A Hard Climb

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Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes and comments on my previous stories. This tale of love and dedication is my entry in the Earth Day Story contest. I hope you enjoy it and the other contestants stories as well. Have a great Earth Day.


Brooke couldn’t believe what she was reading. Ivy University was beginning construction on a new wing to the Science Building and in the process removing several of the stately oaks that adorned the campus. Was one of them ‘her’ oak? The tree she sat under and ate her lunch, the tree under whose branches she studied and often took a nap? She threw the campus newspaper in a recycling bin and went to see for herself.

When she arrived where ‘her’ tree stood, her heart sank. Survey stakes dotted the area that weren’t there three days before. ‘Her’ tree and several others had an orange band and an ‘X’ spray painted on their trunks. They couldn’t do this, they must be stopped. Taking her cell phone from her purse, she began calling her friends.


Chief Brannigan of the Campus Police had no more settled back in his chair and sipped his morning coffee when Madge, his secretary, came striding in. “It’s Dean Rawls on line two and he sounds upset.”

Nice way to start a Monday, ” Brannigan here, good morning Dean.”

“Brannigan, I need your people at the College of Science Building construction site immediately. Someone is perched in a tree that’s to be cleared and they need to be removed. We’re wasting time and money. I want this over quickly.”

Brannigan barely had time to say “Yes, sir” before the Dean hung up, “Marge, who’s on patrol in sector three?”

“Officer Williams.”

“Send him over to remove whoever’s in that tree.”

“10-4 Chief.”


Kent Williams parked his blue SUV near a group of men wearing hard hats standing by a bulldozer. Getting out, he adjusted his utility belt, put on his uniform cap, and then walked toward them.

“…I say knock the damn thing down and if the silly bitch gets killed it’s her own damn fault…” a burly man in overalls and work boots was saying, “We’re burning daylight here. To keep on schedule, were gonna have to…Okay here’s the law. Now we’ll get something done.”

“What’s the problem?” Kent asked.

“Some goofy broad’s up in that tree,” said a tall thin man in faded jeans and a torn t-shirt. “She dropped some notes sayin’ that it’s her tree and we can’t cut it down.”

“We tried to reach her in the cherry picker,” another man chimed in, jerking a thumb at the vehicle. “The canopy’s too thick.”

Kent looked up into the tree. It was huge. He could just make out what looked like a platform near the top.

“I’ll have to climb up there. You guys have a ladder?”

One appeared quickly and set against the massive trunk. Kent took off his cap, sunglasses and equipment belt, buttoned his cell phone in his shirt pocket, ascended the ladder’s rungs and began to climb.


“I have the name of that student in the tree,” the Dean’s assistant Ellen McGuire said as she strode into Dean Rawls’ office.

“Whoever it is they’re expelled,” Rawls said angrily. “I want them arrested. We’re losing money every minute this project is delayed.”

“Her name is Brooke Pembleton, a second year grad student in Environmental Law. Graduated at the top of her undergraduate class, active in many campus organizations…”

“I don’t care if she can whistle ‘Moonlight Sonata’ through her teeth,” Rawls interrupted. “I want her arrested.”

“Does the name Pembleton ring a bell?” Ellen replied.

“Of course, he founded this University. What does that have to do with…?”

“That woman in that tree is none other than the great-granddaughter of Isaac Pembleton, the inventor of Cheery Cola and coincidentally the university’s founder.”

“You mean she’s one of the Pembletons?” Rawls said morosely, head in hands. “If the media gets wind of this, we’ll be inundated with reporters and be on the evening news. We have to keep a low profile. The Board of Directors will have my head if anything happens to that woman.”

“Her father Matthew is on the Board,” Ellen said helpfully, barely hiding a smile. Dean Rawls was a petty tyrant and Ivy University his fiefdom. She could barely contain her glee at his discomfiture.

“Tell Brannigan his officers are to treat her gently and with respect. Under no circumstances are they to use force to bring her down. We’ll have to reason with her.”

“Immediately,” Ellen replied, turning on her heel and exiting the office, shoulders heaving in barely suppressed laughter. This was too good not to share with Maureen in Student Services.


Kent was sweating profusely by the time he neared the platform situated between three massive tree limbs. He’d torn his shirt and trousers and was by now thoroughly annoyed.

“You up there come down immediately, this is the campus police and you’re trespassing.”

A trap canlı bahis şirketleri door opened and a woman peered down at him. Long blonde hair framed a finely shaped, almost elfin face and some of the biggest green eyes he had ever seen. His heart did a back flip.

