A Helping Hand

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The crash woke David out of his stupor. Spending five straight hours staring at an organic chemistry book would do that to you.

“Shit!” screamed Leslie from the bathroom.

David sprinted over to find out what happened. When he burst through the door, he saw the source of the crash lying in pieces on the tile floor: Leslie’s hand mirror. More startling was the sight of Leslie sitting precariously on the sink, completely naked.

“Oh, Les, I’m sorry,” stammered David as he began backing out of the room.

“David, don’t go,” instructed Leslie. “I need your help.” Noticing his embarrassment, she added, “What’s the matter? Never seen a naked crip before?”

Leslie was on the college soccer team. She fell in a game a few weeks ago and broke her right wrist. Since she was very right-handed, life had been a bit difficult ever since.

David smiled at her remark. She added, “Look … we’ve been best friends for years. What’s a little skin among friends, right?”

“Right,” said somewhat unconvincingly.

“I thought I could get out of the calendar shoot this afternoon since, uh,” she said as she waved her injured wrist in its cast in the air.

“But, since you are the hottest girl on the team and the cover model, they won’t let you.”

“No,” she said in a huff.

Leslie was definitely hot. She had light blondish brown hair that fell just below her shoulders in a thick, silky cascade. Her deep-set blue eyes were oceans in which you could get lost. Her heart-shaped face was the perfect canvas for her rich, full lips. Leslie’s breasts fit perfectly on her thin frame. They were soft and pointy with crisp nipples that always seemed to be erect and matched the cherry color of her lips.

Moving further past her 4-pack abs, you came to the best part. Leslie’s long, lean, tanned legs could have caused a heart attack in most men even before soccer season. When she was in the thick of the season, they were amazing. Rising high off the ground, they led to a firm perfect ass that was soft, smooth … heaven.

At the moment, the focus was on Leslie’s pussy.

“I’m supposed to pose in this,” she said, holding up a very skimpy bikini, “in about four hours, and this bush of mine looks like weeds on the highway since I haven’t been able to take care of it. So, that’s why I really need your help, David. Will you shave my pussy, please?”

In Leslie’s funk, she didn’t notice David’s rapt attention to her “Garden of Eden.” He looked up at her just in time to meet her eyes.


“Yes. I can’t get anyone else. They’re all out doing something. Jenny’s already at the shoot. Kelly’s studying in the library. Carol’s working. And, Janie’s AWOL. You’re my only hope. So, will you?”

She looked at him with a fake pout that made him smile.

“Uh, yeah, sure. Whatever.”


“Just stay right there. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


David tried to turn so his gigantic throbbing cock wouldn’t become an additional source of embarrassment. He ran out of the bathroom and up the stairs to his room. As soon as he burst through the door, he dropped he pushed down his basketball shorts and started wailing away on his manhood. He knew it wouldn’t take long.

All David could see in his mind’s eye was Les’s perfect body. He could see the sexy point of her tits when she bent over. He could see the flawless lines of her thighs as they met at what had to be the most perfect pussy he had ever seen. She had full, crimson lips erupting from her folds. He loved pussies with full lips. Those with thin labia seemed tame and less interesting.

Suddenly, David sent a torrent of cum spewing out of his bakırköy escort rigid cock. It covered his hand, his belly, and it seemed like the world. “God, had he ever cum that much?” he asked himself. Quickly, he grabbed a dirty t-shirt and wiped himself off.

“David! Are coming?!” Leslie yelled from downstairs.

“Am I ever,” said to himself. “Yeah! Be right there!”

He didn’t have much time for his lobster to lose its length, but he had to get back.

“What were you doing?” Leslie asked when he walked in.

“Just checking my cell. I thought I heard it ring.”

“Are you okay? You’re sweating.”

“Really? No. I’m fine,” he answered. “Okay. I don’t want to hurt you, so I’m going to rub some lotion on first to, uh, get everything, uhm, moist.”

David squirted some baby oil into his hands and warmed it between his palms. He then began to use his fingertips and rub the oil all around Leslie’s pubic area. She leaned back and found herself closing her eyes as his hand explored every surface around her flower.

