A Hard Ride on the Train

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Hi I am Suzie; I have just turned nineteen, and am taking my first holiday on my own. I am travelling Europe by train and having the time of my life, an adventure in so many different ways.

I would like to share with you one such adventure an encounter on a train travelling though Germany one a hot summer’s night.

I had the carriage to my self, and given the sweltering temperature; I had stripped down to my undies to sleep. I managed to sleep for a couple of hours when I was awoken by the some very heavy breathing. Slowly coming too I realised I was now sharing the carriage with two teens about my age.

The boy was clearly having a very erotic dream; his cock had extended beyond his boxers and was twitching like anything. I just stared at his cock and the pre-cum trickling down his leg. Then it happened he orgasmed the jet of cum drenching my knickers. He awoke took one look at me and went bright red.

“I am so sorry, I did not mean that to happen, let me help you remove your knickers.”

“Oh, fuck I did not mean it to sound that way!”

I was by this stage really enjoying his discomfort.

“Don’t worry, you can remove my knickers, and I will remove your boxers.”

There was no mobilbahis güvenilir mi point keeping my bra on so soon we were stark naked.

“What is your name, young man?

“Tom, and this is Izzy, my girlfriend.”

“Well Tom, there is little chance of having a shower in the near future, so I suggest We lick each other clean.”

The taste of sweet and sex was intoxicating. Soon his tongue moved from my leg to my cunt, the way it flicked my clit soon had my juices freely flowing.

The noise soon woke Tom’s girlfriend, now it was my turn to be embarrassed. I mouthed and apology.

“Think nothing of it Suzie, I have been awake for sometime and was enjoying every moment of it.”

She then whispered something in my ear I nodded my approval.

I straddled Tom and took his cock deep inside me then I went up and down on him as Izzy watched.

The sweat was seeping from our bodies, and Izzy did her best to lick it off. Tom then came, and I milked him dry, Izzy then proceed to lick out my cunt while Tom watched; he was hard again in no time.

It was Izzy’s turn, no matter what she said her jealousy came through in how hard she went up and down on Tom, the mobilbahis poor boy; he is going to suffer friction burns.

It was now that the conductor decided to make her appearance. She was drop dead gorgeous. He effect on Tom and Izzy was immediate they both came together.

She informed us that the air conditioning had broken down and that we would be sitting in the station until it was fixed. She was clearly excited by what she had seen, but also nervous.

I asked her if she wanted to join in

“Yes I would, but you see, well I am a virgin.”

Tom blurted out

“Don’t worry we will be gentle.”

At this point, she went bright red.

We undressed her, and Izzy and myself made sure that she was very wet for Tom; our fingers and tongues soon had her in a state of sexual excitement.

When she was ready Tom entered her, at first he was gentle moving in and out of her slowly and with care. As she responded he thrust harder and deeper, she came first followed soon afterwards by Tom.

Tom licked her out as Izzy, and I watched.

I by this time was in turmoil; I am straight, I am sure of that. However, as I watched Toms tongue probe her cunt, I was insanely jealous. mobilbahis giriş When Tom had finished, I suggested that he might like to give Izzy some attention.

I then took Ingrid by the hand and led her of the train.

Not a word passed between us; we began to kiss each other with passion our tongues meeting and saliva being shared. My mouth went to her other lips, and I nibbled gently on them my tongue then probed deeply inside her cunt. The taste of her sex and Toms Cum was a heady mix.

As I continued, her fingers slipped inside me, and she began to massage my clit. The sensation was electrifying, and I came in a very short time.

My tongue probed deeper, and at this stage, her cunt began to contract violently, she came in my mouth.

We lay in each other’s arms for a considerable time. Then slowly our legs intertwined, and our cunts met. We began a slow rubbing motion savouring the feeling as our sex flowed freely. As the pressure built we began to rub more frantically building to a climax, we both came together.

We took a drip in a local stream that Ingrid knew before returning to the train. We found Tom and Izzy fast asleep in each other’s arms. Ingrid redressed and returned to her duties.

About fifteen minutes later the train was moving again. I finally got some sleep.

When I awoke in the morning, Tom and Izzy had gone. They had left a note with there mobile number and facebook username by my side. I was sure that we would meet up again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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