“No, I refuse,” came the reply. “I’ll stay up here forever if I have to; I have to save my tree.”


Brooke awoke with a start when she heard the rumble of engines far below. It was so peaceful up here, the wind sighing in the branches, the birds singing, the dappled sunlight warming the walls of her tent.

Her friends in the College of Engineering had designed and built a sturdy platform that when assembled fit perfectly between the branches. She had gathered her camping gear from her summer vacation in the Rocky Mountains, carried it to her aerie and made herself comfortable. She had food, water, a lantern, a sleeping bag and a sturdy tent, all the comforts of home.

She wriggled from her sleeping bag; lifted three coffee cans weighted with pebbles and dropped them one by one to the ground below. Each contained a warning that she was up here and had no intention of coming down unless her tree would be spared. Striking limbs on the way down, the cans ricocheted in all directions, the last hitting with a CLANG! , followed by a volley of oaths.

After a while, scraps of conversation floated up indicating something was going on. She sipped an energy drink and munched a breakfast bar waiting for the people to go away. Putting some peanuts out for the birds, she relaxed in the late morning sun and luxuriated in it’s warmth.

Hearing a voice calling to her from not far away, she looked down from the platform and saw nothing. Puzzled, she opened the trap door and saw a disheveled man in uniform directly below her.

He was ruggedly handsome, a shock of brown hair hung over his forehead and his hazel eyes looked at her with captivating intensity. She felt instantly warm and not from the sun.


Chief Brannigan arrived at the site, parked and levered himself from the seat of his blue sedan. Puffing with the exertion, he walked along the uneven ground towards a group of men staring up into a huge tree, their machinery sitting idle. Officer Williams SUV was nearby, but he was not among them.

“Where’s Officer Williams?” he shouted. The men pointed upwards.


“Since you’ve come all this way stay and visit me,” Brooke said, dropping a rope ladder.

Kent scrambled up through the trap door and knelt on the platform catching his breath. Brooke offered him a bottle of water, which he gulped down.

“Thanks. I needed that, Ms…?”

“Brooke, Brooke Pembleton, Officer Williams,” she replied reading his nametag.

“Call me Kent,” He said with a smile. Brooke felt warm again. “Quite a place you have here.”

“Thank you. My friends built it for me when I told them what I planned on doing. Are they going to cut down my tree?”

“Not with you in it. I came up here to bring you back down…” He paused, lost for a moment in her beautiful eyes; they sparkled when she talked and he was captivated.

“Well, are you?” Brooke felt a sudden urge to hug him.

“If you choose to come willingly, yes, however I’m in no position to force you to come down, besides I left my handcuffs down there.”

Brooke smiled. He was so cute. She opened another tent flap letting the breeze cool him off.

“Would you care for more water, Kent?”

“Just a swig or two, I don’t want to cut into your supply.”

“No problem, I can get more.”

“So, I guess you’re a student here. What are you studying?”

“Second year grad student, Environmental Law, have you been a police officer long?”

“I just joined up in January. I was a MP in Iraq. I’m waiting for a slot to open in the city police department.”

“You were in Iraq? That seems like an awful place.”

“Parts of it are and other parts are beautiful. Overall, the people there are friendly. I didn’t see much action; mostly directing traffic, guard duty and arresting drunks. Had a couple close calls with car bombs…”

Kent’s cell phone warbled. He looked at the screen, “It’s the Chief, probably wondering what I’m up to. Yes sir, she’s right here, she’s fine. No sir, she refuses to come down. I’m trying to talk her out of it, but she won’t budge.” He winked at Brooke and she smiled. “Yes sir, I understand, I’ll see what I can do.”

“I’ll bet he’s mad, I bet they all are. I don’t care.”

“Scared is more like it. I’m supposed to treat you gently. So what’s got them so spooked?”

“My father is on the university’s Board of Directors, I guess that’s why they’re worried. I don’t care. This is my fight, not his. I’m my own person. That’s why I’m studying Environmental Law, I want to help preserve the beauty of nature.” She paused for breath, her face flushed.

What a woman, she’s smart and beautiful. “Listen Brooke, I better go back and calm those people down.” canlı kaçak iddaa He paused, “Could I visit you this evening when my shift is over?”

“I’d like that Kent, very much. Call me and I’ll lower the ladder for you.”

“I’ll see you then.”

