A Hole In The Wall

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Kevin was in awe as he watched his sister Alex getting undressed; he had been spying on her for a few months thru a hole he had drilled in the wall of the bathroom which was right next to her room; and every time he looked at her naked body, he felt like he was in the presence of an angel. Alex at eighteen, was indeed an extremely beautiful young woman; tall with long tanned slender legs which seemed to go on forever, her face was amazing and perfectly framed by her brown shoulder length hair; she had the most delicious pair of boobs he has ever seen, even better than the ones on the girls in all the dirty magazines he had.

Alex’s flat belly was the result of many hours spent at the gym and her ass was round and firm with a perfect heart shape; but what Kevin loved to watch the most was Alex’s pussy, she only had a small amount of hair on it and it was almost nonexistent. Every time after spying on her, Kevin retired to his bedroom to jerk off to all the images of his sister’s naked body traveling thru his mind as he played with his hard cock; he wished it was her the one pumping his rigid member instead of himself but he knew that was impossible, he was even aware that it was wrong to spy on her and to get so much satisfaction out of it.

Kevin’s spying became a habit; he patently waited for Alex to get back home from the gym, take a shower and then head back to her room to get dressed; as soon as she closed her door, Kevin went into the bathroom and placed himself directly in front the small opening on the wall. No matter how many times he had seen her completely naked, it still had the same effect on him; his dick grew to incredible proportions as the first glimpse of her smooth skin was revealed, usually it was her back the first thing he saw; Alex would then disrobe completely and sat on her bed facing Kevin directly, and almost staring right back at him with those lovely eyes.

Tenderly she applied cream all over her smooth skin making sure her breasts got as much attention as possible; tracing circles with her cream covered hands over her right boob until the large nipple stood in attention, switching to her left breast giving it the same care she gave her other one.

Kevin knew to well what was next; her left leg stretched out in front of her, treated to her gentle touch as cream was spread all over it’s length and then working on the other one. The most exciting thing always came next as Alex rubbed cream on her inner thighs tracing her muscles until she almost reached her now exposed pussy, her labia almost out in the open for Kevin to watch as she took her time until she felt all the skin next to her slit was smooth.

It took Kevin all his might to prevent him from shooting all his spunk right there and then; he made an extra effort to hold on until he was in the privacy of his own room, and it took more effort to quiet down his moans as he finally brought himself off shooting sperm all over himself and sometimes all over the bed.

One day while Alex was in the bathroom, she noticed the hole in the wall as the light from her room shone thru, creating a beam of light that could clearly be seen thru the steam in the bathroom; curious she looked into the hole only to discover she could see her entire room thru it. Obviously she knew it was Kevin the one who made it; but instead of getting angry, she decided to torture him until he couldn’t take it anymore.

Alex wanted to get back at him for spying on her and she began to conceive a plan; at first she continued doing the same things she always did, but as the days passed she started to heat things up. Making sure he was spying on her Alex took his time undressing; teasing him by showing as little of her as possible, exposing herself slowly an deliberate to him; letting her robe fall to the floor but not turning herself around, Kevin saw nothing but her naked backside.

Walking to her dresser still not turning around, she picked the sexiest pair of panties she owned and slid them on; white high cut with lace in the front and a thin string that crept between her ass cheeks in the back, they were indeed sexy and Kevin almost shoot his balls off the minute she turned around and exposed her self to him. Then Alex put a white cotton camisole on, it was so tight that the outline of her areolas could be clearly seen and her erect nipples stretched the material so much that they almost poked thru.

Kevin was stunned as his sister walked around the room moving her ass from side to side to the beat of the music on the radio; he felt his dick growing harder and longer than it had ever been as the object of his desires traced her own silhouette with her delicate hands, moving them over her sides from her hips to her tits where she cupped them gently; squeezing them softly for her brother’s pleasure, sliding them back down until they came to rest over her ass and squeezing it also.