When David was sure that the entire area was covered in a slick coating, he wiped his hands on a towel and picked up the scissors. He then trimmed as much of the longer hair as he could. The glossy blond curls fell in small clumps on the floor. David had to stop and wipe the sweat from his forehead a few times.

All this attention was having a similar effect on Leslie. Sure, they were supposed to just be buds. They dated other people and had managed to keep a totally platonic roommate relationship going for three years. They had become friends in high school when the tennis coach paired the two of them in mixed doubles. They were naturals, reaching the state finals in both their junior and senior years. They took home the big prize as seniors.

She always thought David was really cute. He had dark brown hair, broad shoulders and a trim waist. The thing most girls noticed was his big dimples when he smiled. On many occasions, when she was playing the baseline, she admired his ass. David had a great ass. She would sometimes get so caught up in watching his muscles that she would get startled by the return of the ball. Fortunately, she was a good enough athlete to react and cover the shot most of the time.

Now, all those feelings came roaring back as he sat here and gently tended to her tufted treasure. She remembered those hot summer days on the court when he’d shed his shirt. How she wished he’d do the same with his pants. She remembered overhearing one of his girlfriends tell another friend that he had almost ten inches of lumber hanging between his athlete’s legs.

“Imagine what that feels like,” she thought. The biggest cock she had ever seen or tried in person was eight inches, and that felt wonderful. “Just imagine having two more think inches driving into you.”

“You know,” David blurted, which startled Leslie, “I think I’m going to get my razor. You know, more familiar.” While he talked, his eyes never left her flowering pussy.

Oh, okay,” she managed to get out.

Once again, David tried to turn to hide his aching erection, but this time Leslie was focused like a laser on the tent in his shorts. The sight made her very happy.

“Hurry back,” she called as he sprinted out of the room.

Upstairs, David had his dick in his hand before his back hit the mattress. With the help of his oily hands, this would be a record-setter. He closed his eyes so his mind would see nothing but Leslie’s basin. “Oh, God, Leslie, your pussy is soooo beautiful. I just want to taste it. Then, I want to make love to you over and over and over again,” he murmured to himself.

This beşiktaş escort time, Leslie had an idea what he was doing and silently followed him. She peaked around his doorway and saw him feverishly rubbing his log. And, it was a log. “My, God,” she thought. “Look at that thing.”

David cock was easily ten inches, and she wondered if her fingers would reach around it. His skin was dark, partly from his complexion and partly from all the attention it was getting. The veins were like ropes wrapping around it. It was long and straight, but it had a bulge on the underside that made it even more impressive.

She was in a trance watching him. Listening to him only made her wetter. She didn’t want to interrupt him, but she badly wanted to be sitting on top of that redwood, riding him like a stallion. Suddenly, he grunted and moaned, and she watched an avalanche of cum began spurting out. The first blast hit his chin. He somehow managed to grab the towel to capture the rest without missing a beat.

When she saw that, she practically passed out from horniness. If she didn’t get relief soon, she thought she might injure herself. No time now, however, as she raced back downstairs to get herself in position before he returned.

As he entered, she asked, “David, it’s getting really hot in here. Would you open the window?”

The first thing David noticed once he was seated was that her pussy was in full bloom. Her lips were open wide, and her juices were practically running down her legs. Obviously, this whole experience was having the same affect on her. He pretended not to notice because he didn’t want to embarrass Les, but he knew he’d be hard in no time.

He put on just a little shaving cream at a time so he could see well. Very gently, he tugged on one of her labia and delicately began shaving off the hair.

“Is this okay?” he asked.

Leslie’s head was thrown back and her eyes were closed. “Hmm? Is what okay?”

“The shaving. Am I hurting you or anything?”

“No. Just keep going.” Leslie couldn’t even open her eyes to answer him. He smiled not only for the reaction this was having on her but because he knew he could take all the time he needed. He slowly removed the hair from the left labia, then the right. He asked Leslie to pull up her legs so he could get to hair running down to her anus.

Next, he tackled the hair above her clit. Just slow, even strokes in line with the hair. He frequently cleaned and shook the razor in the sink. When he finished the painstaking task, he used a warm wash cloth to clean off the shaving cream. Then he inspected the entire area very closely to make sure that every hair was gone. Finally, he took a little more oil and once again began massaging her.