Brooke partially unrolled the ladder, careful to hide it from those below. She watched as Kent made his way down, then clambered the last few yards on the tree to the ladder leaning against the trunk.

Awesome, he’s coming back tonight. She felt warm again.


Chief Brannigan shifted nervously in his chair before the Dean’s desk. His summoning to meet with the County Sheriff meant the matter was out of his hands and in consequence reflected poorly on him. He wondered if he’d be fired over this. His self-pitying reverie ceased when the sheriff ambled into the room, the Dean explaining the situation to him in an exasperated tone.

“…I don’t want to remove her by force, Sheriff. I was thinking of lifting her from that tree by helicopter…good, you’re here…Chief Brannigan, Sheriff Williams.”

The men shook hands. Removing his Stetson the sheriff took a seat, his lanky frame folding like a card table. “So as I understand it, you want to use our helicopter to take this young woman off your hands? I can have two of my deputies’ rappel down and strap her in a lift basket no trouble at all.”

“One of my men has been in close negotiations with her,” Brannigan interjected, seeking to redeem himself. “We expect a breakthrough any time now.”

“Yes, Officer Williams,” Rawls blustered, “One of our best men.”

“Williams, Williams,” the sheriff mused. “Could that be Kent Williams?”

“Why yes it is,” Brannigan answered.

“I wondered what Cousin Kent was up to these days,” the sheriff chuckled. “I offered him a job, but he said everyone would think he was in good with me and no one would treat him like another deputy. He was a MP in the Army, you know, bein’ a lawman runs in the family.” He grinned at Rawls and Brannigan, “If he needs my help, I’ll sure provide it, but not until then. He’s a good man and he’ll do just fine.”

He looked at his watch, “I guess we’re about done here. I’m late for the firing range. Gotta keep the ol’ eye sharp. Have Kent give me a call if he needs anything. You gentlemen take care, now.”

Rawls and Brannigan watched as the sheriff strolled out the door.

“So much for the helicopter idea,” Brannigan muttered. Rawls gave him a withering glare.


“Brooke, it’s me, Kent.”

“Here comes the ladder.”

Kent made his way up the rope ladder. Brooke’s smiling face looked down at him from the trap door. She felt nervous and excited as if she was on a first date. Kent hauled himself through the opening and impulsively kissed her. Brooke returned the kiss, and then gave him another.

They sat staring at each other, suddenly shy.

“I’m glad you came back. Will you get in trouble?”

“I don’t know, probably not. The Chief told me I’m in charge of negotiating with you to give up this protest. I’m just following orders.”

“I’m going to need a lot of negotiating,” Brooke replied. “You may have to visit me a lot…oh, look, what a beautiful sunset.”

They lay side by side not speaking, watching the rosy glow reflecting from the clouds until it was twilight. It was so romantic. Brooke kissed him on the cheek. Kent hugged and kissed her in return. Another kiss, another hug, the kisses became more ardent, the hugs an embrace. Hands caressed, clothing slipped away between tongue swirling kisses.

Brooke shivered in delight as Kent’s hands explored her body; his lips closed on a stiff nipple, laving it with his tongue. She spread her legs, pulling his hand to her wet pussy, moaning as his fingers entered her, his thumb rubbing her clit, her hips rising and falling under his touch.

Kent gasped as Brooke stroked his throbbing cock, spreading precum on the shaft, a soft hand cupping his balls, gently rolling them. She gripped his ass, pulling him forward until his cock bobbed in her face. She eased the velvet head in her mouth; tongue circling it as he moaned in delight, then took the rigid flesh down her throat.

Kent’s fingers tangled in her hair as she sucked, her throat muscles closing on him. Brooke’s head bobbed as she looked up, eyes shining. He clenched his teeth as he felt cum building in his balls, her warm mouth felt so good.

Reluctantly, he pulled her mouth from his cock and eased her back on the floor. She opened her creamy thighs and shivered in anticipation. She knew what was coming. His tongue made teasingly lazy circles around her stiff nipples, driving her wild.He kissed his way down her body and nuzzled her wet pussy. Her hips drummed on the wood planks as he licked her velvet pubes, tongue fucked her, then sucked on her throbbing clit.

Brooke’s back arched as an intense orgasm raged through her. Kent sucked even harder, loving her throaty moans of utter release. He lifted canlı kaçak bahis her trembling legs and eased his cock into her pussy, it’s velvet walls gripping him like a fist.