Kevin wondered if she was going to play with herself as he took his hard as steel cock out of his pants and started stroking it, it was so intense that he güvenilir bahis almost came instantly. Abruptly and as planned, Alex stopped what she was doing, turned the light out a got into bed. Kevin felt frustrated and horny as hell; he wanted her to keep on going but he was content with what he had just witnessed, it was the most exciting thing he had ever seen.

Alex heard as Kevin came out of the bathroom and ran to his room; she was pleased with the effect she had on him, and was certain that her brother was in for a night of self-gratification.

Alex plan was working, Kevin had a hard time looking at her every time they met face to face; he blushed at the mere sight of his sister and she even teased him a bit truly enjoying it, she knew she had him and could make him do whatever she wanted. Alex kept on teasing him every night, she always ended the show right before she got herself aroused and couldn’t contain herself; even thou she knew Kevin was looking at her, all her self caressing and touching was getting her excited and it was only a matter of time until she couldn’t help playing with herself.

After a few weeks Alex started looking forward to time when Kevin spied on her; she didn’t know why but she was getting aroused more and more every time she exposed herself to her brother, she even bought new outfits to model for him.

One night Kevin made a mistake; while Alex was sliding a new pair of small, yellow with cute little flowers cotton panties on, that made her butt look even more incredible and perfectly showed the outline of her pussy; he let out a loud moan that unconsciously made Alex look right at the hole in the wall. Kevin’s heart stopped for a few seconds as he prayed that she hadn’t heard him; Alex tried to act as nothing had happened and resumed getting into her clothes, she was scared too that he had found out that she was aware of him spying on her.

Kevin stopped spying on Alex for a while until he could be sure that she hadn’t discovered him; the nights were longer as he missed looking at Alex’s naked body, he longed to be able to see her nude again. Alex felt disappointed when she realized Kevin no longer watched her; her little game was over and she missed the excitement of being spied on, she loved showing her body, she was addicted and wanted it to continue.

Alex was now driven by her own desires; she started wearing more revealing clothes around the house, she even made an extra effort to be as close as possible to Kevin; when he was watching TV she sat right next to him making sure he felt her warm skin touching his, she would walk in front of the TV allowing the light to shone thru her dress giving Kevin an almost unobstructed view of her perfect body.

Kevin felt like he was in hell; he could feel his sister’s touch, see her almost naked body but not being able to see her the way he used too. It was too much for him and he needed to watch her again; no matter the consequences he was set on spying on her once again, even if he got caught, he didn’t care anymore as his needs became stronger than his fears.

That night as soon as Alex got out of the shower and went to his room, Kevin stood once again before the hole in the wall; it was more exciting than ever for him as pressed his face against the warm tiles of the bathroom wall, it felt like the first time he did it; he was scared but extremely aroused at the same time, Alex was no where to be seen but his dick was already hard and throbbing in his pants.

Alex unaware that Kevin was back in place; just applied cream to her body as she used too, wishing he were back so she could display herself to him. The thought of Kevin spaying on her began to arouse her; as she spread the warm cream over her skin, she felt her pussy getting moist; she felt the tingling on her skin as the lips of her pussy began to swell, her nipples started getting as hard as they had ever been and her juices started to flow down her slit. It didn’t matter that Kevin wasn’t there, or so she thought, she was ready to get herself off and she was going to do it slowly.

Completely naked she climbed into the bed and laid herself on her back; the only light in the room was the one of the lamp on the table next to her bed, she had placed a red scarf over the lamp shade in order to make the room feel warmer. As if in a trance she guided one hand to her lips and licked her fingers profusely, making them wet and slippery; her other hand slowly caressed her belly in a circular motion, she was getting ready to let herself go.

Kevin was motion less as he witnessed the most incredible sight he had ever seen; Alex’s wet fingers twitched and turned her hard left nipple until it wouldn’t give anymore, then she took the right nipple between her thumb and fore finger and pulled on it until her tit was so stretched that it hurt; Her other hand was now placed on top of her mound but remained motionless, she wanted to get as wet as she could before touching herself down there; it wasn’t long before she finally felt ready to play with her incredibly türkçe bahis wet pussy, lightly she passed her fingers over her hard clit and felt a jolt of electricity running thru her body.

