, then I’ll come back to check up on you.” He looked at me to make sure that was alright and started to back from the room.

Nodding my head because my throat was so sore I couldn’t speak very well, I croaked out a plea for water.

“I’ll be sure to make sure the nurse brings you some” Doc nodded at me and left the room to find a nurse.

Soon a petite little brunette nurse scurried into the room carrying a cup with ice chips and a dose of pain killer to put into my IV. As she bustled around the bed checking my wounds, I slowly slipped back into nirvana.


On the third day of my stay at the hospital, I was finally aware enough of my surroundings to be completely coherent. They had me under routine supervision, due to a concussion and some internal bleeding, but things were beginning to look up.

I heard a tapping on my door and the doctor entered, smiling, and went to the end of my bed to look at the clipboard hanging there. Until today, I had been so out of it that I never realized just how strikingly handsome the doctor was. He had black hair cut in a professional manner, and looked impressive in his doctor’s coat. Warm grey eyes looked out from under strong eyebrows, giving him an intense look. Wide shoulders were emphasized by the stethoscope hanging around his neck and he had the long, strong fingers of a working man.

Over the past few days I had learned that his name was Brandon and he was one of the doctors in this hospital that had been here the longest. No one really knew much about his private life though, because he was very closed mouthed about it. Attractive as he was though, I knew it would be too much to hope that he might be interested in a local college kid who was several years younger than him.


Several days later I was discharged from the hospital, and was on the painful road to recovery. I had two fractured ribs and a lot of bruising. My face still güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri looked like a punching bag but at least I could breathe now without many problems. On my left arm was an elastic wrap bandage to support my wrist where it had sprained as well. I had several stitches on my stomach where they had to go in and stop some bleeding, but things were healing well.

On the way back to my dorm I stopped at the drugstore to pick up my prescriptions and made my way back to my dorm. As I walked in the door everyone who saw me could only stop and stare. I don’t know what there were thinking, but then again I didn’t really care as long as they left me alone. I trudged down the hallway and entered my room, leaving the whispering behind. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have a dorm mate so I didn’t have to listen to anyone worrying over me. Sinking down onto my bed, I just sat there for a minute thinking. Then I realized that my professors, if they even noticed I wasn’t there, probably had a stack of work waiting for me. I decided that after eating lunch, I would go get my work and get started on it. At least I wouldn’t have much to catch up on as I was already ahead of the class.

After I was done eating I ventured around the campus gathering my work. Everywhere I went, people were looking at me and a few had a smug look on their faces- I guess Billy figured I was a good story to tell. As I was walking down the sidewalk toward my dorm I heard a voice calling me.

“Anthony! Anthony! Hey wait up!”

I turned around to see who the voice belonged to, because if wasn’t one of my friends’. After I turned around all I could think was oh god. A man I had never seen before was running up to me holding a bag- but it wasn’t the bag that held my attention. At least 6’4″ of pure masculine godliness was barreling toward me. Shaggy dark brown hair was blowing in the breeze around stunning green eyes and his face was a bit on the rugged side, but gods, was he gorgeous.

After attempting to speak and croaking instead, I cleared my throat and tried again. “Y-yes?”

Slightly panting, the man caught up to me and put his hand on my shoulder while holding up the bag he was carrying. “Hello, I’m Trent. I was working at the hospital when you were there and they realized that you had left some stuff there. They were going to call here tomorrow, but I said that I was already coming here so I could bring it. So, here I am.” He paused to catch his breath.

“Um, thanks” I smiled up at him, totally tongue-tied and trying to think of something intelligent to say. As I shuffled the books in my arms, trying to get a free hand to take the bag, I couldn’t help but wince when I felt a twinge in my back.

Trent noticed and looked at me more carefully, “Are you all right, Anthony?” He questioned, watching me carefully reach out to take the bag. “If you are heading to your dorm, I can carry your bag for you, I was heading that way anyway.”

Relieved, I sighed and looked up thankfully. “Yes I’m heading there now- I’m in the west wing.”

As we walked across campus, Trent explained to me how he was a senior at the college, studying to be a doctor. Once a week, he works at the local hospital, learning how to efficiently güvenilir bahis şirketleri run things behind the scenes in the emergency room. I had some trouble focusing on what he was saying as I was totally enamored by him; even the sound of his voice was mesmerizing. Deep and clear, with a slight husk- he has a voice that makes you think of black satin sheets and a king size bed.

Entering the west wing dorms, I walked down the hall until I reached my door. After digging my key out of the pocket of my jeans, I unlocked my door and pushed it open. Gesturing at Trent to follow me, I was glad I had cleaned my room only a few nights ago. I walked over to my bed and dropped my books on the table next to it. Turning around, I slammed into a hard, muscular chest and let out a loud grunt of pain. Trent dropped the bag and grabbed my shoulders to hold me steady and asked if I was alright.

I looked up, pressing chest to chest with Trent and my mind went haywire. All I could think of was how wide and muscular Trent’s shoulders were. How corded and hard his muscular abs are beneath my hands which are wrapped around his waist for stability. His eyes burned into mine, hunger flickering through his eyes. My lips parted on a gasp and I flicked my tongue over my suddenly dry lips.

Trent groaned and dipped his head claiming my lips in a scorching kiss. As his tongue traced my lips demanding entrance into the hot, wet depths, he carefully pressed me backward onto the bed until he was lying on top of me, supporting his weight on his forearms. He slid his thigh in between my legs, and lightly rubbed his hardness against my hip. Feeling the pressure of our jeans rubbing against my cock, I stiffened in pleasure and gasped, allowing him access to my mouth.

As his tongue delved into my mouth, stroking against mine, I shuddered, completely overcome by lust. Gone are all thoughts of tomorrow or pain- all that matters is now. Sliding my fingers into his silky hair, I ground my hardness against his until we were both groaning and panting. My fingers went to the bottom of his snug t shirt and began lifting it up his body, revealing rock hard abs.

Trent lifted up and stripped off his shirt then unbuttoned mine, leaning down to slide his lips down my collarbone, lightly sucking on my skin, causing fire to ignite in my body. I gently tugged his head down farther, wanting his kiss lower. When Trent’s lips whispered over my nipple before drawing it into his mouth and sucking strongly on it while teasing the tip of my nipple with his tongue, I shuddered and groaned.

“Arrg, Trent,” I moaned overcome by the heat swirling in my body. My cock felt as though it was bursting out of my jeans, and all I could think of was getting some relief. “Please Trent, undo my jeans and take my hard cock into your mouth,” I whimpered.

Suddenly Trent ripped away from me, scowling and hard faced. I felt as though someone had dumped a bucket of ice water over me. I looked up at Trent wondering what had happened and all I saw was him grabbing his shirt and storming out of the room, slamming the door behind him. I sat in a daze wondering what had happened, unable to get the look of disgust and scathing out of my head. After sitting for a few moments, I wondered how stupid I could be.

Obviously, Trent didn’t want me. In fact he’s probably laughing with his friends right now about how he tricked the stupid gay guy. I lay on my side in the bed, curled into a ball and felt a single tear trickle out of the corner of my eye.


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