She pulled her legs back against her breasts as he loomed over her, broad chest slick with sweat as he drove deep. She raised her hips to his every thrust, their bodies smacking together, grunting and moaning in the throes of passion.

Brooke’s senses reeled as Kent’s cock pounded her, stretching her gushing pussy as she begged him to fuck her harder. Then she was coming, coming hard and screaming with joy. He groaned as he shot a thick load of cum into her wetness, continuing to thrust until she had a second orgasm. They collapsed in a sweaty tangle, panting and kissing.

They napped and made love twice more, parting reluctantly as dawn broke.


Dean Rawls locked the doors of his BMW sedan as a burly man in stained overalls stepped from behind a tall hedge.

“Dean Rawls? I gotta deal for ya if you’re interested.”

Startled, Rawls drew back against the car expecting a robbery.

“A…a deal…what are you talking about? Who are you?”

“That don’t matter. You want that goofy chick outta that tree?”

“Of course I do.”

“You gimme two thousand bucks, I’ll make it happen.”

Rawls ran a sweaty hand through his thinning salt and pepper hair; he needed that construction started, he was losing money.

“How would you…?”

“The less you know the better. Is it a deal?”

“How do I know you’re not from the police trying to trap me?”

The man’s explosive laugh made Rawls jump.

“Me? A cop? That’s a good one.”

He moved closer, Rawls could see his tobacco stained teeth, smell his foul breath.

“Two thousand bucks and your troubles are over. Deal?”

“D…deal…it’s a deal…how will I…?”

“I’ll find you. I want two grand in small bills in a brown envelope by 4:00 this afternoon. Don’t try to cross me or I’ll break your legs.”

He turned and disappeared into the bushes, leaving a sweaty and trembling Rawls thinking how he could obtain the money quickly. There was the Alumni Reunion Fund…


Brooke gripped Kent’s broad shoulders, bouncing happily on his thick cock as he sucked her nipples. He had barely lifted himself through the trap door before she pulled his clothes off and they began fucking. The evening breeze flooded the tent as they moved as one in the rhythm of lovemaking, enjoying each other’s bodies. Kissing hungrily, they clung together as they came, moaning in ecstasy.

Brooke tilted her head, listening.

“What is it, baby?”

“Someone’s digging. Hear it?”

Kent listened. An owl hooted, then he heard the ‘chuff, chuff’ of a shovel, muffled by the tree’s leafy expanse.

“Who do you suppose it is?”

Kent began dressing. “I don’t know, but no one would be down there at this hour unless they were up to something. I’m going down.”

“Please be careful, maybe we should call…oh, you are the police, I forgot.”

They kissed, and then Kent descended carefully on the ladder, the digging noises continued and then ceased as he neared the lower limbs. In the dim moonlight, a shadowy figure was placing something between the trees roots. Without hesitation, Kent dropped onto the intruder, sending them both sprawling.


The ladder shook in Brooke’s hands, and then there were sounds of a struggle. What if there’s more people down there than he can handle? I had better go help him. When she reached the ladders end she saw two figures wrestling on the ground, one struck the other and began choking him.

Brooke swung from a low limb, dropped, stumbled, then picked up a shovel and slammed it as hard as she could against the man’s head. With a clang of steel the man toppled over and lay still.

Brooke rushed to Kent as he lay gasping for air, helping him sit up until he recovered.

“Thanks love, that guy’s strong as a bull. You swing a mean shovel.”

Kent called his dispatcher giving her the details as Brooke examined the unconscious man’s wound, and then hung up.

“EMS on the way, some of our units, Sheriff’s Department too; let’s see what this guy was doing.”

“Are those explosives?” Brooke said warily, looking at several reddish brown lumps connected with wires between the tree roots.

“Sure looks that way to me; call Sandra back and tell her we’re gonna need the Bomb Squad. This joker really meant business.”


Dean Rawls looked up in amazement as Sheriff Williams strode into his office, flanked by two deputies.

“Horatio S. Rawls. I have a warrant for your arrest. Cuff him. You have the right to remain silent…”

Ellen sat openmouthed as Rawls was led away, protesting vehemently. Then she dialed her phone. “Maureen? You’ll never guess what just happened…”


“Conspiracy to commit murder, Dean Rawls, you’re kidding,” Brooke said incredulously.

“That’s the charge,” Kent replied. “Once that guy you knocked out came to, he told us everything. He was really mad, thought he’d been double crossed by the Dean.”

Brooke shuddered, “He would have killed us. You were so brave.”

“So were you, we make a good team.”

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