She hadn’t even started and she was almost ready to explode, her fingers teasing her clit and sliding up and down the length of her oozing slit. The moment Kevin saw Alex rubbing her clit, he felt his dick jumping inside his pants; it was to much for him and he needed relief, he undressed completely in the bathroom and placed herself back against the wall, feeling his dick pressing against the wall.

Alex was still oblivious to Kevin’s presence and she kept on satisfying her own needs; while one hand squeezed and rubbed her breasts, the other played with her clit and pussy. When she felt she was wet enough, she spread her inflamed lips wide giving Kevin a perfect view of her pussy, then she placed one finger at the entrance of her most intimate region and pressed inward; she had made herself come many times, but she had never put anything inside her pussy.

It felt great as her finger found it’s way inside and she felt her walls contracting around it; it amazed her how soft her pussy was inside and the amount of fluid she was oozing out, it felt as if she had peed on herself. The minute Alex inserted her finger inside her cunt, Kevin started stroking his dick; slowly and deliberate, trying to last as long as possible; he wished it was his finger or his tongue the one inside Alex’s pussy, but just being able to jerk off while watching her fingering herself was enough for him. Kevin even grabbed some body lotion and applied a fair amount over his throbbing shaft, making it slippery and warm; prolonging his own game to it’s fullest, waiting for Alex to finish.

One finger didn’t felt enough for Alex so she inserted one more inside her expanding hole; she was almost ready to burst into orgasm as her hand played with clit while her fingers traveled their way in and out of her hungry hole, her whole body felt like it was on fire as her climax quickly approached.

Alex’s moaning and trashing on the bed only made Kevin speed his motions; with both hands as if he was squeezing the last drop out of a tooth paste tube, he moved them over his cock, feeling his toes curl as his balls tighten indicating he was almost ready to come. Leaving her breasts, Alex’s hand found her clit and as she continued fingering herself with the other.

She took her hard button between her fingers and rolled it hard; that triggered her orgasm causing her to scream at the top of her lungs in ecstasy, juices flowed from her pussy down to her ass and into the bed as spasm after spasm of pure joy traveled all over her shuddering body.

Alex’s scream was all Kevin needed to finally let himself go; two more pumps was all he needed to send jets of sperm into his hand and into the wall, it was so intense that he also screamed out of pleasure. At that precise moment, Alex realized that Kevin had been there all the time; that sent her into another series of smaller orgasms, but as intense as the first ones until she finally went limp from exhaustion and withdrew her fingers from her sensitive pussy.

The scent of her juices invaded her room, even Kevin could smell them from the bathroom; suddenly he realized he had once again screamed and that Alex could have probably heard him, quickly he gathered all his clothes and ran back to his room leaving the wall covered with his pearly white sperm.

After a well deserved goodnight sleep, Kevin woke only to realize that he left his fluids dangling on the bathroom wall; putting only a pair of boxer short he ran to clean them up, when he entered the bathroom he found nothing and felt relieved.

Maybe he had cleaned them after all and he didn’t remembered; what he didn’t know is that after he left for his room, Alex came into the bathroom and found her brother’s sperm, she cleaned them for him with a her own panties which she didn’t intend to wash; she was going to keep them with his sperm plastered on them so she could remember that night, she just wished she was there to witness the moment his brother expelled them.

Alex found she was more attracted to Kevin than she had ever been to anyone else; no matter that he was her own brother, she wanted him and she was going to get him.

Their routine didn’t change a bit after Kevin watched his sister fingering herself to orgasm; he still spied on her every chance he got, and she always tried to put on a great show for him. One night she brought herself off while being on her hands and knees, making sure Kevin had a great view of her ass and pussy from behind; Kevin was astonished by his sister, he knew she was extremely sexy but never occurred to him that she was such a horny girl.