This time, he knew what he was doing, and he didn’t care about his raging erection. He lowered his mouth to her quivering pussy and began to rub his tongue up and down her gaping slit.

“Oh my, God,” she moaned. Again, never bothering to open her eyes. He ran the curved, firm tip of his tongue all around her sex but avoided touching her clit, which was quite a feat since it was trying to hard to find him.

He blew gently on her sodden quim and slowly began inserting two fingers into her canal. When he was inside, he found the rough edges of her G-spot and began tickling it back and forth. Finally, he took her swollen clit into his mouth and gently sucked it and massaged it with his tongue.

Within seconds, Leslie’s vagina latched onto his fingers and pulled him further inside as her body tensed and writhed. It took all of David’s strength to support her so she did not fall off the beylikdüzü escort sink as wave after wave of her orgasm flooded over her.

After she began to relax, he wordlessly picked her up and carried her to her bed. He laid her gently on the pillows and stared at her angelic face. He watched her slowly open her eyes as he stripped off his shirt and tossed aside his soaked shorts. Her eyes met his, and she smiled. Then, she looked down at the object of her fantasies and smiled bigger.

Without saying a word, she spread her legs and reached up to him to pull him down on top of her. As he descended, he placed the head of his dick against her pussy and coated it with her ointment. Then, he began entering her while he was still moving to get in place on the bed.

He watched her eyes for any sign of discomfort, but there was none. She was too wet and too ready for that. When he finally made it all the way down and had sunk completely in her, he gave her longest, hottest kiss he could muster. He probed her mouth and her tongue while he slowly began sawing in and out of her treasure.

Next, he left her mouth and began licking and sucking her rigid nipples. She was glad he stopped kissing her only because she wanted to concentrate completely on the feeling of his dick. Normally, nipple sucking is a big thing with her. Not today. Today, it was all about that massive cock filling her and pulling out only to fill her again. With every stroke, her clit got hammered by his amazing tool. She came in torrents. When he slowed to check on her, she panted for him to keep going.

After two huge explosions earlier, David was able to last a long time. He felt every orgasm as the walls of her pussy milked him with their warm fingers. As her fifth climax began to peak, David tensed and filled her with an explosive surge of cum. The effects left him drained.

He felt himself slowly slip out of her slick cavern and he laid his head in her perfect chest, listening to her deep, satisfied breathing. “You know, David, you’re an asshole.”


“You heard me. You let me date those losers for the past five years when I could have been dating you. We just missed five years of THIS!”

He smiled. “Oh, I see what you mean. What can I say? You’re 100% correct.”

“You better fall madly in love with me, young man. After that, I don’t ever want another dick in me again other than this incredible one right here.”

“Leslie, I fell in love with you the first day you walked onto the tennis court. Do you remember? You raced back against the fence to try and get to that slam shot, you jumped –“

“And, my shirt got caught on the fence and ripped off me. Yes, I remember.”

David started laughing. “That doesn’t happen every day to a skinny sophomore with raging hormones.”

Just then, she hit him on the back and complained, “You mean you felt like that all these years and you never said anything? Oh, you are in so much trouble.”

“Well, you were always dating someone else … Kevin … Rick … Josh. There was never a good time.”

“You don’t think I would’ve dropped any of those guys in a nano-second if I knew you were interested in me? David, you’re my best friend. You’re easily the sexist man I’ve ever known, and you take care of me even when I probably don’t deserve to be taken care of. You –“

“Hey, hey, hey, Les. Calm down. You know, fighting takes up an awful lot of energy, and it seems to me you just mentioned that we have a five-year backlog of fucking to take care of. So, would you rather fight or fuck?”

She grinned at him. “Good. That’s what I hoped. Now, the way I see it, we’ve got time for 3 or 4 more juicy fucks before we jump in the shower to get you ready for the photo shoot. After that, I’d like to take my girl to dinner at Ameche’s.”

“Your girl, huh?”

“Only if you’ll have me.”

“Okay, but just this once.”

David threw the covers over their heads and began to tickle her. Life was good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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