Every night Kevin left his spunk plastered all over the bathroom tiles and every night Alex cleaned them up for him; he still didn’t have a clue of what she was doing, he thought it was the maid the one who cleaned his mess. Alex loved to watch Kevin’s white stringy güvenilir bahis siteleri fluids dangling on the wall; every night as soon as she heard him leave the bathroom, she ran inside to gather all she could after she stared at it for a few minutes; the way it trickled down amazed her and she even attempted to taste it one time, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it; if she was going to taste her brother’s sperm, she wanted to drink it straight from his glands.

Her obsession was increasing as the days passed; all she could think off was Kevin, Alex wanted and needed him, she always brought herself off thinking of him the same way Kevin did while picturing his sister naked.

Somehow their whole voyeuristic adventure became a bit boring after a while; Alex stopped masturbating for him and even started dressing in the bathroom, Kevin didn’t spy on her as often as before and his erotic thoughts wandered from Alex to another girl he knew from school. When thing started to calm down between them their relationship changed; they bonded more and even confided in each other, many nights were spent just talking to each other about their dreams and hopes; it was like they were discovering the real person behind the mask they always wore, they were becoming friends and their brotherly love grew stronger. Never was it mentioned what they knew about one another, it didn’t matter anyway, they were both aware of each others escapades and it made no sense to bring it up in their conversations.

One year had passed since the first time Alex masturbated for Kevin; they were extremely close and cared a lot more for each other, even thou it had been a while since they had played their private game. Once or twice a month they engaged in their game; but Alex was getting frustrated because she didn’t want Kevin in the bathroom any more, she wanted him next to her holding her close as she climaxed time after time thinking of him.

Alex fought the idea of seducing her brother because she was well aware that it was wrong; incest was forbidden and harshly punished by society, but her will was weakening and she found herself closer to giving into her desires every day. Finally her mind was set on it; she was going to sleep with Kevin no matter what, she knew he wanted it as much as she did, but she needed to be sure her timing was perfect; again she planned on teasing Kevin as much as possible to get him as horny as he had ever been, Alex only needed the help of a friend to get what she wanted more in the world.

One day Alex left her door open so Kevin could hear her talking to her friend; at the precise moment the phone rang and Alex answered it, the conversation was not very interesting for Kevin until he heard Alex telling her friend that she had shaved her pussy completely. Kevin almost fell off the bed when he heard that; it was one of his fantasies to be able to watch Alex with a shaven pussy, it was like a dream come true for him.

As Alex explain to her friend with very explicit details how she shaved her pussy, Kevin felt his cock growing in his shorts; his hand squeezing the head and rubbing all the length as the conversation continued, it was like watching a porno film the way Alex gave her friend every single detail. The moment Alex ended the phone call Kevin stopped his motions over his rigid organ; he wanted to save it for the night when he was going to watch his sister once again, it was torture the way time passed until it was time for her to go into the shower.

Patiently he waited for Alex to go into the bathroom and bathe; it seemed like forever to him until Alex finished showering, never had he been so impatient. At last he heard the bathroom door opening and his sister’s steps as walked towards her room; as soon as she shut the door close, Kevin ran into the bathroom only to find the biggest surprise of his young life. Right where his peeping hole was, he saw a piece of paper with something written on it; it was from Alex and it read that if he didn’t wish to get in any trouble, he had to meet her at her room in one hour.

Kevin almost fainted; he was afraid of Alex’s reaction on finding the hole in the wall, he wondered what she was going to do to him and he came to the conclusion that he was trapped and had to do whatever she wanted; if any of their parent found out about his peeping on Alex, he was almost certain it meant the end for him.

He waited impatiently in his room for time to come; his hands were shaking as the minutes passed, his legs numb because of the fear he was experiencing. Kevin was being tortured and he felt as if he were on death row; every time he looked at the clock on his desk, it seemed that it hadn’t moved; everything was in slow-motion, the sound from the street, his own movements, everything.

Gathering all the courage he could, he walked towards Alex’s room at the exact time she had told him to be there; an almost unnoticeable knock on the door was all his fear permitted him to do, another one a bit stronger and this time his sister’s voice asking him to come inside. Kevin walked into the room slowly and stopped in the middle of the room; he couldn’t face her and he just looked down to the floor, his hands in his packets and his heart pounding strongly in his throat.

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